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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #448

              Chalkhills Digest, Number 448

                   Friday, 16 June 1995

Today's Topics:

                  Looking for Footprints
Simplicity and juvenile-ness (juvenility?  juvenilehood?)
                 hello and some thoughts
                      Beatles debate
                    Re: Future Prefect
         Holly, you asked for it. Don't blame me.
                Re: Chalkhills Digest #446
               Re: What were they thinking?
                    Re: Jeffrey Langr
                      Top Ten Lists
                        Beach Boys
 100% XTC Content:  Announcing The Nonsvch Coloring Book


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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 1995 23:04:53 -0700
From: John Relph <relph>
Subject: Looking for Footprints (she of no name) writes:
>Subject: LOOK LOOK
>Hello!!  Where can i find the "Look Look" video??  Is there a magazine out
>there of XTC merchandise?? HELP! I want it BAD!

I have added a new question to the Chalkhills/XTC FAQ:

27. Where can I find the _Look Look_ video? Does anyone know how I can
    get my hands on any XTC merchandise?

    Unfortunately, unless you are looking for high-volume items like
    the XTC album catalogue on CD or cassette tape, it is almost
    impossible to find any XTC merchandise. _Skylarking_ T-shirts may
    yet be available at outlets such as Tower Records, but otherwise
    you're on your own.

    There is no XTC mail order service. There is no catalog of XTC

    There is, however, an official XTC fan club or two (see (4)
    above). _The Little Express_ does have a want ads section, and
    you can often find other fans willing to trade XTC merchandise.
    You can also find rare and exciting XTC merchandise advertised in
    magazines such as _Record Collector_ and _Goldmine_.

    From time to time, people will also advertise XTC merchandise for
    sale or trade in Chalkhills.

    Happy Hunting!

Tim Pacheco <> writes:
>Subject: Additional XTC 3" CDs
>In Chalkhills #442, Jim Nichols wanted to know what other XTC
>3" CD singles were available, besides the ones he had already.

The complete list can always be found in the XTC Discography (in the
Chalkhills Archives).  But I think Tim got it right anyhow.

"Ethan C. Banks" <> asks:
>Subject: Prescient Album Titles
>I'm sensing a trend here.  Has anyone else noticed this on other albums?
>If not, could "Nonsuch" contain the title for the long-awaited Next XTC
>Album embedded in the lyric sheets somewhere?  Or is this all just a
>neat-o coincidence...?

You're not the first to ask the question.  Does it have an answer?

By the way, I'm looking for a job in the Silicon Valley area doing
either GUI development or Web services.  Anybody know of any openings?

        -- John
Imminent death of Chalkhills predicted!  Details at 10:00!


Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 08:44:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric Muller <EMuller@UWYO.EDU>
Subject: Simplicity and juvenile-ness (juvenility?  juvenilehood?)

Gerry Wheeler has (rightly, I think) taken the big flame for his suggestion
that the music of the Beatles is simplistic and juvenile.  Of course, if the
music of the Beatles is simplistic and juvenile, one wonders which
adjectives to use for the music of Wings.  But enough of that . . .
What I wanted to say was this:  When Gerry says that he listened to the
Beatles endlessly in high school, only to realize as he got older that this
music that he adored in high school was simplistic and juvenile, what he is
really saying is that the older Gerry came to realize that that *younger
Gerry* was simplistic and juvenile.  I know that I was simplistic and
juvenile when I was in high school (I didn't know it then, of course).  But
this doesn't mean that everything I listened to and adored in high school
was simplistic and juvenile just because I was.  Of course, *some* of what I
listened to in high school probably *was* simplistic and juvenile--Boston
comes to mind--but I can still enjoy it.  Yes, even Boston.  (Come on--admit
it--More Than A Feeling is irresistible, a guilty pleasure.)
Remember, Gerry, there are plenty of folks out there who got turned on to
XTC when they (the listeners, that is) were "simplistic and juvenile" high
schoolers.  Might they not look back on the music and label it "simplistic
and juvenile"?



Date: 15 Jun 95 11:51:03 EDT
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: hello and some thoughts

Okay, it's this way -- I've been lurking for a while now and am having too
much fun not to post anything. Let me first express my admiration for John
Relph, as well as my concern for his mental health, which is bound to
suffer if he has to keep on reading messages about the Beatles; my mirth at
reading some of the funnier messages over the past two weeks (you know who
you are); and my consternation at reading some of the more bone-headed
messages (unfortunately, you probably don't know who you are).

Let me recommend to all of you that you read the FAQ file here, and that
you subscribe to one of the XTC fanzines. I currently get The Little
Express (P.O.  Box 1072, Barrie, Ont. L4M 5E1) and have for many years,
and, as a compilation of interviews, news of the band, etc., it answers a
lot of the questions that I've seen bandied about here (esp. about the
nature of certain song lyrix!).  Pete and June put out a great publication
-- support them and the band by subscribing to it! Limelight is the English
fanzine, Extasy is published in Japan -- the addresses are in the FAQ file.

Now, on to threads from the last couple of issues ...

NO DRUGS IN OUR HOUSE -- from interviews I've read, and from the band bio
Chalkhills and Children (also a must-read), it's fairly obvious that the
band's extracurricular activities are limited to the odd pint or five, as
Martin points out, despite the fact that Andy had a problem with "nerve
pills" during the early part of the band's career. While I've also enjoyed
XTC under various influences, I've also been on the other side of the
studio scene, and when you're in there, time is *big* money and that
doesn't mean you have time to mess around with an unclear head. Plus, it
doesn't strike me as being any of their style.

Concerning the producer debate and the recent mention of King Crimson
members, let me say I am a HUGE KC fan -- Bill Bruford is probably my
biggest influence as a drummer -- and while I agree that Belew probably
wouldn't work out (I don't think he has much interest in producing other
bands anyway) I feel compelled to defend Fripp ... but just a bit. He
*would* be wrong for the band, because he's as much of a control freak as
Terrible Todd (and would thus clash with our other beloved control freak,
Mr. P), but he has produced some good-sounding albums -- The Roches and
Daryl Hall come immediately to mind. Peter Gabriel never should have picked
Fripp as producer for PGII, because Fripp has his own, rather sparse sound,
and judging by later PG forays, that sound is inappropriate for PG. I say,
get the boys away from Virgin (hisss), onto a new label and let them
produce themselves, possibly with someone like Hugh Padgham or David Lord
to provide engineering expertise. I also agree with various postings that
Eno could be a good choice.

I have to agree with Matt Hiner (and disagree, I guess, with a number of
others here) -- Nonsvch is my favorite post-Terry album. I like the
production, I like all the songs -- hell, my wife and I even picked
"Wrapped in Grey" as the song for our first dance at our wedding! Even the
album's low point for me -- Bungalow -- stands out as the best song that
Berlin-era Bowie never wrote, so it's worth a listen. And if, as someone
said, the lyrics of The Smartest Monkeys are forced, well, so what, they
are -- Colin obviously made them fit the music, but HEY, what a rythmn
section!! I recently made a tape of Bass Heroes for a friend of mine, and
that was the XTC contribution I picked, because he locks in so well with
Dave Mattacks (I passed on "One of the Millions" because I think it sounds
a bit too much like PG). And I don't think "The Disapointed" is necessarily
derivative of the BBs -- though I agree with Chris Connors on "So Pale and
Precious" and wonder if he meant "Chalkhills and Children" rather than "The

Regarding the "XTC does to studio music what the Grateful Dead do to live
music" thang -- I'm glad you understood what your friend was getting at,
because I'm completely baffled by it (Hey, do you know what one Deadhead
said to the other when they ran out of pot? "Whoa! This band SUCKS!!")

To XTCMatt, who talked about "No Language ..." relating to people who have
been in love -- I always thought "Seagulls Screaming ..." was a FANTASTIC
evocation of the nervousness and heightened awareness that goes along with
the adrenalin rush of infatuation. "I say `I like your coat'/Her `Thank
You' tugs my heart afloat" ... what a great way of expressing how the
little things can mean so much in situations like that! The only person
besides Andy who I think comes close to expressing such things (in other
words, making me think "Damn! I wish I'd wrote that!!") is Elvis Costello
(check out "Almost Blue" on Imperial Bedroom for a great "it's over" song).
In fact, it's always been a fantasy of mine to be able to take Andy and
Elvis to a pub, buy them all the pints they could drink, and sit back and
listen! They'd probably get along famously or hate each others' guts!

To Michael Travis: I'm a good drummer and a terrible guitarist, but I
remember Andy saying in an interview that almost all of Mummer was done in
an open E tuning, so you might want to try different tunings to figure out
Red Brick Dream, since it was done pretty soon after. I understand your
affection for that song -- it's one of the songs that provided my "inner
soundtrack" last August when I finally went to Scotland, England (and
SWINDON!!) for the first time.  Others, of course, included "Small Town",
"In Loving Memory ...", "Washaway," and -- of course -- "English

Finally, I'm not going to get into the whole Beatles thing, because it has
got to end (though I DID get your sarcasm, Ayanna), but I will say to
Gerald Wheeler that he should have gotten the BBC album (or he should at
least get someone to tape it for him, like I did) -- it shows what a great
bar band they really were.  They were hungry in the early daze and played
their asses off ... including Ringo!

Shit! Here comes my boss! Signing off ... (if you're in Northern Virginia
and see a little red Rabbit with "XTC FAN" license plates, wave hi!)

Todd B


Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 10:07:04 -0800
From: Michael Giammatteo <mgiammatteo@Getty.Edu>
Subject:  Beatles debate

Yeah, this is an XTC list and the Beatle thing is going on a bit,
but, hell, I'm for anything that stirs up passionate debate.  It'll
burn itself out.  No sweat.

P.S. I want to be in Brent's band.  Beatles, XTC, Crowded House.
Just my influences.


Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 11:27:03 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: Future Prefect

Michael Travis <> writes:
>Subject: Gyroscope sampler / Red Brick Dream chords?
>I just picked up a new disc, which should be added to the discography.

It's there!  Before you wrote in! writes:
>Subject: Re: Young Cleopatra lyrics
>Your school uniform looks grey on others and super on you Your yellow wooden
>> rule,a golden sceptre to prove it's true

It makes a lot more sense if it's:

     Your school uniform looks grey on others and SILVER on you
     Your yellow wooden rule, a GOLDEN sceptre to prove it's true

She is an alchemist, transforming base materials into precious metals
by virtue of her beauty alone!

Derek Miner <> writes:
>Subject: Compiled info on Radio Tour
>Here is my collection of information on the XTC Acoustic Radio Tour.
>Several sources were used to get this info, including a message in a
>recent digest asking for some Acoustic Shows (sorry, I forgot the name),
>and information at John Relph's Chalkhills home page.

Before Derek sent in this message I had completely re-done the XTC
Live Appearances page in the Chalkhills Web, adding information for
all live shows prior to 1989.  Check it out:

I have now incorporated Derek's listing into the page.

        -- John


Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 12:29:27 GMT-6


>I was also pissed off by a friend that made this comparison:
>"XTC does to studio music what the Grateful Dead do to live music"

OK. I put up with it when we started ranting about the Beatles ad
nausium...but the GRATEFUL DEAD!!! The Grateful Dead do for live
music what glue factories do for horses.  I enjoy dialogue on XTC's
roots as much as anyone but I think we've been strolling down sixties
lane just a bit too long. I love all the posts that start with "I know a
lot has been said about the Beatles but..." Yes, a lot has, so give
ourselves a collective rap on the knuckles and move on. Everyone
want's to get the last word in on the Beatles.

I'm starting an XTC list. It will be called ABBEY ROAD.

Jeffrey Langr writes "XTC sure can make some catchy
tunes, and put some very clever lyrics to them, but to say that they
are better or smarter than the Offspring, for example, is being a bit
elitist.Smartass lyrics do not a genius band make.  Most of you could
probably comeup with some good intellectual lyrics."

The genius in XTC is not just in the lyrics. XTC blend music and lyrics
better than almost any band. The song, Train Running Low on Soul
Coal, for instance, includes not only brilliant lyrics but also a
musical style and instrumentation that evokes train images. You
would know that song was about trains if it had no lyrics. Also,
listen to the music itself on other relatively unheralded AP songs
like Language in our Lungs, Scissor Man, No Thugs in our House, Man
Who Sailed Around his Soul, Seagulls Screaming, Garden of Earthly
Delights, Sgt. Rock, Travels in Nihilon, It's Nearly Africa and CM
songs like Sacrificial Bonfire, Ten Feet Tall, Oh Lord Deliver Us from
the Elements and on and on.

Get with it, Jeffrey, these guys are gifted songwriters and
musicians, not just lyricists. That's one of the reasons so many
musicians dig 'em.

Merely Amanion

PS - how about this one... if you're going to give the live music world
an enima, the Grateful Dead is where you stick the tube.


Subject: Holly, you asked for it. Don't blame me.
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 15:20:28 EDT

> Alan:  elaborate more on this "Paul McCartney's penis" thing.. i mean, why
> would XTC do a song about his penis??
> Holly

Holly, wouldn't you? Many XTC songs are about Paul's weiner. "Holly hop on
Walrus Wang" was the original title for your namesake song. Andy, being that
subtle lyricist, decided to bury his inuendo under a buncha mush about his
daughter. He's a perv.

Actually, Alan has (again) blown his references. The song Pink Thing is
about Jimmy Hendrix's "unit." Other notable organ songs:
Love on a farmboy's wages - Paul
A rocket from a bottle - John
Red Brick Dream - George
You're a good man Albert Brown - Ringo
The Disappointed - Michael Jackson
Here comes (sic) President Kill again - Bush
Ladybird - Devine
Roads Girdle the Globe - Randy Rhodes
The man who sailed around his soul - James Brown

Hope this helps!

- John White   CIS Manager   Electrical South Inc.
Announcer: Remember, he's not a real expert.
Moi:       I have a Bachelor's degree
Announcer: That's B.S!


Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 16:17:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #446

  Regarding Ethan C. Banks' observation: on that note, how about Parrots And
Lemurs as a title for the next album? Watch for it! As for my first album
purchase, it was rather inauspicious; summer '73, K-Tel's Music Power(22 ori-
ginal hits! Original stars! All important parts of the song shaved off!)col-
lection. 22 of the worst hits of the 70's; dreck like Olivia Neutron Bomb,
Helen Everready, Bill Amesbury, Love Unlimited Orchestra, various obscure
and negligible Canadian one-hit wonders...the only stuff worth writing home
about today was a good Canadian blues-influenced band called Crowbar, a de-
cent soul performance from Al Wilson("Show And Tell;" good song)and my favo-
rite song by the chocolate-brown god of loooove, Barry White.("Never Never
Gonna Give You Up"- hey, try him sometime. Best aphrodesiac there is)My next
purchase that summer(I was 11, BTW)was Paul MacCartney and Wings' Band On The
Run, a slight improvement; still one of his better albums.


Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 20:02:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: Re: What were they thinking?

        Popping into my local used CD outlet this evening, I finally got
a copy of the elusive XTC "Demo Tracks."(not the bootlegs, the Japanese
disc). What I found amusing was the obviously transcribed lyrics for
"Down A Peg" and "Always Winter, Never Christmas." Chances are, someone
picked up on this and shared it, but I thought I'd post some of the more
gratuitous errors anyways, for a laugh.

        In "Down A Peg," the only error seems to be "Like some
commissioner who has ideas for every station" instead of "ideas ABOVE HIS

        There are lots of errors in "Always Winter..."
        Instead of "Always Easter time, never egg giving," it says
"Always Easter, but never a killing."
        Instead of "I am wrapped up if you'd only step down from your
tree," it says, "I am ready..."
        And, most puzzling of all, the line which I'm not ever sure is,
"Always that (close?, much?), never this (close? much?)" was transcribed
as "Always circumstance, never vespers"!!!

        Happy listening,
        = Derek Miner =


Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 23:41:12 -0400
Subject: Re: Jeffrey Langr

I hope you're not saying that the Offspring are better than XTC, because if
you are, you need help, as there is something VERY wrong inside your head.

the offspring suck.. (my opinion)  .. they could never do better than XTC.



Date: Fri, 16 Jun 95 10:42:59 EDT
From: (Patty Haley)
Subject: Top Ten Lists

Will the humor-impaired please skip to the next post...

                Top Ten Things I Hate About Chalkhills

10.  Endless B*****s discussions
 9.  Endless producer/drummer discussions about the next album when
        we don't even know for sure there's going to *be* a next album
 8.  Colin bashing
 7.  Pink Thing debates (Read the FAQ, s'il vous plait)
 6.  Other Chalkhillians live in cities where boots/singles are
 5.  Incredibly "interesting" interpretations to innocent song lyrics.
         "Humble Daisy" is about the flower, really
 4.  Male listmembers' calls for email from single white females
 3.  People who saw the band live when I didn't (Why oh why didn't
        I see them at Painters Mill when I had the chance?)
 2.  People who've gotten to meet the band when I haven't
 1.  The fact that if it wasn't for contractual problems, by all rights
        I'd have their new album to talk about by now instead of
        posting these Top Ten lists

                Top Ten Things I Love About Chalkhills

10.  Best WWW site in town
 9.  Almost always respectful "Meeting Place"
 8.  Restores my faith that intelligent conversation can be found on
        mailing lists--some of them are unbelievable
 7.  I learn a lot about English history and other good stuff like who
        Sgt. Rock is
 6.  Usually good for a chuckle, sometimes a real hoot
 5.  Chalkhillians finally turned me on to the wonderful Jellyfish
 4.  Lots of inside poop scooped here first
 3.  Almost always relevant posts
 2.  I get to enjoy the list without administering it (not that I'd mind,
        but this list is like riding a Greyhound bus)
 1.  Comfort in knowing I'm not the only person on the planet who froths
        at the mouth over XTC


Catherine Wheel World Wide Web Home Page:


Date: Fri, 16 Jun 95 16:12:26 -0400
From: "Greg O'Rear" <>
Organization: UNC
Subject: Beach Boys (Chris Connors) wrote:

> XTC has the distinction of performing the two best Beach Boys song written
> by some one other than Brian Wilson. One is "the Disapointed", and the
> other is "So Pale and Precious".

I think you mean "Wrapped In Grey," rather than "The Disappointed."  I
agree with your assessment.  I wish Brian was capable of such things
these days.  An honorable mention goes to the Jellyfish for their "The
Ghost at Number One."
Greg O'Rear                    Computing Consultant IV, Novell CNA
ADP, Univ. of North Carolina   E-mail:
440 West Franklin Street       Phone: (919) 962-0821; FAX: (919) 962-0900
Chapel Hill, NC  27599-1150    WWW:


Date: Fri, 16 Jun 1995 23:33:20 -0700
From: (Dave Franson)
Subject: 100% XTC Content:  Announcing The Nonsvch Coloring Book

    The Nonsvch Coloring Book

    This page pays homage to the ever-eclectic, ever-eccentric British
    pop band XTC; more specifically, their latest album, released in
    1992, called Nonsvch.

    Nonsvch continues XTC's tradition of strong songwriting and
    outstanding, inventive musicianship.  However, the album has become
    a bone of contention among the band's fans who, perhaps tired of
    waiting for a new XTC entree, have deeply scrutinized this last
    substantial feast.

    Nonsvch has become the XTC fan's oracle. Impossible questions are
    asked of it.  Does it truly represent a redefinition of XTC's
    sound?  Was a wonderful selection of songs overproduced and sapped
    of its essence?  Will Colin ever write a substantial song again?
    And just what song holds the elusive lyric that's sure to become
    the title of the next LP?

    The Nonsvch Coloring Book invites you to set those questions aside,
    flip on the disc, insert the tape, cue up the vinyl, or bang out
    the tunes from memory, and contemplate with awe and wonder the
    majesty of XTC's music.

    On this very page you will find digitized images of the song
    vignettes that graced the album's packaging.  No mere scans, these
    images -- they're strictly black & white, with clean, unbroken
    lines so you can load them into your favorite bitmap editor and
    fill them with mind-blowing color.

    A silly pastime?  Undoubtedly.  A jolly bit of fun?  For sure.
    Those in search of ultimate enlightenment should dump all these
    images to their printer and break out the fingerpaints!

Check it out!

* Now I try hard not to become hysterical     *
* But I'm not sure if I am laughing or crying *
        -- Declan MacManus, "Brilliant Mistake"


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