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Subject: Chalkhills #58

                  Chalkhills, Number 58

                  Friday, 6 October 1989
Today's Topics:
        Desperately Seeking Andy...and "Mummer" CD
                     XTC 'Cuts' tape
                       All quiet...

Date: Mon, 2 Oct 89 05:19:32 -0700
From: (DTN 223-4891)
Subject: Desperately Seeking Andy...and "Mummer" CD

Hi All,

This weekend I happened to see a "personal" ad in a local paper. A woman
is looking for an Andy Partridge lookalike as a potential companion. Wow...
she's REALLY a fan!

I need some help locating the "Mummer" CD. I live near the Boston area.
"Mummer" is not available, except at as import. I have not seen it
anywhere. The tape is available, however.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Date: Thu, 5 Oct 89 11:25:40 CDT
From: oconnor!keaton! (Joe Lynn)
Subject: XTC 'Cuts' tape

A friend of mine had been hearing some XTC music recently (mostly _O&L_),
and asked me to tape a couple albums for her.  My original plan was to tape
_Oranges & Lemons_ and _Skylarking_, but after looking through the tracks
I decided to put together a tape of XTC cuts.  The track listing below is
the result of my work.

You may notice I was heavy-handed with _O&L_ and _Skylarking_, but that's
because I decided to start with the most recent albums and move backwards.
In the back of my mind, I was figuring on assembling a companion piece
to _Compact XTC_ (nee _Waxworks_), so although there is some overlap I
think this covers a lot of territory.  I intentionally left out the Dukes
and most of the early 'punky' stuff, thinking I'd save that for later.
"Toys" and "Desert Island" appear here because she's heard the "King For A
Day" CDEP.  I also tried to keep some sense of continuity (_you_ try to
think of something to follow "Dear God"!)

Side A				Side B
------				------
Garden of Earthly Delights	Respectable Street
Ballet for a Rainy Day		Generals & Majors
Desert Island 			Burning With Optimism's Flames
Mayor of Simpleton		All of a Sudden
Earn Enough For Us		Dear God
Senses Working Overtime		Scarecrow People
King For A Day			Merely A Man
Ten Feet Tall			Season Cycle
Love On A Farmboy's Wages	Wonderland
Toys				Hold Me My Daddy
Grass				Wake Up

I am now throwing this out to you folks:  what would you have/have not
included?  Keep in mind this is for someone who is not real familiar
with XTC, and whose musical taste generally leans towards 'classic rock.'

					--Joe Lynn


From: sco!
Subject: All quiet...
Date: Thu Oct  5 15:27:19 1989

Too damn quiet.  XTC have finished their promo tour, and I guess all the
real hardcore XTC fanatics have taken extended vacations to prepare for/
wind down from the convention (has it happened yet?).  But what I really
want to know is:

How can I get my hands on the English CD-singles of "King for a Day" and
"The Loving"?  They both have demo tracks on them, and I've had no luck
getting hold of either of them.  Any suggestions?  Stores in the SF bay
area or mail-order houses preferred.  Also, if you've got 'em, how much
did they set you back?

Advertised in all the papers,


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