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                 Sunday, 23 October 1994

Today's Topics:
                 Re: Thugs with Crowbars
             hook, hook, gaze in the brook...
                       covers, etc.
           answers to 385, plus the covers game
                  Aussie Vinyl For Sale
             New York Times Sunday Crossword
                   New Subscriber--Hi!
               Some items for trade or sale
                   Re: Drums & Wireless
                 Lack of interest in XTC
                  Huom: Re: Introduction
            Was their latest album "Efilkrap"?
                Re: Chalkhills Digest #386
                      7 inch singles
                   Re: the covers game
                   RE: What is a hook.
                   Andy & The Residents


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Date: Wed, 19 Oct 94 9:28:14 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: Thugs with Crowbars

Steve Levenstein <> writes:
>   It's an elaborate production for a 7-inch single (VS 490),
>and on the Bee side you get "Chain of Command", "Limelight", and
>"Over Rusty Water". Ahhh, those were the days... XTC has put out
>more neat singles then any other band, am I wrong?

I think I'd have to agree.  From early on, starting with the _Life
Begins at the Hop_ single with clear sleeve printed with a record
player tone arm to play the clear single inside, to the package of
postcards on the _This World Over_ 7-incher, to the crown-shaped
package on the _King For a Day_ CD-3, XTC's singles are usually pretty
interesting.  I love the _Making Plans for Nigel_ gameboard (a sick
variation of snakes and ladders -- that's chutes/slides and ladders
for us Yanks), the undressable sailor on the cover of the _All You
Pretty Girls_ single, the unfolding riches of the limited edition
_Senses Working Overtime_ 7-incher, and all the rest.

But it wouldn't mean a thing if the music weren't also great. (James Dignan) asks:
>Heard a suggestion recently that the song Rook was based on Kit Williams's
>puzzle book Masquerade (the one where various people all over Britain went
>searching for a buried golden hare). Any truth in that? there is certainly
>a picture in that book of a (seemingly omniscient) rook flying over a

Now that's one I haven't heard!  It's a great idea, but I think it's
coincidence.  Andy had this to say in an interview on WFMU in June
1991 (courtesy of Woj):

    Andy: Oh yeah.  There's one called "Rook" that I had a great
    difficulty finishing.  It was a really blank period for me,
    I had a bit of writer's block, I couldn't find these songs
    anywhere, the muse had deserted me.  And "Rook" fell out at
    a very low point in my life.  I couldn't actually finish the
    demo, I kept bursting into tears.  Almost a mixture of
    gratitude -- I don't know to who, the muse -- a mixture of
    gratitude and just the joy at finding (I'm trying to be
    modest here, it's going to sound really pompous) the joy of
    finding of what I consider to be a personal little musical
    jewel.  It's very austere and very empty sounding and I
    think when we record it for real it will retain a similar
    emptiness.  I played it to Dave Gregory who stopped by one
    afternoon for a cup of tea and I said look I've got a new
    song and I played it to him and he said, `Yeah, it sounds
    like Hoenniger with lyrics.'  So I'm very proud of "Rook"
    and I really want to get to grips with that. writes:
>I'll be waiting expectantly for my first subscription issue and to
>meeting all you other XTCers (do we have a name?).


        -- John


From: Kevin Carhart <>
Subject: bunnnnng
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 1994 11:45:24 -0700 (PDT)

I like Bungalow!  It's probably my favorite Colin song.  Yeah, I think
it keys in some memory of a vacation house.  Kind of similar to the
beach from Seagulls Screaming.

I think XTC have gotten better over the years.  If Rook seems like a decline
just because it's slow and plaintive, try listening to Battery Brides a few



Date:         Wed, 19 Oct 94 16:21:49 EDT
Subject:      hook, hook, gaze in the brook...

Well, I thought I knew what a hook was... until I read the myriad
responses in the last digest.

And, by the way, I like Rook, which is taking almost as much abuse as
the Big Bungle lately.  I think Rook is pretty.

Finally, the suggestion that XTC "quit while they're ahead" floored me.
Scandal!  Treason!  I certainly hope not!  To me, XTC is still in the
prime it hit with Drums and Wires...


From: (Chong Hyun Byun)
Subject: covers, etc.
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 1994 15:35:11 -0700 (PDT)

In the last issue of Chalkhills, Kevin Carhart suggested that Duran Duran
cover "Mayor of Simpleton".  My first response was "oy vey!".  :)  But I
like the idea of They Might be Giants doing "Ladybird" (I think) in polka
style.  The thought of that cracks me up.

With all this discussion of hooks, I have another musical question--what
is a bridge?

Regarding the "No Thugs in Our House" 45 with the neat packaging--I love
that single!  I have two copies of it.  Just out of curiousity--how much
did you all out there pay for yours?  I paid $15 and $6.99.

I found an interesting copy of Go2 in a record store in Berkeley.
Instead of the usual black cover with the type, the cover was of the
poster that was included in some copies of the record.  I also saw a
street vendor selling an "XTC" t-shirt--it had the chemical structure
of the drug ecstasy on it and above that was printed "XTC".

Another couple of questions:  I must have missed something here, but what
is this BBC vol. 2 CD that was mentioned in the last issue?  Is this
different from the Radio One Sessions CD that I've heard about?

Thanks all.

Christie Byun


Date: Thu, 20 Oct 1994 11:56:01 +1300
From: (James Dignan)
Subject: answers to 385, plus the covers game (Mike Mooney)wrote:

>Bowie's "Sorrow" was a cover of a single by (I think) The Merseybeats

Nah, it was the Merseys (although they may be the same band that were once
the Merseybeats...

Someone (sorry, I forget who, but welcome to the list anyway..., was...
>...wondering if somebody's willing to tell me their feelings on the new
>>A.Partridge/Harold Budd collarboration album.
This has all been covered in depth quite recently. Try archiving #360-375.
And play some Eno on your show!
>...was wondering if anyone could give me a hand with transcibing "Yacht Dance"
>>for guitar.
Phew! Good luck... I play by ear and have been trying to work that one out
for years! If you ever work it out, drop me a datastring!

>From: John Relph <>
>There are a few more charts in the archive.

Goody! Thanks John. BTW - any Idea why I didn't get a copy of C/H 384?

	[ Transient mail failure, write for a free copy today!
	  Sometimes mail just doesn't get through.  -- John ]

The covers game:
umm... Iggy Pop - Life Begins at the Hop; Curve (or better still, Miranda
Sex Garden) - Travels in Nihilon; John Cale - This world over; Peter
Gabriel (early style, not recent) - Deliver us from the Elements; Midnight
Oil - Ball and Chain (okay, it would be DIFFERENT); David Byrne - Snowman.
I agree that Costello should do Another Satellite. ...How about Dylan doing
All along the Watchtower? ;-)))


James Dignan, Department of Psychology, University of Otago.

Ya jivu v' 50 Norfolk St., St. Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand
steam megaphone NZ 03-455-7807

   * You talk to me as if from a distance
   * and I reply with impressions chosen from another time, time, time,
   * from another time                     (Brian Eno)


Date: 20 Oct 1994 09:49:06 U
From: "Denis Bowler" <>
Subject: Aussie Vinyl For Sale

REGARDING                Aussie Vinyl For Sale
I have a few of XTC's early Australian singles for sale.
If anyone is interested please email me directly.

Denis.      <>


Date: Wed, 19 Oct 94 19:58:47 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: New York Times Sunday Crossword

Jennie and I were doing last weekend's X-word and lo and behold, 62
Across is "Rock group with a blissful-sounding name".  The answer?


They must be famous now.

        -- John


Date:         Wed, 19 Oct 94 23:00:30 EDT
Subject:      New Subscriber--Hi!

Hi!  I'm new.  This is my hello-here-is-what-I-know posting.

I've been a fan since I first heard "Generals & Majors" on the radio
in 8th grade.  I just love the music, the lyrics, the lyrics, the songs,
the lyrics, the music and everything.  Popping those tapes in the deck
is an instant mood-lifter.  And I love analyzing everything from the
meanings of the lyrics to the dynamics of the band.  Looking forward to
reading more about them.  I have the biography and all the albums (but only
on cassette, so I'm still missing lots of songs) and I heard about this
newsletter from an internet directory.

Bring on the news!!

I've been up with the larks, I've been shooting off sparks--



Date: Wed, 19 Oct 1994 23:40:48 -0400
Subject: Jammin'

Well, first thing is hello, of course, though I'll keep it brief...I am Ian P
Murphy and live in New York City.  I hooked up with XTC (which I pronounce as
an acronym, not a bliss) my first week in college working at the radio
station and, suffice to say, am not satisfied with one album (albeit an
excellent one, and usually double length) every two or three years.  But on
to the text...

>I still hope that someday Mr. Partridge will come to terms with his fear
>of live performances.  The band already has an unusually deep connection
>with its audience, and being unable to appreciate the live
>musicianship is a true shame.  Maybe they should tour small clubs with
>the Police again.

For once, I have to disagree.  When the Beatles finally decided there was
more to life than being Fab, a retirement from the road was essential to
their maturity.  I grant you that the rationale here is different (personal
rather than democratic) but the essence is the same.  The things I treasure
most about sophisticated, multilayered works like *Oranges and Lemons* and
*Mummer* (or *Magical Mystery Tour* and *Revolver*) are the precision and
care of the craft, not any raw kick that could be feasibly reproduced at a
sweaty club on the lower East Side.  The ROIR tape, I think, highlights this:
 live, even with the energetic electric guitar tunes that the band was
touting around the time of *Black Sea,* they kicked up as good a fuss as any
other New Wave shouters, but it's a wholly different phenomenon from the kind
of transcendence that they reach on studio works.  It's a helpful coincidence
that "Travels In Nihilon" occupies the same place that "Tomorrow Never Knows"
did (last song on the last album before calling touring to a halt) :  like it
or not (and I know plenty who don't), it's an exploration of sounds that are
adventurous, and have little to do with 1-2-3-4 intros or slam-bang finishes.

The fact is that the advent of recorded sound, allowed to be retouched until
perfect and replayable at the listener's chosen volume and locale, was the
first bona fide revolution in music for nearly a millenium.  More than
anything else, it actually changed the way we hear.  Precious few pop acts
take advantage of that dichotomy (those that have include our friends here,
the aforementioned Silver Beetles, David Bowie, Public Enemy, Brian Eno...);
"Garden of Earthly Delights" is a something that goes above and beyond a
"recording" of a "band."

Sorry to blather on, but, hey, it's rainy.



Date: 19 Oct 1994 22:20:12 GMT
From: (Joe Jarrett)
Organization: North York Board of Education
Subject: Some items for trade or sale

I have some XTC items available for sale or trade. The Japanese 12" Live and
More; The Colonel 7"; The Canadian 7" of Love At First Sight with the 3 live
B-sides; a pack of Nonsuch playing cards; plus many other items if interested
please contact me at the above address. Send me your want list, as I have or
can sometimes find other items. By the way I just got the BBC radio sessions
CD called Drums and Wireless and it is excellent, a great mix of styles to
really illustrate the talents and imagination of the band. All the best.


Date: Thu, 20 Oct 1994 04:36:30 -0400
Subject: Re: Drums & Wireless

>I've just bought the XTC radio sessions CD
>Here is a complete track listing

Eerk!  Alarmed US listener needs details!  Is this merely a repackaging or
(as I might guess due to the odd track listing) - dare I hope - acoustic
'live-in-studio' retreads of familiar territory?  That's my presumption, I'm
afraid, looking at the common acoustic guitar base of a lot of the songs (as
well as the similarity in set lists between this and the US radio station
tour).  Are we going to have to pay import prices (as we will) or am I just
another victim of Virgin's nonpromotion stateside?  (More importantly - how
will I stand beside my earlier defense of the band not playing live if I pay
25 dollars for just that?)


Date: Thu, 20 Oct 1994 8:20:18 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Lack of interest in XTC

Hello people.
Here is something quite distressing:  have you ever been talking to
someone at a party, or in a class, et. al., and you mention XTC, and
they look at you like, "Who is THE hell is XTC?"

WHAT?!?  WHO IS XTC!?!  WHO ARE THE BEATLES?!?!  For some reason, they
have never ascended the great ladder of mainstream success (at least
in this country.)  With great tunes and beautiful chords and
hit-you-in-the-face lyrics, who wouldn't know of and consequently
adore this band?  I don't understand the music-buying/listening publuc
sometimes.  It's very frustrating for someone for whom music is his

Regardless of me, I'd appreciate some insight into the reasons for the
general major ignorance (sorry, bad play on well, you know).  Later.

Chalk chalk chalk silly,


Date: Thu, 20 Oct 1994 18:48:17 +0200
From: (Jacobs Michael)
Subject: Huom: Re: Introduction

To XTC fans this world over,

My younger bother saved my life one day by forcing me to sit through Roads
Girdle The Globe at full volume. My Barry Manilow collection spontaneously
exploded. And that was that.

I'm involved with the photographic arts and teach them at the University of
Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland. I recommend you try to find it on your map.

XTC has been my darkroom music of choice since 1979 and I am trying to pass
that onto my students with some success I might add.


Michael Marnin Jacobs


Date: Thu, 20 Oct 94 12:46:26 EDT
From: (Patty Haley)
Subject: Was their latest album "Efilkrap"?

Brian Swanson sez:

> By the way, and sorry if this is old (k)news, but is everyone here familiar
> with Doctor and the Medics?  For the most part a rather terrible I.R.S.
> records acts (Miles Copeland once again looking for a gimmick).  One
> noteworthy item about them is that there is a 12" single I have, produced by
> our Dear Mr. Partridge.  If memory serves me well, it's a cover of "Spirit in
> the Sky".

This song, fyi, went to #1 in England in the mid-80's, my guess is 1984 or so.
Does anyone know how our lad Andrew got involved.  Is this band from Swindon?
I remember my college radio station did an interview over the phone with the
singer, and he seemed very nice and down-to-earth, but I'm sure I would've
remembered a mention of Andy/XTC had it come up in the interview.

John Pidgeon asks:

> Does anyone else like "Bungalow"?

Ah, it's the pidgeon/bungalow connection...  Personally, this is one
house I have to torch.  If I ever get to meet Colin, I will have to
ask him just what "possessed" him to write this one.

Wes Wilson confides:

> By the way, over the weekend I sent away for the XTC BBC Vol Two,
> a mere $22.45.

Is there any crossover between the two BBC discs and the CD with the
1980 radio concert on it?  Are these the equivalent of Peel Sessions?

> P.S. Psssst! If any fans of the band, uh..."Rulb" (yeah, that's the ticket!)

Pretty funny, Wes.  I just really hate Nrebla Nomad's voice...

Joe Odukoya brags:

> I've just bought the XTC radio sessions CD
> Here is a complete track listing

OK, what's the diff between this disc and the ones Wes mentions above?
I'm assuming these are BBC radio sessions.

And Peter Dresslar notes:

> First of all, forgive me for posting again, and second of all, forgive
> me if this is a long dead and forgotten issue, but...
> Has anyone noticed that the back cover of their _Black Sea_ CD lists
> play lengths for all the songs except Travels in Nihilon?  Kinda strange,
> as you would think someone would have noticed, since it looks so
> unbalanced.  Although it did take me a year to notice myself...
> For the sake of clarity: my copy is the 1987 US re-release (I think).
> "Uni Distribution Corp. (c) 1987 Virgin Records..."  GEFD-24376
> Hardly important, I know, but what the hey...    :-) pete

I mentioned this bit o' trivia back in #365, Pete, and as you may have
guessed, nobody commented.  Either it's a booboo on Virgin's part, or
they just want to make sure that we keep having questions to ask regularly
here at Chalkhills.  "Travels in Nihilon" is one of my favorite XTC songs.
Like the album "Mummer,"  I didn't like it too much at first, but now I
love it.


Date: Thu, 20 Oct 1994 16:32:54 -0500
From: (C. Aaron Lowe)

I just wanted to make everyone aware of something that's available to all
of us, and which I would particularly recommend to anyone and everyone to
at least take a look at.

CD Connection is an online catalog of CD's.  Just telnet to  They have an utterly vast selection of imports and
hard-to-find CD's, along with those mainstream, major releases.  You can
search the database by the artist's name, search for song titles, by album
title, or several other ways.  CD Connection works with many distributors
and CD warehouses and pass along the lowest values they can find (well, of
course, AFTER their profit mark-up) to the buyer.  I would stress that I'm
in no way affiliated with CD Connection, except as a satisfied customer.  I
recently ordered/received two import Robyn Hitchcock CD's -- hard-to-find
gems -- and paid only about $13 each for them!  The prices really are good.
The selection of imports is limited, but the prices are great.  Most of
their CD's ARE domestic.

For those serious collectors, I would also recommend, which
sells exclusively imports.  These are typically more pricy -- since they're
not getting them from warehouses in the US but directly from overseas --
but there are some rather unique finds.

I haven't checked for awhile -- and the inventories of both cdeurope and
cdconnection change constantly, so if someone goes on and notices something
interesting with bandwidth appropriateness, please pass that information
along to the list so that we all know about those CD's being available.

Thanks for your time.


**************************** @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
* C. Aaron Lowe             | "O baby I waited                               @
* "Waiting for the Great    |  So long for your kiss,                        @
*    Leap Forwards"         |  For something to happen,                      @
*       |  Oh something like this"       --Leonard Cohen @
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Date: 21 Oct 94 02:36:33 EDT
From: Pamela Moore <>
Subject: Stranglers

Jeffery Langr asks:
>>Anyone belong to the SIS?
>>PS -- I stopped listening to the Stranglers a while ago after "10" came
>>out.  I know they came out with another album after that, but was it any

I used to belong to the SIS.  I failed to notify them when I moved and
didn't see any issues of Strangled after the one announcing Hugh Cornwell
quit.  A deeply weird publication, but in a good way, and a LOT less
embarassing to read than LE (which, come to think of it, I also let lapse
when moving west).  I hear an early issue of Strangled has an interview with
XTC.  Does anybody have this?  I'd love a photocopy.  I lost interest in
the band when Hugh quit, and never felt motivated to buy the next album. I
did see them play once after that album tho, and the new guys they got to
replace Hugh were quite good. I really enjoyed the show, but still didn't
feel like buying. I did feel bad for them tho--why do they bother touring
the States if they're only going to get to play dumpy little places for a
couple hundred people?  Does anyone know what Hugh is up to now?

Back to XTC, if only briefly:
XTC Lemon (ignoring Barry Andrews): Big Day or Bungalow
YES, I like Colin's stuff generally, but can't get over these.
Fave:  Extrovert.
Now, another day I might have said something different, but I REALLY like
this one, and I'm a bit surprised I haven't seen anyone else mention it in
this poll.  Sort of the last great Andy wailing song.  Everybody else
discovered Dear God on the B-side of their Grass 12 inch, but at my house we
only played it for Extrovert!

Now my other-band question: Does anybody know what Howard Devoto (of
Buzzcocks, Magazine & Luxuria) is doing now?  (Anything? Please?)

Sorry to the folks who don't like other-band chatter, but if XTC are only
going to record once every three years, we've got to find something to talk

Pam Moore / Seattle, WA


Date: Fri, 21 Oct 1994 10:25:08 -0400
Subject: Re: Chalkhills Digest #386

I've been "listening" in for a few months now and have really enjoyed seeing
so much being discussed about one of my favorite groups.  You are all (well,
most of you at least) much more into the band than I am, although I have
tried to learn more and more.

My into to the band (the reason for this post) was a tape of Black Sea from
my sister (she's more progressive than me) one Christmas. I didn't pay much
attention to it at first, but took it along with me to Okinawa, Japan, when I
joined the Navy.  Some of my fondest memories of being in the military is
driving around the flightline on Kadena Air Base with the sun setting on the
South China Sea, the salt air stinging my nostrils (and contributing to the
rust on my 1977 $450 Toyota Carina) with Mahors and Generals blaring.  It was
kind of a protest against the military structure I was beginning to grow
tired of at that point in my hitch.

I was so excited to find the band was much deeper than one albumn (which most
of my favorite bands seemed to have dies after putting out).  I've kept up
with them since, buying older works, the new releases when they comes out (I
now provide my sister with tapes of their disks -- I know the copyright
thing, sorry but I can't help but spread their music every chance I get).

I read about the possibilities of a new disk and can't wait to hear what the
boys have been up to.  Keep us posted ...

(IMHO -- while they're no XTC or even sound like them, The Ocean Blue has
caught my ear lately.  Anyone else hear of them?)


Date: Fri, 21 Oct 94 13:36:40 EDT
From: (John Pidgeon)
Subject: 7 inch singles

I just finished reading Jeffrey Langr's letter about the art work in XTC
and Stranglers singles.
I don't have any XTC 7 " singles. The ones that have been discussed here
sound mighty interesting.

Just a quick note to Jeffrey (please don't flame me for wondering off
topic) but I lost interest in the Stranglers after they released "10", the
last album with Hugh Cornwall. I saw their tour for the next album. When
they played the new stuff, it was kinda bad. When they played the old
stuff, the crowd went wild but it was like watching some one do covers of
the Stranglers.

To bring this full circle and save my bum, does any know of any 'tribute'
XTC bands?
Here's an idea. They (the big record corporation) should release an album
featuring "many of today's best known artists" doing XTC covers. Not very
original I must admit.
I sure hope Blur would be on it.

John Pidgeon


Date: Fri, 21 Oct 1994 15:12:45 -0400
Subject: Re: the covers game

Kevin Carhart wrote:

Who should cover XTC?  I will put into this game... lets see..

(among other good examples:)
> Swoon-era Prefab Sprout should cover that Playground Empire song
> (you'll never da da da unless you do as you're told , you wouldn't understand
> it being 14 years old....)
> Lois should cover Let's Make a Den

I would like to point out that to anyone new to this forum (and XTC music)
you may have a hard time finding these songs on album and CD, as the first
song is called Cleopatra and is on a special tape that was not available in
record stores as a regular release. Andy P. put together special tapes such
as Windowbox, and Jules Verne's Sketchbook, and Bull with the Golden Guts,
that had outtakes, and demos and other rare "sketchy" versions of songs
previously not released, for the XTC fan club Little Express. Information for
joining this snail mail club can be found in the liner notes for Skylarking.
Or you can e-mail me and get more information about trading for dubs of these
titles, often donated to me from other great subscribers to Chalkhills who
are saying,"Geez, I gave him that!"
dferg (I may *send* mail through other gateways,
 but receive it on AOL;)


Date: Fri, 21 Oct 1994 19:15:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: howdy

just got my first chalkhills and just wanted to say hello
(i'll keep it short). i'm a grad student in baltimore, long
time fan ('82ish), and wish to stand up for colin and
bungalow (then again i like rook too.) looking forward to
communicating with all of you. Also, specials thanks to
pat ( for letting me in on chalkhills!


p.s. re: good singles/eps to buy; i reccomend mayor of
simpleton 3"cd which has ella guru (capt. beefheart cover),
haunted heart (andy demo) and good things (colin demo).


Date: Sat, 22 Oct 1994 13:56:51 -0400
Subject: RE: What is a hook.

In Chalkhills 385, Greg Langmead <> writes,

>What is a "hook"? This is a term I'd like to be able to use.  It seems
>handy.  Is it a technical musical term?

Uh, actually, I would guess the term means a few different things, but
usually it refers to some melodic part of a song that tends to define the
said song.  Or maybe not.
    Someone could say that the opening guitar part of the Rolling Stones'
 "Satisfaction" is a "great hook".  Same could be said of about a thousand
Beatles songs, or our own XTC.  Actually, a good example of a guitar hook,
one that just came to mind, is the beginning of "Generals and Majors".
    There you go.  I'm sure I've confused the issue beyond recognition.



Date: Sun, 23 Oct 1994 00:50:29 +0100
From: (Emmanuel MARIN)
Subject: Q98

Sorry if it has already been written here before [i don't follow Chalhills
as well as before..]..

XTC is in the free tape sold with UK muscial magazine 'Q', issue 98
(this month) : "Living in the '80s". The track is "Senses Working
Overtime", taken from the Compact XTC- The Singles...

"Riding cheerily on the coattails of punk, laden with irony, quirkiness and
top notch songs, XTC are certainly the best band to hail from Swindon.
Senses Working Overtimes is their biggest hit and it's about that oh-so-
familiar rush of new love. It remains Andy Partridge's finest moment in
a career littered with rather fine moments." (P.3)

Emmanuel Marin


Date:         Sun, 23 Oct 94 18:53:01 +0100
From: Balazs Brena <KANTOR@URSUS.BKE.HU>
Subject:      Andy & The Residents

Hello everybody on this Chalkhills list!

On Sun, 25 Sep 1994 Jerry Kranitz wrote on the subject
'Mr Partridge-"Take Away"'

>Are most of you familiar with this record? The music is pretty wild. A
>lot of it is very experimental. Some of the tunes, I would say, are
>clearly influenced by Andy's experience with the Residents.

Is this true? Do you really KNOW what experience did Andy have with those
weirdoes the Residents? I mean I have heard rumors that Andy played on
"Commercial Album" but these were just vague statements, not facts -:(
So, does anyone know exactly what kind of collaboraton did Andy have with
the Residents?

One more slightly off-topic question: does anyone know what happened to the
Residents mailing list? I believe the ''
address is the one Residents fans should write to, but all my efforts have
been turned down by the mailers which replied 'no such address' and all the
stylistic variations on that theme...

Keo (Balazs Brena) from Hungary

"I am simple you are simple life is simple too"


End of Chalkhills Digest #387

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