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Subject: Chalkhills #59

                  Chalkhills, Number 59

                 Saturday, 7 October 1989
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                   Re:  Chalkhills #58
                        Mummer CD
            Re: Desparately seeking Andy, etc.
                   Re:  Chalkhills #58

Date: Fri, 6 Oct 89 09:19:55 EDT
From: Jon Drukman <>
Subject: Re:  Chalkhills #58

Wilson: The MUMMER CD is perpetually hard to get in Boston.  Try
BCD in Cambridge - they had it when I decided that no price was
too outlandish.  Cost: $22 plus tax.  It occasionally surfaces as
a Candian import for a mere $16 but I haven't seen it like that in
a long time now.  Good luck.

sco!stewart:  I have the King For A Day CD-3 limited edition whateever
>from Britain (in the crown shaped box).  IT cost $8.50.  I don't know
if Main Street Records (northampton, MA) has any more.  I suspect not.
As for The Loving, I've never seen it anywhere.  If anyone sees it,
let us all know immediately!  I'll pay you to get it for me and cost of
shipping, etc...

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Date: Fri, 6 Oct 89 09:36:48 EDT
From: "Elizabeth H. Bonesteel" <>
Subject: Mummer CD (DTN 223-4891) sez:

>I need some help locating the "Mummer" CD. I live near the Boston area.
>"Mummer" is not available, except at as import. I have not seen it
>anywhere. The tape is available, however.

I too live in the Boston area.  I picked up "Mummer" two years ago at
Newbury Comics, before the import laws got ravingly stupid (or before
they began to be ravingly enforced).  I have found *nowhere* in this
area to get illegal import CDs (the legal stuff I can find just about
anywhere).  This makes me crazy.  I went to France last summer and
spent an afternoon at the Virgin Megastore on the Champs-Elysees, and
THEY DIDN'T HAVE "DRUMS AND WIRES"!!!!  *Sigh* another trip wasted.

If anyone in this area knows of a place to get "not entirely legal"
CDs, PLEASE let me know.

Liz (who wants to write nasty letters to Geffen Records, her
congressman, and anybody else she might run across)


From: sco!
Subject: Re: Desparately seeking Andy, etc.
Date: Fri Oct  6 15:18:55 1989

From: (DTN 223-4891)

>This weekend I happened to see a "personal" ad in a local paper. A woman
>is looking for an Andy Partridge lookalike as a potential companion. Wow...
>she's REALLY a fan!

Yow! Well, when I put on me round specs & have me hair cut short (as now),
I've been told I bear a fair resemblance to Andy...course, my hair's a bit
too dark, but my face is even getting rounder, to match his...maybe you
should send me her address; after all, being on opposite coasts could
never stay the hand of TRUE LOVE...

>I need some help locating the "Mummer" CD. I live near the Boston area.
>"Mummer" is not available, except at as import. I have not seen it
>anywhere. The tape is available, however.

You know, I haven't seen the import discs around much lately.  I wonder
if importers are leery of bringing them over, either because they're
afraid of parallel import prosecution, or because they think Geffen may
soon release them domestically and they'll be stuck with a bunch of
expensive, unsellable CDs...

Re: Joe Lynn's XTC tape compilation:

I tried to do this for a friend once, and I couldn't manage to put
together anything less than 2 C-90s worth.  I think I would have
put on more of XTC's raucous stuff:  "Life Begins At The Hop",
"Fly on the Wall", "Funk Pop A Roll"...

-- Stewart


Date: Fri, 6 Oct 89 21:56:31 EDT
From: (Colm Mulcahy)
Subject: Re:  Chalkhills #58

how do you follow God ?   with respectful silence ?

oconnor!keaton! (Joe Lynn) wrote:
>"Toys" and "Desert Island" appear here because she's heard the "King For A
>Day" CDEP.  I also tried to keep some sense of continuity (_you_ try to
>think of something to follow "Dear God"!)

how true, sad that the idiot who fiddled with the Skylarking CD didn't do
the obvious and add the song at the END of the 14 song cycle, not bang
in the middle of side two (and at the expence of another song if you are
not in Canada).

Extrovert would have made a nice penultimate CD track too.



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