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Subject: Chalkhills #63

                  Chalkhills, Number 63

                 Tuesday, 31 October 1989
                  (The Halloween Issue)
Today's Topics:
              Finally, The Chalkhills Survey
                   Re:  Chalkhills #62
                        The Loving

Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1989 8:09:00 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Finally, The Chalkhills Survey

Yes, folks, it's finally here: The First Chalkhills Survey.  You
finally get your chance to play the game of statistics and to let
everybody know what your favourite (and least favourite) XTC songs,
albums, and videos are.

Send your answers and opinions to "<>",
and make sure to set the subject of your message to "XTC SURVEY".
The deadline for the survey is 30 November 1989.


The First Chalkhills Survey

  1.  Favourite song
  2.  Favourite song title
  3.  Favourite song released as a single
  4.  Favourite 7", 12", or CD single sleeve/artwork
  5.  Favourite single
         (the package: songs, artwork, etc.)

  6.  Favourite Partridge song
  7.  Favourite Moulding song
  8.  Favourite lyrical phrase
         (a few words, a line or two)

  9.  Favourite album
  10. Favourite album title
  11. Favourite album cover/artwork

  12. Favourite solo
         (guitar, harmonica, keyboard, etc.)
  13. Favourite B-side not originally on an album
         (except for _Beeswax_)
  14. LP track that should have been a single
  15. B-side that should have been on an LP

  16. Least favourite song
  17. Least favourite album
  18. Least favourite video

  19. Favourite video
         (including The Dukes)
  20. Fave Dukes of Stratosphear song
  21. Your most valued recording (and why)
         (the one that is the most important for any reason, for example,
         monetary value, rarity, artwork, fave songs, special meanings, etc.)

  22. Best radio station and/or program for hearing XTC

  23. When you first heard XTC
         (try to give a year, e.g., 1984, rather than, e.g., 5 years ago)
  24. When you first became a fan
  25. How you heard about Chalkhills

"None" is a valid answer (to all but questions 23, 24, and 25) and
will be counted in the results.


Date: Sat, 28 Oct 89 09:23:53 EDT
From: (Colm Mulcahy)
Subject: Re:  Chalkhills #62

that QCD comp was issued (on CD !) in December 1986 in the UK.  Did Skylarking
make it out before or after the new year in the UK ?  As I recall, US copies
escaped (to NO fanfare) shortly before Xmas 86.


Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1989 7:54:27 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: The Loving

I may have asked this question before, but does anybody have any idea
what the background vocals are in the second chorus of "The Loving"
starting at about two minutes into the song?
	-- John


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withdrawal from the list, discography requests, back
issues, etc., send a message to the following address:


Your completed Chalkhills Survey should also be mailed to
the above address.  Make sure to set the subject of your
message to "XTC SURVEY".  The deadline for the survey is
30 November 1989.

The views expressed in Chalkhills are those
of the individual contributors only.

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