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Subject: Chalkhills #60

                  Chalkhills, Number 60

                Wednesday, 11 October 1989
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                    Re: Chalkhills #59
                   Re: XTC 'Cuts' Tapes
                       'Mummer' CD
                      following God

From: (Dan Kletter)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #59
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 89 13:20:30 PDT

sco!stewart: My mail bounced to you BUT, I've seen the 'King for a
Day' import cd single at Circular Motions (in Cupertino off of DeAnza
Blvd) every time I go there - it's pretty expensive though (ten or
twelve bucks).

Liz: I've seen Drums and Wires at Circular Motions too. I've seen all
of them (Mummer just once though, never again...) at this place.
Unfortunately, the prices are steep for the albums - ~$21. However if
you want any of them, I'd be glad to pick them up and send them.


Date:         Sun, 08 Oct 89 19:22:32 EDT
From: Ben Zimmer <ZIMBENG@yalevm.bitnet>
Subject:      Re: XTC 'Cuts' Tapes

A friend of mine had 'O&L' and liked it, so I made her a tape giving her a
taste of their earlier (i.e. better) material.  It was tough keeping it down
to 90 minutes.  I think it went:
     Statue of Liberty, Science Friction, Are You Receiving Me?, Making Plans
For Nigel, Scissor Man, Respectable Street, Generals and Majors, Sgt. Rock (Is
Going to Help Me), Senses Working Overtime, All of A Sudden (It's Too Late),
Knuckle Down, Snowman, Living On A Farmboy's Wages, Human Alchemy, Funk Pop A
Roll, Wake Up, All You Pretty Girls, This World Over, Ballet For A Rainy Day,
1000 Umbrellas, Big Day, Another Satellite, Dear God.
     Actually, that seems like too many songs -- probably all the songs I
_wanted_ to put on it.  Not a "greatest hits" group, and not in the optimal
order for continuity - just a chronological group of songs I like.  I could
easily fill 2 or 3 tapes of the good stuff (including Dukes), but I would
instead encourage a newcomer to buy/tape 'English Settlement', 'Big Express',
and 'Skylarking'.  Then move on to 'Black Sea', 'Mummer', 'Drums & Wires', and
then their first two.  And fit the Dukes in there somewhere.


Date: Tue, 10 Oct 89 10:56:42 CDT
From: oconnor!keaton! (Joe Lynn)
Subject: 'Mummer' CD (DTN 223-4891) is looking for the 'Mummer' CD...

If you don't mind going mail order, here's a place who I know has it:

		Record & Tape Traders
		736 Dulaney Valley Court
		Towson, MD  21204

		(301) 337-0388 (voice)
		(301) 788-7791 (fax)

They've got most of the UK XTC CDs;  'Mummer' costs $20.00 plus shipping.

			--Joe Lynn

p.s. Message to John Relph:  congratulations on your letter appearing
	in the latest issue of "The Little Express"!


From: sco!
Subject: following God
Date: Tue Oct 10 15:04:21 1989

So, (Colm Mulcahy) said:

>how do you follow God ?   with respectful silence ?

>[...] sad that the idiot who fiddled with the Skylarking CD didn't do
>the obvious and add the song at the END of the 14 song cycle, not bang
>in the middle of side two (and at the expence of another song if you are
>not in Canada).

I can't agree here.  I think it fits perfectly where it is -- how else
do you follow God, other that dying?  However, it was pretty cheap of
Geffen not to leave "Mermaid Smiled" -- on the CD, at the very least.
"Extrovert" is a great track, but would have been terrible at the end
of "Skylarking".  If it were to be added, it should've gone between
sides 1 & 2, where Virgin put most of the bonus tracks on other XTC CDs.
I think the transition from "Extrovert" to "Big Day" could work well...

-- Stewart


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