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                  Thursday, 22 June 1995

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                        Look Now!
                    questions for you
            On my way to seagulls screaming...
                     Susan Revolving
                    logical arguments
                  all things considered
                Re: Chalkhills Digest #448
             re: the Grateful you know who's
                      Various debris
          Re: Best solo? / Time for intolerance
                  One for the discog...
                      Barry's Weapon
               Next album will be named...
                     Jennifer Trynin
                  Re: Holly Up On Poppy
              As reported in ICE magazine...
                    Video Tree Update
                    The Little Express
                  Young Cleopatra Lyrics
                  More Wasted Bandwidth


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Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 09:20:41 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Look Now!

Awright, who finally bought the $75 copy of Look Now at HMV, Boston? Fess up!

And greetings to Quincy.


Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 22:59:47 -0500 (CDT)
From: "my world is spinning..." <LEACH@AC.GRIN.EDU> (Arlo B Leach)
Subject: questions for you

hey there-

it was just a -coincidence- that i mentioned the beatles (in passing) in my
pseudo-introductory post a few days ago.  if i had known about their
prevalence here lately -- yikes! -- i would have avoided them completely.
meanwhile, to atone for my sin, i thought i'd ask a few questions and try to
take your mind know who.

ONE:  so, XTC announces a one-time-only concert appearance in your hometown,
but the catch is, they will only play one song.  and you get to choose the
song.  so what would it be?  don't just say your favorite, because "wrapped
in grey" might not bring the best out of our boys on the stage.  i think i'd
have to choose an earlier, more frenetic song -- "helicopter," or
"extrovert."  by the way, those of you who were lucky enough to have seen
them in concert, i'd be interested to hear which songs you think came across
well in a live setting.

TWO:  do you know what your favorite XTC album art is?  i get a kick out of
the whole train theme on -big express-, although the photos seem to have been
done in a rush -- unconvincing, dorky facial expressions.... but perhaps you
prefer the wittiness of -Go2-, the simplicity of -english settlement-, the
elegance of -skylarking- ... the sadism of the -dear god- CDV?  and i'm
talking about the whole package, here, not just the cover.  hmm, how
about the retro -oranges and lemons- look, which fits the music so well --
both of them being, as andy describes it, "pretty damn fluorescent"?  it's
pretty beatlesque, too -- oh, i'm just teasing!

anyway -- live songs, album art.  i'd be interested to hear what you think.

have a nice day,


Date:         Sun, 18 Jun 95 14:47:17 EDT
From: "Gene (sp00n) Yoon" <ST004422@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU>
Subject:      On my way to seagulls screaming...

Summer is here and I'll soon be at the beach, so to put me in the mood
I listened to the first half of the Big Express.  At the end of Wake Up,
listening to the really cool drum part I couldn't help noticing a
similarity to the percussion-heavy ending of Burning Down the House by
Talking Heads--a kind of hard-hitting syncopated rhythm with atmospheric
synth noises in the background.  The TH song was '83, the Colin Moulding
song '84; maybe an influence?  I would think that the long-time
association between the two bands (they toured together both in UK and
America and have Lillywhite as a common producer) would lead to mutual
respect and perhaps some "borrowing" of sounds.

What do other Talkhing Headsophiles think?  (Anything for a little
varitey from all the Beatles postings.)

Speaking of Talking Heads, I visited the family fun web site of David
Franson (, whose other
fave group appears to be TH.  I couldn't quite bring myself to down-
load the Nonsuch images, since I prefer this sort of art project with
crayons, as the playskool gods intended.  Nice idea, though.

What's this talk of "the end of Chalkhills imminent"?!!!  While I could
somewhat relate to Patty's list of things she hates about Chalkhills, I
was in much stronger concurrence with her list of things she loves about
us.  So, please, John, don't even *suggest* there's an end imminent!!!


p.s. Holly Shea, try not to take every post on this list literally, as
there seems to be a rampant plague of humor-by-sarcasm going around all
over the Internet, with no cure in sight.  But I must say that your
humble sincerity is very refreshing in these Cynical Days.


Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 19:33:50 -0400
Subject: Susan Revolving

If anyone out there has the demo tape with the song Susan Revolving (a demo
Andy did for the Dukes Of Stratospear), I was trying to make out the lyrics
and was having trouble with the last line. If anyone can figure out what he
is saying please let me know.

I came up with:

Susan revolving
Down there by the ceiling
Perculiar feeling
High above the ground

Susan revolving
Up there every morning
No four minute warning
Prepares you for the sound

And she's ever going round
Ever turning round and round
Always high below the ground

Susan Revolving
Up there without warning
The whole world is fawning

I am also looking for a copy (a tape of will do) of the Hiroyasu Yaguchi CD
Gastromic that Andy played on. Any help would be appreciated.


Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 09:02 EST
From: Jeffrey Langr <>
Subject: logical arguments

 from "Amanion":
A>Get with it, Jeffrey, these guys are gifted songwriters and
A>musicians, not just lyricists. That's one of the reasons so many
A>musicians dig 'em.

Thanks for helping me "get with it", but you still misunderstood my point;
it's not the music, it's not the cutesy lyrics, it's how you put 'em
together and make something worth listening to.  Just like intellectual
lyrics do not a good song make, nor does good musicianship.  Who cares if
"musicians dig 'em"?

Also I noted your list of songs only included one from O&L and none from
nonesensesuch.  I think all the songs you listed are great, excellent

 from Holly:
H>I hope you're not saying that the Offspring are better than XTC, because if
H>you are, you need help, as there is something VERY wrong inside your head.
H>the offspring suck.. (my opinion)  .. they could never do better than XTC.

You have made a very logical argument!  "the offspring suck"!  Wow, I'm
overwhelmed by the intelligence of that statement.  In fact, I'll probably
never listen to the Offspring again, since I now feel so bad about
listening to them.

Jeff L.

PS - I'm not saying the Offspring are better than XTC, but I'd listen to
Smash anyday over Nonesensesuch.  At least the Offspring has put out
something worth listening to in the past 5 years, and at least they're
singing about something that's relevant to today's youth.  It's rock &
roll, folks!

Anyway, my point as to how some XTC fanatics are a bit elitist (reminds me
of the current U.S. administration) was pretty much proven out by the
responses I got.  Thanks for the bile!


Date: 19 Jun 1995 10:51:18 -0500
From: "Ken Salaets" <>
Subject: all things considered

Maybe just everso maybe we all would limit our lightbeams on the boys from
swindle [sic] if they would ever put out something new to chaw on.  In the
interim, we are left to tread water and grasp at whatever floats this way,
whether it be the Beatles, Fripp, the Crateful Dread or whathaveyou.
Forums such as this are known for smoking rehash and the like when there's
nothing new to plug the pipe.  As for me, I don't mind getting to climb the
Hill twice a week, regardless of the foci.  I can use the exercise to keep
my mind off the dreadful day livings that this job like mine proffers, and
you sure can't beat the price...


Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 11:18:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Lorch <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #448

On Fri, 16 Jun 1995 <> wrote:

> From: Todd Bernhardt <>
> I feel compelled to defend Fripp ... but just a bit. He
> *would* be wrong for the band, because he's as much of a control freak as
> Terrible Todd (and would thus clash with our other beloved control freak,
> Mr. P), but he has produced some good-sounding albums -- The Roches and
> Daryl Hall come immediately to mind. Peter Gabriel never should have picked
> Fripp as producer for PGII, because Fripp has his own, rather sparse sound,
> and judging by later PG forays, that sound is inappropriate for PG.

        Actually, I'm not sure that Fripp is as much of a control freak
as he's made out to be, and the production techniques he used with the
Roches and Daryl Hall, I think, would be pretty interesting when used
with XTC.  I read an interview with Trey Gunn, former student of Fripp's
and his collaborator on a number of projects, in which he stated that
Fripp is more of a "live in the studio" type of person.  He described the
album that Fripp and David Sylvian did together (First Day), and how
Sylvian was the control freak, agonizing over every single detail, while
Fripp much preferred to come in, play it and be done with it.

        I think Fripp's "audio verite" production style, which he used to
great effect on the first Roche's album, would be very interesting with
XTC (listen to "the Hammond Song" from that album - great production, plus
one of the best guitar solos of all time.  I can hear it even when they
sing live and the guitar isn't there, it's just such a natural part of the
song).  Nice, clear sound, very little clutter or excess. His philosophy
is to have the production interfere as little as possible with the music,
quite unlike a lot of other producers, such as Todd.  I like PGII as well,
and don't really think of it as inappropriate for Gabriel at all.  Just
because he went to a different style is not necessarily an indictment of
that album.

John Lorch                            
International Student Advisor                   phone 410-455-2624
International Education Services, University of Maryland Baltimore County


From: J Ross MacKay <>
Subject: re: the Grateful you know who's
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 13:25:30 EDT

Wow, where did all this hostility come from?

> From: Mike <>
> I was also pissed off by a friend that made this comparison:
> "XTC does to studio music what the Grateful Dead do to live music"
> because I can't stand the Dead.  I see what he was trying to
> get at, but the comparison made me shiver.  Are there any Dead
> Heads on this list?  Just curious....  =)
> --------------
> From: Todd Bernhardt <>
> Regarding the "XTC does to studio music what the Grateful Dead do to live
> music" thang -- I'm glad you understood what your friend was getting at,
> because I'm completely baffled by it (Hey, do you know what one Deadhead
> said to the other when they ran out of pot? "Whoa! This band SUCKS!!")
> --------------
> From:
> OK. I put up with it when we started ranting about the Beatles ad
> nausium...but the GRATEFUL DEAD!!! The Grateful Dead do for live
> music what glue factories do for horses.  I enjoy dialogue on XTC's
> roots as much as anyone but I think we've been strolling down sixties
> lane just a bit too long.

Yes Mike, there IS a Dead Head on this list.  The comment made by your
friend word for word expresses my feeling of passion for both bands.
I've been a fan of the Dead since first seeing them in concert in 1970,
and "discovered" XTC when I heard _Melt The Guns_ on a midnight radio show
in 1980.  It is a bit frustrating to me that I have NEVER been able to
convince a Dead Head of XTC's pop genious, or successfully open the ears
of a Chalkhillian to the wonderful improvisational spirit of the Grateful
Dead.  I do not understand why, but there seem to be very strong "you
either love 'em or hate 'em" sentiments in both camps.  I must say that the
Dead Heads I have exposed to XTC have never responded with the hostility
shown above, and it disappoints me that these fans of XTC are not more open
minded.  After all, there are no absolutes in music appreciation, and our
personal tastes are largely driven by cultural forces.  My only guess is
that the Dead are an easy target due to the current popular stereotype
that they are a hapless relic of the 60's.  A misconception unfortunately
supported by the ridiculous circus of Hippie Wannabes which show up in
large numbers at their concerts.

I have no intention of fueling a flame war with this response - to each
his own.  Both XTC and the Dead have given me musical pleasures beyond
measure, and I will continue to listen and enjoy...


Date:         Mon, 19 Jun 95 15:15:54 EDT
From: Matt Hiner <R2MCH1@VM1.CC.UAKRON.EDU>
Subject:      Various debris

First, a serious question.  Has "Drums and Wireless" been released on a
large scale?  No record store in the Akron vacinity seems to have this
album.  Also, has it been released on vinyl, or just CD and cass.?  Any
info would be appreciated.

Second, I have solved a problem.  The next XTC album (may the gods grant
its quick arrival) will be produced by George Martin and Richard Starkey
will become the new permanent drummer for the band.

p.s.  Thanks to Todd for agreeing with my assesment that "Nonsvch" was the
best post-Terry LP.  You appear to be the only one.


From: 7IHd <>
Subject: Re: Best solo? / Time for intolerance
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 22:54:05 +0100 (BST)

Two things...

# From:
# Subject: Best solo?
#    So what's the best solo project that the XTC members have been involved
# in? I've seen the most positive press about AP and Harold Budd (Melman). Is
# this an astute grasp of the sketchy data I'm presented with, or what?

My personal vote goes to the first two Barry Andrews solo singles, i.e.
"Town and Country" (if you like "Super-Tuff" you'll like it) and "Rossmore
Road" the first time around, with the completely zany "Win A Night Out With
A Well Known Paranoiac" on the flip side. Undoubtedly one of the funniest
songs ever made... (IMHO of course).

# From: Ayanna Gaines <AYANNA@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU>
# Subject:      time for intolerance
# to echo the sentiments of those who cry out, "hey, this is an xtc list, and
# i'm tired of reading about x,y,z": ya know, i agree.  i joined this list to
# hear about xtc, and all i get is band- width wasted on the kinks, the beach
# boys, some fripp character (who should per chance get his own list, eh?),

Yes, BUT: XTC started out with Barry Andrews on Keyboards, who then left
and worked with Robert Fripp for a bit, who has often worked with Brian
Eno, who regularly produced Talking Heads, who included Jerry Harrison,
who produced Crash Test Dummies, who covered XTC. So there!

#    -- ayanna, who thinks sarcasm is lost on most people

-- Phil, who has just realised that sarcasm is almost an anagram of mascara.
 |_)|_ *|
 |  | )||


From: 7IHd <>
Subject: One for the discog...
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 22:59:48 +0100 (BST)

Apologies if this one is already there, but I can't see it...

I spotted the following record in a second hand shop in London a couple
of days ago, didn't buy it (due to price and already having all of the
tracks) but here's the details:

XTC - 5 SENSES  (12" EP)  Virgin VEP 308 (1981)
  (Polygram distribution  - Canada)

  Smokeless Zone / Officer Blue / Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down /
  Don't Lose Your Temper / Strange Tales, Strange Tails.

It's in the Music & Video Exchange near Goldhawk Road tube station, 8 UKP
if anyone's in London and interested.
 |_)|_ *|
 |  | )||


From: 7IHd <>
Subject: Barry's Weapon
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 23:13:11 +0100 (BST)


Well I finally somehow persuaded Barry Andrews (he himself) to check
through my Shriekback discography with me, so we spent half an hour
in this cafe in London before he had to rush off to play keyboards for
some dodgy little unknown band (paid work because he needs the cash, I
gather). Anyway, we didn't really finish going through the Shriekback
discog, so I haven't revamped the Web page yet (will do so eventually,
I promise), but a fair sprinkling of the queries were cleared up.

Anyway, we chatted about this and that and talk came to XTC. There's
loads more I'd like to have asked him, but about his two songs on Go2,
he said that the music press at the time loved the album but really
hated "My Weapon", comments like "what's this sexist cr*p" and the like,
about which Barry was pretty upset because apparently they completely
misunderstood the song, which was meant to be a pro-feminist anti-macho

Does this make sense to anyone? Or have you all done this one long
before I joined the list?

OK I admit it I'm just name dropping, sorry. :-)

But for anyone who cares to see what Shriekback (Barry's band, to the
uninitiated) is doing now, which has very little to do with anything
they've done previously (or anything which anyone anywhere ever has
done previously, for that matter, it's a pretty original sound, all
weird acoustic percussion instruments and accordians and fretless
5-string basses and digeridoos and the like) then their next gig is at
the Orange (London) on 8 July. Be there...
 |_)|_ *|
 |  | )||


Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 21:29:36 -0400
Subject: Next album will be named...

Hi.  I think I've been lurking for a little too long so I'd inject my

I had been thinking about that thread that XTC's last couple of albums had
their names mentioned in a song in the previous album.

Digging slightly deeper, I found that Skylarking's last song, "Sacraficial
Bonfire" opened with the words "Orange and lemon..." Yes, even though the
fruits were not mentioned in plural I will accept that to be the title of
the next album.  OK, then on "O&L," the last song (again), "Chalkhills and
Children" talks about a "nonesuch net hold[ing] me aloft..." and the next
album, sure enuf, was "Nonsuch." (or Nonsv<h for those people who love
Roman spelling.)

So, you may ask (and so you did), what would the next album be named?
Based upon my research, the name will be a word or phrase from the last
song of the previous album.  The last song on "Nonsuch" was...uh, is...
"Books are Burning."

Here are my four ideas...and maybe a reason for each one. In order within
the song,

1) "I believe the printed word should be forgiven." FORGIVEN - for the
bitter dispute with the record company...

2) "Wisdom hotline from the dead..." WISDOM - just because XtC is XtC.

3) "...soul fly free and naked..." NAKED - well, you know, XtC and Talking
Heads got along quite famously in the late '70s...naah, scratch that one.

4) "A phoenix up from the flames." PHOENIX - maybe my favorite one -
because of all the problems XtC has gone thru between the record companies,
not touring, unstable percussion situations, spats within the group...XtC
is able to always rise above their problems.

Thus, the next album should be called Phoenix.

Thanks for yr indulgence.


Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 22:58:42 -0400
Subject: Jennifer Trynin

To follow up on who ever posted the info on Dave Gregory's involvement with
Jennifer Trynin:

CD Jennifer Trynin- Cockamamie (Squint Records 45931-2)

Dave has a short guitar solo on one song titled Everything Is Different Now.
Dave does not appear on any other tracks. This CD has just been released.


Date: Tue, 20 Jun 1995 03:10:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steve Johnson <>
Subject: Re: Holly Up On Poppy

According to Andy Partridge, the song is about spending time with
and enjoying the presence of (your) children (specifically, HIM
enjoying watching his daughter, Holly, riding her rocking horse,
Poppy).  I haven't read too much of this thread, but whatever's
been said, it's not about taking drugs or any sexual desires.


Date: Tue, 20 Jun 1995 16:36:05 -0400
Subject: Mummer

I finally got hold of Mummer through my local record shop and I have a
question to pose. There are quite a few tunes with a horn section and the
liner notes do not have a name to credit with the arrangements. Should I
assume that Dave Gregory may have contributed being that he did the string
arrangements on Skylarking? Any takers?

Rob Crozier


From: DAMIAN The Wonder Dog FOULGER <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 10:06:07 GMT
Subject: PPH

Don't worry, this is not another PPH is 'X' posting.  Jane Siberry is
soon to release her latest album and one of the tracks is called
'Goodbye Sweet Pumpkin Head'.  I wonder if this is a coincidental
happenstance or if Jane S likes XTC.  Does anyone know, for that
matter does anyone care?

Everyone keep up the good work, and please be nice to each other. :->

Dames TWD

(Life is good in the greenhouse:XTC)
(You told me you saw Jesus, but I could only see a tree: Amber)


Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 08:49:14 -0800
From: Michael Giammatteo <mgiammatteo@Getty.Edu>
Subject:  As reported in ICE magazine...

ICE magazine reports:  Thirsty Ear, which has split from former
partner Beggars Banquet, is planning an XTC tribute for October, for
which the band itself is expected to contribute a track.


Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 11:43:53 -0600
From: Erik Anderson <>
Subject: Video Tree Update

Yes, I'm still alive.  To date I have had three individuals send tapes
and I estimate that I have around 2 1/2 hours of material.  A good start,
but I think we can do better.  So I ask once again: does anyone out there
have any cool xTc Videos?  I mean anything: promo vids, live concerts,
interviews, etc.  Please respond personally if you feel you can help us
all out.  I'll keep everyone post as new material comes in.  The release
date of the XTC VIDEO COMPILATION is tentatively set for September 1, 1995.


Erik Anderson


Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 14:46:32 -0600
From: Erik Anderson <>
Subject: The Little Express

Has anyone received a copy of TLE lately?  It seems like it's been
forever.  Or, maybe my subscription just ran out.  Who knew?


Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 16:19:25 -0500
From: Kristen Ulrich <>
Subject: Young Cleopatra Lyrics

>> Hi everyone, when I recently had a look at the FTP archive,I noticed
>> the lyrics of Young Cleopatra,one of my favourite songs,being quite
>> incomplete and partially wrong. After having listened to both the
>> Jules Verne and the outtake version for quite some time,I managed to
>> get nearly all of the words:
>Well, nearly-- but we are getting there! I have some changes that I feel are
>more accurate. Maybe they are, maybe not. You tell me, friends of Chalk:

And here are some more contributions, done from memory so please
excuse any gross errors:)

>> My oh my,...............,young Cleopatra-a-a-a My oh my,what a wonderful

             what a sight for sore eyes

>Your school uniform looks grey on others and super on you Your yellow wooden

Hmm...I thought that it was "grey on others and silver on you"...and the
gold reference in the next line makes me lean even more towards

>> rule,a golden sceptre to prove it's true

My experience with this song comes only from listening to Jules Verne,
but hopefully these few lines clear up the lyrics for you all as much
as the original two posts cleared them up for me....

Kristen Ulrich


Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 01:52:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: More Wasted Bandwidth

        Just dropping a line to announce the most useless and loosely
associated XTC link I can come up with. My home page now features a
wallpaper drawn by me to (hopefully) simulate the feathery white and blue
background on the original Skylarking cover. Check it out and let me know
if it works for you, the XTC Xperts...

        =Derek Miner=


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