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Subject: Chalkhills #4

                   Chalkhills, Number 4

                  Monday, 24 April 1989

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                      Your first time
                        GO+ on cd?
                      Re: GO+ on cd?
                    who sings lead ...
                   Another point of view

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 89 11:03:54 EDT
From: (Barry A. Warsaw)
Subject: Your first time

> I'd really like to see them explore further some of the
> ideas in songs like Poor Skeleton Steps Out, Scarecrow People, and
> Miniature Sun.  I can do without more songs like The Loving and Merely
> a Man, though.

I agree with the part about Skeleton, Scrow People and Mini Sun.
Particular Scrow People.  But Merely a Man is one of the songs off the
album that would *not* leave my head.  I just love the beginning of
that song and the chorus is infectious.  The Loving is a nice song,
again with catchy melodies (don't they all :-) but I agree in that I
don't rank it as substantial as the other songs.

When I first copped OaL, Earthly Delights and Mayor really struck me,
particularly Earthly Delights.  Colin's bass work is so facinating on
this song and it moves along at an enthusiastic pace.  Here's a quote
form that Musician mag that I mentioned earlier (when I get more time,
I'll post more on this):

Partridge Speaks:
	"On 'Garden of Earthly Delights' I'm trying to get a message over
to my kids, although they'll have to wait some years before they can
appreciate it: Somebody's begin born and I'm saying welcome -- like,
'Welcome to the Holiday Inn!' I'm in the foyer 'This is life. Come in
and do what you want to, but don't hurt anyone.'" (The song's lyrics
add, with Partidgian wit, "'Less of course they ask you.")  "I'm sure
that's what heaven is, really.  Heaven is not huring anyone."
	So Andy Partridge, nonbeliever, believes in heaven?
	"Yes. Here, now. This is heaven and hell. It's all metaphore
stuff." But don't get him started on the subject of religion.

I really get that feeling of enthusiastic welcome from the song.  I
just love the line: "Kid, stay and snip your cord off!"  Classic.

Anyway, gotta go.



From: (Dan Kletter)
Subject: GO+ on cd?
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 89 08:48:03 PDT

I can't remember or not who was asking but I vaguely remember someone
requesting GO+. I saw it this weekend at Circular Motions on cd in
case whomever asked is still searchin'. I probably should have bought
it but decided that $26 is too much... If you don't live in Northern
California and you're still desparate, I could manage to pick up a
copy (if it's still there...) and send it along.--D


Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1989 10:18:45 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Re: GO+ on cd?

Dan sez:
>I can't remember or not who was asking but I vaguely remember someone
>requesting GO+. I saw it this weekend at Circular Motions on cd in

I think you have _GO+_ confused with _Go 2_.  _GO+_ is a five-song EP
consisting of remixed outtakes from _Go 2_.  _Go 2_ is the full album,
and is available on CD.  However, if _GO+_ IS on CD, I want it.  Now.
	-- John


Date: Mon, 24 Apr 89 15:07:58 EDT
From: Mike Godfrey <>
Subject: who sings lead ...

... on "All Along The Watchtower" (off "White Music" if you don't know).

I just got WM and love the punky feel.

Mike Godfrey


Date: Mon, 24 Apr 89 16:27:43 EDT
From: "Elizabeth H. Bonesteel" <>
Subject: Another point of view

My roommate is, if possible, an even more rabid XTC fan than I am.
Unfortunately, the closest thing she has to a computer is an IBM PC with dual
floppies and no modem.  So, on occasion, I will be posting stuff for her
(sometimes paraphrased, sometimes quoted).  Her name is Kathryn Bedell, she is
a third-year law student, and she says "HI!" to all of you.

Her opinions follow:

Favorite albums:

1.  Mummer
2.  Skylarking

Introduction to XTC:

She always sort of knew "of" them - "Generals and Majors," "Senses Working
Overtime" - but as she's not much of an album buyer she never became a fanatic.
One Christmas, however, a friend [yes, it was me - eb] offerred to tape some
albums for her.  On a whim, she chose the latest XTC release, "Skylarking".
Some six months later, she was leaving, at long last, a state that she had
grown to hate [we won't mention the state, because she's sure it has some
redeeming qualities; it's just in law school she couldn't see any of them, and
all her friends were here in Boston]; and she popped the cassette into her car

She listened to that album repeatedly for four days.  It represents, for her,
the freedom she felt finally leaving a place in which she had been so


She wonders at people who think ill of them for not adhering to their earlier,
harsher sound.  After all, she observes, are YOU the same person you were ten
years ago?  People change, and their creations change.  This does not detract
>from the validity of either the early or the late music, although she prefers
the late.  [She, by the way, likes "President Kill".  I must admit I really

She also wonders at XTC's relative obscurity.  After all, songs like "Generals
and Majors" were just as catchy as the top-40 schlock that made morons
millions.  And "Grass" the first single released from "Skylarking"?  Come on!!!
She is of the opinion that the group is (was?) unconscionably mismanaged.  I
mean, Andy doesn't even own his house!

Kathryn's opinions end.

Argue with her; she'll love it!:-)



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