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Subject: Chalkhills #7

                   Chalkhills, Number 7

                 Thursday, 27 April 1989

Today's Topics:
                      curt and roland
                   let's make a d(e/i)n
                       Skylarking CD

Date: Wed, 26 Apr 89  23:19:06 EDT
From: jsd@umass.bitnet
Subject: curt and roland

From: (Duane Day, I.R. - Applications Development)

> Another question:  I noticed this weekend that _The Big Express_ includes
> among its acknowledgements a thank-you to "Curt and Roland".  I presume that
> this is Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal, aka Tears for Fears.  Does anyone
> have any idea what their contribution to _The Big Express_ might have been?
> (A nice place to crash in Bath, perhaps?)

They do the train noises with their breath at the beginning of "Train
Running Low On Soul Coal" and I think general synth support at various
places.  BTW, does anybody happen to think that that train impersonation
is the best simulation of a railway train ever created?  I do, and it
sounds a damn sight better than if they had just dubbed a train effect
onto the tape, too.  (The guitar as whistle really blows me away.)

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Date: Wed, 26 Apr 89  23:23:23 EDT
From: jsd@umass.bitnet
Subject: let's make a d(e/i)n

and now by popular request...

LET'S MAKE A DEN  (original title: "Let's Make A Din")
----- ---- - ---

Let's make a den (what should we use?)
Make it out of hay (who would be leader?)
In it we could play at both being mothers and fathers until we have
children of our own.

Let's make a den (what should we use?)
Make it out of wood (who would be leader?)
Wouldn't it be good if we could fight off rival gangs and take total
possession of the hills for the rest of our days?

Isn't that what we can all look forward to when we grow up?
Isn't that what we can all look forward to?
Behind the door, women and men
Love and war inside of our den.

Let's make a den (what should we use?)
Make it out of bricks (who would be leader?)
In it how the sticks and stones will fly but my oh my won't we have
fun when later on we patch it up?

Let's make a den (what should we use?)
Make it from cement (who would be leader?)
In it we can pent up all of our fears but give presents each christmas
like there was nothing ever wrong for the rest of our days.

Isn't that what we can all look forward to when we grow up?
Isn't that what we can all look forward to?
Behind the door, women and men
Love and war inside of their den.

Well you can wear your brand new nurses outfit,
And I can wear my brand new cowboy shirt.
Everything unchanging -
Just furniture arranging.

Let's make a den (what shall we use?)
Make it underground (who would be leader?)
Protect us from the flash and sound of the big stick they drop just
to stop us from cuddling and hanging on for the rest of our days.

-------- I think that's a pretty accurate reading.  Any corrections/
suggestions are, of course, welcome.

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Date: Thu, 27 Apr 89  11:14:31 EDT
From: Mitch@umass.bitnet
Subject: Skylarking CD

I've been looking for the 'real' Skylarking on CD, i.e. the one WITH
'Mermaid Smiled'. I've been told it's around as an import, esp. from
Canada. Can anyone help me in this endeavor?

Someone mentioned 'Big Night Music' by Shriekback and called it boring.
Not has some dull stuff, yes, but tunes like 'Black Light Trap'
and 'Gunning For the Bhudda' are quite good. If you liked their earlier
stuff, I think most would like this. 'Go Bang!', on the other hand, rots.

On XTC and memories: I've 'only' been a fan since 'The Big Express' so
I can't tell you about how I heard this or that years back.

Have you noticed how many truly superb b-sides XTC releases? I mean stuff
like 'Punch and Judy', 'Extrovert', 'Blame the Weather', and my favorite,
'Toys'. Any of those can compare to the albums they were associated with.
I get the impression Andy and co. record like 15-20 songs for each album
and then simply pick which they want to be on the album and delegate the
rest to b-sides. (Or is that how every band does it?)

On the early material: I take XTC in three periods: WM and GO2, Black Sea
to Mummer, and TBE to the present. (Er, through Drums and Wires in the middle)
I know, there's overlap, but each period represent certain trends and dir-
ections, so I have no problem listening to post-punk WM one day and
ultra-modern O&L the next, it all depends on my mood.

Maybe the members of this list should join to create a couple of rare-XTC
tapes and offer them for circulation? (Of course, SOME of you already have
all there is to have) I don't know how well this has worked with other lists.

Mmmm, that's all for today's spewings. The sun is shining. No more floor-
gazing, no more head down the well!



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