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Subject: Chalkhills #52

                  Chalkhills, Number 52

                Wednesday, 16 August 1989
Today's Topics:
                      Improving O&L
                     Re: XTC/Shrieks
                         XTC Tour
                        XTC on CD

From: sco!
Subject: Improving O&L
Date: Tue Aug 15 11:17:55 1989

I've made my opinion of "Oranges & Lemons" known in this forum before; I
don't think it's one of XTC's finest.  Now, though, after months of
listening, I've decided one very simple change would improve it greatly:

The album should stop after "Across this Antheap", perhaps adding "Chalkhills
and Children" as a sort of epilogue.  The ending is what I like least about
the album; rather than ending solidly, it just seems to unravel.  "Pink
Thing", "Hold Me My Daddy" and "Miniature Sun" are all fine songs, but they
just don't have the weight needed to hold down their end.  They're the kind
of songs that would make great B-sides, where they can be more easily
judged on their own.  Ending with "Antheap" would give lots more punch
(but might be too abrupt, which is why "Chalkhills" should probably stay).

So, whaddya think of my editing job?  (Flame shields activated...)

-- Stewart
"I had no message and the message was..."


Date: Tue, 15 Aug 89 17:54:35 CDT
From: oconnor!keaton! (Joe Lynn)
Subject: Re: XTC/Shrieks

Jon Drukman sez:

> Barry expressed his dissatisfaction with XTC's direction -
> Terry Chambers left because he thought the songs were getting "too weird"...

Is there any sort of animosity between these guys and the rest of XTC?
I just thought the images in the "Mayor of Simpleton" video were
interesting, and could be interpreted in all kinds of ways...

I found an old review of _Big Night Music_ in which the reviewer says,
"Listen to XTC's _Skylarking_ during the day, and _Big Night Music_ at
night, and _you_ figure if there's a connection."  (In fact, I think
this was covered in "The Little Express" as well...)

...And before this turns into, what would you
Shriek-o-philes recommend as that band's best work?  I've only heard
_Big Night Music_ and _Go Bang!_

			--Joe Lynn  (no .sig, just the facts)


Date: Tue, 15 Aug 89 18:24:19 PDT
From: (Alan Perry)
Subject: XTC Tour

Have XTC announced that they will tour?  Front Row Center (a ticket broker
in CA) is saying that XTC will be playing at the Pacific Amphitheater in
Costa Mesa and somewhere up in LA (either Universal Amphitheater or the
Greek Theater) on a yet-to-be-announced date.  Is this true or is this a
scam to get people to leave a deposit on a concert that won't happen?

alan perry


Date: Tue, 15 Aug 89 18:26:50 PDT
From: (Alan Perry)
Subject: XTC on CD

Does anyone has a discography of XTC on CD that they could send to me?  Is
it possibly to get import XTC?  I have never seen any at the CD shops in
Orange County, CA.

alan perry

	[ I sent Alan a CD discography.  If anybody else wants
	  a copy, just ask.  And yes, it's possible.	-- John ]


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