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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #455

              Chalkhills Digest, Number 455

                   Friday, 14 July 1995

Today's Topics:

                   Re: Great Guitarists
          Re: Live XTC, Hello! (The Affiliated)
                      Hello address
                Re: Swindonian Supertramp
                Re: Gilbert O'Sullivan/O&L
               Swindon's Musical Sons again
                  Re: Ella Guru (again!)
                David Yazbeck's CD - Help!
                     various comments
                Re: Chalkhills Digest #454
                  Dear God/Dying/Bonfire
               Another XTC experience. . .
               The Wizard of Philadelphiaz
                Chalkhills Artists- Help!


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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 15:10:25 -0400
Subject: rarities

It seems that there has been much discussion here about that various
recordings people have that I have never heard of in my life, despite my
rabid attempts to find them.  Since I am rather new to this, I do not know if
what I have is considered rare, or if what I do not have is not considered
rare by everyone else. (Does that make sense?)  Anyway, I have thought the
best and fastest way to resolve this is to write down what I have that I
consider rare, and I can be graded on it.  Since I also want more stuff, as
we all do, perhaps I could send someone some blank tapes, and we could even
out our rare stuff, and a sort of musical socialism could evolve. Here's my
-Mayor of Simpleton 3" CD single, mentioned in #454
-King For A Day 3" CD single, with dance remix and 2 demos
-This Is Live, also mentioned in #454
-Acoustic Tales, containing most of the songs listed in #454, and some BBC
-Love On A Farmboy's Wages 12" single, with 3 live tracks (somehow this
became slightly warped)
I supose that is about it.  In conclusion, does anyone really like "Through
the HIll"?  I like about half, and half of it annoys me to death.  I also
stand by my self-producing concept.  Andy said in an interview after
"Nonsuch" came out that Gus Dudgeon did not do much except get in their way.
 This is, in my opinion, their best sounding album, and in no way do I find
it self-indulgent.


Date: 12 Jul 95 16:05:10 EDT
From: John.J.Pinto@Dartmouth.EDU (John J. Pinto)
Subject: Re: Great Guitarists

I saw a book published by GPI (Guitar Player Institute?) titled
                                        "1000 GREAT GUITARISTS"
by Hugh Gregory (no relation) which on page 61 featured a capsule profile of
Dave Gregory.  The book seemed to cover all genres of the modern era; jazz,
blues, country, rock etc.  No mean feat to rate in their top one thousand.


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 95 16:08:01 EDT
From: (Don Lindbergh)
Subject: Re: Live XTC, Hello! (The Affiliated)

On Wed, 12 Jul 1995 08:13:32 -0700 you wrote:

>From: bradley e preuss <>
>Subject: Live XTC
>Hiya Chalkboards(?)
>     Anyways, I recently got my hands on another live XTC CD that was
>recorded in 1979 in Philadelphia.  The name of it is Fab Foursome in Philly.


So how does it sound compared to the legit live BBC.  Do you know/can
you tell if the boot is a soundboard or audience recording?



>From: Melissa Reaves <MREAVES@KENTVM.KENT.EDU>
>Subject:      Hello!

..stuff deleted...

>1.  I vote for The Affiliated as the name for us XTCers.  Don't like
>hillbillies (as a name, not that I don't like any of you out there who
>may happen to be Rural Americans).  Did someone else say The Affiliated
>already?  Or did I make it up?  Either way, that's how I vote.

I agree, good name.  Still, strictly speaking, doesn't sort of have a
Dukes-ish connotation more than XTC-ish.  Further, Chalkhills has now
been around long enough for me to really get used to it and like it.
I think it's stuck now.



Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 18:54:36 -0700
From: (Michael Riches)
Subject: Hello address

I've been reading a lot here about Andy Partridge's release on Hello
Records.  I know it's a They Might Be Giants mail-order-only label.
Can anyone tell me what their address is and how I can order the AP
album?  Is it a TMBG fan-club only thing, or can anyone order their
discs?  And what's the album like?  Self-produced?  Any cover art or
liner notes?

I'd appreciate it if someone could pass along any details.  I can be
reached at


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 14:51:38 +1200
From: (James)
Subject: Re: Swindonian Supertramp

>>Does anyone know of any other bands / singers or whatever who were born or
>>brought up in Swindon?
>Watch the _XTC Play at Home_ video for more information along this
>line.  I think one of the guys in Supertramp is also from Swindon.

Quite possible, since the very first incarnation of Supertramp (before they
even had that name, from memory) had Swindonian Gilbert O'Sullivan on
piano. Thankfully, this incarnation never recorded.

As foir the people dissing Gilbert, he was bad, but there have been worse.
Sort of a cross between Bobby Goldsboro and Leo Sayer (and looking a bit
like Sayer, too), but probably preferable to either of them.


James Dignan, Department of Psychology, University of Otago.

Ya zhivu v' 50 Norfolk St., St. Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand
pixelphone / steam megaphone NZ 03-455-7807

   * You talk to me as if from a distance
   * and I reply with impressions chosen from another time, time, time,
   * from another time                     (Brian Eno)


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 20:09:30 -0700
From: (Michael Riches)

>From: Melissa Reaves <MREAVES@KENTVM.KENT.EDU>

>To the person who a while back asked if anyone else found Andy sexy.  From
>the lack of response she received, I'd have to guess that others agree
>with me in saying "no." {.....} All the recent photographs of him show him
>well concealed--either hunched over looking pensive or if he is standing
>out in the open he's wearing styles that camoflage his girth. {.......}

Or perhaps people didn't respond to the original post because a) sometimes
people are bashful about talking about these things, b) there aren't that
many females subscribing to the group (although more should, but that's
rock n' roll for ya) or, as in my case c) males attracted to Andy are shy
about outing themselves infront of a bunch of strangers.

Now, I really don't care if AP looks like Cary Grant or Abe Vigoda...
either way, it's great music, and discussing his looks here is really
grasping at straws (how can we tell we've been waiting too long for the new
album?).  Nonetheless, I'll grasp at a straw or two myself and stand up in
his defence.

I started listening to XTC when I was 17 and saw the video for All You
Pretty Girls.  I couldn't get over that dashingly cute singer in the sailor
suit.  I didn't really like the song much (mostly the chorus) but something
about Andy kept me intrigued and I bought The Big Express.  When I opened
the cover I was suprised at how much more attractive he was in those
charming spectacles.  As I subsequently bought the entire XTC catalogue
over the period of a year (for the MUSIC, not the pictures!) I was
continually struck by the image of this quaint young man who seemed to
embody all I considered English; literate, witty, clever, quirky, and
boyishly handsome.  Yes, for a while I had a crush.

So there you have it Melissa.  Mr. Partridge does indeed have sex appeal.
I'd put him up there with Hugh Grant in my books (though maybe a couple
notches below, but still quite high).  As for looking pensive, I find his
photo in the booklet for Oranges & Lemons strangely appealing.  He looks
like he needs a big hug, very cuddlesome.

And he's not a "piggy."  So what if he's a bit chubby?  Everyone gets
fatter when they get old.  It'll happen to you too one day Melissa.  Don't
chuckle about it now.


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 00:00:43 -0400
Subject: Re: Gilbert O'Sullivan/O&L

In a message dated 95-07-12 12:43:31 EDT, you write:

>Basically, what ever you do, do not listen to any of this man's
>music. (Sorry Gilbert - just not my cup of <insert beverage>)

Oops too late fer me...sorry but I think his music is worthwhile, if not of
the magnitude of the Fabs, Brian Wilson, or our own Swindonites..."Clair"
is quite clever, and even a 20-years later listen to "Get Down" forces a
2nd listen to the lyrics (you're a bad dog baby.......hmmmmm?)

Now I don't go out of my way to check out Gilbert O', but if it's there,
I'll listen.

XTC-related for the record, my fave tune so far: "Chalkhills and Children".
The lyrics are so ultra-wistful, I'm actually moved to tears at times (and
that ain't easy) that I now what it's about via that Andy snippet a #
of Chalkhills' back, it's easier to unnerstand from where he cometh, not to
mention the sine-wavish organ sound and the mixed feels between rhythm/Andy
and Mastelotto's traps & buttons...Also many of the Dukes' tunes.

I've read many posts decrying O&L as "unlistenable" among other things, to
which I say: "HUH?!?!?!?!" My God, the maturity I hear there is
unmistakable, AND it's the 1st complete XTC album I've heard....I know,
"listen to English Settlement...Drums and Wires etc", well I have received
3 comp tapes covering White Music to Nonsuch plus other rarities, and the
early stuff is really good, but perhaps what does it for me is the tune
constructions or something, I found stuff like "Radios in Motion" and "This
is Pop" quite harsh and simplistic in comparison to "Miniature Sun" or
"Garden of Earthly Delights" (or "C&C"), I liked 'em, plus the original
Nigel (I heard Primus' version first and thought it did large justice) and
stuff I learned about right here, like "Generals and Majors" and
"Respectable Street" (!), but I think O&L is a great album, hardly a low
point on it for me.

Ain't democracy wonderful?

C Mezzolesta


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 08:59:51 +0100
Subject: Swindon's Musical Sons again

In the last _Chalkhills_ John Relph writes:
>I think one of the guys in Supertramp is also from Swindon.

Can't believe I forgot this.  I know very little about Supertramp, but
yes, one of the members is from Swindon, and if you look at the back
cover of _Breakfast in America_, you will see him reading a copy of
the _Evening Advertiser_, Swindon's local evening paper.  Which
probably got a front-page mention in the paper itself.

XTC connection.  By coincidence, I picked up a copy of Supertramp's
_Crime of the Century_ in a charity shop here in Swindon last weekend,
spotless condition, 75p. While paying for it at the cash desk, I
noticed the old dear behind the counter cleaning an old copy of the
_Making Plans for Nigel_ 7" single (with an old rag). "We get a lot of
this stuff, XTC". "Well, they're local boys, they were very popular a
few years back" says I. "Oh, I know. I know his mum, whats-his-name,
Andy the singer. She still lives in Penhill, used to work in the

So there you have it, a Partridge family update from Oxfam.  I bought
a copy of Cat Steven's _Tea for the Tiller Man_ for 75p too...

JP Nicholls


From: (Andre de Koning)
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 95 09:50:21 +0200
Subject: Re: Ella Guru (again!)

Steve Johnson <> wrote about "Mayor of Simpleton":

>I think the Virgin CD single is kinda rare because I look EVERYWHERE
>for XTC stuff wherever I go and own the only copy of it I've ever
>seen in stores.

Amazing! Here in the Netherlands the Virgin 3" CD was the one I kept
running into when I was at record fairs or plowing through cut-out bins
over a year ago. I remember it clearly because I was trying to get my
hands on the "Dear God" CD single (I finally have it, thanks again
John!). I haven't been to a record fair for over a year, but I plan on
going to one this fall. If there are chalk******* still looking for it
drop me some email and I can have a see. I have seen plenty of copies in
cutout bins for rediculously low prices (a few guilders, that's one or
two dollars dollars nowadays) but you can bet once Chalkhills #454 gets
spread they'll all be gone...

By the way, from looking at the discography I think you're right about
the geffen CD single. Geffen does not seem to have a version on CD that
has the demo songs.

 -- Andre de Koning


Date: 13 Jul 1995 08:17:32 -0500
From: "Wesley Wilson" <>
Subject: David Yazbeck's CD - Help!

Over six weeks ago I ordered the David Yazbeck CD, "The Laughing Man," from a
US CD importer. I have not yet received the CD.

Naturally, I'm disappointed; but I'm also a little surpirsed that the importer
is having trouble getting this disc! I'm still hoping that they come through,
but in the meantime I'm seeking alternatives. If you have a source for this
CD, please e-mail me. So far I've heard two tracks from this CD and they
sounded very good.

Hey! I understand my drawing made The Little Express. I haven't gotten the
issue yet, but I look forward to getting it.

Also heard that Martin Newell has a new album forthcoming, The Off-White

I had a daydream about the new XTC album. I heard a Colin song, something with
the word "street" in the chorus. A piano was supplying most of the percussion
and the song sounded really powerful, allaying people's fears that a
drummerless album would lack punch. Colin was singing really loudly. The song
was really poppy, like an old Kinks' song. When the new album comes out we'll
have to see if my premonition is correct.

Today I took a detour through the town of Concord, MA. Where there once was an
apothecary shop, now is a gourmet coffee outlet. One thing that I'd like to
know, where did the ordinary people go?



Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 09:42:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Craig E. Canevit" <canevit@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU>
Subject: various comments

1). Last time,  John Relph <> said, in response
to Rob Crozier <>'s query
> >
> >Does anyone know what AP is saying at the end of "Skeleton Steps Out"?
> >Something like "roll you lazy bones".
> I think Andy sings "Watch out, here comes Bony Boy".

        I can't admit to having listened solely to hear this part,
but I heard the song just yesterday and recalled that I have
always heard this part as "watch out, here comes poor man bones."

2). Here's a remark for those fans of later material who haven't been
able to appreciate Drums and Wires: keep listening! I have been
plugging it in as background music when I go to the computer lab,
and while I have had the album since 1989, I haven't liked it
(except for "Helicopter" and "Scissor Man") until these past few
weeks. I have the people who hyped "Complicated Game" to thank for
getting me curious about what they loved about this song. Thanks!

3). "Paul Stratford" <> remarked that:
> AAAGGHH! Now we're going to have to explain to the Americans who
> Gilbert O'Sullivan is!

        I suspect that anybody in America who's listened to enough
adult contemporary in the 70s or oldies stations since then is pretty
likely to have heard "Alone Again (Naturally)," the most pathetic
(literally) song since "Seasons in the Sun." Oddly enough, I sort
of like the song when I've had too much to drink. The man has
obviously listened to quite a lot of Paul MacCartney.

4). Meat Beat Manifesto, one of the most listenable of the techno/
industrial/sampling bands, is also from Swindon. I've heard them
sample that band from Liverpool, but not XTC.

5). Everybody who thinks about it will agree: the only person who
could pull off playing Andy in a movie would be the grownup actor
who played "Oliver" on the Brady Bunch.

Craig E. Canevit <>


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 10:14:48 -0600 (MDT)
From: Eric Muller <EMULLER@UWYO.EDU>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #454

Two brief comments on the most recent digest:
(a)  Lay off Gilbert O'Sullivan!  The guy wrote "Claire," for chrissake!
(b)  Supertramp from Swindon?  I thought they were Canadian.  (And while
we're on the subject, what ever happened to *them*?  Did somebody finally
unplug that annoying electric piano they always seemed to use?)



Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 21:04:30 -0400
Subject: Dear God/Dying/Bonfire

Yes! Finally!
Someone who feels like I do about that musical thread at the end of

Dear God is a great intro to Dying because it's asking the question if we
believe in a higher being, then Dying laments one who just croaks for no
apparent reason, and then Bonfire gives us hope about the earth in general.

Leave it to Colin to make "When they carried you out your mouth was opened
wide" so beautiful.



Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 22:36:40 -0400
Subject: Another XTC experience. . .

Went to Borders Bookstore to pick up the new CD import of the BBC radio
sessions.  On the way to the cash register, I spotted an entire rack of
bookplates that bore some of our favorite depictions from nonsvch.  Now I can
plaster all my books with the etheral Then She Appeared .  And passing the
bargain shelves, 2 recipe books wrapped together with a red ribbon had the
simple title: _Oranges and Lemons_.  None of the recipes inside would appeal
to Andy, I fear, but for $4.98, what the heck  ;-)

The backyard song for me would have to be a long, thrashing, bitter Across
This Antheap.  Oh, and for the movie thing, I haven't a clue.  Perhaps the
boys could play themselves in a rehashed version of Help!  The Search for a
Better Director (my sincerest apologies for alluding to those darn B*****s.)

LaShawn Taylor

Ain't nothing in the world like a black-skinned girl
Make your Shakespeare hard and make your oyster pearl


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 95 22:28:10 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: The Wizard of Philadelphiaz

bradley e preuss <> writes:
>     Anyways, I recently got my hands on another live XTC CD that was
>recorded in 1979 in Philadelphia.  The name of it is Fab Foursome in Philly.

Probably recorded live at Emerald City, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, April
17, 1981, via radio WMMR.  The show was broadcast live and has been
bootlegged widely.  If you look at the song titles it's obvious it
wasn't recorded in 1979.

>lungs, Ball and chain, Paper and Iron, Love at first sight, Roads

        -- John


Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 15:51:17 BST
From: Martin Wilson <>
Subject: Various

I think what Andy sings at the end of 'Skeleton' is: "Shake your bag
of bones" and "Look out here comes funny bones".

I do hope noone is going to compare XTC with Gilbert o' Sulivan.  If
so I will personally come round and walk all over you with a large
shire horse.  (not that this will cause you anything like as much pain
as listening to the man's music).

I don't like Chalkhillbillies either (far too many 'L's for a start).
The Affiliated sounds good though having once been one of THE
affiliated...  (Non-Brit. Trans: A member of the Working Mens Club and
Institute Union.  An outdated institution which enabled blue-collar
workers to recreate in minature the kind of evil bureaucracy nomally
associated with trying to get into CIA headquarters) ...I have no wish
to be one again.  What about 'The Smartest Monkeys' or given that the
lads haven't released anything for three years, 'The Disappointed'.

If the fabbest four wanted to play in my garden they would have to
bring their own machetes and mosquito nets but it would be worth it to
hear 'Train Running Low on Soul Coal', which I reckon they could
stretch out for about an hour.  It would be sadly appropriate for them
to play it here in York as the local railway works has just closed
leaving the town's economy soley dependent on students and chocolate
(what a winning combination).

- Martin
  York "Where the men are hunky and the chocolate's chunky" (Nestle's
oppinion, not mine) UK


Date: 14 Jul 1995 10:58:38 -0500
From: "Wesley Wilson" <>
Subject: Chalkhills Artists- Help!

Any artists/designers in the Chalkhills community? If so, I need your help.

I am working on an XTC collage. My plan is to laminate some of the photos of
the band and then frame it all. I have standard lamination paper (clear), but
it seems so boring. Is anyone aware of contact paper or lamination paper that
is interesting? Any details appreciated!

Ideally, I'd like to find something that would create a 3D effect, like you
see on some bubblegum cards.



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