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              Chalkhills Digest, Number 404

                 Sunday, 15 January 1995

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                     Hans <not Franz>
                    Idle No Longer...
                Re: Chalkhills Digest #403
        'Skylarking' and Badfinger's 'Straight Up'
 XTC "tribute" band to REALLY play 1/18/95 in Athens, GA!
               Another cook in the kitchen
                bonus tracks/hans de vente
                  Microship Nasty Thread
               xtc in entertainment weekly
                       Virgin Good?
                     XTC's popularity
                     Skylark gold UD
                All-time Brilliant Moments
                     Various Subjects
                   music recommendation
                      Re: Residents
                    Mitch gets my vote
                    Re: Branson & XTC


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Date: Wed, 11 Jan 1995 20:05:19 -0600 (CST)
From: "Jason M. Phelan" <>
Subject: delicious

Hello chalkhillers,

I am delighted everytime I log on to find I have mail from Chalkhills. It
just brightens my day. Cheers to every XTC fan on this planet (and beyond).

I wish someone would tell me or could tell me what the quickest way to get
"Drums and Wireless" would be. Also I am still trying to find

1. A good good clear recording of their radio acoustic shows (any)
   because "Kings for a Day" the Boston recordings cd sucks,
   quality wise.
2. Any video of those shows or their MTV or Letterman appearence.

Well this note isn't just all "I want, I want, I want!" It is just really
to  Thank everyone for being such great fans as to start a mailer like
this and  I hope XTC does for your heart what they do to mine. They make
me happy and bring me much joy. Their music is brilliant and I can't wait
to hear new things from and about them.

"Your the wish You are I had"


Date: Wed, 11 Jan 1995 18:44:09 -0800
From: (Will Kreth)
Subject: Hans <not Franz>

Herr Relph opines:
>>>And who the heck is "Hans de Vente" who sings on "Melt the Guns" and gets
>>>thanked in at least one other album's liner notes?
>>I think Hans de Vente is an artist whom XTC have worked with upon
>>various occasions.  He is mentioned in the _Skylarking_ liner notes.

I asked Andy in a phone interview I did years ago who Hans de Vente was,
and he described him as "this little middle-aged Dutchman who was a big fan
of ours early on. He would call me up on the phone begging, pleading to be
on each new album. So, to humor him, we'd let him play a tambourine or an
odd horn here and there."  I think Andy eventually fell out of touch with
Mr. de Vente.

"Melt the Guns" is a great song. Especially in this day and age.


 Will.Kreth            HotWired                  +1.415.222.6345 [vox]
 Director - Piazza     520 Third St.             +1.415.222.6369 [fax]     SF.CA.94107.USA


From: Aaron Pastula <>
Subject: Idle No Longer...
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 95 19:14:15 PST

Good Evening all...after seeing the discussions that have been posted as of
late, I thought I'd comment on a few of here's my two cents.

XTC without Colin would not be XTC...period.  It would sadden me greatly to
see such a great songwriting team break up, but it would be worse to see the
name XTC applied to a group that did not consist of these three members; sort
of like watching your parents re-marry after a divorce.  I hope they find a
label eager to help them continue, and maybe take some of the financial strain
off them...I wonder what the status will be with their outstanding debt?

As for a drumless next album...let's have it.  XTC has, for me, always meant
change and development, and I trust their abilities as artists to take the
music to the next level.  I love "Through the Hill," although I have to
admit that Andy could probably blow his nose on tape and I'd think it was
brilliant...ok, maybe not.  If they do use drums, though, I'd love to hear
more of the jazzy style you hear on "Man who sailed..."  Ultimately, though,
I think they know what they're doing...they haven't failed yet.

"Drums and Wireless" is great; like slightly more polished demos.  I think
it let's you hear the power that exists in the songs regardless of the amount
of production that exists on the actual album, particularly the O&L tracks.

As for extra tracks on CD's, who cares where they are?  They're in the
middle...think of them as intermission.  Better than not getting them at all,
since many of them are almost as good as anything on the actual album (Red
Brick Dream, what?).

Finally, as to their future popularity...most popular modern music sucks
because the people who write it have no imagination (can you say, Green Day?),
and the people who buy it have no attention span.  XTC is complicated stuff,
and it takes more than half a brain to enjoy and appreciate it.  It's useless
to try and win them over on the masses, because in order to do that they would
have to sacrifice their amazing ability as musicians--NO producer is going to
make them stars, regardless of who it is.  Mainstream popularity will only
happen for XTC when the public is ready for them, not when they are ready
to meet the public.  If the kids don't want to hear it, fuck 'em.  I think
that's Andy's idea; as an artist he sticks to what he feels and what he
believes, and I respect him for that.  Yeah, it sucks that they have to starve,
but maybe a new label will increase the cash flow...who knows, getting dropped
may be the best thing that's happened to them.

OK, I'll shut up now...thanks for reading me...

Music Is The Best...



From: "pj keane" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 06:44:21 -0800
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #403


heres $0.02 on the ongoing debate and a question:

1. Mitchell Froom did some awseome work with a lil' band called the Del Fuegos
(yes they exist for all of you Juliana Hatfield fans out there). He produced
'the longest day' which is one of the best debut albums that Ive ever heard.
Also, I believe he worked with Marshall Crenshaw as well...

2. question time: Does anybody know of the band 'bash and pop' ever performing
a cover of another satellite by XTC. I remember them performing it live but I
was wondering if it ever was recorded? This can best be described as grasping
at streaws but what the hey

*pj keane                                                  *
*                            *
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*       -"Im waiting by the phone                          *
*          waiting for you to call me up                   *
*            and tell me you're not alone"                 *
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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 09:33:32 -0600
From: (Tom Keekley)
Subject: Reading

Just a note to all of you that I began reading a newly purchased copy of
 'Chalkhills and Children' last night. So far it is very interesting and
 even more entertaining. If anything, it makes me even more frustrated about
 the roller coaster of a career these guys have had.

In the last Chalkhills, someone commented on the frustration of turning
 people onto XTC who think that Vitology and Dookie are masterpieces. As a
 moderate Pearl Jam fan and owner of Vitology, I could not agree more with
 this person. On every level, XTC surpass 99% of all music released in the
 last 10 years. It absolutely boggles my mind how songs like "King for a
 Day', Poor Skeleton Steps Out', 'My Bird Performs', or 'Dear Madame Barnum'
 (and a dozen others) could have gone without airplay these last few years.

I'm sure the Swindon crew are long past the point when they think they might
 'break it big'. I'm surprised we're even looking toward a new album. Thanks
 to the boys for putting up with the music industry. I hope someday they get
 their due. They certainly have paid them!


Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 16:33:15 +0000 (GMT)
From: William HamBevan <>
Subject: 'Skylarking' and Badfinger's 'Straight Up'

On the subject of 'Skylarking', some interesting parallels can be found
with the group Badfinger's 1972 record 'Straight Up'. This record was
originally meant to be produced by George Harrison, but the Concert for
Bangladesh project (justifiably, of course) made this no longer possible.
Production duties were duly passed to one Todd Rundgren.

As would happen with Skylarking, Rundgren took total charge and dominated
the procedings 'til the album was utterly knocked into shape - in a
matter of two weeks. There was huge friction between Rundgren and
Badfinger; he apparently paid little heed to the band's ideas, and even
wanted to take the credit for the tracks that had already been produced
with George Harrison and Geoff Emerick. Listening to the original
versions of some of the songs and placing them beside the Rundgren
produced versions shows how totally they were changed.

Like Andy Partridge, Badfinger guitarist Pete Ham found the relationship
with Rundgren infuriating and almost unworkable: but there was no denying
that the end product was a masterpiece. This seems to be Rundgren's style
- his arrogance was legendary, and tended to clash with other large egos,
but always produced great results.

There are certain echoes of Rundgren's Skylarking style in 'Straight Up':
the 'Money/Flying' medley can'thelp reminding me of 'Summer's

So I digress...

Producer for next album? Neil Tennant would be interesting! Or Stephen
Hague, for that matter. (A thousand Settlement-era purists gnash their
teeth!) I'd like to see what xtc could do with a Fairlight...

One more thing: do the U.S. readers realise the reputation Swindon has
for being the most miserable, dead-end armpit of humanity in the whole of
England? Not worth a pilgrimage, even for the most obsessive fan.

"And all the while, Graham slept on..."

Will Ham-Bevan
Jesus College, Oxford.


From: Weirdo <>
Subject: XTC "tribute" band to REALLY play 1/18/95 in Athens, GA!
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 13:26:08 -0500 (EST)

Well, we finally got a firm date on the whole thing.

Us, the Helium Kidz (yeah, not the originals), will be playing at
the fab 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA on Wednesday 1/18/95.
We'll be playing a smattering of 15 XTC tunes.

Another band, Spud, will open the show with a Devo set.

So if you happen live in Atlanta or any other place nearby, be sure
come out and meet up with a bunch of XTC geeks. :)
The show is, I think, only $2! Quite a deal.

The closest thing you'll ever get to XTC playing live.

cya there!
Weirdo -


Date: Thu, 12 Jan 95 12:20:07 PST
From: "Patricia A McFadden" <pamcfadden@EFANW.NAVFAC.NAVY.MIL>
Subject: Another cook in the kitchen

greetings all:

Imagine my pleasant surprise to find an oasis of XTC fans.  Skylarking
brought me into the realm, but then I found myself enjoying much of the
early stuff, i.e. Go2.  I haven't gotten much out of they're more recent
releases and would not mind if the "mayor of Simpleton" was stricken from
their record.  I have thoroughly enjoyed The Dukes.  I must say that after
reading Digest 402 and 403 I was surprised by all the talk of wanting XTC to
be "pop" .and the need to "produce" their next work.  I'd like to see them
'pop'ular, but only if it means they're appreciated.  I consider pop music to
be on the lower rungs of music appreciation, but that my be due to a personal
definition of "pop".

I like the idea of a compilation of various musicians doing XTC covers...if
only it were true.  Is there anything coming from XTC in the near future?


Organization: SLAIS, UBC
Date:         12 Jan 95 15:46:40 GM+5
Subject:      bonus tracks/hans de vente

People have been complaining about the bonus tracks being in the
middle of the CD's.  I think that part of the reason they are done
this way is so that the tracks can become part of the album instead
of just being postscripted to it.  I've often seen Andy complaining
about tracks getting pulled off the albums for reasons of room or
record company ignorance, and I imagine that this is his way of
restoring those tracks to what he felt was their rightful place.
This seems particularly true of Mummer, which went through a number
of revisions before finally being issued.  Tracks like "Jump" and
"Desert Island" seem to me to be indisputably part of Mummer and not
just additions, as are "Life Begins at the Hop" or "Don't Lose Your
Temper" on their respective albums.

I'd agree, though, that some of the tracks they selected don't fit
in, e.g. the two instrumentals on Mummer, or "Red Brick Dream" on
"The Big Express," which appears to be a demo and is not of the
same sound quality as everything else (though it's a good song).
I feel the same way about "The Somnambulist," which sounds like an
Andy solo recording.  I wonder who made the decision to put some
tracks on the CD's and others on Rag and Bone Buffet?

Re Hans de Vente; isn't this one of Andy's pseudonyms?  His vocals on
"Melt the Guns" just sound like Andy's filtered through something.


Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 19:20:22 -0500
Subject: Microship Nasty Thread

Being that the tribute thread has gotten a bit old (Wm. Burroughs doing
Language in Our Lungs is my pick), are there any thoughts on what an XTC
CD-ROM might include?  IMHO, Gabriel, Prince and Eno seem to have some
interesting approaches (the Lennon and Tommy demos also look good) but don't
seem to provide much of a template (and nor should they).  For me a 3-D
exploratory space (Myst, Gadget, Prince), featuring  Andy's games/puzzles
with whimsical retro-futurist overtones would be a good start.  As far as
"resources" that could be accessed I'd like the disc to have both static
(reviews, interviews, sound and image files) and dynamic  elements. I'm
playing Drums and Wireless on my computer and I'd love a macro linking to the
Chalkhills home page and this group.

Apologies  for being a bit blue sky and favoring the digitally enhanced.


Organization: SLAIS, UBC
Date:         12 Jan 95 16:30:13 GM+5
Subject:      xtc in entertainment weekly

In the music section of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly there is
an article about what the music writers would like to see happen in
1995.  Instead of reunions of bands like the Eagles, they want to see
reunions of "Bands that died before their time," including Jane's
Addiction, Talking Heads... and XTC!!  Specifically, they say they'd
like to hear something from "the ever-lazy XTC."  Can you believe
this?  I thought of writing to them to point out that XTC is
perpetually in recording limbo because of their asinine record


Subject: Virgin Good?
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 95 22:04:55 PST

My take on all this is that XTC were screwed by their label like most bands
that aren't major, MAJOR, huge popular successes.  They sign a contract,
get an advance on sales to cover their recording expenses and maybe pay
the rent for a while, which immediately putting them in debt to the record comp
any.  Then, magically,
Virgin's army of accountants compares their sales with a slew of expenses
that are completely impossible to verify (or understand), and declares that
the album lost money, or maybe just broke even, leaving our men in debt.
Then Virgin comes back and says "Even though we are losing SO much money on
you guys, we really LIKE you, so let's give you one more chance..." and
the process repeats.  Now, if you look at the cost of making a CD and the
retail price, it doesn't take a LOT of sales to break even on a product
that costs less  than $1 to manufacture and wholesales for what, $5-$7?
All the little CD singles and special editions are also a way to make money
of the same customer base (if the customer base doesn't get larger, sell
more to the same size base).

I think XTC was a group that Virgin could simultaneously be proud of
("See, we support quality artists at TREMENDOUS cost to ourselves...")
and, through typical bookkeeping larceny, keep under their control
the way a battered wife feels she can't leave an abusive husband.

That's what *I* think.  XTC should sign with Dischord and I'll be dammed
if they don't turn a healthy profit selling CDs at $7.99 postage paid.

(I put that in for you, Jeff)
Fred Hamilton                    


Date: Fri, 13 Jan 1995 03:44:14 -0500
Subject: XTC's popularity

So, virtually every Chalkhillian, myself included, is puzzeld by XTC's lack
of popularity.

After giving it much thought I think the problem is a lack of exposure.
 Sure, I'm stating the obvious, they stopped touring in 1982 and release one
album every three years lately.  But that doesn't mean fans can't make up for
the lack of traditional exposure.

I found XTC about six months ago.  It took me a little time to get into it,
but now I'm completely engulfed.  I have introduced XTC to many different
types of people in the dormitory in which I live and I have yet to run into
one person who dislikes it.  There are three people in my dorm who have
bought some XTC and a few more who are thinking about getting some.  And
there are a few people back home that I have introduced XTC to and they are
all considering buying some.  (Including my older brother, for the person who
was interested in the sibling relationship of XTC's music).

XTC is the only music I have that I won't let people copy.  I'd think that
would be detrimental to XTC catching on, but it seems to help.  My reason for
not letting people copy is because Andy Dave and Colin deserve a lot more
money than they have and by convincing people to buy XTC rather than copy it
I am doing my small part in getting them the money they deserve.

So if every Chalkhillian tried to introduce people to XTC maybe they will
finally get the recognition they deserve.  XTCs lack of output is made up for
(to new fans) by having so many albums out already.  And with each album
being so different I think almost every fan of popular music could connect
with at least one of the albums.

Then again, maybe it won't work, and maybe it will be many more years before
XTC gets the recognition they deserve.

Mike Wheeler


Date: Fri, 13 Jan 1995 12:36:09 -0500 (EST)
From: Brandon K Snavely <>
Subject: Skylark gold UD

  The MoFi Ultradisc gold release of SKYLARKING is now widely available,
and I bought it the other day.  IMO, the music sounds much better,
especially the symphonic parts.  But unless you're one who scrutinizes
sound quality to the minutest detail, don't spend the $28.  To me, the
remastered gold discs sound less "course" and more "smooth", or
"stable" can I put this.  It's difficult to describe the
difference--I just know that it sounds better than the regular release.
  Oh, I also own some Pink Floyd and Moody Blues MoFi Ultradiscs, and
they definately sound better than the original releases.



Date: 13 Jan 1995 10:31:51 U
From: "Bob Sherwood" <>
Subject: All-time Brilliant Moments

    All-time Brilliant Moments of Stellar Genius

     I started thinking the other day about some of the pro-Colin posts we've
had recently, wherein specific examples of bass wizardry were extolled.  Just
for the sheer bloody hell of it, I thought I'd compile my favorite riffs and
ideas from each of the fellas.

     Andy, guitar- "Scarecrow People", "Roads Girdle the Globe", "Towers of

     London", "This Is Pop?", "Scissorman", "I Bought Myself a Liarbird"
     Andy, "vox humana"- "No Thugs In Our House", "Meccanic Dancing"
     "Living Through Another Cuba",  "Chalkhills and Children", "Snowman"
     Andy, harmonica- "Reign of Blows"
     Andy, compositional prowess- "Millions", "Yacht Dance", "Ballet for a
     Rainy Day/1,000 Umbrellas", "Roads Girdle The Globe", "Ladybird". "All
     Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)", "Little Lighthouse", "Miniature Sun",
     "Chalkhills and Children", "No Language In Our Lungs", "Mermaid
     Andy's lowest ebb- "Human Alchemy"
     My favorite Partridge lyric:
                    "People will always be tempted to wipe their feet
                     On anything with Welcome written on it..."

     Colin, bass- "Yacht Dance", "Millions", "I Remember the Sun", "What In

     The World" (sorry, that's the Red Curtain), "Snowman", "Me And The
     Wind", "Mayor of Simpleton", "Living Through Another Cuba"
     Colin, vox h.- "X Wires" (what a mean Partridge he does!), "The Good
     Things", "Making Plans for Nigel", "Sacrificial Bonfire"
     Colin, compositional prowess-  "I Remember The Sun", "Ten Feet Tall",
     "Runaways", "Making Plans for Nigel", "My Bird Performs",
     "The Affiliated", "Wake Up"
     Colin, lowest ebb- "Preserve Us From the Elements", "Too Many Cooks
     The Kitchen" and, of course, "Bung-gallows" (no one got the joke, Col)
     My favorite Colin lyric-
                           "When you've got cross-wires
                   Everything's xzrtthg 'coz everything's ghtydsxx"

     Dave, guitar- "That's Really Super, Supergirl", "Pink Thing", "No

     Language In Our Lungs", "That Wave" "Complicated Game", The Ugly
     Underneath", "Roads Girdle the Globe, "Millions", "Train Running Low"
     Dave, keyboards- "I Remember The Sun", "In Loving Memory Of A Name"
     "Rook", "Ballet For A Rainy Day", "When You're Near Me I Have
      Difficulty", "Millions"
     Dave's lowest ebb- those unspectacular solos on "Books Are Burning".

     Terry- "Paper and Iron", "All Of A Sudden (It's Too Late)", "Making
     Plans for Nigel", "Yacht Dance", "Millions", "Burning With Optimisms'
     Terry, lowest ebb- not a damn one.

     Those other drum guys-
     Phipps- "Ladybird"
     That dude on _Big Express_- "Liarbird", "Train Running Low On Soul
     E.I.E.I. Owen- "My Love Explodes", "Little Lighthouse"
     Prairie Prince- "The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul"
     Mastelleto- "Scarecrow People", "Poor Skeleton Steps Out"
     Mattacks-  "My Bird Performs", "The Smartest Monkeys"

     And the winner for my favorite all-around XTC moments are- "Living
     Through Another Cuba", "Millions", "Train Running Low" and "Roads
     Girdle The Globe"
     Guess I'm an Mid-Period fascist)
     The booby prize goes to......"Dying" (yechh)

     Sorry so long.  Now if you would all kindly confirm my existence by
                               Bob Sherwood


Date: 13 Jan 1995 15:48:27 U
From: "Wesley Wilson" <>
Subject: Various Subjects

Various subjects on a Friday afternoon...

To reply to someone in the last issue who inquired about where to get "Golden
Cleaners" by The Cleaners from Venus: Silver Moon Digital in Oklahoma City,
OK is always advertising this CD. I posted detailed info. about Silver Moon
Digital a few Chalkhills back, so check it out!

In the song, "This Is Pop," the line: "In a milk bar, and feeling lost..."
This surely is a reference to the opening line in Anthony Burgess's novel "A
Clockwork Orange" (brilliant novel!) The Korova Milk Bar. Korova was (is?) a
record label that once had Echo and the Bunnymen.

To whomever asked about Stewart and Gaskins' cover of "Roads Girdle the
Globe": it is a good cover, albeit very electronic with lots of synthesizer
effects. Barbara Gaskins's voice provides a human earthiness, however. I like
most of this CD (which by the way includes a cover of Thomas Dolby's
"Leipzig"). It's called "Up from the Dark" and it's on Rykodisc.

Did someone say they actually have the new ex-Specials Terry Hall CD, with
the two Partridge songs on it? If so, where'd you get it?

Finally, I'm going to fly in the face of popular sentiment in this list and
ask that any interested XTC females write. I'm a good penpal, at any rate,
and heck we already have in common the fact that we adore those three
mop-tops from Swindon.

Speaking of mop-tops, can someone send me a review of the released "Beatles'
BBC Recordings." Any good?



Date: Sat, 14 Jan 1995 09:34:13 -0500
Subject: Introduction

Howdy Folks!

In 1980, I was in my last year of Highschool, listening to WAVA in Washington
DC and heard "Generals and Majors". I loved the song, bought the album, and
have been a dedicated XTC listener eversince.

I was attending Syracuse University in 1982 when it was announced that XTC
would be playing Drumlins ( a small country club) in support of the album
English Settlement. I had just seen REM there with Lets Active opening, and
it was incredible. Alas the show was cancelled when Andy got sick. I still
try to imagine what that show would have been like.

Flash to  1986. I was working in Kingston New York on a summer Coop. Some
friends from work decided to get some chinese food at The Little Bear in
Bearsville, NY. and I went along. While sitting there I saw somebody eating
across the room that looked familiar. It turned out to be Andy and Colin!
Introduced myself and they told me they had been recording Skylarking in
Tod's studio. They were very friendly and interested in what I was doing.
Andy autographed a chopstick wrapper, and my friends could not understand why
I was so damn excited.

It is hard for me to pick a favorite record. I like the first two, but they
arent as listenable over time as the others. One of my favorite songs which
is fun to thrash about to is "Burning with Optimism's Flames". As far as I am
concerned, the bands sensibilites have changed and matured as mine have. I
truly love Nonsuch, as I have the other albums, and I am eagerly anticipating
the next release.

Looking forward to more discussions!

Thanks, Al


Date: Sat, 14 Jan 1995 11:51:47 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: music recommendation

Musical recommendations:
I agree with the recent recommendations for The Church's latest:
Sometime, Anywhere
Also, try: The Go-Betweens, "16 Lovers Lane"
Ian McCulloch, "Candleland"
Billy Bragg, "Don't try this at home" is marvellous Brit stuff.
Lightening Seed, "Sense" has some fine songs on it.
Try some early Church too:
"The Blurred Crusade" is lined with 12 string guitars and beating drums
"Seance" is also melodic with ample guitar
There was also a superb mini EP called "Constant in opal" see if
you can find it.
Happy Listening,
Joe Ierano


Date: Sat, 14 Jan 1995 14:49:45 -0500 (EST)
From: terry kroetsch f <>
Subject: Re: Residents

Speaking of Andy's appearance on one of their records (OK so we weren't)
- does anyone have news of the Residents? Is there a List for them?
Anyone try their CD-ROM - how do you get it?

Also, the idea of Cleaners from Venus CDs ever finding their way up to
Canada is so unlikely. Does anyone have info on how to get it? Is there
REALLY a list for Newell and such? What is it?

Questions, questions.......


Date: Sat, 14 Jan 1995 16:57:37 -0500
Subject: Hi!

Wow...I've been looking for this for a long time.  Glad it's here...and I
hope to contribute from time to time too.  Nice to meet you all!

-Angry Young Man (the world is full of them.)


Date: Sun, 15 Jan 1995 04:21:31 -0500
Subject: Mitch gets my vote

     To Michael Alan Rose's suggestion that Mitch Easter would make good
choice to potentially produce XTC, I must agree whole heartedly.  I had the
good fortune of seening Let's Active perform back in '83, shortly after their
first EP "Afoot" had been released.  Easter's sensibilities as a guitarist
and a producer are, IMHO, very much in line with the work that XTC has done
(I submit to you that he's the finest at capturing the unique beauty of the
Rickenbacker guitar).
     That first EP, contrary to Michael's statement, did include a live
drummer, though Easter did appear to make use of "loop" sounding delay on the
drum tracks.  I don't know about the first full albums though.
     Could someone drop me a list of groups that Easter has worked with in
recent years? I'd like to see what he's up to.



Date: Sun, 15 Jan 1995 20:44:32 -0500
Subject: Re: Branson & XTC

In CH digest #403 wrote:
>I'm happy XTC has left Virgin, as Virgin changed under EMI ownership. But
>let's not slam Virgin too much. Face it, Virgin was a safe haven for 17
>years. Richard Branson, Virgin creator and former owner, reportedly loved XTC
>and kept them on the label for that reason.

  As a former flunkie for Caroline records, I can tell you that Branson did
love XTC. Remember the video for Generals and Majors? The General in his
underwear? Branson. -- starting to enter my" have been waiting for a new XTC
album for a while now and am getting a bit desperate" mode!


End of Chalkhills Digest #404

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