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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #450

              Chalkhills Digest, Number 450

                   Monday, 26 June 1995

Today's Topics:

                Re: Chalkhills Digest #449
              Gr. Dead (0% Beatles content!)
                Re: Chalkhills Digest #449
            Re: the next album will be called
                    Live mini-concert
                    XTC does Beefheart
         Lyrics; and the Beatles:the cause of....
            "Uffington Horse Redated" article
                   re: A few questions
                Re: Chalkhills Digest #449
                      XTC: The Movie
                     XTC Demos/Duffy
                     New Album Title
                   the woes of a writer
           I stand corrected (if only slightly)
              Young Cleopatra lyric mystery
                 In the Wake of the King


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From: Mr Half-Inch Nitrogen <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #449
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 05:15:19 +0100 (BST)

Actually, 'Orange and Lemon' is at the beginning of 'Ballet For A Rainy
Day', and not 'Sacrificial Bonfire', as someone suggested.

        I hate children. Especially when they're older than me.
                  Louis Barfe-employed, miraculously.
      read Scan-The student newspaper of the University of Lancaster


Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 04:12:00 UTC
Subject: Gr. Dead (0% Beatles content!)

Another fan of the Dead and XTC here.

By the way, both Andy and Colin named the Grateful Dead in their lists
of major musical influences in their bios for Virgin records.


Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 00:00:23 -0700
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #449

>end of Wake Up, really cool drum part ... similar to percussion-heavy
>ending of Burning Down the House by Talking Heads--a kind of
>hard-hitting syncopated rhythm with atmospheric synth noises in
>background.  I would think that the long-time association between the
>two bands ... would lead to mutual respect and some "borrowing" of
>sounds. What do other Talkhing Headsophiles think?

Their relationship is not so amicable (as per AP interview around
Nonsuch's release) even though many point to musical similarities
between them (AP thought the difference between them a vast stylistic
gulf).  IMHO, "Egyptian Solution" sounds very TH but maybe it's just
those African rhythms.  Hope our (paint) heroes don't forsake world
beat riddums as they explore orchestration in the next release.

>From: Jeffrey Langr <>
>Subject: logical arguments
>Anyway, my point as to how some XTC fanatics are a bit elitist
>(reminds me of the current U.S. administration) was pretty much proven
>out by the responses I got.  Thanks for the bile!

No doubt XTC fanatics are a little elitist but then again they've been
driven to it!  Indefatigable inventiveness and integrity that goes
unnoticed for more than a decade and a half is bound to make the fans
try to compensate for such a sorry state of affairs.  More power to

Now for a Reality Check.  Let me see if I understand this... you're
saying "Bubba, Billary, Slick Willie" elitist?! If that's elitist, what
were RayGun and AmBush?

>From: J Ross MacKay <>
>Subject: re: the Grateful you know who's
>Both XTC and the Dead have given me musical pleasures beyond
>measure, and I will continue to listen and enjoy...

Funny about the oil and water relationship there.  I'm no DH although
I've gone to a couple of shows and know many DH's.  I think DH's are
soft on the GD and non-DH's overly critical of them.

>Subject: Next album will be named...
>4) "A phoenix up from the flames." PHOENIX - maybe my favorite one -
>because of all the problems XtC has gone thru between the record
>companies, not touring, unstable percussion situations, spats within
>the group...XtC is able to always rise above their problems.
>Thus, the next album should be called Phoenix. Thanks for yr

Well done.  Or, how about "PhoeniXTC"  I know.  Corny.

>From: Michael Giammatteo <mgiammatteo@Getty.Edu>
>Subject:  As reported in ICE magazine...
>ICE magazine reports:  Thirsty Ear, which has split from former
>partner Beggars Banquet, is planning an XTC tribute for October, for
>which the band itself is expected to contribute a track.

Any list of who's contributing?

>From: Erik Anderson <>
>Subject: Video Tree Update
>Yes, I'm still alive.  To date I have had three individuals send tapes
>and I estimate that I have around 2 1/2 hours of material.  A good
>start, but I think we can do better.  So I ask once again: does anyone
>out there have any cool xTc Videos?  I mean anything: promo vids, live
>concerts, interviews, etc.  Please respond personally if you feel you
>can help us all out.  I'll keep everyone post as new material comes in.
>The release date of the XTC VIDEO COMPILATION is tentatively set for
>September 1, 1995.

Back in '88 or so, an individual made an offer through the Little
Express to make dupes for anyone supplying video cassettes.  He
converted PAL source tapes to NTSC VHS tapes while visiting the UK.
This was how I obtained most of my XTC video material.  It was heavy on
Mummer with a little bit of "Mole," Big Express and early stuff (the
touring years).  I'd offer it up but the quality is not there due to
generation loss.

I am going to author an interactive XTC experience for a class project
that is due at the end of August hence, I too am in need of XTC video
material.  I have Look Look but I'd like to include some more recent
stuff especially from the last 2 albums.  Please post a list of what
you've received.  Perhaps we can make a swap or something.  Regarding
the project, any GUI suggestions or interactivity ideas are welcome.
Whether I have the programming skills needed to implement them is
another story!

>From: Erik Anderson <>
>Subject: The Little Express
>Has anyone received a copy of TLE lately?  It seems like it's been
>forever.  Or, maybe my subscription just ran out.  Who knew?

I'm wondering the same thing. ;-)

Eric R.


From: (mark allender - king of the universe)
Subject: Re: the next album will be called
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 08:07:59 -0400 (EDT)

sorry, man, but the oranges and lemons line in _Skylarking_ is from
"Ballet For a Rainy Day" -- which bursts the last song of the last
l.p. theory.

the rumored new title i have heard is _River Of Orchids_

for my personal theory -- i wouldn't mind a title like _Permanent
Morgasm_  or something.


just anything soon, though... even WITHOUT A TITLE would be passable,


Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 08:05:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric Muller <EMuller@UWYO.EDU>
Subject: Live mini-concert

Arlo Leach asked the delightful question:  if the Boys were to do a concert
in your hometown, subject to the proviso that they will play but *one* song,
which one would you have it be?  (Really neat question, Arlo!)

My answer would be:  Penny Lane.  (whoops--just kidding.)

My real answer would be:  Can't make up my mind between "Knuckle Down" and
"Merely A Man."

Do we also get to chose an encore number?



Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 11:31:08 -0400
From: Mark Garvey <>
Subject: XTC does Beefheart

Long-time lurker, first time poster.

I would like to find the name and/or label information on a Captain
Beefheart "tribute" album to which XTC contributed a track.  Apparently
they copped "Ella Guru" and did a pretty convincing job of it.  Partridge
has described deconstructing this Beefheart tune as similar to "trying to
untangle a rusted ball of barbed wire."  Anybody know anything about this.



From: DAMIAN The Wonder Dog FOULGER <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 12:58:26 GMT
Subject: Lyrics; and the Beatles:the cause of....

Dear mixture-of-peoples-who-on-the-whole-love-XTC,

I am wondering about the cause of all this discussion about the
Beatles.  I think that it is due to the fact that we haven't seen any
signicant works from  XTC for so long.  We are all scrapping the
bottom of the proverbial barrel for things to talk about.  Strangely
enough, (over-)extending this metaphor, it is telling (perhaps) that
beneath XTC in the barrel one finds The Beatles!

One the topic of lyrics, perhaps the lyric sheets are wrong on
purpose.  Jane Siberry listed lots of (invisible) lyrics that didn't
appear in her songs on one of her albums.  Perhaps its meant to be a
little like that?

Dames TWD

(Life is good in the greenhouse:XTC)
(You told me you saw Jesus, but I could only see a tree: Amber)


Date: 23 Jun 95 11:46:07 EDT
From: Jon Johnson <>
Subject: "Uffington Horse Redated" article

     It's probably safe to say that a short article in the July/August
1995 issue of "Archaeology" might have otherwise gone unnoticed.
However, on page 24 is a brief article about and a nice aerial shot of
the Uffington Horse (pictured on the cover of "English Settlement").
The text is as follows:

     "The 300-foot-long horse figure carved into the chalk hillside at
Uffington, England, northwest of London, has been redated from the
first century B.C. to ca. 1000 B.C.  Led by David Miles, a team from
the Oxford Archaeological Unit obtained the date using a new technique
known as optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating, which
measures the last exposure to sunlight of sediments, such as those
that have accumulated on the horse's chalk surface.  Over the millenia
the White Horse, as it is known, has been cleaned periodically and new
layers of chalk added.  The new dates were obtained from sediments at
the lowest level. Earlier dating relied on the horse's similarity to
depictions on first-century B.C. Celtic coins from England.--A.L.S."

     Hope someone besides me finds this of some interest.
                                              All the best,
                                              Jon Johnson


Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 11:59:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: re: A few questions


Someone asked about what songs XTC did well live.  Now, I've not actually
seen them, but I have seen the wonderful music film, Urgh! A Music War,
which includes an absolutly fantastic XTC live performance of Respectable
Street (which is also my favourite XTC song, and the one that got me into
them in the first place).  Andys voice is shot to all hell, and he belts
his way through the song like a demon, his over all presence is doesn't
seem like someone scared of playing live, but of someone who owns the
world and is screaming it into place.  Dave Gregory's brilliance shines
through, to think a guy can jump about like that and play what he does...

Anyone else like this film?  I have to recommend it very highly.  It
cronicles 80's New Wave wonderfully, including perrformances by such
luminaries as the Au Pairs (!), Gang of Four, Dead Kennedys, Spizz
Energy, Echo and the Bunnymen, Wall of Voodoo, etc...  It was made by
Miles Copeland, brother of the Police's Stewart Copeland, hence the
inclusion of 3 Police performances, smashing all, with a bunch of bands
doing the last one with them and Andy Partridge stealing the mike from
Sting to shout incoherent Police-isms over him.  It does have some very
naff stuff from bands that have gladly dissapeared, but makes up for them
with the Cramps and that like...

A definite must see...



Subject: ask
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 4:38:10 EDT

Well I'm neww to Internet and i don't know how to get the information
that i want i'm a fan of andy partdrige and xtc but i live in the
third world so infiormation is unnaviable since NONESUCH i want to
know what's new
                Jpalau. :>)


Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 12:32:28 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #449

  My vote for the one live song XTC would do(if I couldn't talk them out of
doing just one)would be "Funk Pop A Roll." I don't know, I'd just love to
see them do a raucous fire-spitting version with all the passion they can
muster, smash their instruments when the song grinds to a halt, and leave
the stage as the instruments are feeding back. That's only if they do one
song, you understand.


Date: 23 Jun 95 11:11:06 EDT
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: XTC: The Movie

Hi, all:

I recently started subscribing to "Elephant Talk," the King Crimson
newsletter, and they have a rather amusing thread going that I think could
be a lot of fun here. It's called "Thrak: The Movie" involves people giving
their casting suggestions for KC's latest album, Thrak (which is, by the
way, extremely good).  Some of the hilarious suggestions include Buck Henry
as Robert Fripp and Brent "Data" Spiner as Adrian Belew.

How about it, Chalkhillians? Are we up for an "XTC: The Movie"? We wouldn't
have to limit ourselves to a certain album lineup -- how about casting
suggestions for all the notorious individuals who have associated
themselves with the world's greatest pop band over the years? I'm not even
going to make any suggestions here (tho I would like to see Joe Pesci as
Barry Andrews), I'll just start the ball rolling ... so roll away!

In regards to #449 -- To Arlo, I vote for "Funk Pop a Roll" for my one and
only song, and "Drums and Wires" for my favorite XTC album art. FPaR kicks
really hard (it's great to play drums with) and DaW is, IMHO, the clearest
and cleanest from a design point of view (it's also endured for quite some
time -- people still use the "face" image when evolking XTC).

To Jeffrey Langr ... man, relax! Just because you can't connect to XTC's
latest efforts doesn't mean that those efforts suck! Remember, the more you
love music, the more music you love -- I like the Offspring, too, when I'm
in the mood, but there's also a lot of time in my life for the relevance of
Nonsvch. (Let's hope we *aren't* the only ones out there who think this,

To John Lorch: I think you have a point, and actually I also like PGII.
Maybe Fripp *could* produce, and we could get Hugh Padgham or David Lord to
mix!  :-)

To J. Ross McKay: Believe it or not, I've been to and enjoyed Grateful Dead
shows, and my comments were made more in jest than through any hostility.
Say what you want about music and live performance of the Dead -- and you
must admit, they are a bit uneven -- but they are a fascinating
sociological phenomenon.

And to Phil B., I always figured "My Weapon" was tongue-in-cheek. Glad to
hear Barry agrees.

Remember, the casting couch is now in service!

Todd B.


Date: 23 Jun 1995 12:50:46 -0500
From: "Wesley Wilson" <>
Subject: XTC Demos/Duffy

I have heard some XTC demos recently from Nonsuch: "Where Did All the
Ordinary People Go?" and "It Didn't Hurt a Bit" by our man Colin.
Really good songs!  I'm stunned that these weren't recorded using the
full band.  Andy's "I'm the Man Who Murdered Love" is also very good.
I really love Colin's demos; they have such a wonderfully somber hue.

Oh, by the way, anyone in the UK interested in buying Stephen Duffy's
new single on CD, "London Girls" for me for money and/or XTC dub
cassettes? (I live in the US.)



Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 10:20:28 -0500
From: (Alex Stein)
Subject: New Album Title suggested some titles for the next album based on
lines from "Books are Burning."  I think he's on the right track, but
needen't stick to single words.

My choices for the name of the next album are:

   Wisdom Hotline


   Phoenix from the Flames



Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 13:00:38 PDT
Subject: the woes of a writer

    From: 7IHd <>
    Subject: Barry's Weapon
... he said that the music press at the time loved the album but really
hated "My Weapon", comments like "what's this sexist cr*p" and the like,
about which Barry was pretty upset because apparently they completely
misunderstood the song, which was meant to be a pro-feminist anti-macho

        >> this doesn't surprise me at all, although there was certainly
enough sexist crap floating around at the time.  the trouble is that
for critics/listeners who don't have a sense of satire, it's impossible
to differentiate between confession and dramatic monlogue.  i'm
reminded of the critics of the Dead Kennedys (of the Tipper Gore ilk,
not music reviewers) who were appalled that they performed a song
apparently condoning killing children ("crushed little kids on the
pavement" or something like that) not realizing it was a protest song
(they also evidently didn't pay attention to the rest of their work,
much of which was patently anti-human-rights-abuse)(on the other hand,
the same LP featured a song about killing your landlord, which even i
assumed was probably meant to be a comparatively serious
suggestion--and therein lies another rub). anyway i'm always shocked
that the majority of people (including songwriters) often don't put
lyrics and poetry in the same boat when in fact they use the same tools
all the time: metaphor, allusion, etc.
        which brings us to the next item from the last chalkhills:

    From: Steve Johnson <>
    Subject: Re: Holly Up On Poppy
According to Andy Partridge, the song is about spending time with
and enjoying the presence of (your) children (specifically, HIM
enjoying watching his daughter, Holly, riding her rocking horse,
Poppy).  I haven't read too much of this thread, but whatever's
been said, it's not about taking drugs or any sexual desires.

        >>as a writer i have to say that if you put utterly personal images
such as this into your work you must be prepared for people to either
misinterpret or totally not understand your meaning. a little ambiguity
is nice. but if the bottom line is communication, it's also nice to
have liner notes if not explication in the piece itself to help the
audience figger it all out, otherwise it's just a "jolly pleasing
noise" as Flanders and Swann might say. unless of course you LIKE
having people rant on and on about your work in terms of paul
mccartney's trouser trout versus baby partridge.



Date: Sun, 25 Jun 1995 01:37:28 -0400
Subject: I stand corrected (if only slightly)

OK, I was kinda wrong, I had "Ballet For a Rainy Day" in my head when I wrote
"sacrificial Bonfire."  I'm wrong, mea culpa, mea culpa, and after I asserted
myself so horribly in my last post I deserve 40 lashes with a piece of

I'm not embarrassed easily (well at least on the internet and no one can see
me punching the wall in anger at my faux pax), so I thank you, Mr. Dignan,
and anyone else, who has pointed (or wanted to point) this out to me.  Thank
you, really.  I'm glad someone picked up my gaffe before I was tarred and
feathered by less observant people when I went down the inevitable slippery

:) It's 1 AM  and I'm tired, dammit!



Date: Sun, 25 Jun 1995 01:33:52 -0400
Subject: Quasi-survey...

ONE: Respectable Street, hands down.  (I'll probly change my mind tomorrow)
TWO:  I think Skylarking, but I'd reserve comment until i saw the unreleased
cover (the one with the nude figures, albeit tasteful nude figures.



Date: Sat, 24 Jun 1995 17:29:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: Young Cleopatra lyric mystery

Greetings, all!

I was just listening to a tape of XTC demos which happened to include a
full-band rehearsal of "Young Cleopatra." The good news is I think I've
made sense of the mysterious line of the song which we've got as:

To who you set alight with firebombs ...

And here's what it appears to be in the different version:

To who you set alight with firebomb skimming

I guess that's like skimming stones on the water... it's an odd image

        =Derek Miner=


Date: Mon, 26 Jun 1995 00:16:43 -0700
From: John Relph <relph>
Subject: In the Wake of the King

A number of different things in this message...

>Subject: Susan Revolving

I added the lyrics to "Susan Revolving" to the Chalkhills Archives.

>From: 7IHd <>
>Subject: One for the discog...
>Apologies if this one is already there, but I can't see it...

It's in the "Collections, Retrospectives and More" section:

    5 Senses
           Smokeless Zone; Officer Blue; Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down;
           b/w Don't Lose Your Temper; Strange Tales, Strange Tails.
           + 12" EP, Virgin Canada (Polygram), VEP 308, 18 September 1981.

>Subject: Jennifer Trynin
>To follow up on who ever posted the info on Dave Gregory's involvement with
>Jennifer Trynin:
>CD Jennifer Trynin- Cockamamie (Squint Records 45931-2)

    Jennifer Trynin: Everything's Different Now
           Everything's Different Now; c/w Snow. Dave Gregory contributes
           guitar solo on Everything's Different Now.
           + 7", Squint USA, ?, March 1994.

    Jennifer Trynin: Cockamamie
           Dave Gregory is ``The Soloist'' on Everything Is Different Now
           + CD, Squint USA, JT101, 1994.

>Subject: Mummer
>I finally got hold of Mummer through my local record shop and I have a
>question to pose. There are quite a few tunes with a horn section and the
>liner notes do not have a name to credit with the arrangements. Should I
>assume that Dave Gregory may have contributed being that he did the string
>arrangements on Skylarking? Any takers?

I would believe it.  I, too, perused the liner notes from the original
LP and found no mention of arrangements.  I assume Dave Gregory did
all arranging, although it is possible that the individual songwriters
and the producers were involved.  No mention of horns in the liner
notes, either.  (Perhaps they were only on "Gold"...)

>From: Michael Giammatteo <mgiammatteo@Getty.Edu>
>Subject:  As reported in ICE magazine...
>ICE magazine reports:  Thirsty Ear, which has split from former
>partner Beggars Banquet, is planning an XTC tribute for October, for
>which the band itself is expected to contribute a track.

David Yazbek, the producer of said album, wrote in last March to tell
us the following (quoted from Chalkhills Digest #427):

    The XTC tribute I'm producing for Thirsty Ear Records, is coming
    along swimmingly, with the following artists committed or
    finished-- Ruben Blades (The Man Who Sailed...), Crash Test
    Dummies (All You Pretty Girls), Sarah McLachlan (Dear God), XTC
    (?), Joe Jackson (?), They Might Be Giants (This Is Pop), Dave
    Matthews (Nigel, probably), Freedy Johnston (BEAUTIFUL version of
    Earn Enough For Us)-- and we're waiting on a few others. It should
    be out fall '95.

Other news:

The _Miniatures_ compilation has appeared on these shores.  The
reissued CD features Andy Partridge's "The History of Rock 'n' Roll",
a redone booklet, art by Ralph Steadman, and two new tracks.  The
second of these is a second or two from every track on the album in
order.  A sampler in miniature, if you will.

        -- John

P.S. The King Crimson concert in San Francisco tonight was excellent.


End of Chalkhills Digest #450

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