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Subject: Chalkhills #51

                  Chalkhills, Number 51

                  Monday, 14 August 1989
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                   Re:  Chalkhills #50
                      XTC convention
         Barry/Shriekback (Was 'How's About It?')

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 89 10:23:46 EDT
From: Jon Drukman <>
Subject: Re:  Chalkhills #50

Joe Lynn asks why Barry Andrews and Terry Chambers bailed out...

I read an interview with Shriekback a long time ago where Barry expressed
his dissatisfaction with XTC's direction - he said he felt like they were
trying to "become the new Beatles" or something, and Dave Allen said he
left Gang Of Four because they were trying to "become the new Led Zeppelin"
so they started Shriekback where they could just do whatever they wanted.
Barry Andrews is probably still working on Shriekback, until he gets
filthy rich or something.  Oh well, we've still got a few classic albums
under our belt.

Terry Chambers left because he thought the songs were getting "too weird"
and he saw himself as just a basic boom-thwack drummer.

	[ and besides, he had just married an Australian woman who
	  basically told him "it's either them or me."	-- John ]

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From: toby <>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 89 10:54:58 BST
Subject: XTC convention

Are any Chalkhillers going to the XTC convention here in sunny Manchester?

It should be good---the organiser (who lives round the corner from me!
Weird!) went down to Swindon on Saturday to interview the boys at Andy's
house.  He videotaped the interview & will show it at the convention.  He
rang me up Friday and said `can I ask them anything from you?' Aaaaagh! My

He says the band are really pleased about the convention and want to help.



Date: Mon, 14 Aug 89 14:20:49 PDT
From: (Karl MacRae - The Surreal World of Customer Service)
Subject: Barry/Shriekback (Was 'How's About It?')

Joe Lynn Sez:

>On a "Barry" note, has anyone heard what he's doing now?

	As far as I know, Shriekback are still in action, though I have
no idea when an album's due out...

>	The last Shriekback album (_Go Bang_) was (IMHO) really lousy, at
>	least compared to _Big Night Music_

	Well, I have to admit that I like Go Bang, but I'm a pretty
big fan of these guys... You're right that it suffers in comparison,
though, and it suffers even more in comparison with 'Oil and Gold',
which is an album that goes on my 'best records of all time' list...

	...Interesting side note, vis-a-vis Barry and the boys; In Swindon,
their hometown, there's a mural with local celebs; football players, a guy
>from the moody blues, etc. XTC are in the mural, from around the Go2 period.
But after Barry left, they painted out his head and stuck Dave Gregory's
in it's place (Turned the wrong way, I might add...). So then, when Barry
got some chart success with Shriekback, they painted him back in next to
the rest of the guys... With his head the wrong way, to match Dave...


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