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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #454

              Chalkhills Digest, Number 454

                 Wednesday, 12 July 1995

Today's Topics:

              Cast Aside Your Human, Be Free
                     Re: the monkees
               Self producing? Just say no!
                    Radio Tour Update
             Re: #2(2) Chalkhills Digest #453
                         Live XTC
             Clarification of Costello remark
            Re: Swindon and Gilber O'Sullivan
              Swindon's other favourite sons
                       Casting call
                      Little Express
            Who would play Colin in the Movie?
                     collectable you
                     Gold Skylarking
             Re: #2(2) Chalkhills Digest #453
              We're Only In It For The Money
                     RE BBC Live CD's
                  Re: Ella Guru (again!)


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Date: Sun, 9 Jul 95 9:16:55 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Cast Aside Your Human, Be Free

Rob Crozier <> writes:
>Does anyone know what AP is saying at the end of "Skeleton Steps Out"?
>Something like "roll you lazy bones".

I think Andy sings "Watch out, here comes Bony Boy".

and writes:
>A couple of years ago I picked up the "Ye Olde Card Game NONSVCH"
>Anyway is this a limited
>promo or was this something you could buy at any record store in the UK?

Definitely a limited promotional item.

>Also at the same time I picked up a box of "baseball" type cards called
>"Geffen/DGC Homeruns" which includes a card for "Chips from the Chocolate
>Fireball" & "Oranges&Lemons" with bios on the back of them.Not sure how
>rare this is either.

Cool!  I hadn't heard of this!  Maybe we need a page on the Web site
or maybe an answer in the FAQ list about cool promo items: T-shirts,
card games, boxes of oranges and lemons, bandannas, posters, etc.

        -- John


Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 12:39:20 -0400
Subject: Re: the monkees

i had the great conflict at a young age of having to make a choice...watching
the Monkees (Mondays at 7:30pm) or going to Brownies!....the Monkees won of
course ! Now the Monkees are doing Pizza hut commercials with Ringo Starr.
 If this line of commercial is successful for Pizza hut who's going to be
Brian Wilson and XTC? The possibilities are amazing .


From: (Stuart McDow)
Subject: Self producing? Just say no!
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 12:18:53 -0600 (CDT)

> From:
> Subject: Live XTC et al
>   XTC should produce their own albums, not only for a more home-crafted feel,
> but also for the money save (and earned).

I'm sorry, but I must completely (but respectfully) disagree. It seems
to me that XTCs self-produced albums are the most bland of the
lot. This in no way relfects the quality of the songwriting, which is
always excellent. But well-written songs do not necessarily make for a
good album.

Having produced my own music, and been produced my someone else, I can
honestly say that having someone that you trust that can lend a
non-biased ear and a few suggestions makes all the difference in the
world. There's a synergy that happens and the music can sparkle. This
all depends on the amount of trust between the artist and the

IMO, XTC's self produced music tends to meander and get a little
indulgent at times. Having a good producer to reign them in and to
provide fresh insights would be a Good Thing (tm), I think.

Stuart McDow                                      Applied Research Laboratories                       The University of Texas at Austin


Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 16:36:45 -0400 (EDT)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: Radio Tour Update

Greetings, all!

Here's the updated version of the Acoustic Radio Tour List I posted a
couple weeks ago. This time, I got to add a couple new shows and a lot of
station info has been corrected/added.

XTC Acoustic Radio Tour

Below is a list of appearances XTC made during May, 1989, during their
"Acoustic Radio Tour." Several shows listed have had information pieced
together from several sources, and many could use more information (such
as station frequencies, time of day XTC appeared, corrections on dates, etc.).
Thanks to Jim Zittell, John Relph, Steve Perley

* - means I (Derek Miner) have not heard this show.
Song titles in parenthesis were XTC songs played from records.

Show contents:

WBCN 104.1 FM Boston, Massachusetts (Monday 15 May 1989, 12-1 pm)
Scarecrow People
Senses Working Overtime/Grass/Love on a Farmboy's Wages
King for a Day
Mayor of Simpleton
Great Fire/Dear God/Big Day

*WAAF 107 FM Worcester, Massachusetts (Monday 15 May 1989, approx. 1:30 pm)
Scarecrow People
One of the Millions/Pink Thing/Garden of Earthly Delights
King for a Day
(Cynical Days)

WFNX 101.7 FM Lynn/Boston, Massachusetts (Monday 15 May 1989 approx.
6:35-7:10 pm)
Scarecrow People
Senses Working Overtime/Grass/Love on a Farmboy's Wages
Blue Beret
One of the Millions/Pink Thing/Garden of Earthly Delights
Mayor of Simpleton
King for a Day

*WDRE 92.7 FM Garden City, New York (Tuesday 16 May 1989)
Scarecrow People
Blue Beret
Great Fire/Dear God/Big Day
King For A Day
Senses Working Overtime/Grass/Love On A Farmboy's Wages

WNEW 102.7 FM New York City, New York (Tuesday 16 May 1989, noon show)
Scarecrow People
Blue Beret
King For A Day
(Mayor of Simpleton)
(Chalkhills and Children)

*WMMR FM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Wednesday 17 May 1989)
Scarecrow People
Great Fire/Dear God/Big Day
Blue Beret
Mayor Of Simpleton

*WPST 97.5 FM Camden, New Jersey (Wednesday 17 May 1989)
Scarecrow People
Mayor Of Simpleton
King For A Day
Senses Working Overtime/Grass/Love On A Farmboy's Wages

*WRFX FM Charlotte, North Carolina (Thursday 18 May 1989)
Senses Working Overtime/Grass/Love On A Farmboy's Wages
Mayor Of Simpleton
King For A Day
Great Fire/Dear God/Big Day
People Magazine Song/Collideascope

*WROO Charolette, North Carolina (Thursday 18 May, 1989)

*WDIZ 100.1 FM Orlando, Florida (Friday, 19 May 1989)
Scarecrow People
Senses Working Overtime/Grass/Love On A Farmboy's Wages
King For A Day

*WYNF 94.9 FM Tampa, Florida (Friday, 19 May, 1989)

WXRT 93.1 FM Chicago, Illinois (Monday 22 May 1989)
(Generals and Majors)
Scarecrow People
Great Fire/Dear God/Big Day
Blue Beret
Senses Working Overtime/Grass/Love On A Farmboy's Wages
King For A Day
(Merely A Man)
Mayor Of Simpleton
(Earn Enough For Us)

*KABL FM Minneapolis, Minnesota (Tuesday 23 May 1989)
Blue Beret
Mayor Of Simpleton
King For A Day

*KTCZ FM Minneapolis, Minnesota (Tuesday 23 May 1989)
Scarecrow People
Great Fire/Dear God/Big Day
Mayor Of Simpleton

*KLBJ 93.7 FM Austin, Texas (Wednesday 24 May 1989)
(The Loving)
Scarecrow People
(Chalkhills and Children)
Mayor Of Simpleton
Great Fire/Dear God/Big Day
Blue Beret
(Poor Skeleton Steps Out)
King For A Day

*KPEZ 102.3 FM Z102 Austin, Texas (Wednesday 24 May 1989)
Senses Working Overtime/Grass/Love On A Farmboy's Wages
King For A Day
(Generals and Majors)
(Making Plans For Nigel)
(Garden of Earthly Delights)

KDGE 94.5 FM Gainesville/Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (Wednesday 24 May 1989)
Blue Beret
Scarecrow People
(One Of The Millions)
(The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul)
The Mayor of Simpleton
Senses Working Overtime/Grass/Love On A Farmboy's Wages

*KZEW Dallas, Texas (Thursday, May 25, 1989)

*KYNG? 94.9 FM Y95 Dallas, Texas (Thursday, May 25, 1989)

*KLOL 101.1 FM Houston, Texas (Friday 26 May 1989)
King For A Day
Mayor Of Simpleton

*KRBE 104.1 Houston, Texas (Friday 26 May 1989)
Scarecrow People
Senses Working Overtime/Grass/Love On A Farmboy's Wages

*KKBQ 92.9 FM Pasadena, Texas (Friday 26 May 1989)

KROQ 106.7 FM Los Angeles/Pasadena, California (Monday 29 May 1989)
Scarecrow People
Mayor of Simpleton
Senses Working Overtime/Grass/Love on a Farmboy's Wages
Blue Beret
Great Fire/Dear God/Big Day
King for a Day
One in the Millions/Pink Thing/Garden of Earthly Delights

KIIS 102.7 FM Los Angeles, California (Tuesday 30 May 1989)
King for a Day

*KITS 105.3 FM Live 105 San Francisco, California (Tuesday 30 May 1989)
(Making Plans For Nigel)
(Generals and Majors)
acoustic songs unknown

*CILQ 107.1 FM Q-107 Eastern Sound Studios Toronto, Canada (Wednesday 31
May 1989)
Senses Working Overtime/Grass/Love On A Farmboy's Wages
Great Fire/Dear God/Big Day
Scarecrow People
Blue Beret

Related appearances:
MTV (Post Modern MTV, Broadcast Thursday 25 May 1989, evening)
Scarecrow People
(King For A Day was also recorded this day for airing on a later edition
of Post Modern MTV)

=Derek Miner=


Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 20:42:28 -0400
Subject: Re: #2(2) Chalkhills Digest #453

Hi how about a compromise...Chalkhillbillians?  Is the video XTC best hits,
covered with Japanese writing the same thing as "LOOK LOOK", or just
similar, as I have a copy, and am just wondering... also, The Little
Express is a great little mag, however I stopped getting it about shortly
after Skylarking because I felt it was bad enough waiting for new albums
being long overdue without having to also wait for the newest issue, then
ignoring all else while I read it from cover to cover.  I just couldnt take
it any longer, it drove me nuts. eddie


Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 22:26:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: bradley e preuss <>
Subject: Live XTC

Hiya Chalkboards(?)

     Anyways, I recently got my hands on another live XTC CD that was
recorded in 1979 in Philadelphia.  The name of it is Fab Foursome in Philly.
It has the following songs on it:  Reel by Real, Life begins at the hop,
When you're near me, Respectable Street, Sgt. Rock, No language in our
lungs, Ball and chain, Paper and Iron, Love at first sight, Roads
Gobble(?) the globe, Scissor man, Towers of london, burning with
optimism, Making plans for Nigel, Living through another cuba, Generals
and Majors.  The only one that is really mediocre on the CD is Sgt. Rock
which Really disappointed me because it's one of my favorite songs.
Andy's wit shows through on his intro to Living through another Cuba.
My top three favorites on the CD woulds have to be Reel by Real...a lot
of energy flows on this one which makes me just want to go find Andy and
bow down several times, Paper and Iron sounds better than on Black Sea,
and Burning with Optimism's Flame is freaking awesome.  I picked this CD
up for about $30 in a store that specializes in getting obscure music.
If anyone wants me to tape it for them let me know and I'll be glad to,
just e-mail me.

Brad Preuss


Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 01:26:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Tom X. Chao" <tqc8542@is.NYU.EDU>
Subject: Clarification of Costello remark

Please, people!  Of course I know that Costello reunited with the
Attractions for "Brutal Youth."  I saw them play twice at the Universal
Ampitheater last year.  I'm going to the three Beacon shows (Aug. 2, 3,
4, not the two added shows that go on sale tomorrow morning).

I meant what if EC and the boys staged a tearful reunion for the very
odd Pizza (the) Hut commercial?

I guess I'll lay off the non-xTc remarks now.  Say, do they have a new
album out yet?  (Ed McMahon-style chortle)


From: "Paul Stratford" <>
Date:          Mon, 10 Jul 1995 12:06:34 +0000
Subject:       Re: Swindon and Gilber O'Sullivan

In Digest #453, wrote:
Subject: swindon

>I've just discovered that Gilbert O'Sullivan, the singer responsible for
>such great works as "Alone Again Naturally", "Nothing Rhymed", "Clair" and
>"A Policeman's Lot Is Not A Happy One", was raised in Swindon (although
>born in Ireland)

AAAGGHH! Now we're going to have to explain to the Americans who
Gilbert O'Sullivan is!  Stop, nobody move, it is not a recommendation
 from a Chalkhillian for another band.

Gilbert was/is one of those Big Hair singer/songwriters of the 70's,
except most of the songs were a little more saccarined (Verdamt
spell checker) than most... I can't think of an American
equivalent... Christopher Cross dipped in sugar?  Or that piano
playing chap from Fame ("Music was my first love, and it will be my
last".. Yeuucch!)?

Basically, what ever you do, do not listen to any of this man's
music. (Sorry Gilbert - just not my cup of <insert beverage>)


Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 16:13:36 +0100
Subject: Swindon's other favourite sons

I didn't get time to transcribe the final Dave Gregory chat, and until
I'm online at home my contributions will have to limited.  But to keep
you salivating, I hope to bring you a story concerning Dave in Japan
on the current Martin Newell jaunt, a lovely anecdote to bring a tear
to the eye and a lump to the throat.

I went to the same school as Gilbert O'Sullivan, thought of course
many years later... He now lives (I think) in the Scilly Isles.

Outside of bands mentioned in _Chalkhills_, the only other musical
Swindonian of any note is Justin Hayward...

JP Nicholls


Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 17:25:12 -0400
Subject: Casting call own 2 pence on the XTC movie...has anyone noticed that Andy
Partridge kinda looks like Benny Hill with those John Lennon (oops, didn't
mean to bring up the b*****s) glasses?  Look at the pictures in "Chalkhills
and Children."

I have a few goes nothing...
Andy: Adam Ant (yep, him -- just make him cut his hair)
      or Anthony Edwards (of E.R.)
Colin: Ric Ocasek or Dan Aykroyd

Oh, I can't thinnk of anything else.  Drat.


Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 17:49:54 -0400
Subject: Little Express

Joe did an excellent job in his last posting about what a great job Pete and
June do publishing The Little Express, and I just wanted to say I could not
agree more. Their first issue was put out in April of 1981. That is over 14
years ago! During that time I have seen a lot of XTC fans come and go, so it
is nice that we can always count on the Little Express arriving in our mail
boxes 2-3 times a year. It is even more important since the England's
Limelight is no more.

Also remember that they do not profit from The Little Express. So next time
you send in your subscription make sure you enclose a note telling them what
a great job they are doing!!!!


Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 21:43:25 -0500
Subject: Who would play Colin in the Movie?

I was thinking that Uma Thurman would be good for Colin.  Put a black wig on
her, and let her hold the bass... she can do ANYTHING after watching her in
Pulp Fiction.

Ok ok ok.... no flames, please.


Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 00:05:03 -0500 (CDT)
From: "my world is spinning..." <LEACH@AC.GRIN.EDU> (Arlo B Leach)
Subject: collectable you

hey there-

i've been reading _radios in motion_, the "xtcyclopeadia" compiled by marcus
deininger -- wow, thanks for the effort, marcus! -- and one thing i keep
noticing is the trouble XTC went to to include some kind of unique gimmick
with nearly every one of their releases.  i mean, virtually every early
release began with a "limited edition" something-or-other, from extra discs
to pop-out game pieces, and andy's later ideas became more elaborate, from
multicolored vinyl to scented record sleeves!  so i was just wondering, how
do you all think this contributes to the band's oft-mentioned status as a
"cult favorite"?  i mean, do any of you feel that the ability to collect
the many rarities out there (oxymoron, i know) has increased XTC's staying
power for you?  have any of the many chalkhills surveys ever asked what
portion of you own any number of these collectables?  and how common is it
for bands to engage in this sort of thing, anyway?

maybe andy and his mates simply take every opportunity to be creative,
but it does seem rather deliberate that so many goodies have been dreamed
up, only to be released in limited quantities.  i suppose that this
approach does live up to andy's statement in the intro to _radios in
motion_:  "i very much feel that my favourite music in the past has been
that which i had discovered, whether it be in a discount bin or albums in a
junk shop ... i very much like people to approach our music like that."
a seemingly planned obscurity...

anyway, if you have any comments i'd like to hear them.  thanks!


p.s.  "red brick dream" is my favorite song today, incidentally.  combining
the power of a steam train with the soothing aura of a dream must not have
been easy, but the band did it beautifully!


Date: Tue, 11 Jul 95 05:17:00 UTC
Subject: Gold Skylarking

I finally listened to the gold ultradisc edition of Skylarking.  I think I can
guess why some of you actually felt this recording is inferior.  (I was
suprised by this since Mobile Fidelity reissues are usually acclaimed by
audiophiles.)  But if you had listened to the original Virgin or Geffen
Skylarking a lot and knew it very well, then I can see where the gold edition
might be a shock.

You can hear the original recording more clearly now, but that brings out some
surprising things: Todd Rundgren's post-production added a thin but gooey layer
of reverb, vocal echoes, and interesting sound effects.  Much of it is subtle
and I think to some extent it got lost in the background on the old Skylarking.
On the gold edition, it is very clear and can take you by surprise.
(Personally I like it.)

However, I'll also admit some of Todd's gimmicks don't stand up well to this
kind of scrutiny.  XTC and others who recorded at his Woodstock studio in the
80s have said that he actually used very simple homegrown technology, mainly on
Apple PCs for post-production stuff.  It was good enough in the vinyl days.
But a CD can only be as good as the original master recording on which it is
based.  I don't believe Skylarking was remastered, much less remixed, for the
gold reissue.

But that is a minor side-issue IMHO.  I enjoyed this Skylarking more than
any previous listening, so don't let these nit-picks discourage anybody
from getting it.  I was an XTC fan since 1980 and I had mixed feelings
about Skylarking.  I knew other XTC fans in those days, plus subscribed to
the newsletter now known as Little Express, and I can tell you angry
feelings were running high in the Mummer - Skylarking period.  Andy's stage
fright canceled the American leg of the English Settlement tour; then Terry
Chambers left the band; then Mummer came out and sounded very tepid to fans
who cut their teeth on Drums & Wires or Black Sea; then Virgin forced Andy
to submit to an American producer against his will (Dave Gregory convinced
him to use Rundgren) and afterward Andy bashed both Rundgren and
Skylarking.  For many fans the only bright spot in the middle of all that
was Big Express, so we were angry when Skylarking sounded (at least
superficially) like Mummer 2 and were only too happy to follow Andy's lead
and make Todd Rundgren the scapegoat.

We were wrong.

The gold Skylarking is too beautiful, and the songs too exquisite, for this old
XTC fan to hold a grudge against it or Todd Rundgren (who is a genius, but
big-ego geniuses like him and Andy seldom get along) for one more second.  The
finale pairing of Colin's Dying (surely the most honest lyric about death ever
written) and the renewing power of Andy's Sacrificial Bonfire moved me to
tears.  Nuff said.

Mike McCormick


Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 08:14:39 -0400
Subject: Re: #2(2) Chalkhills Digest #453

Thanks so much for putting me on the chalkhills mailing list.

Keep up the good work!        --- Ken Herbst


Date: Tue, 11 Jul 95 15:13:25 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: We're Only In It For The Money

Jason <> FREAKS OUT!
>The way I feel when I listen to or think about their music is
>an unbelievable rush of emotional is everything music should
>be...the very essence of life and love....
>What is this power that this band holds over me?

As long as you don't grab a gun, track down Andy Partridge, and shoot
him outside of his New York apartment building, hey, you're alright
with me.  Don't freak out.  Bliss out. writes:
>Somebody pined for more live XTC.  I have a bootleg called "This is Live",
>which I would swear was culled from the same concert as the BBC CD now


>  The only consolation was the
>inclusion of a psycho sounding Colin on "I'll Set Myself on Fire".

As far as I know "Set Myself On Fire" is the B-side to the original UK
_Towers of London_ 7-inch single. (Jon Eva) writes:
>Does anyone know of any other bands / singers or whatever who were born or
>brought up in Swindon?

Watch the _XTC Play at Home_ video for more information along this
line.  I think one of the guys in Supertramp is also from Swindon. (Lawrence Schick)
>As a card-carrying professional game designer, I've always been fascinated
>by Andy's interest in games. In addition to the promo mentioned above, I
>know there was also a game included with an early UK single. Can anyone
>clue me in to other game-related XTC items or stories?

The original UK _Making Plans for Nigel_ 7-inch single came with a
fold-out "Snakes and Ladders"-style game, including playing pieces to
cut-out.  And there is an entire segment of the _XTC Play at Home_
video which features Andy showing off some of his games.

>Any opinions on how
>Andy's interest in games has influenced his songwriting?

I wouldn't care to posit how Andy's songwriting has been influenced by
his fascination with games, but the song "Happy Families" takes its
title and main metaphor from a British card game of the same name.

Steve <> writes:
>Second: Now that i've established my credentials, I'll flaunt my ignorance:
>What's the deal with this Cleopatra song I've been seeing so much lyrical
>argument about?

"Young Cleopatra" is the opening song from the cassette-only
collection _Jules Verne's Sketchbook_, "Andy Partridge's Home Demo
Recordings of Un-released XTC material from 82-86. Volume 1."  The
cassette was released by The Little Express in 1987; a limited edition
run of 1,000 were made.  It is long out of print.  Even I don't have
an original.  But you should be able to get a dub from someone.

Jim <> writes:
>Also, I don't know if any one has written about this before (and I am having
>trouble downloading the entire discography), but there was a CD issued a
>while back out of Chicago called ONXRT.

ONXRT: Live from the Archives Vol. 1
       compilation album includes XTC: Medley: Senses Working
       Overtime/Grass/Love on a Farmboy's Wages (in-studio, 5-22-89).
       + CD, WXRT USA, ?, 1993.

Keep those cards and letters coming!

        -- John


Date: Tue, 11 Jul 95 05:44:00 GMT
Subject: RE BBC Live CD's
Organization: MacGroup-Detroit USA, Detroit area's largest Mac users group

In Chalkhills #453 Delvin Neugebauer wrote,"In Chalkhills #452, Jim Nichols
wrote about the BBC's live XTC disc, addingthat it appears to be the only
worthwhile title in the BBC series.Perhaps you're not a fan of theirs, Jim,
but Echo & the Bunnymen have a discin that series. It's from their last
tour before Ian McCulloch left the band,so it lacks some of the intensity
of their earliest shows. But it's stillworth hearing."

You misquoted me Delvin, when I said BBS'c XTC live was the only worthwile
title I was refering to the Titles on Griffin Records, NOT THE BBC SERIES!
I have all of the Bunnymen CD's(before Ian left).


Date:         Tue, 11 Jul 95 19:44:44 EDT
From: Melissa Reaves <MREAVES@KENTVM.KENT.EDU>
Subject:      Hello!

Is anybody out there?  Bit of a midsummer lull.  Wish I had something to
say to liven y'all up, but I too am drowning here in Summer's cauldron.
I just go into withdrawal when I don't get my Chuckles digest.

But here are the things on my mind:

1.  I vote for The Affiliated as the name for us XTCers.  Don't like
hillbillies (as a name, not that I don't like any of you out there who
may happen to be Rural Americans).  Did someone else say The Affiliated
already?  Or did I make it up?  Either way, that's how I vote.

2.  To the person who a while back asked if anyone else found Andy
sexy.  From the lack of response she received, I'd have to guess that
others agree with me in saying "no."  To me, one of the funniest things
about the Biography is the photo of Andy as a baby.  He looks just the
same now, all chubby cheeks and roly-poly.  And that is part of why I
believe he doesn't want to tour.  All the recent photographs of him
show him well concealed--either hunched over looking pensive or if
he is standing out in the open he's wearing styles that camoflage his
girth.  Don't get me wrong.  I don't care what the man weighs, but he
seems self-conscious of it to me.  Back when he was skinny he was much
more the Extrovert.  Appearances mean a lot to him.  He made poor Colin
cut his hair just for the band's image.  Now Colin I could see calling
sexy.  I go for the skinny quiet type.  (opposites attract).  But anyway,
kudos to the person who suggested The Lord of the Flies'  Piggy in the
role of Mr. Partridge.  And while we're at it, there WAS a good call
for Colin, namely Kyle MacLachlan.  But maybe my Peaks/Lynch obsession
is showing.  But I vote for my translation professor to play Dave in the
80's.  He's not dorky looking anymore, so I don't know whom to cast now.

3.  As to the Song in the Backyard, gotta go with Senses Working Overtime.
That and Love on a Farmboy's Wages are still my two all time faves.  Just
showing my age.  I was in high school when they used to get airplay.

Till next time,

And birds might fall from Black skies.



Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 01:51:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steve Johnson <>
Subject: Re: Ella Guru (again!)

The catalog number for the 3" CD single of "Mayor of Simpleton" that
includes the "Ella Guru" cover (as well as the "Living in a Haunted
Heart" and "The Good Things" 4-track demos) is Virgin VSCD 1158.  As
far as I know, the Geffen CD single didn't include the extra songs
(it had "One of the Millions" on it like the 12" vinyl).  The
Geffen 12" vinyl DID include the extras and is Geffen cat# 21160-0.

I think the Virgin CD single is kinda rare because I look EVERYWHERE
for XTC stuff wherever I go and own the only copy of it I've ever
seen in stores.


End of Chalkhills Digest #454

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