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              Chalkhills Digest, Number 406

                 Friday, 20 January 1995

Today's Topics:
                  Re: Delicious Cooking
               Re:  Chalkhills Digest #405
                 New Subscriber Greetings
                  Used disks + a comment
               Andrew Partridge, Eroticist
                Froom with a(nother) view
                      label thoughts
              Comments, comments, XTC, etc.
                     Record Labels...
              Froom with a view, "Bungalow"
                         XTC Dub?
               History of Alternative Music
                     New Member & etc
                   Re: Andy's Hello CD
                 acoustic radio tour trax
                     == No Subject ==
                     XTC Co-op label.
                      Rykodsic Rocks
                    Andy's "Hello" CD
                  Drivel- and lots of it


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Hello and down comes the rain...


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 9:39:19 PST
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: Delicious Cooking

Jason M. Phelan <> wants:
>1. A good good clear recording of their radio acoustic shows (any)
>   because "Kings for a Day" the Boston recordings cd sucks,
>   quality wise.

I don't know if the _XTC Acoustic Radio Tour_ tape could be called
"good clear recording" (opinions?) but the tape contains excerpts from
four acoustic radio appearances, including WBCN Boston, WFNX
Lynn/Boston, WXRT Chicago, KROQ Los Angeles, and the Letterman live
performance of "King for a Day".  Some of the acoustic songs performed
include "Blue Beret", "Mayor of Simpleton", "Dear God", "Big Day", and
"Pink Thing".  Send me mail if you're interested.

Patricia A McFadden <pamcfadden@EFANW.NAVFAC.NAVY.MIL> muses:
>I like the idea of a compilation of various musicians doing XTC covers...if
>only it were true.  Is there anything coming from XTC in the near future?

It is true!  Not only are two volumes of OBSCENE COLLECTIONs already
available, but David Yazbek has testified that a TESTIMONIAL DINNER is
being cooked up as we speak!  And don't forget about the SKYLACKING
project!  The newest non-XTC XTC is the Andy Partridge single from
Hello Recording Club (10 singles/year, US$46, not available in stores,
call 1-800-HELLO-41 to subscribe).

Wesley Wilson <> asks:
>Did someone say they actually have the new ex-Specials Terry Hall CD, with
>the two Partridge songs on it?

If so, can we get the catalog number and Partridgian credits for the

Joe Ierano <IERANO_J@DD.PALMER.EDU> recommends:
>Lightening Seed, "Sense" has some fine songs on it.

There's an XTC connection here, albeit tenuous, which is that Terry
Hall co-wrote songs on this album (and other Lightning Seeds LPs).

Other Chalkhills news: the lyrics have been re-done!  Check the Chalkhills
Web page (

        -- John


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 13:33:09 EST
From: (Don A.B. Lindbergh)
Subject: Re:  Chalkhills Digest #405

>           New Partridge Release on Hello Records
>                       Hellooo Andy!
>               Andy's Hello CD Out [SPOILERS]

Argh!  Three posts about this CD (including one very detailed one) yet
NOBODY gives a pointer to a SOURCE for purchasing it.  Please?
Oh, I checked the web site (faq, archives etc.)  No pointer to the Hello
club.  Please post to the list, emails will be forwarded to the list.



Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 13:39:04 -0500
Subject: New Subscriber Greetings

Hello Fellow Enlightened Music Listeners!
While browsing through the Internet mailing lists available to us AOL
members, I was thrilled to find Chalkhills. I was even more excited to
actually get some mail within 24 hours of subscribing - much better service
than publications like "The Little Express" or "Limelight".  My good words
are that I read in some British mag (Select, Q, or something like that) that
Martin Newell has played a couple dates around England with Dave Gregory
backing him up. Oh, be still my heart, although I hold out little hope that
Martin will leave his garden long enough to come to the States.
Earlier this year, I was unaware that when I scoffed at the option to see
Aimee Mann play here at the Whiskey A Go-Go, that I was missing my only
chance to see Dave Gregory in person.
Any news on new albums, Andy's divorce, or what Colin is up to would be
greatly appreciated.
By the way, I have a tape of the boys live on WXRT in Chicago from the
Oranges and Lemons radio tour, and a phone interview with Andy, conducted by
one Tom Chao, from the middle of last year. Let me know if anyone's
interested and how I can get it to you. The Dukes rule my CD Drive! PIX


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 14:40:38 -0600 (CST)
From: Doug Finney <SINSFDWF@Admin.UH.EDU>
Subject: Used disks + a comment

First order of business: I saw three excellent used disks today and thought
I'd pass the word on in case someone out there can't find them for less.
(Just missed getting this in issue #405 so let me know a.s.a.p. or I'm
sure they'll vanish before I can get them.

XTC - Rag and Bone Buffet
XTC - English Settlement
The Grays - Ro Sham Bo

Tax and postage would bring the total cost to about $10.50 each.

I'm also selling a off a bunch of my cds, one of which is relevent to this

XTC - Demo Tracks (Japanese)  $11 + postage ($1.50 in the US)


John C Steffes <> writes:

>2) While we're all waiting with trepidation to see whether the band is able
>to put out another album, why aren't we all networking to see them picked up
>by another label?  My vote here is for Rykodisc, specifically for the case
>of Bob Mould.  As some of you may know, he put out two albums on some big
>major label (Warner Brothers perhaps?) before he was given the boot.

Actually they were on (no big surprise) Virgin. Warner Bros. did release
the last couple albums from Bob's former band, Husker Du.

I agree Rykodisc would be an excellent label for XTC. Not only would they
finally be treated with some respect but their new disks would look cool
in Ryko's green jewel boxes. :)



Date: 19 Jan 1995 12:42:31 U
From: "Bob Sherwood" <>
Subject: Andrew Partridge, Eroticist

     Oh, jeez.  I just read the lyrics posted by Dave Franson from Andy's
"Hello" CD.  God, he has a way, that bespectacled little megalomaniac from
the east.  I would have known that this was Partridge without any other
indication whatsoever.  Does anyone know of another person who can deal with
erotic love quite the way Partridge does?  He renders it so awesomely and
gently, but doesn't take away any of the urgency or baseness or realness that
other artists are in such a hurry to deny.  "Snowing Angels" is gorgeous.
Where do I get mine???  How did you people hook up with it?  Someone please
clue me.
      Yeh, yeh.  I know.  I should nay've cut into "Bungalow" in my "XTC
favorites and non-favorites";  it's like, supposed to sound like that or
something.  Well, I think we've been through the whole debate on Chalkhills
already so I'll let it rest.  Now, "Wardance"- THAT one _really_ chews....
     RYKO! RYKO! RYKO!.  All the way, man.  For one thing, they got Zappa.
Fer another, they send the best rejection letters in the world.  Both my
manager and myself have gotten letters back from them after meetings and
submissions that were priceless.  Examples of what they didn't like:
"It wasn't 'musicky' enough" (3/90).  "We prefer our artists to cover at
least one lousy 70's T.V. show theme" (6/91).  "This is the sound of bad
haircuts" (5/92).  "Your tape was forwarded to the mail room" (3/93).
     The all-time winner was personally signed by the head of A&R in
Minneapolis, Jeff Rougvie.  This one read, "we really loved the tape.  It was
the music _on_ it that we couldn't stand."  THAT is class (each rejection
letter was, of course, photocopied by myself and sent back to them with my
own "we are not accepting rejections at this time" standardized form).  I
think Partridge could hang with these people...  Hey, did anyone see that
episode of "Baywatch" with Mariah Carey doing "Complicated Game"? %( (Andy,
reading this)


Date: 19 Jan 1995 15:32:19 -0500
From: "Russell Shaddox" <>
Subject: Froom with a(nother) view

pj keane <> writes in#404:

> Mitchell Froom did some awseome work with a lil' band called the
> Del Fuegos ... I believe he worked with Marshall Crenshaw as well...

And here1s another couple o' coppers:

Froom would be an amazing choice to produce XTC, although (1) He and
Andy would kill each other by the end, and (2) I think Andy does a pretty
good job himself, although I gather the other band members feel a
producer is a good way of preventing a total Partridgeocracy. As for
Froom1s production talents, I have to say that the most recent Los Lobos
album, as well as Crowded House1s title album, are two of my
favorites. Froom has a knack for taking a good band1s sound straight
into the Great Beyond. Plus he1s got a cool name.
I always liked Lillywhite1s work as well. But (like Todd R) he1d probably
rather mainline moose droppings than do another XTC album.

#  !!!!!    #  Russell Shaddox ( #
#  ! {}{}   #  Yale University Human Resources                      #
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#   ! )-    #   "I got to boogie woogie like a knife in the back."  #
# (---//--  #                                       - "Sea Cruise"  #
 If there1s a message here, it1s probably mine, and not the strident
   rantings of an increasingly reckless and liberal-leaning media.


From: William Carroll <>
Subject: label thoughts
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 16:17:37 -0500 (EST)

"Big E.S." <> writes:
> First of all, let's realize that most record labels, including indies,
> are run by scum-sucking maggots.

Which reminds me of a story, told to me by a friend who once worked in
the recording industry:

A blind rabbit and a blind snake run into each other in the woods. After
coming to the realization that the collision took place because they were
both blind, the rabbit suggests "Before we say any more, let's play a
little game - we'll each lick the other all over and guess what kind of
animal they are." The snake agrees and goes first.

"Well, you're short, furry all over and have big ears, so I'd guess you're
a rabbit."

"Very good," says the rabbit, who proceeds to his turn.

When done he says to the snake "Well, you're thin, cold, and slimy, and
crawl around in the dirt, so you must be a record company executive!" (James Dignan) writes:
> Failing that - a long shot, I know, but - both Joe Jackson and Robyn
> Hitchcock fall into this "no-hit alternative-pop" (yecch, what a handle...)
> category, and they're both on A&M...

Not any more! Joe Jackson recently released his second album on, you guessed
it, Virgin. I read that he left A&M because Virgin offered him more creative
freedom. Go figure.

And for those curious about the no drums concept, go buy that new release
 from JJ - _Night Music_ is excellent and I heartily recommend it. It has
drums on only one track and certainly does not suffer for their absence.

                William R. Carroll
        Have an out of car experience. Walk and bike, feel the wind,
             meet friends, see wildlife, and be part of nature.


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 16:46:40 EST
From: (Patty Haley)
Subject: Comments, comments, XTC, etc.

My goodness gracious, we are a talkative bunch, aren't we?  I keep
thinking I'll get caught up on my Chalkhills and another one pops
up in the queue.  So let me attempt to say my piece before the
next digest sets me behind again:

1.  Songs in the middle of CDs that once were b-sides:  Depends on
the album.  I think _Mummer_ is ruined by the b-sides injected in
the middle, but the ones on _Black Sea_ don't bother me.  I like
those songs on the _Black Sea_ disc.
2.  Tim Friese-Greene as XTC producer?  Genius!  He did a boffo job
on Catherine Wheel's _Ferment_, and I'm sure he'd do a mondo swell
job on the next XTC.  I wouldn't have any objection to seeing (hearing)
Steve Lillywhite do the next one, but as they seem averse to having a
producer work with them twice, that might not work.  Or is it Andy's
personality?  I will have to get the whole scoop from _Chalkhills and
3.  Thanks to Jeff Rosedale for the passionate defense of Colin some
issues ago.  He can sing, play and write just fine in my book, and I'm
picky.  As I get older, there are fewer artists/groups that can put 'em
out to my liking.  I'm willing to forgive him for "Bungalow" when he's
come up with some really outstanding tunes.
4.  Can someone email me privately about the Andy-hitting-Sting-with-a-
pineapple bit on video that was mentioned several issues ago?  I'd love
to get a hold of this, but I don't know if it's commercially available.
5.  I had dinner on Sunday with another XTC mega-fan.  He said he met the
band on one occasion, and on another occasion while he talked with Andy
Andy drew a caricature of him!  Naturally he's saved this.  He said that
the band were all very nice:  "I'd just have to call them regular guys."
When I wind up seeing the caricature, I'll let you all know how accurate
it was. :-)
6.  Melissa Reaves claims:  " I _like_ Colin.  He seems real nice.
Watching their old videos Andy is too manic and Dave looks like a wank
but Colin looks nice.  If I could sit and talk to one of them for an
evening, that's who I'd choose."  I must admit literally bursting out
laughing and slapping my knee on this one, thanks Melissa.  I'd appreciate
some enlightenment on why Dave looks like a wank :-), although I'm
grateful for the hysterics I went into from this claim with no proof.
7.  Does anyone know what makes the fly noise on "Fly on the Wall"?  I mean,
I know it's a guitar, but does anyone know who's doing what with a what to
it?  I never cease to amaze at the inventiveness of this.
8.  I have access to buy some rather expensive XTC goodies.  Anyone with
the 5 demo discs by XTC and a "rare live recording" CD called _Fab Foursome
in Philly_ (1979 show), can you kindly email me privately to let me know
if they're each worth the $25 plus shipping, she says, getting ready to go
find recipes for living yet another month off of beans and potatoes.
9.  With the XTC quote I've been including in my sig, I've been getting some
really positive comments from folks on other mailing lists I'm on, musical
and non-musical, which I find pretty heartening.

Thanks in advance to those getting in touch with comments/advice.


Catherine Wheel World Wide Web Home Page:
"Don't let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey." XTC


From: Damon Z Cassell <>
Subject: Record Labels...
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 17:42:02 -0500 (EST)

I agree that Rykodisc would probably be an excellent label for XTC to
migrate to.  Their re-releases of Costello and Zappa, as well as their
new releases from bands such as Sugar are wonderful.

Hey, why not petition them.  They have an email address:

Maybe with enough harassment they would show an interest.  They are a
friendly company.



Date: 19 Jan 1995 16:00:48 -0500
From: "Russell Shaddox" <>
Subject: Froom with a view, "Bungalow"

I gather someone put Mitchell Froom on their XTC producer wish list.
Definitely a great choice, although he and Andy would kill each
other by the release date. The most recent Los Lobos album, as well as
"Crowded House," are two of my favorite Froom-produced works. Plus his name
sounds like a Don Martin sound effect.

I always liked Steve Lillywhite's production as well. But (like Todd R) he'd
probably rather mainline moose droppings than do another XTC album.

Gustavo ( wrote about "Bungalow":
> Its general cheesyness is alsolutely intended!  Even after that,
> the production is haunting, serene, filled with nice hooks...

Hear, hear. I got strange looks for saying this was the big sleeper on
The drum crash that ends the song underscores the futility of the whole
work-all-the-time, retire-and-die-six-months-later lifestyle. Plus it's such
an unusual Colin song, with progressions I usually associate more with Andy.

So sorry, no flames from me on this one, G-man...

Russell Shaddox
"Hey put away that ray; how do you Martians say I love you?"


From: Max Young <>
Subject: XTC Dub?
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 09:48:46 +1000 (EST)

As a pom (limey) living in oz, it's kinda difficult to find out much
about XTC.

I 'discovered' them around '78 when living in squalor in London. They
played a couple of live radio gigs on Capital Radio (I recorded them
at the time, but over the years the tape just wore out - DAMN!)

I'm not what you might call a devotee - I like the music - that's about
it. I don't really know much about the band beyond what I read on the
album covers - doesn't interest me too much.

I do, however, Lurrrve the music - right from the early stuff to the
more recent. My first stop in any record store is the X category. Over
here, though, XTC stuff is few & far between.

I did see, just before Xmas, a CD called The Dub Experiments 19??-19??

Anyone have any info on this?

Favourite song? Hmm, impossible to list one! Jeeze. OK, well, somewhere
around Statue of Liberty and I'm Bugged or maybe or (can't remember the title
Why does she treat me like a Snowman). Oh, and Mechanic dancin'.

God, there's so many good songs the boys have done.

Does anyone have a video of the UK documentary about XTC? I saw it twice
in the days when I couldn't aford a video tape, let alone a vcr! I just
loved it when they numbered the synth keys!

Oh, well, enough ramblings.

\/ ___ ---
/\  |  L__


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 19:33:26 -0500
Subject: History of Alternative Music

Long Island Radio station WDRE (which is now heard in many other areas) is
spending the next two weeks playing "every" alternative song ever recorded in
alphabetical order.  As expected, I heard "Dear God" the other night.  But
last night, when I heard the beginning of "Generals and Majors" right after a
commercial I almost died from shock.  Now I can't wait to see what they might
play next.  Sure, I could just pop the CDs in and listen to them that way,
but it's the principle of the thing.  Someone out there thinks XTC songs are
significant enough to be included in this catalogue of music, when about 95%
of the die-hard "alternative" lovers don't know who they are.


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 21:12:10 -0500
Subject: New Member & etc

Found Chalkhills through America Online newsgroups search.  They won't have
World Wide Web for a few more weeks, so I'll have to peruse through FTP next
time I'm looking around.

Became a fan at Drums & Wires (I was 12 years old and way hip then, probably
not so now.)  Became a DJ in high school and had to fend off slurs that I was
playing "punk rock" on the public radio station.  We had a strong signal and
turned many people within 35 miles of Des Moines, IA onto good music between
1982-1985.  I still have many of the import 7" singles with picture sleeves
>From 83-85.

I wasn't aware of the label release until recently.  I've read the book about
them, "Chalkhills and Children," and find it almost impossible to believe
that after all these years Virgin would go and do a thing like that.  Most of
their problems have been with management, it seems.

While I'm writing, I'd like to connect with Bill Nelson fans.  Recently got
Channel Light Vessel's album and think it's wonderful.  Both Bill and Andy
have worked with Harold Budd, so I know there must be some fans who are
interconnected.  If you know of any newsgroups for Bill Nelson, please let me



Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 20:46:30 -0600 (CST)
From: Martin Wagner <>
Subject: Re: Andy's Hello CD

Oo cool. I didn't know he had a solo effort in the works.

Could those who own this thing provide some precise information as to
label, title, cat no., distributor, so I can see if my local retailer can
order one. And please don't flame me in the event I missed a previous
post providing just such information.



Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 01:22:42 -0500
Subject: acoustic radio tour trax

The recording I found from the O+L radio tour is a double 7" vinyl thing from
KROQ in Los Angeles--sound is pretty good, except the snippets of a most
annoying dj.  Also (in the legitimate recordings department), a station in
Dallas, "the Edge," released a compilation of stuff recorded at their studios
called "the Adventure Club Sessions."  Included is a version of the most
excellent "Blue Beret" from that same tour, along with stuff by folks such as
Frank Black, Jellyfish, Blur, James, Catherine Wheel, Posies, etc.  A pretty
cool find.

As for the producer thing...if not John Leckie (and why the hell not?), then
I hereby put in a good word for the duo of Paul Q. Kolderie and Sean Slade at
Fort Apache in Boston--okay, they do stuff that's a bit rougher around the
edges than what the Swindon boys are used to these days, but what the hey.


Date: Fri, 20 Jan 95 13:17 GMT
From: (Psion plc  Joe Odukoya)
Subject: == No Subject ==

Simple question
What is this new Andy release (on Hello records?) and how can us UK folks
get hold of a copy - please.

- Joeo -


Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 10:48:39 GMT
Subject: XTC Co-op label.

Dear Huge XTC Fans,

Someone said (though I just deleted her/his name):
> I've changed my mind: I think the boys should just start thier own label,
> press their own CD's and the like. That's probably their best chance at
> this point.

This set me a-thinking.  Perhaps XTC *should* start there own label.
But of course the boys are poor(ish).  Why don't all the XTC fans
(that's YOU that is) all contribute stlg5($7) and become sharholders in
the label, or perhaps that could be an advance on the forthcoming
album.  I am no ecomonist or business man so I don't know how things
could or would work.  Of course the outlay could be risky but who
cares?  Andy was quoted as saying he could produce two albums a year
so for the possibility of that wouldn't it be worth the risk.  Surely
there are enough XTC fans out there to make the whole thing totally
feasible as a business that would at least break even and give Andy,
Dave and Colin a respectable income.  Perhaps one of the fans with
music know-how could start the label (and I know that a lot of you
exist out there).

There are 600 Chalkhillians out there and probably at least that in
Limelight and Little Express subscribers, I am sure that we could
easily raise enough cash to start a label! I for one would be _very_
willing to risk a small amount of money to release XTC albums.  Just
think what it would be like to be a part of the company that
releases music of our favourite (well, at least second favourite)

Lets all think about this!

Dames TWD


Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 17:51:47 -0600 (CST)
From: "And how they'll be jealous of both of us..." <>
Subject: Rykodsic Rocks

Several of you brilliant souls mentioned Rykodisc for XTC's new label.
Excellent idea, in my opinion.  And here is why:

For a year before I returned to school, I worked in a Border's record
store (it's a fairly large, American chain.)  Anyway, we were having
problems with the green jewel boxes coming in cracked or even totally
mangled, as a result of their thin plastic.  I faxed Rykodisc,
expressing concern.  TWO DAY LATER...I got 20 brand-spanking new jewel
boxes, a free promotional CD, AND a letter of apology, hand-written,
by the "Human Services" director or whatever.  Is that cool or what?
No label I know of besides Ryko would do that.

Also, given what Ryko has done with Elvis and Bowie, us Dukeheads
can't loose.  Perhaps more bootlegs will be unearthed and released as
part of a boxed set (like Elvis.)  The more we can get, the more we
love our three favorite Swindonians.

Just a thought,


Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 12:52 EST
From: Matthew Mirapaul <>
Subject: Andy's "Hello" CD

I received in today's mail the November 1994 offering from the Hello
label's CD of the month, a four-track collection by Andy Partridge.
The label on the cardboard sleeve has AP's name, the track listing,
a note that "All instruments played by Andy Partirdge and recorded
in his garden shed," and a grainy photo of AP holding a rose, staring
moodily at the camera with his chin on his other hand, and with the
upper half of a geisha's (Madame Butterfly's?) head pasted roughly
over his scalp line.

The accompanying one-page promo sheet for the Hello label's offerings
includes this description:  "An excellent effort from one of the
biggest talents around, XTC's unstoppable songsmith goes 'Hello'
with four brand new selections including 2 great songs from the
unreleased 'Bubble Gum Album.'"

The track selection is "Prince of Orange," "It's Snowing Angels,"
"Candymine" and "Some Lovely (Brown Guitar)."  Despite its brevity
at 12:52, 'tis indeed an excellent effort, with spare-but-not-simple
arrangements and the typical instantly hummable songcraft.

Now the bad news:  Hello, which is run by They Might Be Giants
member John Flansburgh and some pals, doesn't sell the CDs
individually.  You have to subscribe to a year's worth of
10 discs.  Not only is it rather pricey at $43 to $51 depending
on the year and whether you get a T-shirt or not (I rather like
mine), but most of the CDs that I've received over the past 18
months while waiting for the Andy effort to arrive have been
quite dreadful (but I find TMBG to be quite unlistenable,
despite the presence of former Pere Ubu bassist Tony Maimone,
and a lot of the CDs have a strong TBMG soun).  The cheapest
package that gets you the AP CD is $43 for the '94 set and no
T-shirt.  I have absolute no affiliation with this organization,
and am letting my membership drop now that I got the Big (Express)
Payoff, but if you're interested, call 1-800-HELLO-41, or write
Hello, P.O. Box 551, Palisades, N.Y. 10964 USA (note: there's
sales tax for NY residents and there's extra shipping charges
for non-US residents).

I've been lurking for two or three months now, so I hope this
posting serves in some way to compensate for the enormous amount
of worthwhile information and high-level discourse that I've
derived to date.  But what in the world is the "Bubble Gum Album"?



Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 20:21:19 +0700
From: (Adam J. Ostermann)
Subject: Drivel- and lots of it

Caught up reading on the CHALKHILLS digests; I've been off school for a
month and had no access to the net since then. So to catch up on random

BIL IN MINNNEAPOLIS: Good call on Jack Logan's ^Bulk^, am currently
listening to it. Bizarre at times, but good pop shines though. Good deal,
too - two discs for under $15.

VAN DYKE PARKS FUTURE XTC PRODUCER: Not surprising considering his resume.
It probably will work out pretty good, the guy always has ideas and, as an
added bonus, is a stupendous string conductor (To ALL XTC fans: go to your
nearest cutout bin and seek out the Chills' ^Soft Bomb^ RIGHT NOW. They're
a New Zealand band that never got a fair shake IMO and Parks does strings
on "Water Wolves," I believe, but all 17 tracks are prestine guitar pop
with thoughtful lyrics) And speaking of the Chills...

MARK DERBY: Good to hear that BT is alive and well. Number 33 (the one with
Andy in it) has been the only one I've been able to find. Jack Rabid has
great taste in music and his music business editorials are always right on

who suggested RYKODISC as their next label. However, I think the Swindon
three are still contractually tied to GEFFEN here in the States. At any
rate, more than a decade and a half with one label is a heck of a
testament, and I wish the band nothing but the best in finding a new label.

^DRUMS AND WIRELESS^: It's a pretty cool disc, especially considering I got
it for (get this) $9.99!!! The place I got it at misstickered it because
when the guy scanned it showed $17.99. He saw the sticker and he had to
give it to me at sticker price! The intro is great, and despite the lack of
chronology flows from beginning to end.

EXTRA TRACKS GRIPES: Giving the discs another listen, I think it varies
 from case to case. You hardly notice it on ^Drums and Wires^ and ^Go2^ but
^Mummer^ (the instrumentals, nice as they are) and ^Black Sea^ (that dumb
Partridge synthesizer thing-"The Sombolist"?!) suffer for it. What does tee
me off is the insert for ^English Settlement^ CD, or to be more precise,
the lack of one. The LP sleeve has all the lyrics and a nice band picture
besides! All the other Geffen releases have nice, informative booklets.
What gives? (Other than the fact that ^ES^ was, for a long time, the only
pre-^Skylarking^ XTC CD you could buy before Geffen re-pressed them)

Now back to our regularly sheduled non-ranting.

Adam Ostermann

Adam J. Ostermann (
UW-Madison student and inventor of a capella techno music
"What's on FOXT tonight? Something ribald, no doubt..." - Homer Simpson
ADAM'S PICK DISC OF THE WEEK: "Drums and Wireless: The BBC Sessions" by XTC


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