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Subject: Chalkhills #39

                  Chalkhills, Number 39

                   Monday, 10 July 1989
Today's Topics:
                 Re: Lo! The End is Nigh!
                   XTC on Compact Disc
                        Go Too CD

Date: Fri, 7 Jul 89 13:18 MDT
Subject: Letterman

Regarding the XTC appearence on Late Night:

	Y'all should be aware that Dave almost never talks with the
featured musical guests on the show.  There are exceptions, but not



Date: Mon, 10 Jul 89 06:40:50 PDT
From: (Karl MacRae - The Surreal World of Customer Service)
Subject: Re: Lo! The End is Nigh!

>I was bummed to see that the XTC video they showed was another fucking
>live acoustic garbage version of "Scarecrow People" videotaped at the MTV
>studios.  These live acoustic thingies were really dismal, which is why
>I have held off making suggestions about how to compile a Chalkhills live
>compilation.  You want my advice?  (Yeah, I know you don't, but shut up
>and listen)

	Are you kidding? Those live acoustic performances beat the
living shit out of anything on the thoroughly over-produced and
homogonized 'Oranges and Lemons'. They're XTC the way they should
sound, with the rough vocals and the less-than-perfect performances,
but with *feeling*.


 Karl MacRae     UUCP: sun!batman        ARPA:batman@sun.COM
  Sun Microsystems, Milpitas, Ca. (The armpit of Silicon Valley)
   "Funk Pop a Roll consumes you whole; Gulping up your Opium
     so copiously from a disco; everything you eat is waste-
      But swallowing is easy when it has no taste!"
	-XTC, 'Funk Pop a Roll'


Date: Mon, 10 Jul 89 08:36 CDT
From: <BBHULSEY@uams.bitnet>
Subject: XTC on Compact Disc

Greetings from Little Rock, Arkansas (a cultural metropolis!?)

OBSCURE TRIVIA DEPT. - A friend and I have an ongoing argument over
"The Big Express".  I think they used a live drummer for at least some
of the album while my friend insists that a drum machine was used for
most, if not all, of the album.  Anybody out there have any info about


Bruce Hulsey

	[Peter Phipps drummed, Andy programmed the Linn Drum,
	 but does anybody have track-by-track details?	-- John]


Date: Mon, 10 Jul 89 14:52:13 CDT
Subject: Go Too CD

There is a Go Too CD (1984) that is seperate from the GO"2 CD.  What is on it?


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