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Subject: Chalkhills #38

                  Chalkhills, Number 38

                   Friday, 7 July 1989
Today's Topics:
                        Late Night
           Domestic "King for a Day" CD single.
                   Lo! The End Is Nigh

Date: Wed, 5 Jul 89 16:38:36 PDT
From: (Alex M. Stein)
Subject: Late Night

Found out about this at 12:25, courtesy of a phone call from a
friend in Boston.  Knowing Late Night, I figured that XTC would
be on last (the most interesting people seem to end up last and
then they have 35 seconds of talk before the show ends).  But
instead, they came on in the middle.  This was hopeful.

Then, Dave announces the next guest, the seven-year-old marbles champ,
and ASKS XTC to hang around.  For the next 15 minutes, Dave
interviews/makes fun of the marbles champ while Colin, Dave, and
Andy look on in the background, not quite sure of what's happening.
Finally, the show ends with no XTC interview.

Why did Dave ask them to hang around?  Does anyone out there know
what happened?

Alex Stein


Date: Fri,  7 Jul 89 10:35:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Glenn Platt <>
Subject: Domestic "King for a Day" CD single.

I just picked up Geffen's release of "King for a Day" in the CD
single format. As opposed to the import 3", this is a 5" with 4
songs - King for a day (Czech Mix - meaning usual extendo-garbage
and a mix of the piano very high in the mix and the guitar very low),
King for a Day (Versailles Mix - ho hum boom boom boom) and 2 NEW
SONGS produced by Steve Nye: "Toys" a realy fun song no doubt
inspired by Andy's kids and their He-Man accesories and "Castaway"
which is a Drums and Wires-esque typical, but good Partridge tune.
It's $4.99 at the cheaper record stores.


Date: Fri,  7 Jul 89  14:27:01 EDT
From: jsd@umass.bitnet
Subject: Lo! The End Is Nigh

Bad news, gang.  I was in Tower Records a few days back and spotted a
truly repulsive piece of lexan coated aluminum, with one of them "limited
collectors edition" stickers on it.  Further examination revealed it to be
a special CD single with "King For A Day (Versailles Mix)" and "King
For A Day (Czar Mix)" plus the old B-sides "Toys" and "Desert Island."
Now, if you can't find yourself a "Mummer" CD, then maybe it's worth the
money ($4.99) for "Toys" and "Desert Island", the former being one of my
all time fave XTC tunes, but the other two remixes look utterly terrifying,
one of them being produced by disco dominator Shep Pettibone, the man
who has given us some pretty good remixes ("Bizarre Love Triangle" by New
Order for one) and some pretty bad remixes ("True Faith" by New Order for
one)...  Try it at your own risk.  I refused to spend the $$$ on it, just
on general principles, even though it _was_ another XTC product.  Sadly,
my hopes that the domestic CD single would follow the lead of the domestic
"Mayor Of Simpleton" single were dashed.  (I was hoping that there would
be a disc with "Happy Families" on it, particularly, but no such luck.)

I taped "Post-Modern MTV" last night and Andy was moderately amusing, although
I was bummed to see that the XTC video they showed was another fucking
live acoustic garbage version of "Scarecrow People" videotaped at the MTV
studios.  These live acoustic thingies were really dismal, which is why
I have held off making suggestions about how to compile a Chalkhills live
compilation.  You want my advice?  (Yeah, I know you don't, but shut up
and listen)  Do a "rarities" tape instead.  Maybe splice it together with
a bit of interview chatter.  I'd be interested particularly in the B-sides
that didn't make it onto the CDs, which includes a few live tracks from the
Black Sea era singles, and a few other oddities, including "Heaven Is Paved
With Broken Glass" and "Punch and Judy" etc etc etc.  You can figure it out
I'm sure.

SO whaddya think gang?  Did the "letterman" appearance herald the start
of an XTC live tour???

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