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                Wednesday, 25 January 1995

Today's Topics:
    Yes to Acoustic Tape, Whoops, Ryko Romps, Artifice
                Re: Chalkhills Digest #406
           We take the ~A~R~T~ out of Art Rock
                   XTC's next label...
                Re: Chalkhills Digest #406
                    bbc radio one live
                     New XTC Demo CDs
                     XTC's new label
                      Terry Hall CD
Hello CD Club/Explode Together -- The Dub Experiments 78-80
             Chalkhills posts by XTC members?
            Must I change my lifestyle, AGAIN?
      "New member finds haven of taste and sanity!"
                          Go Goo
                      Van Dyke Parks
                Re: Chalkhills Digest #405
                  A Minor Mystery Solved
      potential producer <chalkhills@PRESTO.IG.COM>
                        Demo CD's
              Then She Appeared not Holly...
                      RH re-releases
                        Hello All
                     Up from the Dark
                       XTC For Sale


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Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 00:38:01 -0800
From: (Dave Franson)
Subject: Yes to Acoustic Tape, Whoops, Ryko Romps, Artifice

Relph sez:

>I don't know if the _XTC Acoustic Radio Tour_ tape could be called
>"good clear recording" (opinions?)

John, I think that tape would more than satisfy any fan of the band
hungering for a record of the '89 acoustic tour.  Highly recommended.  If
y'all don't have it yet, mail John for info!

>From: (Don A.B. Lindbergh)
>Subject: Re:  Chalkhills Digest #405
>>           New Partridge Release on Hello Records
>>                       Hellooo Andy!
>>               Andy's Hello CD Out [SPOILERS]
>Argh!  Three posts about this CD (including one very detailed one) yet
>NOBODY gives a pointer to a SOURCE for purchasing it.

Jeez, sorry Don, but in the excitement of receiving that long-awaited
treasure and posting the most important details (songs, lyrics) to this
list, I forgot that some list subscribers may have been unfamiliar with
Hello.  Happily, John and others addressed this lapse.

>Date: 19 Jan 1995 12:42:31 U
>From: "Bob Sherwood" <>
>Subject: Andrew Partridge, Eroticist

Thanks for the Rykodisc stories, Bob.  And I agree that Andy is quite the
salacious songsmith.  I'd cite some examples of my own, but I'm upstairs, my
CDs are in the basement, and it's 'round midnight.  A thread for another
day, perhaps?

"Russell Shaddox" <> wrote:
>Gustavo ( wrote about "Bungalow":
>> Its general cheesyness is alsolutely intended!  Even after that,
>> the production is haunting, serene, filled with nice hooks...
>Hear, hear. I got strange looks for saying this was the big sleeper on
>The drum crash that ends the song underscores the futility of the whole
>work-all-the-time, retire-and-die-six-months-later lifestyle. Plus it's such
>an unusual Colin song, with progressions I usually associate more with Andy.

Um, (clearing his throat)... I REALLY LIKE "BUNGALOW" TOO! It's one of the
better examples of sustained artifice in a pop song that I can think of.
Somehow, it reminds me of Brecht and Weil, "The Threepenny Opera," etc. A
song can present a voice that's skewed, and the music can be skewed to match
the lyric voice.  That's why I like "Bungalow."

Matter of fact, I'm hard-pressed to enjoy the much lauded "Skylarking"
unless I grant about half the songs this same license.  Songs like "Grass,"
"The Meeting Place," "That's Really Super, Supergirl," "Earn Enough for Us,"
"Another Satellite," and others DO NOT work for me when read
straightforwardly. "Read" in this sense meaning listened to for both the
lyrics AND the music.

This mixture of artifice and directness, sacred and profane, dreamy and
mundane, is why XTC has sustained my interest for so long.



Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 02:33:54 -0500
From: curtiss@MindSpring.COM (Curtiss Hammock)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #406

>When done he says to the snake "Well, you're thin, cold, and slimy, and
>crawl around in the dirt, so you must be a record company executive!"

The story was not very politically correct, and very unfair.  Snakes are
beautiful creatures, they are not slimy, and they contribute greatly to our
environment.  It is not fair to them, or any other living thing, to compare
them to record company executives.

If you must compare these people to something, perhaps a nice slime mould
would do, as they aren't too easilly offended.


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Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 11:45:06 -0500
Subject: We take the ~A~R~T~ out of Art Rock

Jeff very eloquently writes:

>> It doesn't help for XTC listeners to have a superior attitude (kind of
>> like OS/2 vs. Windoze bigots).  The public is not as stupid as you
>> think.

yea, this is a long-standing problem I've had with the "my tastes beat
yours" attitude. You see, me and art rock go way back. I used to, and on
occasion still do, flash my "cultural superiority" card. Remember when Yes
was a "cult" band? (I mean '71; I know, I'm showing my age)

I love XTC, but popularity-wise, they are right where they should be. That
said, I still think they could come up with more effective means of
generating do-re-me buckaroos, like touring, but I've already beat that

Kyle (minimalist .sig)


Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 11:44:25 -0500
Subject: XTC's next label...

Haven't posted for awhile....

About XTC's departure from Virgin:  I don't know what role Richard Branson
has in Virgin anymore.  Remember from the Book that Virgin did bail them out
of their legal problems with their previous manager, and then proceed to skim
the legal fees off the proceeds of their future records-- from Skylarking
forward, I think.
Meanwhile in the US, Geffen's Jason Whittington, a nice guy for a record
weasel and an XTC fan, knew nothing about their relationship with the band
when I last spoke to him in December.

In 405 frequent contributor and person of obvious taste James Dignan wrote:

>Failing that - a long shot, I know, but - both Joe Jackson and >Robyn
>Hitchcock fall into this "no-hit alternative-pop" (yecch, what a >handle...)
>category, and they're both on A&M...

Sorry, James, but A&M dropped both Jackson and Hitchcock (at least in the
States) precisely for not being commercial.  Joe is now on Virgin (and has
had even poorer sales than ever), and Robyn is to my knowledge without a
label, although Rhino is currently in the process of reissuing all of his

I think Andy should go to a small label with a major-label distribution deal,
preferably one within the WEA or Polygram sphere.  But that's just my bias.
 Meanwhile:  How do I get this Hello disc?

Kevin Brunkhorst


Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 11:51:37 -0500 (EST)
From: Tobin Leo Munsat <tobin@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #406

A few short points:

1.  I'm sure that this has been mentioned before, but Shiny Cage EQUALS
The Beatles' "I'm Only Sleeping" (from Revolver).  Maybe in the FAQ
someone could add a run-down of the biggest influence (song, group,
album, artist, whatever) on each of the Dukes' songs.  I know that this
has been pretty extensively discussed here.

2.  I think harassing Ryko is a great idea.  A little email never hurt
anyone!  Their address again is  XTC on RYKO would rule.

3.  Old topic, I know, but I think that either Belly or The Throwing
Muses would do great XTC covers.  Kristen Hirsch's OR Tanya Donnelly's
voice would sound great on something from English Settlement.  (By the
way, the new Throwing Muses album is great.  My poor (new) Stone Roses disk
doesn't even see my CD player, which is always playing the TM disk)

Oh yes, and if anyone has an extra copy of the Hello disk that they can't
get rid of, email me and I'll take it off your hands.  ;)  -Tobin


Date: Sat, 21 Jan 95 16:23:24 -0500
From: (Stephen Arthur)
Subject: bbc radio one live

i picked up a live xtc cd, dated 12/22/80
it is 57 minutes long, and sounds young and jumpy
1) life begins at the hop
2) burning with optimism's flame
3) love at first sight
4) respectable street
5) no language in our lungs
6) this is pop
7) scissors man
8) towers of london
9) battery brides
10) living through another cuba
11) generals and majors
12) making plans for nigel
13) are you recieving me?
a lot of crowd interaction during the concert
the import (english) and domestic (canada)
cost 20.99 and 13.99 respectively at tower
records, and have identical content, although
the covers were different. so be careful
the disk is marketed by griffin music


From: Damon Z Cassell <>
Subject: New XTC Demo CDs
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 16:26:30 -0500 (EST)


A little while back I had reported that I had obtained five of the
seven(?) "new" XTC bootleg demo CD's.  I haven't been able to
report much else because of time limitations.

Here's what I know (or I think I know):

These CD's appeared in used and underground record stores in New York
(where a friend bought them for me).  I have five in what appears to
be a series of perhaps seven CD's.  I have no idea as to where these
CD's came from, but evidently they are European.  All material on them
is demo material, much of it probably previously available on demo
cassettes that have been passed around by us all.

These CD's are all labeled "Extatic", evidently representing the underground
"company" or individual who compiled them.  They each have catalog numbers
ranging from "EX-001" to "EX-005", and I have heard rumors that there are
perhaps two other CD's, bring this total to seven.

Of the five I have, here is a complete listing of all the songs on these


"EX-001 - XTC Demos 1" "Demos"

(2) Chain Of Command (2) Ten Feet Tall (3) Helicopter
(4) Making Plans For Nigel (5) Officer Blue (6) Making Plans For Nigel*
(7) Chain Of Command* (8) When You're Near Me I Have Difficulties
(9) Officer Blue* (10) Towers Of London (11) Cuba Dub (12) Ball And Chain
(13) Punch And Judy

* These are simply the same demo rehearsed again, perhaps with a reverb
  on the microphone or such.


"EX-002 - XTC Demos 2" "Nonsuch Sessions"

(1) Books Are Burning (2) Wrapped In Grey (3) Ugly Underneath (5) Crocodile
(6) Holly Up On Poppy (7) Then She Appeared (8) Rook (9) Omnibus
(10) Goosy Goosy (11) Rocket (12) Goodbye Humanosaurus
(13) I'm The Man Who Murdered Love (14) Where Did All The Ordinary People Go
(15) It Didn't Hurt A Bit (16) It's Snowing Angel


"EX-003 - XTC Demos 3" "Oranges & Lemons Sessions"

(1) Mayor of Simpleton (2) Blue Beret (3) Miniature Sun
(4) Chalkhills and Children (5) Here Comes President Kill Again
(6) Merely A Man (7) My Train Is Coming (8) Hold Me My Daddy
(9) Across This Antheap (10) Poor Skeleton Steps Out (11) The Loving
(12) Pink Thing (13) Brainiac's Daughter (14) Everything
(15) Don't Ever Call The Chickenhead (16) Ella Guru


"EX-004 - XTC Demos 4" "Helium Kids Tracks And Covers"

(1) Adrenalin (2) Private Eye (3) In Love With The Hurt
(4) Shark In The Pool (5) Cafe (6) Star Park (7) Yabber, Yabber, Yabber
(8) Saturn Boy (9) Walkin' Across The Ceiling (10) Saturn Boy II
(11) Purple Haze (12) Community Worker Breakdown (13) Whole Lotta Age

Note: Tracks 1-10 are Helium Kids demos, 11-13 are early XTC demos.


"EX-005 - XTC Demos 5" "The Big Express Demos"

(1) All You Pretty Girls (2) Bought Myself A Liarbird (3) Seagulls Screaming
(4) Everyday Story Of Smalltown (5) Train Running Low On Soul Coal
(6) You're The Wish You Are I Had (7) Reign Of Blows (8) 25 O'Clock
(9) Bike Ride To The Moon (10) My Love Explodes (11) Spy In Space
(12) Jump The Cup (13) Ocean's Daughter (14) Familiar (15) Primal Gawery
(16) Aqua Dream

Note:  Obviously some of these are Dukes demos.


Now supposedly, there are two other CD's, but I have been unable to locate
them.  They may not exist, but these five sure do.  I found them in the
Village in NYC, thanks to a friend who trekked me through the city to seek
out XTC material that I have been unable to find here in Boston.

Has anyone else come across these CD's?  By the way, I paid about $23
EACH for these things, so they are not cheap.  Oh well.  It's WORTH it,
isn't it? (I'm still not totally convinced).

Some of the demos are pretty crappy sounding, evidently having been taken
 from tapes that had been copied down God-knows-how-many-times.

Anyways, that's enough for me.

Damon Cassell (
Northeastern University - Boston MA


Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 22:16:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Gustavo Machado <>
Subject: XTC's new label

Something that hasn't been considered, as published in #406:  XTC may
still be tied to Geffen Records here in the US.  I'm not sure if Ryko
does worldwide manufacturing and distribution, so maybe another record
company may sign them up in England.

There's a lot of positive spin abnout Creation Records in the British
music press:  they seem to be like the Rykodisk equivalent over there,
even signing Bob Mould up BEFORE Ryko did it here (if I'm not
mistaken...).  They also have Oasis (great band) and many other
groundbreaking acts.  Would they love to sign these undeservedly battered
veterans, these unjustly forsaken geniuses?

Anybody out there from the UK that can shed some more light on this
subject?  Thanks.



Date: Sun, 22 Jan 1995 01:36:55 -0500
Subject: Terry Hall CD

Looks as if people have been unaware of the Terry Hall CD with two tracks
written by Andy. The album is called "Home". It is on Anxious Records (UK)
4509-9/97269-2. The producer ironically is Ian Broudie of Lightning Seeds
fame (why has no one mentioned him as a possible producer for the Swindon
lads- he'd be another excellent choice along with Froom and Friese-Green).
The two tracks co-written by Andy and Terry are "I Drew A Lemon" and "Moon On
Your Dress". Both are very high quality- it'd be great to hear the demoes or
a full XTC band version. I can only imagine Colin's bass line on "Moon"-
PREMIERE BASSIST that he is.(raspberry to those who think otherwise) Anyone
that has a difficult time locating this CD can order it through Compact Disc
Exchange, 5 Padanaram Road, Danbury,CT 06810  phone:(203)730-9666. Geoff,
Coleen and Dan are MOST helpful. For those that end up loving it there is
also a CD single of the track "Forever J"  which has 2 mixes of it and 2
unreleased tracks. No Andy but still good. Bye! Chuck


Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 22:45:39 -0800 (PST)
From: Steve Johnson <>
Subject: Hello CD Club/Explode Together -- The Dub Experiments 78-80

Since a bunch of people started asking about the Hello CD of Andy's,
it's only available to members of the Hello CD Recording Club (run
by John Flansburgh of TMBG!) and you must subscribe for a whole year's
worth of CDs (10 in all).  If you want to join, call (in the U.S.)
1-800-HELLO-41 (1-800-435-5641) with your credit card in hand, or
write to:

 Hello Recording Club
 P.O. Box 551
 Palisaides, NY  10964

I believe subscriptions are US$45/yr. (if you want the Andy CD, ask for
a 1994 subscription!).  I'm not sure if they handle overseas orders or


Someone else asked about the "Dub Experiments" CD, which is called
catalog #CD OVD308 260 944-217, but is out of print, I believe (it
originally came out in 1990).  It contains the GO+ EP plus Andy's
MR. PARTRIDGE - TAKE AWAY/LURE OF SALVAGE LP.  It's a bit obscure, but
a definite collector's item for the big XTC fans around -- it's fun
picking out all the parts of songs from XTC's first 3 albums!

 |        Steve Johnson          | "People will always be tempted to wipe |
 | Email:   |  their feet on anything with 'Welcome' |
 |    or |  written on it."    -- Andy Partridge  |


Date: Sun, 22 Jan 1995 13:12:40 -0500
Subject: Chalkhills posts by XTC members?

Even New York's #2 selling newspaper, Newsday, has realized that the Crash
Test Dummies have "smooth[ed] off the Swiftian irreverence of XTC's 'The
Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead,' leaving mild pop whimsy..."  What I would
really like to know, is what a song about Christ/JFK is doing in a low-brow

Does anyone ever wish that Dave, Colin or Andy (or maybe even Barry or Terry)
had some input on this list?  Dave Lowery occasionally posts on the Camper
Van Beethoven list, why couldn't one of these five?  (don't flame me if the
matter's already been discussed or Andy has been posting all along under an
alias) I don't expect the boys from Swindon to become like They Might Be
Giants, carrying a lap-top around preparing complete letters for their fans
on the 'net. I would be happy with even an annual letter to Chalkhills from
Andy or Colin.

I'm also confused about the Virgin/Geffen connection.  Does XTC have any ties
still to Geffen in the US?  Or did that contract die along with the UK Virgin
contract.   Also, did the US CD of Nonsuch mention Geffen at all on it?  Mine
just says "Virgin Records Ltd." I got mine used, so for all I know it could
be the UK version someone picked up on a vacation.  Sorry for rambling on.

-- Andrew


Date: Sun, 22 Jan 1995 17:02:04 -0500
Subject: Must I change my lifestyle, AGAIN?

<<Digging for her sweet love and I can't waste time
<<Working down that candymine

Ou... Mr. Partridge, so risque... I'm blushing ;->

Dave: thanks for taking the time to type all those lyrics! Speak about
unbridled enthusiasm... But, yes folks, I empathize. It really is the best
thing since sliced bread. I'm not talking about a
demo-of-a-demo-of-a-b-side release, as recorded via a gramophone.

However, to get it, please subscribe to Hello records. Exchanging
home-recorded cassettes does to encourage this sort of behavior. The price
is $40 a year. If your a fan of the Dukes and Explode Together, then you'd
probably enjoy most of Hello's releases. BTW, Hello is ran by one of the
Johns of They Might Be Giants (the bigger one, with glasses) So, if you're
a TMBG fan, all the better.

As printed on the back of the CD:
Hello CD of the Month Club
All original recordings.
All original artists.
10 CD EP's per year
For free brochure or to order
call 1 800 HELLO - 41
or write PO Box 551
Palisades NY 10964


PS Dave writes: <<I'd have to imagine that they're counting "It's Snowing
Angels" as the other "bubble gum" entry.>>

No, I can't agree. However, on the brochure, it mentioned 5 songs. I only
count for on the CD. Perhaps the missing song is the other bubble-gum one?


Date: Sun, 22 Jan 1995 17:11:44 -0500
Subject: "New member finds haven of taste and sanity!"

Greeting to all fellow XTC addicts:

Rich Delgado here in lovely Ohio.  I am EXTREMELY happy to finally get into
and share in your musings, theories and espousals of XTC, Dukes, et. al.

But first, a brief history.

It was in Chicago, 1980 ('81?), listening to "Chicago's Finest Rock" (I
forget their call letters at the moment) when I heard a snappy little tune
"Generals and Majors".  I was actually able to see the video to the song soon
after.  Despite the video, I still found the band to be rather appealing.

Soon it was off the my local record (remember those?) to pick up "Black Sea".
 Not much happened with me and them until I got to college when someone
introduced me to an even neater little ditty called "Life Begins at the Hop",
complete with HIS special version of the lyrics.  The addiction begins.

Since then, I have been a dedicated supporter of this band, mentioning them
to all in the face of such "bands" as Kiss, The Knack, etc. in the early
years and <<place your most unfavorite top-40 band here) today.

Well, this letter is getting a little long in the tooth, so I'll say 'caio'
for now.

PLEASE keep those cards and letters coming.  I'd hate to think that Boys II
Men is the now acceptable high point of musicality.


From: "Pete Dresslar, troublemaker" <PDRESS@LISP.PURDY.WAYNE.EDU>
Date:          Sun, 22 Jan 1995 17:35:30 EST
Subject:       Go Goo

Hi everyone.   I've been gone for awhile and changed my account.
Thus, having no idea what is going on in Lemurland, I thought I'd
just throw this random thought out there for consumption...

I never really did like Go 2 much.  I just listened to it the other
day, and it does largely nothing for me.  I got sucked in by that
cool album cover, though.
-Pete Dresslar           --->
Grad Student, Lab Assistant, Loudmouth in the
LIS program at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA
    "kisses are a better fate than wisdom" -e. e. cummings


Date: Mon, 23 Jan 1995 11:12:42 +0100
From: (Dirk Paul Flach)
Subject: Van Dyke Parks

Hi all,

caught some notes about Van Dyke Parks as a possible producer for a next XTC
album. At first I dind't really think seriously about this options, until I
realized he did the arrangements for a really beautiful violin-based track
on the latest Chills-CD. Anyone know which song I'm talking about? Forgot
the name (James Dignan should know I guess). Now I know for sure: Van Dyke
Parks definitely is a good option, although I doubt he will be able to get
XTC in a band-like sound again, as I prefer to hear them.

BTW, everyone should listen to the Chills: great stuff, too. Their latest
album (it's not so recent, though, anyone know of new stuff by them?) is
called Soft Bomb. I'm afraid I'm not only a Chalkhillian, but a Chillian,

Dirk Paul
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Date: Mon, 23 Jan 1995 10:12:18 -0500
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #405

Question: Someone told me the reason why I never see a tour of XTC is that
Andy is stagefright! Is there any truth to this? If so, I would be very
disappointed. I would love to see them live.


Date: Mon, 23 Jan 1995 12:33:13 -0500
Subject: A Minor Mystery Solved

Sorry to bother you all twice in the same issue, but thanks to Mr. Relph's
discography I have confirmed that the my Nonsuch CD is from the UK.  I picked
it up used about 7 months ago, and it has the castle silk-screened on the
jewel-box, which means it's part of the limited edition.  The catalog number,
and the lack of any mention of Geffen confirms that it's the Virgin UK


Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 12:12:55 +0000 (GMT)
From: David William Lawson <>
Subject: hello/videos

  Hello i've beem told, as a new subscriber to introduce myself.
  I'm David Lawson one of the few XTC fans in Scotland. I first got
into XTC when one of my friends lent me Nonsuch which he had bought
after hearing the disapointed. A couple of plays and I was hooked.
  However I have to confess that I have had no success in converting any
others to the cause. I have tried in vain to lend out my (many) CDs and
one time, when I still whent to school I pestered the bus driver to play
Nonsuch on the tape machine. The whole bus including the driver accused
me of having, "poor musical judgment" and never let me play that tape
or any other ever again.
  It must be somthing in the water.
  Anyway a couple of issues back Patty Haley asked where you could get
"legitamate videos". Virgin released "Look Look" which has all the
singles 77-82 except Sgt Rock. I've only seen it on sale once so its
probably been deleted. The reason that Dave could be viewed as
"looking like a wank" is that in Respectable street video he has a
very unbecoming beard.


Date:         Tue, 24 Jan 95 10:00:38 EST
Subject: potential producer <chalkhills@PRESTO.IG.COM>

oops!  okay, my subject line is cleverly disguised as the "to" line (we have
secretly replaced their normal subject line with folgers instant coffee --
let's see if the notice . . .).  sorry, just another silly american commercial.
  anyway, back to our regularly scheduled program and discussion.
if he's still alive (and i'm sure he is), how about the producer for the
beatles (i've forgotten his name, and i'm too sleepy to plumb the depths of
my brain)?  no justification other than the fact that if he could cope with
the original fab four's quirks, then he should be able to work well with the
swindon crowd.  then again, he may have become crotchedy over the years.
just a thought.   -- ayanna


From: (Joe Jarrett)
Subject: Demo CD's
Date: 22 Jan 1995 20:16:43 GMT
Organization: North York Board of Education

Can anyone out there help with getting some info on the mysterious Demo CD's?
I need to know what is on them if possible and where to find them. Or if you
could email me with the catalogue number, country of origin, and other useful
info then maybe I can order them. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Date:         Tue, 24 Jan 95 12:29:14 EST
From: Melissa Reaves <MREAVES@KENTVM.KENT.EDU>
Subject:      Then She Appeared not Holly...

Correction time!  In the last issue I erroneously stated that Andy
recycled a line from Pale & Precious in Holly up on Poppy.

Well it was late at night and I probably should not have been at the
It wasn't a whole line that was recycled, more of a concept or
metaphor.  And it was recycled into a whole nother song than
the one I was thinking of, i.e. Then She Appeared.

P&P:  She takes the stars out of the sky and lights the sun with
her bright eyes.

TSA:  And the sun which formerly shone from the (something) clear
blue sky suddenly just packed its bags now shines from her blue eyes.

(I have no printed lyrics--and these might be slightly skewed 'cause
I left the tape in the car.)

I guess I just associate P&P more with Holly up for some reason.
The whole thank goodness for little girls thing, I guess.

Oh well.   I'm just glad I got to put in this correction before the
next issue comes out.  I might still get nailed but not as bad.

Every second spent with her's a bulging wallet overstuffed with
angels' pay...laughter.



Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 22:42:38 -0500 (EST)
Subject: RH re-releases

I thought Robyn Hitchcock fans on the list might be interested to know
that his first three albums (Black Snake Diamond Role, Gravy Deco [Groovy
Decoy or Groovy Decay], and I Often Dream of Trains) have been
re-released by Rhino records.

They should be available at any decent record store (I just picked them
all up at the local store).

Also, his next three albums will be re-released at the end of February.
Finally, two more in March plus an all new rarities CD (You & Oblivion).

Sorry this post has nothing to do with XTC, but XTC doesn't need
re-releases since all their stuff is currently available (more or less).
That explains why I'm sending this post to the XTC list, right?

--Craig Farber

post script -- Does anyone know how old Andy, Colin, & Dave are?  This
might give us an idea of how realistic it is to hope that they will put
out more than one more album.


Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 07:34:32 +0000
From: (Allan Toombs)
Subject: Hello All

As suggested a letter introducing myself. I found your Chalkhills by leaving
a posting in, the Kate Bush newsgroup, betting that there
would be an
intersection of fan interests. Craig Synder and Jo Malone responded, putting
me onto your trail. Many thanks to both Craig and Jo.
        I've been on the net for over 9 months now but for much of that time
I was struggling with the BBC Net Club and it's technical breakdowns. Anyway
I must confess that in my readiness to try out the Web, Newsgroups et. al.
I'd underestimated how good mailing lists can be. It took Dumb-Angel the
Beach Boys fans 'reflector' style list to change my mind. Now your list
looks like the compiler variety, which will be something different again.
I've just visited the Chalkhills Web site and it's excellent. Exemplary use
of the 3W format, particulary the art gallery, I've always wanted the
Skylarking artwork as a T-shirt and your .gif was brilliantly done.
        I've yet to read the back issues I downloaded so I'll save my
  / "I keep looking for a place to fit in where I can speak my mind" \
 /   Coming soon Splink!       \
/ |--------------------------Allan Toombs----------------------------| \


Date: 25 Jan 1995 08:27:30 -0500
From: "Wesley Wilson" <>
Subject: Up from the Dark

RYKO fans (count me in, too!) should check out the Stewart-Gaskin
collaboration, "Up from the Dark." Although this CD is about 10 years old,
it's meticulously done, with Barbara Gaskin's angelic vocals and Stewart's
electronic keyboard wizardry. This is the Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin of
Hatfield and the North, Egg, etc. fame. I know I've plugged this CD before,
but it really has grown on me.

The draw here is that it includes covers of "Roads Girdle the Globe" and
Thomas Dolby's "Leipzig."

Ben Rubin - If you're reading this, I'm still working on your tape. Sorry for
the delay! Melinda Hale - Hello! Christie - Write mail was fouled
up, but I think I've solved the problem.



From: Andisheh Nouraee <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 13:17:12 -0500
Subject: XTC For Sale

Dear Chalkhillians,

I have some XTC vinyl for sale or trade.  Please e-mail me if you are

1.  Beeswax -Virgin OVED 9-    VG+ condition.  Made in England
2.  The Mayor of Simpleton -promo- 12 inch single -Geffen 21160-0-    VG+
        condition.  It has only been played once.  Includes Ella Guru,
        Living In A Haunted Heart, The Good Things.  U.S.A.
3.  The Dukes of Stratosphear, 25 oUClock -WOW 1-   VG condition.
        Made in England
4.  The Dukes of Stratosphear, YouUre A Good Man Albert Brown 12 inch
        single -Virgin VS98212-    VG condition.  Made in England.

Also, can someone please tell me where I can get a list of music newsgroups?

Thank You,


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