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Subject: Chalkhills #375

                  Chalkhills, Number 375

                 Friday, 9 September 1994
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               Harold Budd's latest project
                     Random Thoughts
                   Re: Chalkhills #374
                 xtc on labour day radio
                     Random babbling
                         Re: Odds
         Chalkhills and Children and the like...
           Various Responses to Chalkhills #374
                   Re: Chalkhills #374
             that kid who adresses Dear God:
                     New member intro
                      Amusing Story
               from the street to the tree
   Martin Newell....Greatest Living Englishman for sale
                  hello recording club??
                new RADIO 1 SESSIONS disc


Date: Tue,  6 Sep 94 03:07:00 UTC
Subject: Harold Budd's latest project

Harold Budd already has a new post-Partridge album out.It is called SHE IS A
PHANTOM, by Harold Budd & Zeitgeist.  Look for it in the classical bins if
this sort of thing is your cup of drano.  The following is quoted without
permission from a review in the Minneapolis Star Tribune by Tom Surowicz:
"Zeitgeist is the premeir new-music ensemble of Minnesota, a veteran group
with a healthy emphasis on mallet instruments and percussion.  Budd is a
respected contemporary classical composer from California .... Budd has done
some moonlighting with such British rock figures as the Cocteau Twins and
Brian Eno.  There's an entrancing, nonthreatening accessibility to most of
Budd's scores, and "Phantom" ... is no exception.  Parts of the work could
serve as background music for a David Lynch movie ...."


Date: Tue, 6 Sep 1994 00:04:22 -0600
From: (Michael De Bernardi)
Subject: Random Thoughts

I have a few dozen comments on "Dear God" and Blur ...

Actually, someone spoke up in defense of Colin a couple of issues back, and
I wanted to second that thought.  While I really love pretty much
everything our boys do, I have to say that I consistently find Colin's
offerings to be the most rewarding on the albums.  Granted, he comes up
with a dud every once in a while ("War Dance", 'nuff said), but more often
his songs are simply sublime. Without his beauty to counter Andy's
sometimes-neurotic visions, XTC would simply not be as effective as an
"album band".  Of course, this is one man's opinion.

On the subject of "Through the Hill", I have to say that I quite enjoy the
disk and find myself putting it on more and more frequently, particularly
as background music while I do something like iron a shirt or wash the
dishes.  What more of a compliment is there?

A question:  Does anyone know exactly what is whispered between "The
Affiliated" and "Pale and Precious" on the Dukes' album?  I must have
listened to it twenty times and still can't make it out.  Also, I heard
(read) someone talking about having a tape of outtakes from the Skylarking
sessions recently and wonder if that person would email me to discuss a
completely unrelated matter :).



Date: Tue, 6 Sep 1994 08:42:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #374

On Mon, 5 Sep 1994 Mr. Relph wrote:

> >Enough about what having a kid sing part of Dear God does - does anyone
> >know if the voice was really a kid's (and, if so, who and whose) or if it
> >was A,C, or D voice speeded up?
> Definitely a GIRL (not a woman).  Not any of XTC, not speeded up.
> It's in fact one Jasmine Veillette, a ten year old American girl (see
> the FAQ for more details).

        But one might wonder what kind of eighteen year old American
girl she is now! (At least I do...)



From: "Smith, Daniel R." <DRS@DC4.HHLAW.COM>
Subject: xtc on labour day radio
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 94 08:25:00 edt

howdee howdee howdee.

this labour day weekend, 99.1 WHFS (Washington/Baltimore) played, ahem "the
top 500 modern rock songs of *all-time.*"

i listened to it extensively because i had drive up to Wilmington, DE on
sat, among other opportunities, but it was ok.  they ordered it by "votes"
and some other stuff like that.  i heard "Senses Working Overtime" come in
at 86 (which is my lucky number, FYI).

Then we were up at Pentagon City shopping mall and we popped in at the Bass
shoe store to hear "Dear God" playing.  So we stopped and listened in shock.
 We listened until the end to see if it was some hip "store" tape, but it
was the radio on 99.1; "Dear God" was number 44.

"Generals and Majors,"  "Mayor of Simpleton" "Grass" and "Summer's Cauldron"
among a handful of others get some decent play-time, considering they [xtc]
don't sound at all like the overused pearl jam-nirvana-soundgarden crap they
always play.

I'm sure "G&M" and "MoS" placed, but I missed it.  Anyone?

Also, re: "Dear God":  Yeah, the lyrics are cheesy, pretentious, but it got
an atheist friend of mine to buy _Skylarking._  He's the one who always
hacks on me for being an XTC fan (he's big on Depeche Mode).  He called me
the other day to tell me he just bought _Waxworks_ to get "Generals &
Majors," and was pleased that it also had "Senses Working Overtime."  He
won't admit it, but I think he's getting in over his head.  DM doesn't
really stand a chance.  But hay, more money for the boys...could go towards
a new record, eh?  Wait until I tell him the _ES_ version of "Senses" is


Date:         Tue, 06 Sep 94 11:44:32 EDT
From: Pete Dresslar <PDRESSL@CMS.CC.WAYNE.EDU>
Subject:      Random babbling

First of all, I want to say that the past week of my enrollment to
Chalkhills has been a real pleasure.  I'm learning things about Our
Heroes that I never knew.  And XTC is truly my favorite band.

Concerning the Dear God issue, I think if people want to go on writing
about it, well, let them.  It's our list and we can all be nice and let
other people say what they want to say.  I have been so far really impressed
by the restraint people are using.  I think common courtesy is something
increasingly lacking out there in the net.  Anyway, I think DG is a really
impressive song in its passion and conviction.  The lyrics make
absolute sense to me.  But the song isn't about God!  It's about
organized religion creating a deity which, whether it exists or not,
has tremendous effects on the world (mainly bad ones).  Having come from a
very religious and conservative corner of the world (Grand Rapids, MI,
USA), and being married to a right-winger, the song rings very true to me.
Well, I've said more than I want to say about that!

To spark debate on other subjects, I give you this:
The following is the song order I chose for my "ultimate XTC" tape.
Perhaps some of you would like to comment on how good or bad my judgement

Respectable street
Love on a farmboy's wages
Ballad for a rainy day
1000 umbrellas
English roundabout
Life is good in the greenhouse  (I now regret this one..)
Scarecrow people
Travels in nihilon
Yacht dance
One of the millions
Complicated game
(flip tape)
Mayor of simpleton
Desert island
No language in our lungs
Smartest monkeys
Jason and the argonauts
This world over
Ten feet tall        (another weak link, I fear)
That wave
The world is full of angry young men
Dear god             (c'mon, it has to be on the tape!)
Books are burning

The best transition I've ever heard is the one between Nihilon and
Yacht Dance; try it sometime... I realize that the lineup has imperfections,
but it works for me.  Any suggestions?



Date: Tue, 6 Sep 94 12:57:52 CST
Subject: Re: Odds

Paul Myers writes:

>...Listen, a friend of mine is in a group called the
>Odds.  Cool pop and interesting lyrics.  Do any XTC fans know them. They
>have two discs out on the Zoo/BMG label. They have the same management as
>Toad The Wet Sprocket.

Yes Yes Yes!  I have both of their CDs -- great stuff, especially "Bedbugs."
Took a harder edge on that one.  I met all the boys backstage a couple of
years ago at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison, Wis. when they opened
for/backed up Warren Zevon.  I and my (then) girlfriend had a nice chat with
Craig Northey and his wife for about 15 minutes or so.  That show was pretty
much the first I'd heard of them and I was immediately impressed, especially
with Steven's version of (I think it was) "Spanish Eyes."  Hilarious!



Date: Tue, 6 Sep 1994 16:31:16 -0400
From: "Paul Myers" <>
Subject: Chalkhills and Children and the like...

Hi, Paul here in Toronto.  Now I really want to say something.  I finally
got a copy of Chris Twomey's book.  First I want to warn everyone who
hasn't got it yet.  Sometimes Mr Twomey's writing style isn't as good as
the info he covers, and he's too much into using exclamation points (!)
Maybe it's a tribute to the artwork for the ARE YOU RECEIVING ME single
with the question mark on one side and the exclamation on the other.  But
all in all it's a totally enjoyable read and I can't put it down.  This
brings me to a couple of questions for the digest.  How much is the COLONEL
single worth? , I have a copy of Too Many Cooks on vinyl 7' and it's in
perfect condition.  Does anyone know how to get a copy of "Saturn Boy" or
any Helium Kidz tapes, or the original Virgin demo.  Lastly, can anyone
find me a copy of the BBC manor film that was shot around the English
Settlement sessions.

Some points of interest: In Twomeys book Mary Margaret O'Hara is portrayed
as some kind of devout catholic crazy and Andy as a saint. I'm actually a
friend of MMO'H and as such I have witnessness (her band etc)to the
encounters of Andy and MMO'H and they said it all went down a little
differently and that Andy was quite rude to everyone and didn't take Mary
seriously.  You know I kinda feel like it must be true, I mean Andy IS a
genius and it's the Music that matters and you can't say anything to make
me not like XTC records but I've heard more than once that Andy does not
"indulge" others.  Spoiled child etc.  Still you gotta love a guy that
could write both Ladybird AND Complicated Game.

In closing, here's something that I read about Brian Wilson in Adam Currys

* Ex-BEACH BOYS frontman BRIAN WILSON is making a television documentary.
Wilson, the creative force behind 1960s hits GOOD VIBRATIONS and GOD ONLY
KNOWS, has returned to the recording studio accompanied by a camera crew
>From the British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) OMNIBUS programme.  The
end result should hit TV screens early next year (95). (WNT/KK)


Date: Tue, 6 Sep 1994 17:50:53 -0400
From: "Paul Myers" <>
Subject: Various Responses to Chalkhills #374

>Dear God is like an essay.  In my opinion, the War Dances and Books-
>are-Burningses and Dear Gods that attack a relevant, topical area are
>not nearly as interesting as XTC's flights through surreal, associational
>words.  Some songwriters don't have it in them to think in terms of "fruit
>of sweating golden inca" and "striped awnings bright dismay", and the
>senses working overtime!  They are always going to crank out songs
>about God and violation and faith, and devotion, and the policy of truth.
>They don't take you places.  XTC (especially Andy) are capable of "show,
>not tell," using all the nouns and adjectives they know instead of the
>same old fifty about love and weather.  Imagery and sound that unfolds,
>and transports.

Yes Kevin, Hear Hear  You've managed to eloquently encapsulate the dilemma
I'm having with Andy right now.

Oh and with regard to

>MPL (USA) seeks Swindon lad for voice over on recording targeted for
>lucrative children's market.

I actually played a part in this.  I work for a music publishing agency here
in Toronto.  One day David Bogart from MPL in New York called me.  He is a
huge XTC (and They Might Be Giants) fan and had read somewhere that Andy
really liked the piece TUBBY THE TUBA.  David B is a subscriber to Little
Express and recognized me from the Simpletones cover band (I played Andy no
less) so he asked me if I could get Pete Dix to call Andy and set up a
conference. I last heard that they at least discussed it and that Andy was

Here's one last question, does anyone know what ever happened to Erica Wexler
or Debra Robertson?


Date: Tue, 06 Sep 1994 18:31:55 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #374

Paul Myers wrote:

>Listen, a friend of mine is in a group called the
>Odds.  Cool pop and interesting lyrics.  Do any
>XTC fans know them.

And I write:

Didn't they do that song "Heterosexual Man", which had the Kids in the
Hall in the video?  Or was that another Odds?

- evan.


Date: Tue, 06 Sep 94 19:47:24 EDT
Subject: that kid who adresses Dear God:

is the then-10-year-old Jasmine Veillette, who indeed was an idea of Todd's.
 I had always thought, due to the particular inflections, etc., that it was
Todd sending Andy's voice through a harmonizer.  I find it interesting that
this song still stirs people up...


Date: Wed, 07 Sep 1994 10:14:47 EDT
Subject: New member intro

-- [ From: Robert William Bing * EMC.Ver #2.0.P ] --

I have been reading your list now for about a month. I am a big XTC
fan and have all their material. I am also a BIG Tood Rundgren fan. It
is my opinion that Skylarking is BY FAR XTC's best recording. In
recent interviews with XTC, they even admitted that Todd probably was
their best producer even though there was a considerable amount of
disagreement at the time of the sessions. I don't understand those of
you out there that can't see the fact that Skylarking is the most
complete and well contructed work that XTC has ever put out - and
thanks to Todd ! After all, the concept of the album was Todd's idea.
In fact, Todd still talks about XTC today as one of his favorite
bands.I would love to see them work together again. I am interested to
see what some of you think !


From: Dames The Wonder Dog <SPXDLF@CARDIFF.AC.UK>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 1994 12:44:11 GMT
Subject: Amusing Story

Hello All,

    Firstly (it now seems tradition that Blur and/or Dear God get
mentioned in all mailings) I'm glad that opinions of afore mentioned
topics are subsiding (only 50% of the last listing mentioned the
above topics!) because I was beginning to think that we would have to
change the name of this listing to 'Dear' or 'God' or 'Blur' or

    I was in 'The New Ely' (a public house in Cardiff, Wales) last
night talking to a friend of mine and Making Plans For Nigel came on
the DUKE (of S) Box.
As normal I said, 'oh listen - XTC aren't they good.'
To this most people reply 'yeah. I like the song, but who are
To my surprise Lou said 'I like XTC and I have a compliation CD with
them on'.
Wow! I thought.
'Yeah ', continued Lou, 'its The Best of XTC and Godley and Cream'.
Odd, I thought, I've never heard of that one.
'It's because one of the members of Godley and Cream used to be in
Well, at this I was totally incredulous and expressed my belief in
the nicest possible fashion.  Lou was adamant about the CD and
proceed to list a few titles, none of which were XTC.  Then I
remembered a time when another of my chums had confused XTC with
'You don't mean 10CC do you?' I asked.
'Oh yeah - that's it!', said Lou, 'I wondered why Making Plans For
Nigel wasn't on it.'
Has anyone else had experiences similar to this?  The two names do
have a letter in common I suppose and if you were drunk and said them
quickly they might sound similar.
This seems typical of the fame that XTC have in Britain: 'Oh yeah,
XTC, they are the band that I got confused with 10CC once.'

One more thing - 'I'm going to take it out on her with my weapon' -
what kind of line is that?!!!

Oh, and another - I wonder if Andy, Dave or Colin have access to this
list and what would they think if they read it.  I wouldn't be
suprised if they felt like that popularist writer of his times,
Shakespear, if he was ever to hear what people say about his books in
English classes!  Music, and plays, are meant to be enjoyed by
immersing yourself in them, not by disecting them until they lie
around in their component parts.  What does a beautiful tree look
like if you take it to pieces - a pile of wood shavings!

But that said, if you enjoy talking about why a certain chord change
or tinkly bell sounds better than another, don't let me stop you, and
I'm sure that I wouldn't have anyway!

Dames TWD.


From: Karl J Knack <>
Subject: from the street to the tree
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 1994 12:56:55 -0400 (EDT)

Bob G. wanted to know if anyone had seen the film with "Respectable Street".
It is not on the "DOA" film  (but that's a greatt documentary), but can be
found on the videocassette of "Urgh! A Music War" (which I think is an
A&M release).  That was my first exposure to the band, and it always
makes me sad to think I'll never get to stand in a sweaty crowd to see

I also want to say that I think the tree locale for the "Dear God" promo
is eerily reminiscent of the tree locale in the Beatles' "Strawberry
Fields Forever" film, which also has similar cinematography.

Thanks for receiving me,
Karl J. Knack


Date: Wed, 7 Sep 94 13:02:46 EST
From: Why does the sun shine? <>
Subject: Martin Newell....Greatest Living Englishman for sale

I havce an extra copy of The Greatest.....Englishman that I would like to
get rid of. I am asking $11.00 PLUS $2.00 for postage.  If anyone is
interested, please EMAIL me PRIVATELY (dont clutter the list) at:    or

take care,


Date: Wed, 7 Sep 1994 16:46:37 -0500 (EST)
From: david bregande <>
Subject: Introduction

I'm hooking up with chalkhills again after a long (2 year) absence.
I'm a large scale XTC fan and a small scale XTC collector. I'm most
interested in any information on a new album, and if anyone has a phone
number for the Little Express so I can restart my subscription. Also, I'd
like to hear from any South Bend area fans that I might be able to trade
rarities with (esp. the Bull with the Golden Guts, which I missed out on).
I look forward to hearingh from chalkhills again, and hope that Andy,
Dave, and Colin are hard at work in some studio somewhere.


From: "Neil Oliver" <>
Organization:  SLAIS, UBC
Date:          Wed, 7 Sep 1994 15:00:51 GM+5
Subject:       hello recording club??

Did Andy's Hello Recording Club release ever come out?  Would someone
who belongs to the club tell me if any of the other releases are any
good (I fear I have asked this before but maybe someone will answer)

I hate to bring up Blur again but which Blur album was Andy supposed
to produce, Parklife or Modern Life is Rubbish?  Incidentally, after
all the talk about Girls & Boys giving a misleading impression of the
album, MLIR kicks off with a great opening
track, "For Tomorrow", but then the rest of the album isn't so good;
quite the opposite to the new album.  For my part, I agree that Girls
& Boys is more like early 1980's new wave than disco; the Pet Shop
Boys remix, however, is certainly disco and should be avoided at all
costs.  One track that really sounds like early David Bowie to me is
"Jubilee," and "London Loves" owes a large chunk of its arrangement,
including the faux Robert Fripp solo, to Bowie's "Fashion."  I think the only
things that really sound like XTC are the woo-woo backing vocals on
"Tracy Jacks" and the skronky, out of tune guitar on "Magic America."
 But we're not here to talk about Blur, are we?

Another new album more pop-oriented fans might like is the new
Barenaked Ladies, which includes four songs co-written by Andy
producee Steven Duffy from the Lilac Time.  It's called "Maybe You
Should Drive," and there are some obvious XTC influences, like
"Everything Old Is New Again" and the chorus of "Life, in a Nutshell,"
 which bears a suspicious resemblance to "Mayor of Simpleton."
It's not as self-consciously goofy as their first record, though its not
deadly serious either.  I don't know if it's out in the States yet.

In the absence of any new XTC product I figure we may as well talk
about other bands (though I'm surprised at the lack of discussion of
Through the Hill).  Many of the best purchases I've made in the last
year (Aimee Mann, Martin Newell, Loud Family, Sam Phillips)
have been a direct result of this list.  It makes sense to me
that a group of fans of one band would pass information around about
other bands they think XTC-lovers would like.  It's more interesting
to me than the debate over Dear God vs. Mermaid Smiled, for example,
which comes up every two months or so.

Anyway, it's great to be back (though not back at school...)


From: J Ross MacKay <>
Subject: new RADIO 1 SESSIONS disc
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 94 7:40:30 EDT

Yesterday I received a flyer in the mail from Music Machine, of Owings Mills,
Maryland, USA.  In a large bold font it announced:
                 priority customer information

          released in England OCTOBER 5th ORDER NOW!
                 ~XTC -THE RADIO 1 SESSIONS~

TRACK LISTING: Opening Speech, No Thugs In Our House, Runaways, You're The
Wish, Poor Skeleton Steps Out, Crosswires, Seagulls Screaming, Real By
Real, Into The Atom Age, Meccanik Dancing, Ten Feet Tall, Scarecrow People,
I'm Bugged, Dance Band, Jason And The Argonauts, One Of The Millions, Roads
Girdle The Globe.

BAND LINE UP: Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Barry Andrews, Terry
Chambers, Dave Grgory.

These songs have been hand picked by the band from the BBC Sessions and
chart their way through the early days of 1977's first album up until
1988's "Oranges and Lemmons"



postage and handling:
US - $4.00
Hawaii & Canada - $4.50
Overseas - rates vary

or send check or money order to
Music Machine
11459 Cronhill Dr. Suite O
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117 U.S.A.
BTW, I have *NO* affiliation with this company.  I'm just a satified
customer.  They're the folks I picked up that nifty biography and the super
deluxe Martin Newell disc from.  I called for this one immediately, maybe
that's why I'm a "priority customer";-)


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