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Subject: Chalkhills #62

                  Chalkhills, Number 62

                 Friday, 27 October 1989
Today's Topics:
                "Senses Working Overtime"

Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1989 22:14:32 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: "Senses Working Overtime"

It took a trip to London for me to figure out part of "Senses Working

  And birds might fall from black skies
  And bullies might give you black eyes
  And busses might skid on black ice
  But to me it's very very beautiful (England's glory!)
  Beautiful (a striking beauty!)

"England's Glory" is (or was) a brand of wooden safety matches.

	-- John

P.S.  I found this in an article on USENET's

     From: (Lars P. Fischer)
     Subject: Re: ...Some seminal albums of the 80s
     Date: 27 Oct 89 04:20:47 GMT

     XTC: English Settlement
     What happens when a "new wave" band grows up? Well, this is one
     answer. A very fine album, with portraits of the UK in the early
     80's and a good balance between the popish and the unexpected. This
     album has been growing on me for years.

     Lars Fischer,
     CS Dept., Univ. of Aalborg, DENMARK.


Date:         Wed, 25 Oct 89 02:28:45 EDT
From: Ben Zimmer <ZIMBENG@yalevm.bitnet>
Subject:      CDQ

I'm not sure if this is in the discography, but I saw a CD called "CDQ" (I
think), put out by Virgin's Q Magazine.  It included, among other tracks by
Virgin artists, "The Meeting Place".

	[ That's _QCD_, and it is in the discography.  I believe it
	  came out shortly before _Skylarking_.  -- John ]


Date: Tue, 24 Oct 89 17:00:48 EDT
From: John Lorch <>

>[...] sad that the idiot who fiddled with the Skylarking CD didn't do
>the obvious and add the song at the END of the 14 song cycle, not bang
>in the middle of side two (and at the expence of another song if you are
>not in Canada).

I agree with this sentiment.  I liked it the way it was, and was annoyed
that they cut out "Mermaid Smiled".  They should have put "Dear God" at the

*"Extrovert" is a great track, but would have been terrible at the end
*of "Skylarking".  If it were to be added, it should've gone between
*sides 1 & 2, where Virgin put most of the bonus tracks on other XTC CDs.

*-- Stewart

This really bugs me, too.  I have one other cd where they put extra cuts
in between the sides of the album, and it bugs the shit out of me every
time I hear it.  If I had a programmable cd player I'd put those three
songs at the end, but I don't so I can't.  (btw, the album I'm referring
to is Bill Nelson's "The Love that Whirls: Diary of a Thinking Hear", which
has its beautiful pacing rudel interrupted by three cuts from an earlier
ep which are jarringly different in style from the rest of the album).

note to John Relph - thanks for catching me up on things!


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