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              Chalkhills Digest, Number 397

                Thursday, 8 December 1994

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                Re: Chalkhills Digest #396
                  Drums & Wireless Cover
         The People's Republic of Boulder and XTC
                      Re: Questions
                    Re: Robert Wegmann
                    various ramblings
              What's Eating Andy Partridge?
                       Rare singles
                 Mummer in T. Hardy Movie
                Relatively New Subscriber
                  RE: Split Personality
             Re: XTC 'Net Interview, by god.
                  Re: XTC Really 2 Bands
                 Re: XTC Really 2 Bands?
             XTC definitely needs a drummer!
                     Merry Christmas!
               fast, liquid, bulbous & arr
                  Making Vans For Nigel
                    Not QUITE dead...
                    Tribute Wish List
                  My "Question for Dave"
               XTC at the Paradise, Boston
          XTC Tribute Band play date POSTPONED!
                    I Remeber The Sun
                    Re: Martin Newell


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Date: 04 Dec 94 00:33:55 EST
From: Robert Glacel <>
Subject: hello

        Hi, my name is Jennifer.  I'm not going to go into too much detail
about how I heard about XTC because you've already heard it twice.  Valerie
Williams and Rebecca Asta who introduced themselves in number 396 are two of
my best friends.  I'm actually the one who discovered Chalkhills, and told
them about it.  It's just taken me longer to say hello because I was out of

        Like them, I heard about XTC from Val's brother my freshman year, and
I've been hooked ever since.  The only bad thing about this is the amount of
money that I've spent, but every cent has been worth it.

        Speaking of money. . . on my trip out of town I went to Washington
D.C. where I found some musical gems.  I picked up a CD import from Japan of
5 demos.  They are- The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead, The Smartest Monkeys,
Down a Peg, My Bird Performs, and Always Winter, Never Christmas.  I also
found on vinyl the original Skylarking with Mermaid Smiled instead of Dear
God.  It was a very exciting weekend.  If anyone is interested in a copy of
the demos, let me know.  My address at school is (I'm at
home for the weekend.)

        That's all for now.  I'm very excited to be a part of the board.


Date: 04 Dec 1994 10:18:00 +0200
From: (Thomas Riha)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #396


>Dave Gregory has agreed to answer questions from the _Chalkhills_
>mailing list.

Now that's really great! Seems that I came up here just in the right
moment. :)
If it's really true what John has said we won't ever get a better source
of information.

>So - if you have any question(s) you would like to ask Dave
>Gregory, mail them to me directly at the address at the bottom of
>this message (not to _Chalkhills_).  I will collect them up, take
>them round to Dave and hopefully get them all answered.

I'm a little afraid that our poor friend from Swindon will get buried
under emails with lots of alike questions. Maybe someone should
coordinate the questions. I mean that we should send our questions to
someone who'll look through them and will send one email with all the
questions to Swindon. There's enough time (7. January) to avoid emails
with always the same questions.

What do you think about that?

And very very much thanks to John for your offer :)))))

       thomas    Steyr/Austria
## CrossPoint v3.02 ##


Date: Sun, 4 Dec 1994 17:45:54 +0100
From: (Robert Telford)
Subject: Drums & Wireless Cover

Has anyone else noticed that the railway engine on the cover of Drums and
Wireless (the UK edition at least) is the LNER's 'Mallard', as featured
also on the cover of Blur's 'Modern Life is Rubbish'?

Are they related? I think the public should be informed.

Cheerz, Rob


From: (Buzzmuscle)
Subject: The People's Republic of Boulder and XTC
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 1994 11:45:30 -0600 (CST)

During a recent three-day business trip to Boulder, Colorado, my partner and
I amused ourselves by tallying the street appearances of the professional
students / career academics that the PRB is so known for.

But soon this cynical fun was replaced by another tally - the number of XTC
songs played on the radio - to wit, on the commercial station named "The
Peak" (102 or so FM).  I swear to god, in the half-hour total that we were
riding in the car, this station's program director had lined up "Wake Up",
The Dukes' "Vanishing Girl" and "Senses Working Overtime".  Statistically,
this suggests that XTC songs appear every ten minutes on this definitely
very commercial partner, being musically clueless, did not
understand my elation / agitation / confusion at this violation of American
commercial radio's treatment of XTC, but, hey.

Chalkhillians: If you're ever in Boulder, crank the Peak. (After you apply
for your grant, of course).


vaya con carne'
                                       finger for ennio morricone discography


Date: Sun, 4 Dec 94 11:59:20 PST
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: Questions (Patty Haley) asks:
>> She grows tired, cab is hired, she goes round to see her friend
>OK, I'm stumped here:  Name that tune!

"Punch and Judy"!

pchuss@Corp.Megatest.COM (William Pat Chuss) asks:
>>  it said that Brian Doherty worked with
>> XTC?
>I have a bunch of XTC, but I don't believe I've Brian on anything.

Brian Doherty drums on the song "Cherry In Your Tree" on the _Carmen
Sandiego Out of This World_ album.

        -- John


Date: Sun, 4 Dec 1994 15:49:18 -0500 (EST)
From: Rob Lillington - HTMG/W94 <>
Subject: Sting/XTC


I'm sorry, but I have to call you on the "Sting, the aging punkster still
puts out great tunes" line.  XTC has managed to fuel its fire and rage
into a melodious foray, and constantly challenges the listener with new
angles on old ideas.  If I have to hear one more arduous "adult
contemporary" ditty from Sting, I am gonna scream.

The Police, of course, are one of my favourite bands of all time; the
blend of music styles like reggae and punk created something entirely
new.  Sting's solo stuff has left me wondering how he could have changed
so much, as I can no longer picture him singing Peanuts.  His Dream of
the Blue Turtles I liked very much, but that was largely jazz versions of
Police Tunes.

When the live Police album comes out next year, everyone will see once
again the creativity of the band, and will realize what a waste Sting's
later material has proved to be.




Date: Sun, 4 Dec 1994 18:20:12 -0500
Subject: Re: Robert Wegmann

John Relph and William Carroll's discusion of Robert Wegmann,  in #395, has
me interested in tracking down Wegmann's releases.  Anyone have a source for

- Bob Wayne


Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 11:49:39 +1200
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: various ramblings

>"Rocket from a Bottle" (aside to "Are You Being Served?" fans--can't you just
>hear Mr. Humphries saying "I, I, I--oh ho ho ho"?)

Sigh. I shall never be able to listen to that song again...

Re heart tugs, Chalkhills and Children (ah, memories of Childhood in the
UK) and All of a Sudden do it for me... especially the long
"iiiiiiiiiiiiiiits too late" part. Also, its a warm late spring here in
southern NZ, and the song Summer's Cauldron is already beginning to haunt
me. Talking of which (the opening of Skylarking, that is) finding out about
XTC's downer on drugs - if you'll pardon the pun - puts a whole new
perspective on the song Grass. It now sounds like "did we REALLY do that???
we must have been out of our tree!)

New album name... hmmmm lyric from the last album...hmmm  Circus Parade?
Secret Shadow Land? Countless Cathedrals Arriving? Church of Matches? Cloud
Eleven? Big Box of Paints? The Smoke of Dreams? Unconscious Grotesques??

or... The Giggling Crew of the Marie Celeste?


Musical recommendation for the day: The Muttonbirds (The Muttonbirds)
NZ's finest, now on tour in the US and Canada... go see!

James Dignan, Department of Psychology, University of Otago.

Ya jivu v' 50 Norfolk St., St. Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand
steam megaphone NZ 03-455-7807

   * You talk to me as if from a distance
   * and I reply with impressions chosen from another time, time, time,
   * from another time                     (Brian Eno)


Date: Sun, 4 Dec 1994 21:21:27 -0500
Subject: What's Eating Andy Partridge?

Like many of you out there in Swindon-On-Internet, I've been crazy about XTC
since the Dawn of Reaganomics. I've hung on every note by the Fab 3.5, aching
for the next new release or oddball EP, confident (perhaps snobbishly so)
that Andy Partridge was rock&roll's truest and most-misunderstood believer.

I've just finished reading Chalkhills and Children by Chris Twomey, and I
love the band even more, but after reading what is truly the definitive
biography of XTC I'm left with one nagging question:

What is Andy Partridge's problem?

Is he really the best producer of the band's songs? As Dave Gregory said
(screamed?) to Andy during the infamous Skylarking row, "I'd feel a lot more
sympathetic towards you if our track record had been more successful. But
every time we do it your way, it never works."

Dave's right. You only have to think about "Dear God": a natural hit song,
and Andy didn't even want it on the album. Should XTC's pathetic track record
in the music business be attributed to bad luck, a bad manager or general
quirkiness? How about Andy's Machiavellian approach to the band's output?

Without question he's a prodigiously talented writer, but why hoard the
goods? XTC deserve wider recognition. Colin Moulding may write only 25% of
the band's songs, but he's written some GREAT songs, and his hits-to-songs
ratio blows Andy out of the water. And inadvertently muzzling Dave Gregory,
that one-man-history-of-rock-guitar-styles, is just a lowdown dirty shame.

What would be so bad about letting someone else really produce the next
album? Not just anybody, of course, but someone who's on the same wavelength
and also has experience with the star-making machinery. I humbly submit names
like Eno, Daniel Lanois, maybe even Bowie. How about a return engagement by
Hugh "English Settlement" Padgham?

How bad could success be? If anyone could handle it, it's these guys. Even if
Andy hated the album he could remix it to his liking and issue an alternate
version. Hey, more for us XTC freaks to collect, and a second revenue stream
for the band.

Sometimes I think we're part of the problem. Maybe the way we go gaga over
the most obscure scraps of XTCana convinces him it's okay to keep it as a
cult band. Frankly, I don't wanna buy a whole Sam Phillips' record to hear
one track with Colin Moulding. I wanna hear/see XTC.

Remember: two-thirds of XTC wants to tour.


Subject: Rare singles
From: (JD MACK)
Date: Sun, 04 Dec 94 21:22:00 -0500
Organization: Online Technologies, Inc. - 301-738-0001

I have a magazine article that states that the single given away by
Record Mirror, and contains the live version of "Traffic Light Rock" may
be the rarest XTC record ever released.  I happened to come across a
copy for $20.00 in M- condition, so I bought it.  Does anyone know what
the market value for this single is (not that I have any intention of
selling it)?

Also, I have been trying for some time to find a copy of that other XTC
rareity, the Canadian "Love At First Sight" single (or is it a 12-inch).
Does anyone have an extra for sale?  How about the unreleased CD single
for "World Wrapped In Grey" with "Rip Van Rubin" on it?  Or the
flexi-single of "Rip Van Rubin?"  I need to complete my collection.


Date: 5 Dec 1994 13:53:33 U
From: "Wesley Wilson" <>
Subject: Mummer in T. Hardy Movie

Did anyone else catch the "mummer" scene in the TV movie here in the States,
Thomas Hardy's "The Return of the Native"? Great movie; wish I'd taped it!


Date: Mon, 05 Dec 94 13:47:50 EST
From: "Steven Hodges" <>
Subject: Relatively New Subscriber

   I have gotten about three issues but have not posted my testimony to
   XTC - so I am doing that now.

   I first came across XTC my Freshman year in college. I had friends who
   were urging me to listen to this group, but at the time I was into
   (Please forgive Me) classic rock. I believe part of that was going to
   a college in Central New York where Alternative meant rotating crops.
   Anyway a buddy of mine back home told me that if I enjoyed the Beatles
   (which I do) then I would like XTC. He said that XTC takes off
   musically from where the Beatles ended (A statement I do agree with).
   He lent me Black Sea. (I believe Skylarking had just come out that
   summer). Black Sea was the most addictive album I had ever heard. He
   knew what he was doing when he leant me that album. After that I had
   to get everything they had done. I caught up with all their albums,
   and then moved forward to getting the new stuff as it came out. Which
   brings me to today, I own Nonesuch (slightly disappointed) and eagerly
   await any new album they should just to bestow on their fans.

   Just as a point of controversy, I do believe that Colin Moulding's
   songwriting has gotten worse. I can't believe the same man who wrote
   Ball and Chain and General and Majors wrote some of the songs on
   Nonesuch. Any comments?

   Steven Hodges or

From: "Jim Slade" <>
Organization:  The Current Science Group
Date:          Mon, 5 Dec 1994 16:54:59 EST5EDT
Subject:       RE: Split Personality

I agree that there is a split in the music of XTC beginning with
Skylarking. However, I'm on the other side of the fence regarding
the quality of these two bands.  True, their recent recording are less
"rough" (I think that's how the writer put it), but I think that
anymore their records can get so "mature" and tight that it's time to
put out a call to a proctologist.  The Steely Dan nature (as I see
it) of post-Skylarking XTC is simply not my cup of tea (though it's
a fine brew nevertheless).  I'll take the energy (and creativity) of
English Settlement and Black Sea please.  The band needs to get off
the short leash that Rundgren and that Elton John producer put them
on.  The home demos that the band members have been releasing since
Skylarking show me something.


Subject: Re: XTC 'Net Interview, by god.
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 94 4:35:01 EST

> Subject: XTC 'Net Interview

> Dave Gregory has agreed to answer questions from the _Chalkhills_
> mailing list.

Please ask him what his most rewarding experience in XTC has been.
What musical direction does he wish they'd explored more completely,
or felt that they left unfinished? Please thank him for his outstanding
contribution to the beauty of music and lobby hard for a tour.

Thanks John - Oracle to the Gods.

- John White   CIS Manager   Electrical South Inc.
"Failure is not falling down... Failure is staying down." - Ken Morganstern


Subject: Re: XTC Really 2 Bands
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 94 5:46:17 EST

> I see a "split personality" among XTC's albums.
> Skylarking, Oranges & Lemons and Nonsuch mark the "maturing" of this band.
>  Everything previous seems to be a bit, well, rough. In fact, I've heard a
> lot of the early stuff, but don't dig it like I do the latter. Am I alone in
> this feeling?

   XTC has evolved over time. Each album gets more mellow - er, mature :-).
If I was going to drive a stake and say "this is the turning point," I'd put
the maturing stake at English Settlement. There is a stake to be driven at
Skylarking but I'm not sure what it is. Production? Formula?

   I can empathize with you. Other than Black Sea and Skylarking, I've
disliked every release. When Big Express came out I didn't like any song but
"This World Over." One day I started reading the lyrics to "Smalltown." I was
touched by the idea of being embraced by a loving town. It's a poignant,
religious vision. I love that song and I don't even care for the music. That
album unfolded for me through the lyrics and I've loved it ever since.

   There is an evolution to XTC and an evolution to being an XTC fan.
While you find yourself liking more of their albums, you never lose sight
of why you don't like the album - it's just that what you like outweighs it
and you learn to accept or avoid the part you don't like.

- John White   CIS Manager   Electrical South Inc.
"Failure is not falling down... Failure is staying down." - Ken Morganstern


Date: Tue, 6 Dec 94 11:04:16 GMT
From: (Mike Mooney)
Subject: Re: XTC Really 2 Bands?

BJ Leiderman wrote:

>I see a "split personality" among XTC's albums.
>Skylarking, Oranges & Lemons and Nonsuch mark the "maturing" of this band.
> Everything previous seems to be a bit, well, rough. In fact, I've heard a
>lot of the early stuff, but don't dig it like I do the latter. Am I alone >in
>this feeling?

No, you'll notice it a lot in this list; quite a few folks seem to prefer
one 'era' to the other, with 'English Settlement' usually being the point of
agreement. Me? I'm in the 'Skylarking'/'O & L' camp, and I find the early
stuff a bit, well... *irritating*. This is probably because I'm the sort of
old fart who's come out of the Beatles/progressive rock era, rather than
'post-punk' - most of the bands people enthuse about  here (XTC excepted of
course :-)) I've never heard of - and some of those I've heard I don't like.
I'm fine with Martin Newell though, basically 'cos he's totally
60s-influenced, much like *late* XTC. A demographic survey of Chalkhills
subscribers might be quite telling...Over to you, Mr Relph?

  Mike Mooney

  University of Bradford  (UK)


Date: Tue, 6 Dec 1994 15:40:40 +0100
From: (Dirk Paul Flach)
Subject: XTC definitely needs a drummer!

Hi all,

Wesley Wilson writes:

>What do people think of Andy not wanting a drummer on the next album? (And to
>think that this is the same guy who wanted the drums "to really knock your
>head off!" during the recording sessions of "Drums and Wires." :-))
>I'm personally not thrilled at the prospect. What they need to do this time
>around is to get a producer who knows XTC's music.

I do definitely agree here. I do like Nonsuch, however I can't get thrilled
about it the way I was thrilled about their older stuff. I feel that, being
no longer a 'band' in the way they used to be, they more or less lose the
sharp edge of their music. Don't get me wrong, I still like XTC, but I feel
that if they still were a real band (with a drummer) and still would go on
the road, their music would be more lively. On Nonsuch, I miss songs like
'No thugs', for instance. I think this began already on 'Mummer', and after
that they had some ups and downs (I do think Oranges and Lemons has got a
'band' feel).

To everyone who is waiting for my report on the family-relation about being
a fan of XTC (although I don't think many people are really waiting for that
:)), I apologize. I've been very busy, but I will post it as soon as I can.

Bye for now

Dirk Paul
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Date: Tue, 6 Dec 1994 11:18:53 -0600
From: (Tom Keekley)
Subject: Merry Christmas!

So, like, I'm like, you know, walking through the halls of the nearest
shopping megalopolis and what is playing in the one of the stores over the
Musak system?

"Thanks for Christmas" ! So I've been singing it ever since!



Date: 6 Dec 1994 09:48:20 U
From: "Bob Sherwood" <>
Subject: fast, liquid, bulbous & arriving

     Dear God, it's good to be here.  Suffice it to say XTC is not a
household word in Southern California (the fellows are weeping, I'm
sure-especially Andy, a longtime L.A. fan).
     Anyway, where to start...(or where to end, as regards you lot)...My name
is Bob Sherwood.  I fell in love with Black Sea in 1980 when my brother
(Chalkhillian Harrison Sherwood) gave me a copy of that green-sleeved piece
of life-altering vinyl on a cassette backed with Trust by Elvis.  I was a
15-year old would-be punk, living in Germany with my dad, hanging out at the
Bahnhof Zoo in Berlin, and trying to get my hair right.  "Living Through
Another Cuba", "Burning With Optimism's Flames" and "No Language In Our
Lungs" were a revelation.  Then I reached back and got the European pressing
of Drums and Wires, and from there I was gone ("Roads Girdle the Globe"- you
know the feeling- hair on end, fist pumping skyward much to Andy's
hypothetical dismay, wondering what the f*ck "steer me, Anna" means).
A question to you all- When did it dawn upon you, back in those wonderful
three-chord, flanged- guitar, spike-haired years, that these fellows were
foisting...ugh...The Beach Boys on us (see:  "Respectable Street")?  That "No
Language In Our Lungs" was more a nod to "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" than
to anything punk rock?  Had I the brains at that age to realize this, they
would have gone out the window- we didn't have time for boring hippy garbage
or wacked out "teenage symphonies" in 1980.  Thank God- they put one over on
me.  When the pins came off the lapels, when hair began to sit flat again,
when Sting started writing songs about Dianetics and shit, Andy and the gang
had pointed me to Pet Sounds, to the original Fabs, to the Kinks, The Byrds,
all the great terrible psychedelia- you know.  A Summer's Day Baked Into One
Cake indeed.
     I'm now a 29-year old pop recording artist trying to make good out here
after a move from Northampton MA. ("the alternative lifestyle capital of the
world"), and in my alienation, every time some brain-dead A&R wank at some
Whitney Bolton-spawning "record company" says, "sorry, your stuff is too
WORDY, too THINK-EY, too COMPLEX" I have to smile.  That's what they would
have said to Andy and Dave and Colin.
Is this too long?  This stuff really matters to me.  It's like your very own
soundtrack for life.  XTC is pretty much why I am who I am.  I'm glad you
people are out there.
     P.S.  Travels in Nihilon kicks, the Boycott sucks, uhhh....oh, yeah-
someone was asking about the bass Colin plays on "Black Sea".  It's a
wonderful, soft thing called an Epiphone Newport.  They're pretty vintage
beasts, awfully expensive these days, but they have a fabulous neck, a real
woody tone, and a tiny little body that fits nicely under your kneecaps.  But
don't you listen to me- I've already been poisoned by this etc...


Date:         Tue, 06 Dec 94 14:24:56 EST
From: "Gene (Sp00n) Yoon" <ST004422@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU>
Subject:      Making Vans For Nigel

Someone at Car&Driver is an XTC fan...
I just got my January issue and on page 38 in their review of the Paris
Auto Show there prominently reads a headline for the Renault Espace Van
"Making Vans For Nigel"--most certainly a reference to the song, though
I doubt that many readers will have any idea what the headline has to do
with the van.  An insignificant but significant little tidbit....



Date: Tue,  6 Dec 94 20:12:00 UTC
Subject: Not QUITE dead...

It seems like forever since I've had a chance to write in but a
 couple recent postings made me squeeze in a couple minutes to
 formulate this.  Thanks and greetings to John Relph for his
 mention of my store, Obsessed With Music, in Sacramento.  Be sure
 and drop in when you get in the area, John.  Anyone else
 here is welcome too, of course.

Also, thanks and hi to Gil Lamont for alluding to the store and
 myself too ("the only other XTC fan in Sacramento" - even though
 I think there may be a few more).

As for actual list topics, I'm enjoying Drums And Wireless quite
 a bit.  It may not differ that much from the original version on
 some of the songs but it's sort of like a slightly enhanced best
 of (not the same as Greatest Hits) collection.  Of course, the
 best of for XTC would probably have to be a 12 CD box set at
 least, right?

Also, I have to belatedly recommend Sam Phillips, which many
 Chalkhills members did months ago...

Through The Hill did nothing for me, though I bought it (as well
 as the Japanese version with the bonus tracks) anyway.  I want it
 all!  The Greatest Living Englishman, on the other hand, is very
 enjoyable pop.

I also need to say that Boingo (formerly Oingo...) is a very
 talented band and anyone who has listened to them much at all
 could never confuse them with XTC.  Danny Elfman is a great
 songwriter and singer, IMNSHO.

I also was at the San Francisco show when Wall Of Voodoo opened
 for them.  An interesting and quirky band themselves but XTC were
 the stars of course.  I have rather vague memories at best but I
 do remember them starting very late which made some in the crowd
 tired (or gone) but that they had amazing energy and were totally

Perhaps next time I can relate the story of my meeting with Andy
 when he came through here promoting Nonsuch.  Also if anyone is
 still interested (or not) I could post my feelings and opinions
 from after I attended the last XTC convention.  It was a gala day
 (and a gal a day's enough for any man - Groucho Marx).

And, as a last shameless plug, if any of you have trouble finding
 XTC items (Drums And Wireless, etc), our store does mail order.
 We can get most anything new that's in print, US and UK, as well
 as some used items which may not be readily available.  Feel free
 to write or call the store for further info at:

    4219 Arden Way
    Sacramento, CA 95864
    Phone 916-486-4316

Or E-mail me at:


Now, what about the NEXT XTC convention?  Any more news?  Is it
 still due for Madison?  I need time to book ahead at the Chez
 Zemel in Milwaukee...

Oh, yeah, by the way The Big Express is a brilliant album and
 certainly does NOT suck.  It's amazing on headphones.  So did I
 cover everything from the past few months?



From: Andisheh Nouraee <>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 1994 20:48:35 -0500
Subject: Tribute Wish List

Dear Ecstatics,

This is my first contribution to -Chalkhills- for I am a very new subscriber.
I found this list by a total fluke.  A letter from a woman to a local radio
stationUs free newsletter listed several groups with newsletters on the
Internet. Included on her short list was XTC.  She included her e-mail
 address so I e-mailed her and she very kindly gave me the address of
RChalkhills.S  Upon learning about the FTP archives of XTC stuff, I quickly
mastered the FTP function.  I have spent the entire day listening to XTC
and downloading XTC stuff.

I only have a short time to write, so on to the good stuff . . .
My XTC Tribute Album Wish List:
Part One:  The Fun Stuff

-All You Pretty Girls-  Morrissey
        --I would like to hear it with a gurgling -Vauxhall and I- feel.  This
is the perfect song for a singer who loves to toy with his sexual identity
in his songs.  Will he really be thinking about the women on shore while
he has a ship full of men around him?

-Dear God-  Sinead O Connor
        --I would love to hear her say the bit about the price of beer in that
really preachy tone that she does her spoken word bits to (like the diatribe
at the end of -Am I Not Your Girl?-).  So serious that it is hilarious.

-This Is Pop- Gipsy Kings
        --It has the perfect riff for them work their Flamenco muscles.  I
stop smiling at the thought.  You can hear the inspiration for my choice on the
Gipsy Kings -Este Mundo- CD.  The song is called -Oh Mai-.

-Snowman- Bob Marley and the Wailers
        --The song already has a loopy reggae feel to it.  Substitute the line
-What I want to know, man- with the line -Him a natty dread mon-.  Doubly
poignant because it doesnUt snow in Jamaica.

I know that Bob Marley and most of Wailers are dead,
but I can dream.

Bye for now -----Andy


Date: Tue,  6 Dec 94 07:27:00 UTC
Subject: My "Question for Dave"

Well, your "interview" for Chalkhills promises to be a major Net Event!

My question for Dave would have to be this:

While Barry Andrews' patented "steam calliope" organ sound had its odd appeal,
I feel the best XTC line-up was with both yourself and Terry Chambers aboard.
His muscular punch on drums was almost perfectly balanced by your own
shimmering melodic riffs -- you kept each other in line quite nicely!

For me, there has been a musical hole in the band ever since Terry flew south
and was never replaced by a permanent drummer.  Worse yet, I now hear Andy
saying he wants to de-emphasize drums even more on your next album.  Is there
any hope for a drummer in XTC ever again?  Or does the future instead look
Wires and Drumless?  Doesn't anyone in the band miss having a "real drummer"?

Mike McCormick (


Date: 7 Dec 1994 10:51:08 U
From: "Wesley Wilson" <>
Subject: XTC at the Paradise, Boston

If there is an XTC bootleg recorded in the late 70's or early 80's of a show
at the Paradise Club in Boston, MA., would whomever has a copy be willing to
make a dub for me on Maxell II+ or better tape? E-mail me; I have stuff to
trade that you may not have. I'm also interested in other live bootlegs,
especially from their early years.

The bootlegs I have are the widely available Black Sea Tour, 1980; XTC in
Motion; Making Plans for Andy; K-Rockin' in Pasadena, Kings for a Day; as
well as just about all of the various live cuts available as B-sides on
vinyl. I'm very interested in the talk about the show recorded in
Philadelphia, PA.



From: Weirdo <>
Subject: XTC Tribute Band play date POSTPONED!
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 1994 23:16:34 -0500 (EST)

I hope this makes it to the list in time...

For anyone that might've been planning to go see the XTC tribute
band in Athens, GA on December 8, its been postponed due to the
club's messed up scheduling.

The new date is tentatively January 12 which is also a Thursday.

If you're interested in going, let me know and I'll make sure
you know directions, etc.

Weirdo -


Date: Thu, 8 Dec 1994 00:43:11 -0500
Subject: I Remeber The Sun

For those out their wondering why it's not mentioned more am I.
 A wonderful song, indeed.  Just had to say so.


Date: Thu, 8 Dec 1994 00:43:17 -0500
Subject: Re: Martin Newell

I have to say it.  After holding my breath for too long.  I bought my Martin
Newell cd here in Minneapolis, although not at Title Wave...instead at
Northern lights. I do not like it.  there, whew!!! I said it.



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