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              Chalkhills Digest, Number 460

                   Monday, 31 July 1995

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                      good and early
                Re: Chalkhills Digest #459
                    Waiting for Nigel
             Re: #1(2) Chalkhills Digest #459
                   re: PUNK! WHAT PUNK?
                  XTC party and somesuch
                       Top 10 list
                     Virgin Web site
                        CD length
              americans and british xtc fans
          Random thoughts of a XTC and Queen fan
                 more defense of first 2
             Re: #1(2) Chalkhills Digest #459
             Prairies and Tubes and Dildoes.
                     all XTC is good!
             Helium Kidz; New Duffy CD 4 Sale


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Date: Thu, 27 Jul 95 13:16:15 EDT
From: Jeff Rosedale <>
Subject: good and early

Put a vertical bar across the English Settlement album.  Do you lean
towards the earlier or the later material?

White Music is a great album.  Terry Chambers' drumming and the untamed
guitar of Mr. P make this a blazing tower of energy.  Play it loud.
Barry's keyboards are an ingenious addition, especially on Watchtower,
and if you hear a live recording from that time you can tell the band
sounded great (try an old "statue of Liberty" live version on for
size).  Also some of the greatest XTC b-sides come from this era- "Hang
on to the Night", is an example (was "heatwave" pre- or post- Barry?!).

I never got into Go2 as much.  But there are great tracks on it, and
again it blazes in live performances.  Also Go Plus is trmendous if you
like the dub thing.

Andy seems to be embarrassed by the first albums because they have a
certain adolescent honesty and directness about them.  I happen to like

One facet of the brilliance of XTC is their capacity to reinvent
themselves- Drums and Wires sounds like a new band compared to the
first two albums; and after Settlement they changed again.  Now Barry's
keyboards have no context with newer material.  Frankly I would like to
see some of the energy, minimalist production, and tangled guitar of
the early days return to XTC and make them NRG again.  But probably not
so much in the keyboard vein- just unbridle Dave Gregory and give us an
accurate hard-hitting drummer.  The great melodies and lyrics will do
the rest.

Also, 70s super-rock makes me retch but it's great to see that XTC
enthusiasts' musical tastes range far and wide.  A deadhead friend of
mine really likes the song "Toys".  Another woman who said she "hates"
XTC just adores "Blame the Weather".  Something for almost everyone.

Yak yak rhubarb yak.  Enough already.



Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 14:23:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ken Manheimer <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #459

> > said:
> >Subject: Barry Andrews must pay
> >
> >Along with many other subscribers, I too feel that "White Music" and "Go 2"
> >are best left ignored--and I feel that 90% (at least) of the problem is the
> >wonky keyboarding of Barry Andrews. Wonky keyboards have ruined many a decent
> >album and band, but luckily, XTC survived long enough to oust Barry and get
> >to making real music.  No doubt Barry also had an influence on the frantic
> >arrangements and Andy's unfortunate vocal delivery at the time.

For a distinctly contrasting point of view, i'm one of those people who
really likes the "old" XTC, and who doesn't get very excited at all about
the new stuff.  (I think it turns around for me just before skylarking.)
And i "blame" a lot of that on barry andrew's influence.

And the thing the new stuff is missing, for me, is a kind of roughness -
at least an aggressive edge of it. And that rough edge seems most
prominent in the first few albums - i love _drums and wires_ and _go 2_,
and certainly like _white music_.  I also happen to love a few shriekback
albums, notably _oil and gold_ - and the common element seems to be a kind
of aggressive, slightly twisted passion that isn't sugar-coated - it
*grabs*, even when it's gentle.

I hope this isn't major flame fodder.  Perhaps it would be less obnoxious
if i say that i realize it can take me a *long* time to appreciate things,
and in fact i didn't like the early XTC for *years* - until something in
me turned the corner, and there i was - craving XTC!  And considering the
passion and discretion of the people who do like the later XTC stuff -
(some of my best friends:) (not to mention my respect for the artists
producing it!), i realize that i'm probably just missing something about
the later stuff - haven't yet turned that corner.

And, to ramble on, i might not ever get there - i'm nearly twice the age
that i was when first exposed to XTC (was around 20, now 35 - fogey
fodder:), and perhaps getting more rigid in the aesthetics department.
But, in any case, i *don't* think it's bad stuff.  Just hasn't got those
ingredients i've (feebly) latched on to, that brings me into the older

(I must say, i do kinda keep hoping XTC would give ragged sparseness a try
again - do songs that just involve the basic rock quartet instruments, and
go further towards more drums, rather than less.  I miss dave gregory!

Matter of fact, another band that i turned on to around the same time -
REM - accomplished something, in my taste, just like this, with _monster_.
The seemed to get back towards simple, somewhat raucous tunes, that
nonethess are sublimely *tuneful*. I'm glad they did - both XTC and REM
are always tuneful, but something gets buried, for me, if it's layed on
too thick and sweet.  ("Shiny Happy People", indeed!-) _monster_ reminds
me of the appeal of _Murmer_ and _Fables of..._.  I've never quite
understood what it is i love so much about those albums; but i think it
has a lot to do with music...-)


ken, 301 975-3539


From: (Tom Keekley)
Subject: Supertramp
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 95 14:46:09 -0500

>Date: Wed, 26 Jul 1995 16:17:46 +1200
>From: (James)
>Subject: Supertramp
>I've said it before, and I'll say it again, my very first album purchase
>was probably "Crisis? What Crisis?" by Supertramp. Those Swindonian and

I must also chime in on this. I recently gave a friends Supertramp discs a
spin since I hadn't heard them since I ditched my turntable. The music was
very fresh and has aged quite well. When you consider that Crime of the
Century was released in 1974, it's hard to find an album that sounds
crisper. There are many bands from those days that wouldn't sound half that
fresh nowadays.

Of course, the Beatles are the greatest and . . . .

(he he)

         Keeks n/a              "Now printed on DUR-O-TONE!"


Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 14:45:24 -0500 (CDT)
From: James Kosmicki <>
Subject: Waiting for Nigel

I am a strange XTC fan.  I bought the Virgin/Epic version of Drums and
Wires when it first came out.  i loved it; hell, I still love it.  I
promptly bought White Music and Go 2, liked them, but not as much.  I
have followed the boys through thick and thin since then.

However, until recently, I had never heard Making Plans for Nigel.  I
didn't buy Waxworks because I already had all the material.  I didn't buy
a CD or import of Drums and Wires because there's too much new music to
justify the same music in multiple formats.  And then my two year old
ruined my vinyl Drums and Wires.  Finally, I thought, I can justify a CD
of Drums and Wires and hear Making Plans for Nigel, which I had always
heard so much about.

THIS is what everyone's been talking about?  This is a silly,
repetitious, non-adventurous fluff of its time radio style single.  I
wouldn't even include this on my top 5 songs from the entire album, much
less from their entire catalog.

Can somebody please post why they like this song so that I can better
understand this song's nigh-mythical status?


Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 18:26:41 -0400
Subject: Re: #1(2) Chalkhills Digest #459

Reply to William J. Cohen:

The Andy Partridge song "Rocket" (which is actually attributed to XTC) is on
the CD "Place of General Happiness - Lyrics of Ernest Noyes Brookings Volume
2".  These lyrics were written by Mr. Brookings (1898-1987) in the last seven
years of his life, and the CD is full of songs by groups known and unknown!
Its from ESD Records, 530 North Third St, Minneapolis MN 55401.  !

Also, there's a Dave Gregory guest spot on a new record by Jennifer Trynin
called "Cockamamie". I first bought an EP of hers in NYC in 1988. Dave plays
solo on the third track called "Everything is Different Now". Real power-pop
stuff. Aimee Mann, Dave ex-lady friend also sings back-up on a track. Its on
Squint Records, a subsidiary of Warner Records!

       [ Both of these are in the XTC discography.  -- John ]


From: Fred Dalrymple <>
Subject: re: PUNK! WHAT PUNK?
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 22:22:24 -0400 (EDT)

> Subject: PUNK! WHAT PUNK?
> From: (Nicolas Deakin)
> It's interesting how Americans and British XTCers differ, on their views
> about the first two albums. Brits general love the early material and
> Americans persons don't!

(He says to himself, should I take this posting as a serious comment, or
one intended to provoke flames?)

> I think this may be due to the USA and the UK moving in completely
> different musical directions, round the mid to late seventies. i.e. Punk
> happened in the UK, but not in the USA. Check out photos of kids of that
> period. Short hair in the UK and long hippy hair in the USA.

nyah, nyah.

The first UK "punk" album is often reported as Damned Damned Damned ("it
was predated by the first album by Eddie and the Hotrods who, although, not
punks, were accepted by the punk fraternity" from "Stiff -- the Story of a
Record Label"), and was released on February 18, 1977.  Predating it in
the US were albums by Patti Smith (Horses, 1975; Radio Ethiopia, 1976),
and the Ramones (Ramones, 1976; Ramones Leave Home, 1976 [although some of
my sources say it was '77]).  Television's first album came out in 1977,
Richard Hell having left the band in early 1975.  Hell and the Voidoid's
first EP was out in November 1976.  I think that Hell would have to pass
anyone's test as a "punk".

Personally, I've about had it with this mailing list.  I'm disappointed
with people treating their opinions as truth (especially when they won't
do any research before mouthing off), and being condescending about other
people's taste in music (the Beatles and Supertramp come to recent mind,
early XTC too, I guess).

You know how people have a cult band that they love, and that they love to
share with their friends?  You know how sometimes they get upset when the
band gets popular?  One of the reasons that I feel that way sometimes is
because I'm embarrassed about how all the other people who like "my" band

There, I feel better now.



Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 20:07:22 -0700
From: Christie Byun <cbyun@ocf.Berkeley.EDU>
Subject: XTC party and somesuch

Hi Everyone,

I still don't know if my account is going to be deleted, but I
don't want to lose contact with all you cool Chalkhillians. Anyway,
I would like to plan on having an XTC shindig either the 2nd or
3rd week of August, either Friday or Saturday of either of those
weeks.  A couple of things:

1.  If anyone has any suggestions on what you would like to do at
the party, please let me know!  I was planning on having people
over, crashing in my living room, watching the XTC videos I have,
eating popcorn, discussing music, and behaving like rabid fans
(last element optional).  However, I welcome any suggestions that
people have

2.  Okay, since I don't know if my account is going to be shut
down or not, here's my phone number:  510-235-6653.  If you are
interested in coming over for a night of XTC, please call and let
me know!  I would like to get an idea of how many people are
actually interested in coming.  Everyone is welcome.  Try emailing
me first, though, and if you don't get a reply after August 1,
please call me.  Also, let me know if either of those two weeks
are good for your schedule.

3.  Now aren't there any female Chalkhillians out there that are
in the bay area?   I know this is an old topic, but I would like
to see more women writing in/calling/participating.  I've gotten
one woman's reply (hi Stacy!) and it sure would be nice to meet
more.  I don't know, but speaking from my own personal experience,
maybe women don't like to post/respond because they're kinda shy.
I know I am, and I'd rather lurk and read than post and get flamed.
But I just want to say that I don't bite.  Any women Chalkhillians
are welcome in this here space!

Well, that wraps up my public service message.  Those of you in
other parts of the country, thank you so much for putting up
with this long post.  Thank you and goodnight.



Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 01:38:44 -0400 (EDT)
From: bradley e preuss <>
Subject: Top 10 list

Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me with their top 10 list of XTC songs.
To those of you who haven't yet...I'm trying to get together a list of
top 25 XTC songs, so in order to do that I need you to send me your list
of top 10.  I've had about 8 people send me their list so far, but I'll
need quite a bit more.  It's quite a bit of fun looking at the different
tastes we all have.



Date: Fri, 28 Jul 95 05:41:00 UTC
Subject: Virgin Web site

The following bulletin went out over Business Wire on July 25:

|SUN PUTS VIRGIN RECORDS ON THE NET ... Sun Microsystems helped Virgin
|Records Ltd. launch "RAFT," the United Kingdom's first music Internet
|site.  Virgin's RAFT home page allows music fans to access images,
|music video and audio clips, concert information and memorabilia
|relating to many artists associated with the Virgin label.  In its
|first two months of activity, the site received over 70,000 accesses a
|week, 38 percent from the United States and the rest from around the

Now the obvious question: Has anyone found Virgin's Web site, who can please
tell us all the URL?  Also, is there any XTC stuff there?

Mike McCormick

	[ I think.  No XTC.  -- John ]


Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 02:18:12 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Jeffrey with 2 f's Jeffrey" <>
Subject: CD length

On Tue, 25 Jul 1995 11:17:26 -0700 (PDT), struck in a flash by the utter
futility of all existence and thenceforth dedicating his life to
collecting radioactive Fiestaware, Thomas Long <> wrote:

 Something I've noticed not only with xTc, but a lot of bands since the
advent of the cd, is this crazed desire to fill up all 75 minutes or
whatever of the damned thing.  Invariably, what happens is a good album
is buried under a lot of half-baked ideas or material which, although
good in and of itself, takes away from the album's overall impact.

Well, given that record companies are charging *far* more for CDs than
they need to (profit margins on CDs are hugely more vast than they used
to be for vinyl; I half think CDs were introduced just to get over the
foreboding $10 suggested price. And I hear British CD prices are even
more outrageous--something like $20 American?), I'd far rather have 75
minute CDs that I can choose the best tracks from (very few disc players
lack programmability) than pay full price for 35 minutes. Especially when
they turn around and issue 49 different b-sides.

The rest of your complaint concerns sequencing rather than issuing stuff
or not. And here, I'd agree with you (although, again, you can always
program _Mummer_ back to the original order, and add the "extra" tracks
at the end). But by and large, I say, fill 'em up--with anything except
damned "remixes": oh great, a 12-minute version that's 8 minutes of

Elsewhere in the digest, John says that, nope, the "Andy" in "Andy Paints
Brian" is definitely and only Andy Partridge, not Andy Warhol (nice Bowie
ref, btw)--well, it works for me. So I'll wait for Andy P. to tell me to
go rook myself (new euphemism) and *then* stop interpreting it that way ;)


Jeffrey Norman                                           "I play the guitar.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee                 Sometimes I play the fool."
Dept. of English & Comp. Lit.
e-mail:            --John Lennon, _Beatles Live at the BBC_

In my CD changer: Band of Susans _Here Comes Success_
                  Bailter Space _Wammo_
                  Cranes _Loved_
                  Robyn Hitchcock _You & Oblivion_
                  Teenage Fanclub _A Catholic Education_


Organization:  Saint Mary's University
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 15:48:36 GMT-6
Subject: americans and british xtc fans

Dear Chalkheads,

In a recent chalkhills, Nicolas Deakin said, "It's interesting how
Americans and British XTCers differ, on their views about the first
two albums. Brits general love the early material and Americans
persons don't!"

I believe that age is a greater factor than nationality in predicting
response to XTC's early work. Those of us who are old enough to
remember the late seventies and early eighties (my high school years
were '78 to '82) seem to have a greater love for the first few XTC
albums. I enjoy Go2 and White Music (and Drums and Wires, too) but
even the most faithful fans (myself included) must admit that these
three albums, though remarkable when released, have not withstood
the test of time (something like London Calling or Anarchy in the UK).
Contrast that to Black Sea or English Settlement, albums that are as
fresh now as the day they were released. Put your flame throwers

Nicolas goes on to characterize the U.S. during that period as a bunch
of long-haired hippy-leftovers. I must take exception to this. They
were disco-leftovers. However, there was some great new music
coming out of the States as well as England (and Ireland) back then. I
listened to The Jam, The Clash, Talking Heads, Elvis C., Violent
Femmes, R.E.M., U2, The Police, The Specials, and of course our guys.
There was a growing movement back then and it was taking place on
both sides of the Atlantic. MTV was a young and promising network
showing a lot of great "alternative" music. Alas, time has done to
MTV what it did to REM, the Police and U2 (I call it the cheese


P.S. I heard that Roger O'Hammerstein is also from Swindon.


From: Pat Moffatt <>
Subject: Random thoughts of a XTC and Queen fan
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 95 20:01:43 EDT

Howdy,  fellow Chalkhillbillies!

        I've been on this mailing list for three months now, and I thought
that it was time that I add my two cents, and ask some questions that have
been on my mind for awhile.

1) Do we have any Queen fans on this list?  Someone mentioned Queen a
couple of digests ago, but I forget what context it was in.  I bring Queen
up because I feel some of the lyrics in Brian May's songs are similar to
some of the stuff Andy has written.  Songs such as Father to Son and '39
bring up emotional issues and ideas that are suprisingly similar to some
XTC songs, I believe.

2) I think that Brian May should produce XTC's next album.  Brian has been
producing a number of albums for the past few years, and I think he would
bring the energy and enthuisasm that I believe XTC desperately needs.

3) There has been much talk about Nonsuch lately.  I feel that the songs
are well written, but they totally lack energy.  To put it bluntly, they're
bland <I hear the flames starting already... but Nonsuch seriously makes me
fall asleep after Peter Pumpkhinhead>.  Listen to O&Y then listen to
Nonsuch.  I think you'll see what I mean.

4) Am I the only person on this list who would pick O&Y as their favourite
album?  I  absolutely love the album.  I'd say its my favourite coz' of the
emotions it releases.  Earlier somebody said that Chalkhills and Children
bring them to tears.... well, I've heard it does that to other people as well.

5) Go2 is a _much_ better album than White Music.

6) Can somebody explain to me what the message of Jumping in Gommorah is?
I don't understand all the Christian references as I am an Athiest.

7) Barry Andrews is definately a talented musician.  Unfortunately, his
keyboard work is not well suited to what XTC was trying to do at the time
(or ever).  I really enjoy his two songs on Go2.

8) Is it just me, or does everybody else think that the purpose of My
Weapon is to poke fun at those mysognistic Rolling Stones?  I sware, it
sounds as if XTC is trying to imitate the Stones!  I took Go2 to my friend
who works at a classic rock station, and he thought the same thing as I
did.  I really think that's the idea Barry had in mind.

        - Asmodeus the Evil <Lead vocalist of Accidental Goat Sodomy>

        [ Personally I think this would make a much better survey
          than the Top 25.    -- John ]


Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 00:12:56 -0500
From: (kirkwood duke)
Subject: more defense of first 2

just a quick note/assertion:

white music and go2 are both tremendous albums. if you only appreciate the
older stuff, you are missing a large part of the xtc experience. as some
have already mentioned, it is the entire body of work and progression
through styles that differentiates them from just being a really good band.
it is that progression through 15+ years that makes them a TREMENDOUS band
(to most of us, the best).

if you don't like the early stuff, maybe you got to it too late in your
life. those two albums will always bring back fond memories of my earlier,
more hyper days.

i suggest you pop them in, do a few shots or drink a few beers, and dance
wildly around the room! buzzcity talking . . .

--kirk, mayor of beatown

p.s. if you are leary of buying the early stuff, you hear some short sound
clips at beatown, then judge.


Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 11:03:42 -0400
Subject: Re: #1(2) Chalkhills Digest #459

      Years ago,I wrote to Virgin Records wondering about how many of each
X T C album were sold. Not surprisingly,I never received any sort of
response.  I now wonder if anyone on Chalkhills could hazard a guess? Even
an approximation would be welcome!  Also,I would like to say, that
somewhere around the beginning of the year,while delivering my mail route,I
noticed this fine looking magazine cover which opon further inspection
turned out to be Diabetes Forecast. Cover story was Dave Gregory, and a
nice article it was,too.Complete with what it is like to be in a band,with
diabetes. It might be worth your while to search out this magazine , though
it may be hard to find,as my whole route only gets two of them.Has anyone
else seen this?


Date: Sat, 29 Jul 95 17:41:00 UTC
Subject: Stuff

To William Cohen:  "Rocket" is, indeed, available on the tape sold through
The Little Express which is "The Bull With The Golden Guts".  Although that
tape is, I believe, no longer available (although I would trade mine for an
original Griboullage CD), the song is also available on CD.  It's on a
compilation of songs created by various artists from the lyrics of Ernest
Noyes Brookings.  This particular CD is called "Place Of General Happiness,
Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings, Vol. 2".  I've seen it several times in
stores but, if you can't find it, the label is ESD and the address is 530
North Third Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401.  The copyright is 1991 so I have
no idea whether or not ESD can still be reached at that address or even
still exists.  (And, by the way, Go Big Red...On Wisconsin!)

To Anyone Who Knows:  I have the first five CDs by Extatic, those being the
various demos that have been mentioned a lot here.  I'm told by Joe Jarrett
in Toronto (a fine fellow, I might add) that CD No.6 is a "Live in Boston"
CD.  Does anyone know if there are any others from this "label"?

Also, a question that has been asked here before but never answered:  Are
the women named Partridge who sing on some Shriekback albums related to Andy?

To Erik Anderson:  I got the "XTC: USA 1980" CD---thanks!  I'd never seen
this CD before anywhere.  The sound is great although the song selection is
fairly standard (Love At First Sight, Respectable Street, No Language In Our
Lungs, This Is Pop, Scisser (sic) Man, Towers Of London, Battery Brides,
Living Through Another Cuba, Generals And Majors, Making Plans For Nigel,
Are You Receiving Me?).  Has anyone else ever seen this CD?  Perhaps it was
"released" under a different title.



Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 13:02:53 -0600 (MDT)
From: Eric Muller <EMULLER@UWYO.EDU>
Subject: demos

Ok, after many months of reading about demos on this list, I'll bite:
What are they?  (I know what a demo is, but what are *these*?)
Where do I get 'em?  (I live in Laramie, WY, so don't tell me to go down to
my local record shop--if it ain't Garth Brooks, they probably don't got it.)
How much will it cost me?
Are they really worth it?

Any responses much appreciated--either to me directly ( or
to the list.



Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 21:17:45 -0400
Subject: Prairies and Tubes and Dildoes.

OK I'm not talking about the B---les (who coincidentally could also be the
Bangles...but no one has even thought of them until just now when i brought
them up...but Susanna Hoffs in my room in any state of undress would be
*VERY* nice about now) <EVIL GRIN>

Just bought the TUBES greatest know, "She's a Beauty" and "Talk
To You Later..."  They're pretty damn solid for a band no one ever gives
any credit to.  Two songs on the album are cowritten by our good freaky
friend, Todd Rundgren.  Thus, the Prairie Prince Connection.  Now, it's
quite beyond me how a man who played drums for a band whos lead singer
dressed in a mammoth dildo could hit the tom-toms for the Fab Three...but
then I realized, hey...if our Andy can talk about his Pink Thing, then
surely Fee Waybill can dance around with a dildo strapped on during a live
show.  Hey...Andy's not playing live any time soon.

-AYM :>


Date: Sun, 30 Jul 1995 18:04:49 -0500
From: (William J. Cohen)
Subject: all XTC is good!

I was thinking about it and I decided that, time permitting, I would come
to the defense of ANY XTC album because I really like them all. I like each
one in a different way, some I like more than others. I honestly cannot
understand if an XTC fan dislikes some of their material - NOT because they
are XTC, but because its all fargin eggsellent (some more eggsellent than
others). Some "chalkhead" wants our ten favorite XTC songs, so I've been
listening to my collection in chronological order. I am only about halfway
through, but I think English Settlement might just be my favorite; its
definitely up there for me. It is going to be very difficult to pick my ten
favorite songs!

>Courtney Love, on the other hand, who LOVES to call attention to herself,
>is alive and kicking on AOL. Not like anyone really cares.

I do not, really.

>(Re: Who started the "Unplugged" tradition; it was me, when my little
>brother used to play Supertramp I unplugged his stereo).

Hey, that's pretty good!

(They use the head and not the fist)


Date: 31 Jul 1995 10:11:05 -0500
From: "Wesley Wilson" <>
Subject: Helium Kidz; New Duffy CD 4 Sale

I agree with another Chalkhill person's assessment of Demo Tracks #4 (Helium
Kidz/early XTC demos). This CD leaves me wondering where in the heck tracks
like "Cheap Perfume" and "Things Fall to Bits" (which I have on cassette)
might be on CD (if anywhere!).

I have an extra copy of the new Stephen Duffy CD single, "London Girls," (and
can get more) if anyone is interested.

On the sleeve, Duffy looks like a long-lost member of The Jam.

This is a NEW copy but it is not shrinkwrapped by the manufacturer. The single
is great; anyone who likes XTC/Blur would surely like it. In fact, Duffy's
next single "Sugar High" will have a track written by one of the Blur guys.
Tracks on this single:

London Girls; You, Me and God (nonalbum track); The Waitress's Story
(nonalbum), and Girl of the Year (nonalbum). Girl of the Year is my favorite
track, with its1966 Beatley (Harrison) overtones in the guitar playing and
catchy chorus.

Duffy, like XTC, throws away tracks that other bands would be envious to claim
as their own.

$10.00 plus postage ($1.50 U.S., $3.00 elsewhere). E-mail me if you'd like it.


P.S. Why is Ringo Starr wasting time making pizza ads for TV? He should be
drumming on the next XTC album!!! C'mon Ringo, dust off that snare drum.


End of Chalkhills Digest #460

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