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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #452

              Chalkhills Digest, Number 452

                  Saturday, 1 July 1995

Today's Topics:

                    Nicely,Nicely Jane
                       One Song...
                Sports Illustrated and XTC
             Another producer suggestion.....
                One Song Backyard Concert
                       XTC and PUNK
                   A Respectable Remix
        XTC/Punk Fans, Not *That* Question Again!
                Re: Barry's trouser trout
                     BBC Live concert
                Re: Barry's trouser trout
                        XTC movie
              Eno's thoughts on producers...
                   Hollywood Beckons ?
                     Neil Finn & XTC
                  Respectable & Bulbous
     an idle musing (sorry, it mentions an ex-Beatle)
                 1980 Live in Concert CD
     Ye Olde Card Game NONSVCH & Geffen/DGC Homeruns


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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 12:37:56 +0200
From: (Erich Sellheim)
Subject: Nicely,Nicely Jane

Hello everyone,
recently someone wrote in who had troubles with the last line of "Susan
Revolving";well,I couldn't make out the very last word,but I think the
last two lines start like that:
The whole world is fawning
Right in front of ....

I guess the word "her" would be the most logical,but somehow Andy seems
to sing something different(perhaps he hadn't even completed the lyric
as the song stops there).
Anyway,I have the words of another Dukes demo song,Nicely,Nicely Jane.
Here they are:

Nicely,nicely Jane whiles away her hours
Nicely,nicely Jane,cutting heads from flowers
No one knows why she does this
No one knows why she's vague and hazy
Except once she was jilted
And that made the girl a trifle crazy
Nicely,nicely Jane whiles away her hours
Nicely,nicely Jane,cutting heads from flower children

By the way,does anyone know what Andy is singing near the end of
"Hang on to the Night"(1:49)? It sounds something like "Watch all
the boys say",but this doesn't make too much sense to me. He also
sang this line repeatedly in a concert I have on tape,so I guess
it has some meaning. Any help appreciated.

So long,Erich


Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 09:01:46 -0400
Subject: One Song...

If I had to choose one song that I would want to hear live, my first choice
would be "Earn Enough for Us" but, because that song is so short I would pick
a song of greater length - my choice would be "Train Running Low on Soul
Does anyone know what AP is saying at the end of "Skeleton Steps Out"?
Something like "roll you lazy bones". I apologize if this question seems
stupid but for some strange reason it's not clear to me. Must have been all
those late nights at the clubs standing in front of the P.A. system.....or
i'm just getting old!

Rob Crozier


Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 10:12:54 EDT
From: sun1!sun3! (Aaron Krebs)
Subject: Sports Illustrated and XTC

June 12, 1995 issue of SI has an article about English Soccer and
fanaticism about it, and leaping off page 66 at me was the following

"One of every five viewers at the Cock 'n Bull is American.
 The Man United U.S. Supporters Club has a branch in nearby
 Redondo Beach.  And the owner of a Geo Prizm, license plates
 SOCR XTC, that is parked in a lot in Crystal City, Va.,
 surely agrees with what the SOCR-mad English pop group
 once sang:

     And all the world is football-shaped
     It's just for me to kick in space."

True trivia, I confess.  And to all those who responded to me about
the XTC Demo CDs, I apologize for what must appear to be a grand
blow-off.  I swear it wasn't supposed to happen this way; expect an
email from me in the next few days - I wasn't able to accomodate every
person's requests, so I'll be going in the dreaded in-order-received

|Aaron H. Krebs    | "Listen up son, and pay attention.  How ya gonna  |
|Systems Analyst   |  learn anything if you always got your head in    |
| |  a book?"   -- Foghorn Leghorn                    |


From: (Stuart McDow)
Subject: Another producer suggestion.....
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 09:58:57 -0600 (CDT)

How about Tomas Dolby?

An XTC album produced by TMDR with a sound and feel of 'The Golden Age
of Wireless' would be an amazing thing. FWIW: AP appears on that same
album, but that's not news.

Stuart McDow                                      Applied Research Laboratories                       The University of Texas at Austin


From: (Stuart McDow)
Subject: One Song Backyard Concert
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 10:00:29 -0600 (CDT)

One song concert:

It'd have to be 'Complicated Game', with about 100,000 Watts of power
pipes directly into my brain. Oh, and I get to sing with AP, too.

Stuart McDow                                      Applied Research Laboratories                       The University of Texas at Austin


Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 11:10:06 -0500 (EST)
Subject: XTC and PUNK
Organization: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Hey folks,

        In answer to the question of how anyone can appreciate
both XTC and punk, let me increase perplexity.  I first was
intro'd to XTC in late 1979, shortly after I had discovered
many of the first wave English punk bands.  They fit right
in to my listening habits with absolutely no need for
ideological/aesthetic adjustment on my part.  Sure, the
sound was different, but the ENERGY, that was definitely
kindred.  The punk movement, in my opinion, has been grossly
misrepresented in popular culture as representing only
loudness, violence, noise, sloppiness, etc.  This is wrong.
The early punk bands know how to write a hook; they were
reacting to the pristine and exclusionary musicianship of
the early seventies with a celebration of brash amateurism
and adventurism.  Just listen to Sex Pistols, Wire, X-Ray
Specs, etc. and you'll find pure pop hooks beneath the
whirlwind of amature enthusiasm.  XTC fit very snugly
into this ideal, even though their sound could not be so
easily pigeonholed.
        Further, many of the so-called untalented punk
bands grew in musicianship while expanding their creativity
and experimentation.  The Clash became, for too short a time,
a genuine and angry voice of political radicalism within the
mainstream.  Wire became an equal of XTC in the realm of
experimental pop.  Johnny Lydon is still deconstructing
our ideas of what constitutes music.  Pere Ubu (American)
continues to create sublime pop firmly rooted in
impressionism and the avant guarde.  I listen still to all
of the above, with enthusiasm.  Let me throw in Nirvana as
well.  Brilliant, angry, tragic.  And, I'll even defend
Offspring - they've earned their place with a solid album
full of loud hooks; they remind me of the Damned.  A kind of
guilty pleasure, but pleasure nonetheless.
        Anyone interested should check out Rhino's DIY
compliation CDs.  The two volumes of English punk contain
most of the seminal cuts from that time.  Ditto the New
York and L.A. collections.  Particularly early XTC fans
should find a lot to  like on these CDs.  And it's worth
noting that XTC themselves appear on both of the DIY
English pop compilations.
        In short, punk was smart; punk was full of catchy
hooks; punk was a ripe field of experimentation.  All things
we love about XTC themselves.

        -Edward J. Whitelock (Mr. Ed)


Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 09:06:23 est
Subject: A Respectable Remix

     Eric Muller asks:
     Was anyone else moritified by the version of Respectable Street that
     appears on "Rag and Bone Buffet?"  I simply can't believe that the
     boys allowed themselves to be talked into watering down the lyrics so
     pathetically for release as a single.

     I seem to remember railing against the small minds of radio
     programmers when I first bought this single oh-so-many years ago. But
     then I actually listened to the music. What this version loses in the
     lyrics, it makes up for in the music: IT ROCKS! I've never decided
     whether this is a different performance or just a different mix (I
     favor the former explanation), but it is distinctly harder-edged than
     the album version. Has anyone else noticed the difference? Does anyone
     know whether this was one of those "recorded live in the studio for
     the BBC" sorts of gigs (like the Tower of London B-sides)?

     -- Steve Wilcox


Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 09:11:34 -0700
From: (Marshall Gooch)
Subject: XTC/Punk Fans, Not *That* Question Again!

Our fellow Chalkhillbilly, Amanion, asks: "Is anyone perplexed
as to how someone can be an XTC fan *and* a fan of punk music?"
(emphasis mine).
Many of us XTC fans discovered the band around the same time we
discovered punk rock. I would have to see that probably my two
favorite bands of all time are XTC and The Damned, and I also
really love The Clash, Buzzcocks, and The Jam. So what's so
perplexing about it? Do you think that XTC fans only dig the
same things you do? Oh yeah, and just to prove my tastes have-
n't stopped expanding, I am also a fan of Belly, have just
discovered Rahsaan Roland Kirk and John Coltrane, and I also
dig the Louvin Bros. and Hank Williams. I'm 32 years old, and
I'm just discovering music. Do yourself a favor and seek some
other stuff out. XTC may not be around forever!
  **AND PLEASE!** Let's not have everybody answering "Where
were you/what were you doing when you first heard XTC?" We've
have that thread *way* too many times on Chalkhills!

\\ Marshall Gooch | PO Box 23217 | Seattle, WA 98102-0517 USA //
//         |     \\


From: Adrian <>
Organization: The University of Birmingham
Date:         29 Jun 95 17:48:09 GMT
Subject:      Re: Barry's trouser trout

In Digest #451 Russell Shaddox wrote:

> From: "Russell Shaddox" <>

>    [some stuff deleted]
>   ... But I don't think "My Weapon"
> is clearly written as satire. I know several people who are turned off by
> this song's "sexism," including myself. And if I'm going to blame anyone
> for that, it's going to be Barry's crappy songwriting!

I'd like to spring to Barry's defence here. The jaunty, bouncy, sneering
tune and arrangement on MW surely have just the right combination of
straight-up and send-up to steer attentive listeners to the 'satirical'
interpretation? I agree that the lyrics *on their own* are open to a
straightforward reading but I think the music's just wonderful in the way
it undercuts this.

--- Adrian Dover ---


Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 13:13:59 -0500 (CDT)
From: Devoto David <>
Subject: BBC Live concert

 I just bought the XTC Live in Concert CD from December 1980...and it's
made me want the band to tour again.  One thing that sticks out for me is
Andy's guitar playing:  with Dave and Andy's guitars in separate
speakers, it's interesting to see who played what on each song (For
instance,  I always thought Andy played the "riff" on Life begins at the
Hop, but it's Dave). Andy's playing is fantastic, even the flanged guitar
intro to Respectable Street!  His style complements is short, quirky
vocal style, while Dave's lines are very fluid and "soloistic" (if that's
a word!)
 Listening to Colin's bass, it sounds like he's playing a Rickenbacker
bass...similar to Geddy Lee's (of Rush) live sound in the 80's.  Colin's
singing is much more energetic than I thought it would be live, with lots
of "yeah's!" and other dialogue during the songs.  To me, it's strange
how totally different Andy and Colin's voices are, but when they sing
together,  it's hard to tell who is signing which part (esp. on Are you
Receiving me?).  When Colin complements Andy, it sounds like Andy is
harmonizing with himself, and vice-versa.  I've had the same problem on
some of their songs on record also.
 One question (may be trivial!?): On the Black Sea photos, one picture
has Colin in the middle of the group, and the other picture has Andy in
the middle during a show...did they trade places on the stage during a
show (for those who have seen them live...)
 Anyway,  just some comments; If you don't have the album, I would
recommend it!

 P.S. Anybody have any other live tapes or videos out there?


From: 7IHd <>
Subject: Re: Barry's trouser trout
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 21:06:34 +0100 (BST)

# From: "Russell Shaddox" <>
# In response to a post from 7IHd <>:
# Barry was pretty upset because apparently (the press) completely
# misunderstood (My Weapon), which was meant to be a pro-feminist anti-macho
# song.
# wrote in CH450:
# >> the trouble is that for critics/listeners who don't have a sense of
# >> satire, it's impossible to differentiate between confession and
# >> dramatic monlogue.
# I think the trouble in this case has nothing to do with critics or
# listeners.  It's not incumbent on the listener to figure out that a poor
# songwriter is being tongue-in-cheek. That's not so say that a listener
# can't lack the cultural equipment to understand satire, or even be too
# obtuse to understand. Happens all the time. But I don't think "My Weapon"
# is clearly written as satire. I know several people who are turned off by
# this song's "sexism," including myself. And if I'm going to blame anyone
# for that, it's going to be Barry's crappy songwriting!

To be honest, taking 'My Weapon' on its own I'd be inclined to agree that
Barry messed up on this one. However, have another listen to 'Super-Tuff'
and once you've figured out the songwriting style to that one, apply the
same train of thought to 'My Weapon' and it all makes sense. I think.

Ob-one-off-one-song-gig-song: 'Crowded Room'. Don't ask why, I haven't a

PS: What's this I hear of, a new Gang Of Four single? Eh?
 |_)|_ *|
 |  | )||


Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 16:17:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: bradley e preuss <>
Subject: XTC movie

For some reason whenever I think about the subject of a movie, Christopher
Walken keeps popping into mind to play the part of Andy.  Regarding Joe
Pesci playing the part of Barry....I don't think so.  Hunter Thompson has
more of a resemblence to Barry than Pesci does.
As far as the song I'd most like to see them perform, it's a toss up between
Real by Reel and Respectable Street...hmm, tough decision.

Oh, and if anyone's in the Miami, Florida area e-mail me. I'd like to
possibly get together--talk and trade XTC.

Brad Preuss


Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 15:22:24 +1300
From: (James)
Subject: Eno's thoughts on producers...

Just a weird thought I had... Eno, early on in XTCs career, said that the
band didn't need a producer, they could easily produce themselves. I
*think* this was in such early days that Barry was still with the band.
Looking at Barry Andrew's's work with Shriekback, I notice a definite Eno
influence in his sound (I'd LOVE to hear Eno produce a Shriekback
album!!!). Could it be that Eno was referring to Barry as a possible source
of production inspiration?

Having said that, is Barry still on friendly terms with XTC? I realise he
hasn't done much in the production line, but...


James Dignan, Department of Psychology, University of Otago.

Ya zhivu v' 50 Norfolk St., St. Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand
pixelphone / steam megaphone NZ 03-455-7807

   * You talk to me as if from a distance
   * and I reply with impressions chosen from another time, time, time,
   * from another time                     (Brian Eno)


From: "R.L.Crane" <>
Date:          Fri, 30 Jun 1995 10:33:43 +0100
Subject:       Hollywood Beckons ?

An XTC Movie?

Well, how about :-

David Lynch as Andy Partridge
Kyle McLachlan as Colin Moulding
Michael Palin as Dave Gregory - (good call!)
Robert De Niro as Terry Chambers

And directed by D lynch, too!   He couldn't make an odder movie than
than 'Chalkhills and Children' the book was.....

And put me down for 'Travels In Nihilon' as the one 'live ' track!

A reccently relocated

Will Yum!


Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 10:48:52 -0400
Subject: Neil Finn & XTC

In response to a post from Eliot Fish regarding Neil Finn's  XTC influence I
though I would post an excerpt from the Crowded  House list pertaining to a
new album coming out in september  from a collaboration of the Finn brothers
(Neil & Tim) and its similarity to the Dukes: writes
>I recently said that the Finn song *Newhai* reminded me of an
>XTC song, and it came to me where I have heard this sound. XTC
>made a record under the pseudonym of "Dukes of Stratosphere"
>and it's a song called "Your Gold Dress" (or at least the verse part
>of it - not the chorus) that sounds so much like *Newhai*.
>"Dukes", by the way, is both a really fantastic record, in my
>opinion, a boasts a fair bit of the psychadelic, whimsical qualities
>of much of the "Finn" product, although it is much more heavily
>produced.  Many parts of the "Dukes" record is hilariously
>Beatle-esque (uh-oh), and with some Beach Boys (gulp) a la
>"Heroes and Villians" thrown in for good measure. They
>nevertheless pulled off this very convincingly while delivering a
>terrifically entertaining record.

I thought that some of you might be interested in reading this. If you want
to get on the Crowded House mailing list the address is:

Rob Crozier


Date: Fri, 30 Jun 95 13:26:02 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Respectable & Bulbous

I received the latest issue of _The Little Express_ yesterday!

So be patient, and renew your subscription.  By the way, _Limelight_
is essentially defunct.

"Bill Moxim" <> writes:
>I don't know off-hand where else it may have been released.  Perhaps on
>the Beefheart tribute album you mentioned (I wasn't aware of one!) as well.
>I'm sure I've spotted it elsewhere - but it was DEFINATELY on that single.

Well, it FIRST appeared on the Captain Beefheart Tribute Album:

    Fast & Bulbous
           A Tribute to Captain Beefheart. compilation album, produced by
           Alan Duffy. includes XTC: Ella Guru.
           + LP, Imaginary, ILL 200, June 1988.
           + CD, Imaginary, ILL CD 200, June 1988.

Don't forget to read the XTC Discography (in the Chalkhills Archives).

Eric Muller <EMuller@UWYO.EDU> writes:
>All of the talk about Respectable Street in the most recent Digest prompts
>me to ask the following:  was anyone else moritified by the version of
>Respectable Street that appears on "Rag and Bone Buffet?"  I simply can't
>believe that the boys allowed themselves to be talked into watering down the
>lyrics so pathetically for release as a single.

Believe it.  The BBC wouldn't play the original ("contraception", "sex
position", et al were too racy) so XTC re-recorded the song with new
vocals (and lyrics).  I like the re-recorded version for the backing
vocals.  They're a bit different from those on the original.

>From: (Giancarlo Cairella)
>Does anyone have more details on this (label, release date)? The
>"Miniatures" album is one of my favorites and I'd kill to have a copy on CD...

Again, from the XTC Discography:

       compilation album of 51 ``mini-masterpieces'' by various
       artists includes Andy Partridge: The History of Rock and Roll.
       + CD, Voiceprint UK, VP159CD, 1994. reissue. writes:
>  XTC does do "Ella Guru", almost note
>for note.  Somebody's voice was altered to sound like the Captain.

Actually, I don't believe any voices were "altered" other than
self-inflicted throat abuse.  Andy Partridge definitely did the very
low voices, I don't know about the others.

        -- John


Date: Sat,  1 Jul 95 05:01:00 UTC
Subject: TLE!

Who else got their new Little Express this week?  It was cool to see Andy
hanging out in Swindon with fellow genius Adrian Belew.  (Maybe he will put in
a guest appearance on the next King Crimson LP!)

Other notables: Andy does have full custody of daughter Holly; they did leave
their US label Geffen as well as Virgin; Andy plays on the next Thomas Dolby
album, and may do a song on Ellen Reid's (Crash test Dummies) solo album; Dave
Gregory plays on most of Martin Newell's next; XTC may finally have a manager
again; the tribute album comes out this fall; Andy may score the next Tim
Burton movie; XTC convention officially canceled this year....

Read all about it in TLE!          <Mike>


Date: Sat, 1 Jul 1995 02:00:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Tom X. Chao" <tqc8542@is.NYU.EDU>
Subject: an idle musing (sorry, it mentions an ex-Beatle)

Have you seen the Pizza Hut ad featuring Ringo?  In it, he becomes so
enraptured by the "stuffed crust" pizza that he decides he should get
"the lads" back together so that they can share one of these delectable
dough-discs.  He vocalizes his plan mightily, of course (otherwise the
viewer wouldn't have a clue what the f--- was going on).  Suddenly, Davy
Jones, Mickey Dolenz, and Peter Tork appear, all consuming vast
quantities of "stuffed crust" pizza and exclaiming over Ringo's genius
(at being hired to pitch cheesy comestibles on television), thereby
blowing Ringo's fab mind.  He concludes by muttering, "These are the
wrong lads" or some such.

Anyway, my question is: don't you think that Pepsico Inc. could move a lot
more units of product if they would use Andy, Colin, and Dave as the
surprise guests in this commercial?  And Todd Rundgren instead of
Ringo?  "And all the world is PIZZA-shaped/It's just for me to feed my
face," etc.

How about Elvis Costello reuniting with the Attractions for this ad?
--Tom X. Chao


Date: Sat, 1 Jul 95 08:49:51 GMT
Subject: 1980 Live in Concert CD
Organization: MacGroup-Detroit USA, Detroit area's largest Mac users group

I just picked up the 1980 "Live in Concert" BBC Radio One CD now avalabile
domestic in the US for only $10.99!, I almost paid $24.99 in December for
the import. Although $24.99 still would have been worth it! This is the 1st
time I've  listened to this recording and if you don't own it I reccomend
it! It's on Griffin Music(not to be confused with Geffen)This looks like
the only wortwhile title they offer unless your into NAZARETH (ROCK ON


Date: Sat, 1 Jul 95 08:50:03 GMT
Subject: Ye Olde Card Game NONSVCH & Geffen/DGC Homeruns
Organization: MacGroup-Detroit USA, Detroit area's largest Mac users group

A couple of years ago I picked up the "Ye Olde Card Game NONSVCH"
(for those unfamilar with it, it's the card game concentration but this
contains the artwork from the Nonsvch album.) Anyway is this a limited
promo or was this something you could buy at any record store in the UK?

Also at the same time I picked up a box of "baseball" type cards called
"Geffen/DGC Homeruns" which includes a card for "Chips from the Chocolate
Fireball" & "Oranges&Lemons" with bios on the back of them.Not sure how
rare this is either.


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