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Subject: Chalkhills #54

                  Chalkhills, Number 54

                Wednesday, 30 August 1989
Today's Topics:
                     New Rykodisc ad

Date: Mon, 21 Aug 89 11:46:24 CDT
From: oconnor!keaton! (Joe Lynn)
Subject: New Rykodisc ad

	Has anyone seen the latest advertisement for Rykodisc?
	(_Spy_, September '89, page 67, among other magazines)
	There's a band from Texas called "Evan Johns & His H-Bombs"
	whose latest CD, _Bombs Away_, has a cover that directly rips
	off _Waxworks_!  At first glance, I thought there was a
	new, non-Geffen reissue series in the works, but the
	glimmer of hope faded oh-so-quickly...

					--Joe Lynn


Date: Tue, 29 Aug 1989 9:23:47 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Various

Toby Howard informs me that "The Loving" has just been released in the
U.K. as XTC's latest single.  The backside of the record has "Cynical
Days".  Toby also says there's a previously unreleased track on the
12-inch single.

I thought I'd make one last try at getting tapes of the not-so-recent
XTC Live on Radio appearances.  So far I've heard nary a word about the
following appearances:

    WNEW (NY, 102.7)        Tuesday 5/16
    KLOL (Houston, 101)     Friday 5/26
    K??? (Houston, 104.1)   Friday 5/26

If you have a tape of any of these appearances or if you know someone
who does, please contact Chalkhills-Request, so we can attempt to
include it in our XTC Live on Radio compilation.  Chalkhills has
nearly completed a draft of the compilation and we're going to take a
copy to the XTC Music and Friends Convention in Manchester.  The
finished tape will probably be readied for distribution to Chalkhills
subscribers beginning in early November (because that's when I will be
returning from Europe).

Which reminds me: the Chalkhills Digest will be running on automatic
starting in about two weeks, until I return.  Responses from
Chalkhills-Request will be slow to nonexistent.  I will try to have
someone attend to additions and removals, but there are no guarantees.

	-- John


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