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Subject: Chalkhills #57

                  Chalkhills, Number 57

                Friday, 22 September 1989
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   ...or on the back of a cornflakes paaaackeeeeeet....
                        xtc tidbit

Date: 8 Sep 89 06:44:00 EDT
From: "Joe Turner" <>
Subject: ...or on the back of a cornflakes paaaackeeeeeet....

I think the two breaks in "Liarbird" are simply echoing the statements of
the verses: that your own personal world works the way you want it to and
the way you let it - "methinks world is for you, made of what you beleive,
if it's false or it's true, you can read it in your bible, or on the back
of this record sleeve".  You can use anything as a source of 'inspiration'
for your life, but be warned that you get what you pay for.  "Methinks world
is for you, there's no handing it back, if it's false or it's true, you can
read it in your bible, or on the back of a cornflakes packet".  Make sure
you know what you're doing before you do it -- don't go into anything eyes

What a great song.  I love it.  Everyone else I know hates it.  (Yer a cretin,
Drukman, face it).

Indeed, "The Loving" is the new 12".  It has "Cynical Days" as a b-side, as
previously reported in this forum, and a new demo called something like "The
Year of the Angry Young Men" or something.  I know it had "Angry Young Men" in
the title.

Personally, I think it's pretty incredible that XTC are releasing their demos.
The question I have is -- since most of the demos are done solo by the respec-
tive artists, does this portent any Andy or Colin solo LPs?  (Shouts of "The
Colonel" and "Mr Partridge" will be flatly ignored; they don't count, y'all)

I would love to see a Colin solo LP, myself.  If he stepped out of the
depressing-song rut he's been in for a bit, it would be a powerful collection
of winsome tunes, I imagine.

"Are You Receiving Me?" was originally a single release only.  Apparently
Virgin America decided to release the LP in the States with _AYRM?_ as the
semi-single, as "Go 2" was released in the UK and (suprisingly) NO singles
were released! (Or so I was told long ago -- I don't have the discography in
front of me, so flames are expected.  I've never seen a "Meccanik Dancing" or
"Battery Brides" single, though...)  Of course, _AYRM?_ did nothing in the
States, as did "Go 2" itself... which is too bad, since the LP has some real
XTC gems on it if you strip away the dross such as "My Weapon" and "Super-Tuff".
I used to have a Geffen "Go 2", but it was lost during a 'temporary' lend to
someone... imagine my suprise while listening to a Virgin/America copy I found
for cheap when, suddenly after "Red" ends and I expect the needle to return,
suddenly "Are You Receiving Me?" comes blasting out of me speakers!!  Criminy!

I found my "Waxworks/Beeswax" tape again, after a year.  My vote for Worst
XTC Song Ever: "Hang On to the Night".



Date: Wed, 20 Sep 89 11:52:07 EDT
From: (john lorch)
Subject: xtc tidbit

This is the first time I've posted anything to this newsletter, so I
hope I'm sending it to the right place.

My friendly local record pusher gave me the Sept. 9 issue of NME (new
music express, a British music rag, for those acronymophobes out there)
yesterday.  While reading it last night, I happened upon a brief, one
sentence news update that said XTC was considering an autumn tour of
the USA.  That's it, no further info.  Just thought I'd pass it on so
we can all start hyperventilating now.

John Lorch


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