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Subject: Chalkhills #366

                  Chalkhills, Number 366

                 Thursday, 4 August 1994
Today's Topics:
                   XTC's Puppet History
                   Re: Chalkhills #365
                   Re: Chalkhills #365
                  Re: Sam Phillips' Band
                   Assorted Rare Slices
                What have they been up to?
                   "Andy" Doubletake!?
                       Sound files?
               The obligatory introduction
Regarding last songs and how they relate to the album cover, and more
                    Partridge-Budd CD
              The Greatest Living Englishman
                     Mummer meanings


From: "Bill Moxim" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 1994 15:07:15 -600
Subject: XTC's Puppet History

Hey!  Just in case anybody's interested...  I happened upon a copy of the
history bit that Andy & Co. did.  Wasn't it called "The Road To XTC"?
Anyways, I already had a 4th generation copy, but in the mail I received a
catalog from a place called "CVC Collectables" in Ohio.  They had a promo
video ==> "Mayor Of Simpleton/History of... (Geffen) promo only VHS video".
So, naturally I gave 'em a ring and inquired about the title of the
history bit.  She whipped it out and commented that all it said was "A
History Of XTC / Puppets".  I said "I'll take it".  Not bad for $95, eh?
No... it was $12.  Still a little high, but it'll be nice to have it 1st

That was the only XTC they had listed in that particular catalog
(Catalog #74, page 3), and she kept saying "ecstacy"!!!

Bill (I can't seem to get Newell's "Before The Hurricane" outta my head!)
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Date: Mon, 1 Aug 94 12:09:54 CDT
From: Australian for Beer <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #365

>George Gimarc who had an interview that he did with XTC circa Mummer printed
>in the Little Express ten years ago has authored an EXCELLENT new book (new
>to me) titled "PUNK DIARY  1970-1979".

If this is the same George Gimarc who is a DJ for 94.5 - The Edge in
Dallas, then he really knows his stuff. I know that he was one of the
few people in North Texas who knew who XTC was. Considering that he
was the DJ who hosted XTC when they were in Dallas on their O&L Radio
Tour (when he was still a DJ with Q102), I gained immediate respect
for him.

 Since the dawn of time, three Great Questions have defied the
 greatest minds:  Is there a God?  Is there existence after death?  And
 how does Keanu Reeves continue to get work as an actor?

                                        -Scott Renshaw


Date: Mon, 01 Aug 1994 10:18:58 -0700
From: (Jim McGowan)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #365

Paul Vincent writes:

> Then I saw XTC on the Old Grey Whistle Test, doing (I think), "Into The
> Atom Age". Suddenly punk wasn't so grim! Here were witty, tongue-in-cheek
> lyrics, playful false endings, and wilfully tricky time-signatures, not
> to mention the late-lamented Barry's stylophone organ sound. Wonderful!
Are you and I the only ones on this list who actually liked Barry's playing?
The general consensus here over the past few years is that his sound and
overall demeanor was a detriment to the band. Well "sod off, y'all" says I!

And I hope you're kidding about the "late" part...

- Jim
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Subject: Re: Sam Phillips' Band
Date: Mon, 01 Aug 1994 14:51:16 EDT
From: Michael Murphy <>

Sorry about the non-XTC-ness of this little post, but i just HAVE to know...

In Chalkhills #365, The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith wrote:

> From: therev
> Subject: Sam Phillips in Boston 7/21/94

>         Sam and her band: T-Bone, Jerry Scheff on bass, the happy young guy
> on drums, and the guy from X on guitar, came on around 9:45 PM.  I don't

By "the guy from X", did you mean Billy Zoom, the original guitar player of
X, or Tony Gilkyson, the guy who replaced him?


Date: Mon, 01 Aug 94 16:05:43 EDT
Subject: Assorted Rare Slices

Hi! I found out about "Chalkhills" by reading the Internet yellow pages when
I looked in the index under "XTC" and lo and behold, here you are!
I recommend the WWW database for those of you who haven't seen it yet - and
that brings me to an offer:

Until I read the Chalkhills archives, I had no idea that there was a second
collection of Andy's home demos, that being "The Bull With The Golden Guts"

If anyone out there has a copy that they would like to trade, I have all
sorts of stuff to offer in exchange:

the "Jules Verne Sketchbook" Andy home demo collection

a live "Oranges & Lemons" radio interview, with an acoustic medley of "Senses
Working Overtime/Grass/Love on A Farmboy's Wages" along with "King For A Day"
(I'll be honest here- the sound quality could be a little better, but it's
still rather enjoyable. The guys are very witty!)

a promotional for radio "Skylarking" interview with Andy introducing each

Miscellaneous rarities: Terrorism/Let's Make A Den/Find The Fox/The
Troubles/Always Winter, Never Christmas/Ella Guru/Living In A Haunted Hollow
Heart/The Good Things

Anyone interested? Just e-mail me! Thanks!   -Fescadi


Subject: What have they been up to?
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 1994 21:37:00 -0400 (EDT)
From: Damon Z Cassell <>

Hello again...

Having just recently subscribed to Chalkhills and knowing of no other
source for XTC information, I would like to just briefly ask what the
band has been up to since February of 1992 (Nonsuch release).

I noticed that one person here suggested that a new XTC album is rumored
to be in the works.  But a fellow in the know at the record shop said
that XTC had called it quits.  Having been out of contact with reliable
XTC information, I just want to know:

What have they been up to since 1992 and what are their future plans?

I'm sorry if this information would be a bit redundant for longtime
Chalkhills readers but I'm just curious.  Perhaps someone could refer me
to a previous Chalkhills issue with this info?

Damon Cassell,
Boston Massachusetts.


Date: Tue,  2 Aug 94 05:20:00 UTC
Subject: RINGO

Muchas gracias to whoever posted the info about MIT's Internet-based RINGO
music rating service here.  I tried it and it quickly adapted itself to my
musical tastes and started making excellent music recommendations.

By the way, XTC has now cracked the Top 5 bands in RINGO popularity:

Rnk Score  Artist (Number of ratings)
 --- -----  ----------------------------------------------------
 1. 5.43  "Parker, Charlie" (69)
 2. 5.21  "Pixies" (106)
 3. 5.20  "R.E.M." (1035)
 4. 5.20  "Coltrane, John" (81)
 5. 5.17  "XTC" (109)
 6. 5.16  "Velvet Underground, The" (114)
 7. 5.15  "Mclachlan, Sarah" (85)
 8. 5.06  "Breeders" (123)
 9. 5.05  "Talking Heads" (965)
10. 5.03  "Monk, Thelonious" (69)

By the way,There are 1275 users currently in the system.


Date: 2 Aug 1994 12:59:13 U
From: "Wesley Wilson" <>
Subject: "Andy" Doubletake!?

I just came back from Tower Records, and next to the latest issue of PULSE!
hung a poster.  It turns out to be a promo poster for a new movie about a
*serial killer*.  The person on the poster looks, at first
(gasp!) ANDY!

Has anyone else seen the poster?

While there, I also bought a Blur single, "Boys and Girls" (various mixes,
plus two other non-LP tracks).  Has anyone seen a single for "Tracy Jacks"?

And did you know...the cover for Primus's "Miscellaneous Debris" CD-5 is now
the wrapper for a condom!  (For the uninitiated, "Miscellaneous Debris" is a
CD of five covers by Primus, one of which is "Nigel.")

Going to Tower is such an adventure!

Steve Levenstein, thanks very much for typing in the studio history of The
Dukes' recordings.  Great reading!

Does anyone want/need a U.S. CD of ENGLISH SETTLEMENT?  I have a spare,
like-new copy; will sell for $8 within the U.S. (includes postage).  E-mail
for info.



Date: Tue, 02 Aug 1994 20:29:27 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Sound files?

Dear fellow Chalkhillites,
        I'm really anxious to hear Andy sing about shaving-brush-butt-plugs,
as one can apparently do if one plays back the correct archive sound file.
So, I've downloaded these soundfiles to my Macintosh Quadra 610.  Now what?
How can I get my Mac to read this as a soundfile?  All it does is show
me a whole lotta Greek alphabet letters.   DO I need some specific software?

Please Email me if you know.  I'd be forever in your debt, at least for the
next week or so.  Even better, maybe someone could post the info...Is it a
question of general interest to XTC-heads?

Thanks, Steve E.


Date: Wed, 03 Aug 94 10:47:48 EDT
From: "D.Floyd" <>
Subject: The obligatory introduction

Hi, folks. I'm a fan from way back. I got to see the band during the
Drums and Wires tour. They were supposed to open for The Police at
a small club in Hartford. Those temperamental headliners cancelled
at the last minute, but our heroes (bless 'em) played anyway, to a
smaller crowd on a low, small stage. It was an amazing show, and
midway through, people started yelling "F*** The Police!"

Also caught the band a couple of times in NYC during the Black Sea
tour. I've drifted somewhat over the years, and admit to not having
everything the band has done, since my tastes are (very) broad and
my musical budget very finite. But Nonsuch is a beautiful piece o'
work, and I love the fact that Andy and I share quite a few of the
same musical heroes. I also always liked the fact that the band
never went in for that record industry schmooz and artsy British
society stuff, and have managed to build a sizable following on
the strength of the music alone.

Looking forward to Chalkhills. Who are Too Much Joy?     DF


Subject: Regarding last songs and how they relate to the album cover, and more
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 1994 11:31:08 -0600
From: Marshall V Pierce <> writes:
> but
>I'm disappointed that Andy would have ended this album on a song
>about hopelessness.  It's so UN-ANDY.

This got me thinking (once again) about two things:

 the last song in each major release
 its tie-in with the album cover-art

First, I can't agree with Melinda's statement that "hopelessness" or, p'raps
more accurately, "negativeness" is not a re-occurring theme.  Of course, if
Melinda was being even a bit sarcastic, then I've put my foot in it and you
have my apologies.

But, judge for yourself.  Except for "Chalkhills..." (and forgive me if I've
listed _Nonsuch_'s closer incorrectly - I didn't have it with me), these
ending tunes are neutral, at best.

 drums and wires       complicated game ...... an expression of the confusion
                                               and two-sidedness of life
*black sea             travels in nihilon .... discussed recently
 enlish settlement     snowman ............... ah, bitter love
 mummer                funk pop a roll ....... discussed recently
*big express           train running low on soul coal
                                       ....... a thoughtful followup to funk...
*skylarking            sacrificial bonfires .. man's inhumanity...
 oranges and lemons    chalkhills & children . I'm sure I'll be able to
                                               identify with this even more
                                               after jr. arrives next month...
*nonsuch               books are burning?      see sacrifical bonfires

Secondly, the *'d listings, IMHO, have a definite "conceptualness" with the
theme of the cover art expressed by (definitively) the last song, and to a
lesser extent, a number of other songs on the album.  The theme is reflected
in the general mood of most of their albums, in fact.


...and this just in...

Last Saturday was my birthday!  I'd been expressing my desire to see Toad...
Guess what Barb read in the paper on Friday?  Yes, Toad... and "special guest"
are in Denver 8/6 - bonus: a friend recently had the chance (but missed it) to
see Toad... with opening band The Grays!  I've got my fingers crossed and
tickets in hand...

Also, there's constant mention of videos and literature starring/about
Swindon's lads.  Is there perhaps a list of these items including notes on how
they might be obtained?  I am getting the FAQ, so if the answer lies there,
please ignore...

Finally, I was delighted to hear of the relationships between Chris, Glenn,
Aimee, Elvis (and Pete), Sam, Dave, Andy, Colin, etc in all their various forms
- it's pleasing to see my taste in tunes reflected in real life!

Marshall V Pierce


Date: Wed, 3 Aug 94 13:57:09 EDT
From: "mark allen" <>
Subject: Partridge-Budd CD

Have not been able to locate it in the stores. Anyone know if it is available
thru CD Connection? Please advise.

P.S. To Doug Finney - Thanx for the Martin Newell CD. It's great!


Date: Thu, 04 Aug 94 04:08:37 EDT
Subject: The Greatest Living Englishman

Hi there!

I hope the following isn't ancient news, but I'm new around here and don't
know any better if it is.

Has anyone heard the album "The Greatest Living Englishman" by Martin Newell?

Having heard about the Andy Partridge collaboration through Chalkhills, but
not remembering its name or the name of his collaborator, I asked at the
local CD store if they knew about it (how many could there be?).  The guy
said "Oh yeah, I've seen that.  David Newell or something."  It wasn't in
stock, so I had to order it, and anxiously awaited its arrival.

When I finally got it, sure enough, the cover said "Martin Newell featuring
the New Improved Andy Partridge."  But when I got it home and opened it up,
it said all songs by Martin Newell.  Andy had just produced and played some

I was very disappointed,  but figured I'd best give it a listen.  If Andy
Partridge liked this guy enough to produce his record, maybe it was okay.

And it was more than okay.  I'd never heard anything from this album before
(though my wife recognized a couple of tracks from the local alternative
station), but each one worked for me from the outset.  That's rare.  Even
most XTC records took me a couple of listens to fall in love with them.

If you haven't heard this album, you need to check it out.  It seems to be an
import, so you may have to special order it, but it'll be worth it.

The songs are all very 60s, with great vocal harmonies.  The music is quite
beautiful, and often haunting, with some fine arrangements by Mr. Partridge.
 I think it was recorded at his house, as the liner notes refer to a digital
8 track in a shed.
Great record, though.

And now I've written down the name of the *real* album I was looking for, so
I'll make some phone calls today.

Be seeing you.

--Curtiss Hammock, Atlanta, GA, USA


From: (Mike Gervasi)
Date: 02 Aug 94 15:28:31 -0500
Subject: Mummer meanings
Organization: FidoNet Nameserver/Gateway

 I used to know the meaning of the title, but things
ch>I used to do (it would shock you too) have short-circuited my
ch>memory bank on that as well.

Mummer is an English play of sorts. If memory serves correctly, they dress
in costume and perform.
A wonderful album, I agree. By the way I want a copy of the Shaving brush
boogie. Come to me Andy..come to me..

------------------------------------------------ Mike
 * Wave Rider 1.20 # 367 *
... All right, who's been cooking hot dogs in the Warp Drive?
--- Blue Wave/Maximus


Date: Thu, 04 Aug 94 09:14:55 MDT
From: (Russell Schroader)
Subject: Introduction

     Where was this when I was a pimpled teenager?  I would have killed for
     such an outlet back then.  Of course, it's great now, too, but I can't
     help but feel I was born a decade too soon.

     My name is Russ Schroader and I'm new to the group.  My first XTC
     exposure was somewhere in between Mummer and the Big Express.  By the
     time Skylarking came out, I was a rabid fan.

     Many of you will probably agree that there is no greater device for
     sparking memories than that of a great song.  The most poignant memory
     I have of XTC is as follows: I was stuck in a cramped, cold apartment
     in the middle of Alberta, Canada.  For three months, I watched through
     my window as storm after storm blew across the pointless, endless
     prairie.  Just as I began to feel my sanity slipping, my savior-like
     brother sent me 25 o'clock in the mail.  Not that it prevented me from
     going insane, but it sure made the trip much more enjoyable. Moles
     from the ministry have administered to me ever since.

     The second memory has to do with Nonsuch, a redlight district in
     Seoul, Korea and jar of putrid kimchi. But that's another story.

     Anyway, I'm happy to be here and look forward to reading some good

     Russ Schroader


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