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                  Monday, 10 April 1995

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                Re: Chalkhills Digest #427
             XTC and local Atlanta bands....
                       XTC Auction!
       XTC & Fingerprintz at Gaston Hall, DC, 1979
                   Re: This World Over
                Re: Chalkhills Digest #427
                   Re: The Disappointed
               another new Chalkhillian...
                all you pretty gopher guts
                    The Agony and the
                New member hello / videos
       this world, respectable street, disappointed
                     Carmen Sandiego
                No Convention This Year...
                 Peter Pumpkinhead = JFK?
                        New Music
                    Re: Leisure, plus
                  Immaculate Gopher Guts
                XTC anthology sheet music?


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From: DAMIAN The Wonder Dog FOULGER <>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 12:10:31 GMT
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #427

Andy <> writes:

> centers." What you folks may or may not realize is that the immaculate
> reception was a famous football (American, of course) play where, in
> the American Football Conference championship game between the (then)

I cannot deny the fact that a play in American football was called
the Immaculate Reception but I do wonder whether Andy P knew of and
refered to it in 1980.  Two reasons:  American football was virtually
unheard of in Britain at that time and debate about a single play
would (very) probably not have made it into our news or media.  And
The Immaculate Reception (alluding to Football) seems to have very
little to do with the song.
  I think, though I have frequently been known to talk bollocks
(another Englishism!), that he used the same play on words that
was used in the American Football case, that is refering to The
Immaculate Conception, e.g. A miracle.

  I don't wish to be nasty or pushy about this, I just thought that
it was misinterpreted.  Sorry Andy, if I've made you feel bad or set
upon. :-(

Does anyone know what the new album is going to be called?

Dames TWD


Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 07:56:24 -0400
From: clayhnry@MindSpring.COM (Ted Lee of Clay Henry)
Subject: XTC and local Atlanta bands....

For a band that isn't very big (in the sales department, at least) it
never ceases to amaze me at the number of independent (and local)
bands around here that have been influenced by the fab three. In
Atlanta, if you want to see XTCish bands you can check out locals like
Rooke, Atticus Flinch, Carmine, Waking Rachel (formerly Uncle Green),
and countless others.

My own musical endevours are heavily influenced by Andy Partridge &
Co. My band, Clay Henry has a sort of Black Sea sound. We have one
disc out, and another disc due out in June. If you're interested,
check out our web site at:
and send us some email!....

But when you look at it, XTC has a great bassist, 2 great guitarists,
2 great songwriters, and some of the most creative drumming ever
recorded. I guess it's a no brainer that musicians and music lovers
would appreciate XTC's pop perfection. Let everyone else eat Cake (or
listen to Green Day...!)

Ted Lee

CLAY HENRY - pop music will NEVER be the same....
* contact them at
* check out their web page at
* go see them whenever possible...
* plant a tree...



Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 09:00:56 -0400
Subject: XTC Auction!

Dear Chalkhills Subscribers!

   Here's a list of XTC stuff I'm auctioning. Minimum bids are $7.00.
Bidding ends May 1 (or mid June, depending on Goldmine Magazine's
promptness!) and winning bids will be notified. If you'd like
additional information on any piece e-mail me! Snail mail: John Greer,
6613 Autumn Ridge Drive, Mobile AL 36695-3212 happy bidding....John

  XTC (Dukes Of Stratosphere) - Mole From The Ministry + 1 Virgin 763 UK 7"
  XTC (Dukes Of Stratosphere) - You're A Good Man Albert Brown + 3
        Virgin 982 UK 12"
  XTC - 3D EP (Science Fiction + 2) Virgin 188 UK 12"
  XTC - All You Pretty Girls + 2 Virgin 709 UK 12"
  XTC - All You Pretty Girls/Washaway p/s Virgin 709 UK 7"
  XTC - Are You Receiving Me/Instant Tunes p/s Virgin 231UK 7"
  XTC - Ball And Chain + 3 Virgin 482 UK 12"
  XTC - Ball And Chain/Punch And Judy p/s Virgin 482 UK 7"
  XTC - Big Express (ltd round cvr) Virgin 2325 UK LP
  XTC - Dear God + 3 Geffen 20630 US 12" no pic slv
  XTC - Generals And Majors + 3 double 45 p/s Virgin 365 UK 7"
  XTC - Grass + 2 Virgin 882 UK 12"
  XTC - Grass/Dear God p/s Virgin 882 UK 7"
  XTC - Great Fire/Gold "illusion" cvr Virgin 553 UK 7"
  XTC - Interview w/Andy Partridge picture disc 1986 Cross Talk Records UK LP
  XTC - King For A Day/Toys p/s Geffen 22953 7"
  XTC - Life Begins At The Hop/Are You Receiving Me p/s clr vinyl
        Virgin 259 UK 7"
  XTC - Live & More Virgin 5904 Japan LP
  XTC - Love On A Farmboy's Wages + 2 Virgin 613 UK 12"
  XTC - Love On A Farmboy's Wages + 3 "wallet" slv double 45 Virgin 613 UK 7"
  XTC - Making Plans For Nigel/Bushman President + 1 p/s Virgin 282 UK 7"
  XTC - Mayor Of Simpleton + 4 Geffen 21160 US 12"
  XTC - Mayor Of Simpleton/One Of The Millions p/s Geffen 27552 7"
  XTC - Meeting Place + 5 Virgin 912 UK 12"
  XTC - Meeting Place/The Man Who Sailed... clr vinyl/slv Virgin 912 UK 7"
  XTC - Mr. Partridge 'Take Away' Virgin OVED130 UK LP
  XTC - No Thugs In Our House + 3 "theatre" pic slv Virgin 490 UK 7"
  XTC - Respectable Street/Strange Tales + 1 p/s Virgin 407 UK 7"
  XTC - Rhythm (Live at Hurrah's NYC 1/16/80) bootleg 2 LPs
  XTC - Selections From Mummer EP (Great Fire +3) Geffen 2117 promo
        only 12" no pic slv
  XTC - Sgt. Rock + 2 poster slv Virgin 384 UK 7"
  XTC - Skylarking Geffen 24117 US LP first printing rare still sealed LP
  XTC - Take This Town/Babylon's Burning p/s RSO 71 UK 7"
  XTC - This World Over + 1 Virgin 721 UK 12"
  XTC - This World Over/Blue Overall  "postcard" pic slv Virgin 721 UK 7"
  XTC - Towers Of London + 3 p/s double 45 Virgin 372 UK 7"
  XTC - Wait Till Your Boat/Ten Feet Tall p/s Virgin 322 UK 7"
  XTC - Waxworks/Beeswax Virgin OVED2251 UK 2LPs
  XTC - WB Music Show/Skylarking interview w/Andy Partridge LP promo only LP
  XTC - Wonderland/Jump p/s Virgin 606 UK 7"
  XTC - Senses Working Overtime/Egyptian Solution+2 Virgin CDT9 UK
        3" CD single
  XTC - Oranges & Lemons Virgin CDVT2581 UK three 3" CDs in a cool
        flip top box
  XTC - King For A Day + 3 Virgin VSCD 1177 UK 3" CD single crown shaped slv
  XTC - Disappointed + 3 Virgin VSCDG 1404 UK CD5


Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 09:41:34 -0400
From: John Lorch <>
Subject: XTC & Fingerprintz at Gaston Hall, DC, 1979

Quite some time ago, Patty wrote:

>I was in the D.C. burbs this weekend record shopping when a friend pointed
>out to me a small poster on the side of a bookcase:  XTC at Gaston Hall on
>Thursday, January 24, 1979.  Special guests:  Fingerprintz.  Fingerprintz!
>Wow!!!! What a double feature.  Their album _Distinguishing Marks_ has some
>*great* power pop on it.  And hell, now that I think about it, Bogdan
>Wiczling would be a fine choice in my book for thumping the tubs on
>the next XTC LP.  I know he went onto be one of Adam Ant's two drummers 10
>years ago, but have no idea what happened to him after that.  But wow!  I'm
>sure this is the concert the other friend saw back when he saw XTC 3 times.
>And I asked him who the opening band were, and he couldn't remember. Bad

        Patty, I was at that show.  Don't remember it too well, except
that Fingerprintz used a syndrum, which was pretty new and unique at the
time (although it very quickly got old and boring).  I worked for a record
chain at the time, so I got free tickets.  I didn't really know much about
either band, although I think it was just after drums and wires came out.
I recall that I didn't think much of that album when I first heard it, and
gave it away.  I changed my mind later, of course. I honestly can't
remember much of anything about XTC's part of the show.  It's probably
because I wasn't a fan at the time.  There were two others I remember
better, though.

        Fingerprintz only had the one album at the time, "the Very Dab",
which I don't think is anywhere near as good as the rest of them.  It's
the one with "Beam Me Up" on it. If you like them, you should look into
some of Jimmy O'Neill's other projects, specifically the Silencers, which
also features Cha Burnz, the guitarist.  O'Neill also wrote some very good
songs for Lene Lovich, my favorite of which is "Never Never Land".  And
Bogdan Wiszling - wow!  I saw him play live with Adam Ant - he didn't
become one of the two drummers, he was the two drummers.  They didn't need
a second with him there.  I don't know how he did it, but he did.  I also
saw him with Bill Nelson on his only US tour.  No idea what he's up to now
- does anyone else know?  I think that a bill of XTC and Fingerprintz
would have been better a few years later, after both groups had matured.

John Lorch                            
International Student Advisor                   phone 410-455-2624
International Education Services, University of Maryland Baltimore County


Date: Fri, 7 Apr 95 18:33:46 GMT
From: (John Relph)
Subject: Re: This World Over

Jerry Wheeler <> opines:
>  While I suppose even someone as
>gifted as Andy could have harbored such infantile apocalyptic fears as
>those expressed in "This World Over" in the mid-eighties, its natural for a
>fan to hope for better from his champion.

I'm sorry you're so much more advanced than us primates, but at least
one other person harboured the same fears as Andy, namely me.  I found
(and still find) "This World Over" a very powerful song.  The lyrics
elegantly say things which I can only babble about.  And although a
global nuclear holocaust may be harder to imagine than it was a few
years ago, the same pressures are still working against the long term
survival of the human race.  Religious intolerance still exists.
Racist intolerance still exists.  Perhaps Fat Boy won't land on my
town, but long term storage of nuclear waste (from peaceful uses)
is a long term problem (which might yet cause odd-numbered limbs).
And on and on and on ...

>I guess what's now most shocking about the song in light of George Gimarc's
>revelation is not the near imbecility of the prognosis (only the best
>minds, I guess, could have predicted the absolute and complete success of
>President Reagan's military policy towards the Russians--I mean really,
>fear of nuclear war has become passe even with our own detested radical
>elite), but the song's uncharacteristic immaturity, bluntness and fury.

In a world where the average person is nearly powerless to control the
future of that world, bluntness and fury are all that remain.  And I'm
sorry if you think that those of us who worry that mistakes might be
made with the nuclear arsenal are immature.

>It's those qualities coupled with the song's unrefinement, irrationality
>and childishness that gave me the impression the song was a farce and thus
>compelled me to hope that the song could simply be a parody--and a well
>landed one at that.

How a person could come to that conclusion is entirely beyond me.  I
worry now not so much that humanity might be wiped out but that most
of the other species on this blue planet might be wiped out by our
selfishness and stupidity, and if that's an immature viewpoint, well,
so be it.

Basically, when you get right down to it, I entirely and totally
disagree with your analysis.

>I was, apparently, a victim of my own generally
>favorable impression of XTC when I reached the conclusion that "This World
>Over" was a send-up of STING or other CND laughing-stocks.

I would have a less favourable impression of XTC if I believed they
would actually send-up another popular band.  It would be below them
to put such a parody on one of their own records.  Now THAT would have
been immature and childish.

I must say however that the overall sound of the vocals on "This World
Over" is very reminiscent of the Police.

        -- John


Organization: Magic
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 1995 14:19:16 EST
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #427

I forgot to point out something the other day.   I've always believed
thatthe "flick of the wrist" reference in "Leisure" is  about the kid's
game Subuteo (or Subbuteo,  help me if you know) which is a Soccer (or
football, UK) game played on a 4 foot by 5 foot green velvet "pitch" that
can be rolled out  and laid on a flat carpet or mounted on a hardwood
backing.  The players are little plastic figures mounted in a wobbly
spherical base (not unlike "Weeble" who you'll recall "wobble but don't
fall down...etc".  The idea is to flick your "player" against the ball as
though kicking it.  Whoever's player is nearest the ball after such a shot,
is next to shoot/pass.  "Just A Flick to Kick' is the slogan on the box.
This game is HUGE in Europe, mainly the UK.   Andy's reference is probably
to the fact that as machines make people redundant and we have more leisure
time, we will become fat and lazy and no longer care to actually play
soccer when Subutteo is far more accessible.  The missing prophecy is that
Virtual Reality and CD Rom sports games are even more accessible now than
the tactile game of Subuteo (sp?)
By the way, In regard to Dave Gregory's reference check on Aimee Mann and
Jon Brion.  I had the opportunity to discuss the Mann record with Jon Brion
when he played here in Toronto (Elmocambo) with the Grays.  He was a bit
high on himself but I think he was frustrated by the fact that Epic had not
chosen his song for the next Grays single and time would prove that this
was the reason the Grays would dissolve.  Ro Sham Bo will go down much like
Whatever by Aimee Mann  as an unheralded pop gem.  But XTC fans will
already know how that one goes. Have you ever played Black Sea or
Skylarking for someone who thinks that XTC are only a new wave phenomenon
that broke up in the early eighties....
Keep the DG interview stuff coming, I'm putting it  on a disk (*personal
use only)
Paul Myers
In Trawna.
All exotic fish I find.


Date: Fri, 07 Apr 95 13:02:15
Subject: Re: The Disappointed

   I think Andy said it had something to do with this image of
him being the most down and out fellow imaginable. So I said
"You mean, along the lines of 1000 Umbrellas?" and he said
"My God, I never thought about it that way, but I guess you're
right. I'm repeating myself."
JoE Silva
Consumable Online
Athens, GA
(706) 542 - 4452
            4412 (FAX)


Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 15:40:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Niel J. Wolfish" <>
Subject: another new Chalkhillian...

  Time for another "lurker" to say finally hello and get in
  his two cents worth.  I've been a fan of XTC since the time
  of DRUMS AND WIRES, which got lots of airplay on local
  stations here in Toronto, as did the MAKING PLANS FOR NIGEL
  video.  I have vivid memories of running out to buy the
  ENGLISH SETTLEMENT (double) LP a couple of years later.  My
  interest in the group waned a bit after that.  I don't
  recall ever hearing anything about MUMMER, yet there it was
  suddenly in the record stores.  Probably because MUMMER
  didn't have a "single" ("hit") like "Senses Working
  Overtime" or "Generals and Majors".  Interest picked up for
  THE BIG EXPRESS, thanks in part to the ALL YOU PRETTY GIRLS
  video getting played on our video channel, MuchMusic.
  Subsequently, SKYLARKING'S "Dear God" and (especially)
  ORANGES AND LEMONS' "Mayor of SImpleton" had me totally
  hooked again.  Somewhere along the way, I even managed to
  find the Dukes second LP.  Now if I could just find their

  Somebody along the way has discussed "This World Over" being
  either an imitation or parody of Sting/The Police.  For my
  two cents worth, I've always thought that there was a line
  in ENGLISH SETTLEMENT's "Ball And Chain" that sounded very
  much like the Police:  Colin sings "Oh yeah" before "the
  diggers and the tower cranes" - that always reminded me of
  Sting, but that's just my opinion.

For what it is worth, here are my ten favourite XTC songs in
 no particular order:
   "Making Plans For Nigel", "Respectable Street", "Senses
  Working Overtime", "Mayor of SImpleton", "Dear God", "Earn
  Enough For Us", "I Remember The Sun", "Blame The Weather",
  "Ten Feet Tall", and "Grass" .  Oh yes, and honourable
  mention to "History of Rock `n Roll"  (from RAG `N BONE


Date:         Fri, 07 Apr 95 16:22:41 EDT
Subject:      all you pretty gopher guts

ahem!  the full song, as i learned it as a wee one:
     "great green globs of greasy grimy gopher guts
      mutilated monkey meat
      sprinkled over birdie feet
      great green globs of greasy grimy gopher guts
      and i forgot my spoon!
          (add vaudevillesque sound here)  but i brought a straw . . ."
for you music types, the last line is c/c/d/c/e flat (providing the song is
sung in f major).
sorry -- i've been so quiet lately, i wanted to say something vaguely
relevant.  back to your regularly scheduled xtc . . .
                 -- ayanna


Date: Fri, 7 Apr 95 20:53:07 EDT
From: (Patty Haley)
Subject: The Agony and the

OK, so I thought it was cute.  Hi all, here's a letter written to
_NME_ from the 1 April ish.

Could you tell me whether the rumoured second XTC Peel Session CD is
coming out.  Also, what's the latest on their "Greatest Hits" album
and their new record deal?  - Robert Bowman, Woodhall Park, Swindon

Here's the lowdown according to Andy Partridge:  "There is no new
record deal as yet because we've spent the last couple of years
attempting to break with Virgin Records and the whole thing has
developed into a legal minefield.  However, we have an album ready to
go as soon as things get sorted out and we eventually sign to a new
label.  There's been no lack of interest, though.  Some of the labels
we expected to contact us failed to do so while others that we thought
wouldn't be interested have been really enthusiastic.
"As for the next Peel Session LP, I don't know when that will be coming
out.  THere's easily enough material around to fill another album
although I understand that the BBC have "lost" a couple of sessions.
Whether this means that the tapes have been wiped or just misplaced,
I'm not certain.
"As for the 'Greatest Hits' collection, maybe that'll be issued by
Virgin when we part company.  There are rumours that they might put out
various demos and all kinds of things but we'll have to see about those
when the time comes.
"I'm currently working on something for an animated film based on a book
by Mervyn Peake.  And, oh yes, American jingle-writer David Yazek, who
used to be a scriptwriter for David Letterman, is piecing together an
XTC tribute album.  He's already got together with Joe Jackson, Crash
Test Dummies, Al Kooper and Rueben Blades, who apparently has asked
Elvis Costello to sing on his track.  It seems like a varied mixture
of names."
Too right, Andy, too right.

So, there we have the latest.  Now, who is Mervyn Peake?  And is anyone
familiar with any of David Yazek's work?  And why do I have this sinking
feeling that these legal battles are going to result in the next XTC LP
being a loooong time coming?




Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 21:34:04 -0400
Subject: Leisure

The recent discussion of the lyrics to Leisure (off English Settlement)
seems to be ignoring the fact that the "singer" has been replaced not
only by a microchip in his work, but in his "Leisure".  To wit:

I spend all my allowance on TV Games
A-muse-ment heaven at the flick of a switch
Instead of a lathe I busy my fingers nowadays
By scoring goals with the gentlest twitch
I've forgotten how to use my legs
To invade the pitch

 From context, I'd say "invade the pitch" is a soccer/football term or
perhaps even cricket. Akin to entering "the crease" in hockey, perhaps?
(Maybe because it rhymes.) Either way, Andy predicted the fate of the
Nintendo generation back about the time Pong was stinking up a few
American living rooms.

By the way, Andy also slightly modifies the last lines from the old standard
"Lazy bones" to great effect. He leaves it at "how you ever goin' get your
day's work" as if, the problem is no longer how to get the work done, but
simply, how to get work to do. Despite the quirky vocals, this has grown on
me over the years to be one of my XTC faves (especially the sputtering,
ineffectual and therefore perfect sax solo).

Just my 2 cents,


Date: 07 Apr 95 22:54:29 EDT
From: Kim Pacheco <>
Subject: New member hello / videos

     Hello! Just signed on to Chalkhills two days ago. I've been a fan for
about five years now, ever since a friend turned me on to Skylarking and
singles CDs. I'm in Atascadero, California (which is about 2 hours north of
Santa Barbara, just inland from Morro Bay near the coast.
     Regarding videos: I have the videos for The Disappointed, Albert
Brown, The Meeting Place & Mole From the Ministry, although I haven't
looked at them for awhile. I believe they are fairly good copies. I also
have a live performance of Books are Burning from the UK, a really good
version with Andy handling all the guitar parts and Dave on organ.I have a
lot of other video, early TV appearances and live concerts, the Look Look
compilation, the Road to Oranges & Lemons promo video, performances in
Andy's recording shed shot for the XTC convention a few years back, footage
>From the recording for Nonsuch at Chipping Norton studios (did I get that
right?) and an interview for one of the conventions shot in Andy's kitchen.
All really great stuff!
     This is the first time I have posted a message, but I'll get my
thoughts together better in the future and join in on all the fun dialog.
Just excited to find this place!!

      best regards to all...Tim Pacheco


Date: Sat, 8 Apr 1995 01:16:48 -0400
Subject: this world, respectable street, disappointed

Chiming in with some comments on the last digest:

No matter what you think of This World Over and any possible
influences, it seems really crass to use this pleasant forum to
forward political platforms.  All you're going to do is star a
flame-fest.  I've always liked the song myself for the striking
lyric and Andy's vocal performance.  As far as Reagan goes, time
still has to tell us if Partridge or Reagan was the wiser.

Re: Respectable street.  I always loved the lines referred to in
the last digest because Andy manages to invoke the Immaculate
Conception (Virgin Mary being conceived without sin) by putting
"contraception" and "immaculate reception" so close...brilliant.

The Dissapointed is one of my favorites, and seems pretty
straightforward: He's dumped, and thereby eligible to join the
ranks of all the brokenhearted he never sympathized with before.
Tragically hilarious.  The image of all these people carrying
placards with the picture and name of their dumper is a great
image.  Favorite line, though, is: "They're spilling from the
bus at a monument to us made of bits of broken heart"  HOWEVER, I
do have a question.  Why is her ring upon his finger?  Has she
returned the wedding ring?



Date: Sat, 8 Apr 1995 09:53:18 -0400
Subject: Carmen Sandiego

I suppose everyonre knows this already (you folks have an incredible
knowledge of things XTC!), but for those who may not be completely up to
speed  -  XTC put out a song called "Cherry in your Tree" on a "Where in the
World is Carmen Sandiego" cassette for kids.  It's a great, bouncy, fun song
full of double entendres. The  tape came out in 1994 and contains a song by
They Might Be Giants as well.  Well worth the investment if you can find it!


Date: Sat,  8 Apr 95 18:46:00 UTC
Subject: No Convention This Year...

I had dropped Peter and June a note at The Little Express and, among other
things, asked about the rumored XTC convention in Madison, Wisconsin this
summer.  (I'd met Peter and June at the 1993 convention at Princeton,
Illinois---they, everyone at the convention and the convention itself were
wonderful beyond imagination.)  They dropped a line back to me saying that
there will be no convention in Madison this year (or anywhere else, for that
matter).  All I can say is that, upon hearing this, I'm feeling a lot like
Andy at the end of Prince of Orange (on the Hello CD)...

In the meantime, I'll have to get my XTC and XTC-related fixes from the new
Hello CD, a slew of stuff just ordered and delivered from Steve Reule's
Obsessed With Music out of Sacramento (the import Terry Hall CD with the 2
tunes co-written by Andy, the Let's Kiosk EP and Brotherhood of Lizards CD
both featuring the delightfully eccentric Martin Newell), the Fab Foursome
In Philly "import" and anything else I can get my grubby little hands on!



Date: Sat, 8 Apr 1995 17:21:06 -0400
Subject: Peter Pumpkinhead = JFK?

"AMANION" said that Peter Pumpkinhead "for some reason" has some americanisms
in fact, I am almost sure that it refers (at least in part to) John
F. Kennedy.  Proof:
1) "Plots and sex scandals failed outright" -- Has been said that Pres.
Kennedy was a womanizer and tied in some way to the mob, never tarnished his
reputation as a leader.
2) "Showed the Vatican what gold's for" -- the first Roman Catholic
president, Kennedy was criticized during the election that he'd follow the
Pope instead of what's best for the American people.  In fact, he openly
disagreed with his religious figurehead on many occasions.
3) "He died grinning on live TV" -- his 'execution' was carried live, and at
a parade where he was smiling and waving.
4) "But he made too many enemies of the people who would keep us on our
knees" -- possibly tied to the people who could have plotted his death: CIA,
Cuba, Mafia...

Think about it...that's my $.02


Date: Sun, 09 Apr 1995 08:08:40 -0500
From: (Robert SAnfelippo)
Subject: New Music

Hello out there,

If anyone knows when we can expect a new XTC CD please let me know.
I believe it's been 3+ years since the last. Thanks ahead of time.

Bob & Natalie S.


Date: Sun, 9 Apr 1995 22:37:45 GMT
From: luana <>
Subject: Re: Leisure, plus


Been reading this stuff for a while and been looking for an opportunity to
 break in and add tuppence worth. I don't log-in too often so I'm normally
 two or three digests behind the rest of you - I see a query pop up in one
 digest and it's always comprehensively dealt with in the next...except for

Imagine my surprise when I see that no-one's noticed the subtle difference
 in the "Leisure" lyric.

Firstly, the boring stuff - "Lazybones", written by Hoagy Carmichael (also
 responsible for such jazz classics as "Stardust", Lazy River", "Rockin'
 Chair" and my personal Fats Waller fav. "Two Sleepy People") circa. um...
 1945? Dunno, never too sure of dates.

More importantly, AP sings (paraphrases!), "Lazybones, LOOKING THROUGH THE
 SUN, howd'you ever expect to get...". (For our american friends - The Sun
 is a UK tabloid newspaper, particularly detested for a number of reasons by
 most people with IQs over 50).

What a perfect way to sum-up the song! Too bloody clever by half that
 Partridge bloke...

While I'm on,

 **The Affiliated**. Doesn't the Twomey book say something like, " was
 just a song that Colin had lying around and it seemed to fit the mood",
 rather than it being initially written as a pastiche? I can't seem to find
 my copy so I stand to be corrected.

 That stuff you remember from The Tube was actually part of an hour-long
 special with Jools Holland called "The Laughing Prisoner", filmed in
 Port Merion. The other track (apart from The Man Who Sailed...) was The
 Meeting Place.

 This "Hello" CD? Anybody know where I can get a copy in the UK? (Apologies
 if anybody's already answered this - I'm just recovering from a serious
 bout of hardware failure).

Yours without a quote,


Mick Casey


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 1995 17:08:13 +1200
From: (James)
Subject: Immaculate Gopher Guts

>From: Eric Muller <EMuller@UWYO.EDU>
>Subject: All You Pretty Globs
>Great Green Globs of Greasy Grimey Gopher Guts
>C          C          C         D  E   -   E   E - D     E - D      C

Isn't this the tune of "The Old Grey Mare"?


Thanks to Andy (no, not that one - for that insight
into Respectable Street. I'd never have got that one. Then again, I'm a
lone soccer fan in a Rugby mad nation, so where would I have found out?


James Dignan, Department of Psychology, University of Otago.

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   * and I reply with impressions chosen from another time, time, time,
   * from another time                     (Brian Eno)


Date: Sun, 9 Apr 1995 23:41:49 -0800
From: (Ian Dahlberg)
Subject: XTC anthology sheet music?

Hey ho XTC buffs
        I just discovered this digest recently much to my delight.  I have
been a devout XTC fan since "Big Express" and just recently got sucked in
by the net.  It's so refreshing to read postings from XTC fans; they're my
kinda folk.  I must admit I kinda let my Little Express subscription run
dry, I haven't seen one for a year or two (are they still in Barrie,
        I've noticed some people's attempts at transcribing the tunes; I've
been meaning to get around to that myself.  Although I'm a hack guitar
player, I am a professional woodwinds player and do various transcribing
jobs for clients one of which is Steve Allen.  I've figured out some of
"Yacht Dance" and "Ladybird" but it's hard to convey music with this
limited text format.  It would be cool to start neatly compiling accurate
transcriptions of these tunes.  I work with FINALE all the time and could
start making professional looking lead-sheets.  Oh well, just a thought.
Have a "Ladybird" chord to chew on...

(4th fret)



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