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Subject: Chalkhills #40

                  Chalkhills, Number 40

                 Wednesday, 12 July 1989
Today's Topics:
                     O&L on mini-CD's

Date: Mon, 10 Jul 89 14:50:35-1000
From: Julian Cowley  <>
Subject: O&L on mini-CD's

I was in the record store yesterday, and I saw that Oranges and
Lemons has been released on three or four mini-CD's packaged in
a small box.  I gather that the packaging is for people with the
CD players where a regular CD sticks out a bit, but the pricing
seemed a little steep at $19.00.  Has anyone ever seen these

	[ Yes, this was actually the first form in which I saw
	  _O&L_.  It's cute, but the only difference is that
	  "Across This Antheap" comes before "Cynical Days".
	  It's three discs, and I don't think it has anything
	  to do with the small CD players.	-- John ]


Date: Tue, 11 Jul 89  20:55:27 EDT
From: jsd@umass.bitnet
Subject: mailbagge

First off I would like to offer my condolences to Glenn Platt for having
bought the King For A Day CD, although it appears that at least "Toys"
and "Desert Island" were new to you, and thus WELL worth the money.  (In
fact, well worth twice the money, being the great songs they are!)
I would also like to clear up the misconception that they are "new"
tracks.  In fact, they were released as B-sides to singles off "Mummer."
They have been available on CD for some time as part of the "Mummer" disc,
but this baby has been only available stateside at certain times.

I would also like to tell off Karl MacRae for being a befuddled person.
Any child can tell you that hearing Andy's voice cracking horribly while
he attempts to "bluesy"-up a song, to the accompaniment of a mere three
acoustic guitars has to be one of the worst tortures on the planet.
"Scarecrow People" as it appears on Oranges And Lemons is a sublime moment
in the history of music.  The "scarecrow" drum kit is well chosen, and
notice how he manages to hold that "now ain't we?" for about 30 seconds.
Without wavering, or cracking.  Maybe if you're tone deaf you might like
the other performances better, but I apparently am cursed with relative
pitch (which means a lifetime of putting up with badly calibrated cassette
decks among other things) and it is physically painful for me to hear
bum notes.  This probably has a lot to do with me giving up singing.
Anyway, I digress.  You people should stop ragging on "studio" productions.
Can you imagine "Mayor Of Simpleton" without that wonderful digital delay
lock-on on the word "act"?  Git outta here!

 !   !\             BITNET: jsd@umass
\!on !/rukman      ARPANET:
"In my life and in my dreams I've got a message, I've got a message."
       -- Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System

	[ But I LIKE the live acoustic stuff, it's funny.
	  Not necessarily technically brilliant, by any means,
	  but it seems more human, because they screw up.
	  Besides, if you have perfect relative pitch, you
	  should REALLY enjoy dissonance and microtones. :-)
		-- John]


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