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Subject: Chalkhills #46

                  Chalkhills, Number 46

                   Monday, 24 July 1989
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                     beat on the brat

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 89  18:20:41 EDT
From: jsd@umass.bitnet
Subject: beat on the brat

OK, our site finally has its damn mail connection up again, so here we

sco!stewart: your analogy about a McDonald's at the peak of a beautiful
mountain doesn't wash.  try this: you climb to the summit and the view
is so gorgeous that it takes your breath away, and then there's a rainbow...
yeah, now _that's_ what that "throw away piece of production" does for
me, anyway...

Joe Lynn: give up on it.  if we all sat around and said "gee, aren't
XTC totally groovy?" all day, this would be a completely boring list.
I don't really _hate_ XTC live, but if I don't stir up some action, then
what is there to talk about?  That said, I don't think XTC live measure
up to the studio product.  You gotta have perspective on these things.

Damian@umass: the check is in the mail, boyeeeeee...

Mark Glickman: You miss the point.  Joe Jackson hasn't been trying to
recreate the studio arrangements at all.  In fact, he's been deliberately
trying to _get away_ from them.  Now, if XTC took their acoustic guitars
and delivered a completely different thing, then I'd probably be more into
it.  As it stands, it's weak.  And I _know_ that rock concerts aren't going
to reproduce the records.  I _hope_ they don't!  Thomas Dolby, who some
might wonder how on earth he could possibly reproduce his songs live had
one of the most amazingly orgasmic shows I've ever seen (it was for "Aliens
Ate My Buick") - the funk arrangements were really awesome and translated
very very well to the stage.  I also saw him on tour for "Flat Earth" and
it was much more like the album.  He brought along his Fairlight and
everything.  I liked the "aliens" arrangement of "One of Our Submarines"
much better because he reworked the song greatly for his band.  Got me?

And all the rest of you homeboys...  I have heard live XTC tracks that
far outweigh the studio versions.  But the ratio is very small.  (for
the record, off the top of my head, "Real by Reel" kicks butt live.)

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