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Subject: Chalkhills #358

                  Chalkhills, Number 358

                  Thursday, 30 June 1994
Today's Topics:
                    Budd/Partridge CD
                       XTC Rarities
                  Meeting Colin Moulding
              Indie XTC Tribute in the works
                XTC dreams, rarity sources
                    More odds and ends
                Lord Kitchener on A. Brown
              A Swindon resident writes ...
                        New Album?
           ICE Cubes: new Budd/Partridge record
                     XTC from Toronto
                     partridge? song
                        XTC Album
                 Re: Blegvad & Brookings


From: "James E. Hartman" <>
Subject: Budd/Partridge CD
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 1994 11:04:53 -0500 (CDT)

OH my oh my, went a'wanderin' 'round my old home town and found ONE copy of
the Budd/Partridge CD - and bought it, of course!

My $1.02 (adjusted for inflation) worth:

Ambient as all get out in places (Budd, ambient?  Naaaaah :)  The packaging
is quite interesting; I'm wondering if it will be this elaborate for the
American release (instead of a booklet, it is a folded card held together
with a gold-colored strip.  Stuffed inside the gold card is three MORE
folded cards with minimal graphics and track titles.

Overall, well worth the price I paid, if only to freak people out when I
show it to them.  I've looked at the cards ONCE, then quickly re-assembled
it all while I remembered how it went and put it back in the jewel box for
forevermore.  Maybe if I find ANOTHER one like this and leave it in the
shrink-wrap for all time.  :)

Re: Newell

This one is still growing on me.  I recently plopped a track of it into the
radio show (while I was visting me old home town) and got a good response to
it.  Bruce (the guy who took over the show from me) may wind up getting a
copy to compliment his other XTC CDs - I played so much on the show, Bruce
got hooked!  He's now complaining that I "did" it to him, 'cos he's buying
XTC.  Poor Bruce!  :)


Date: Fri, 24 Jun 1994 17:16:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: XTC Rarities

        Greetings from the University of Central Florida...
        This is an update on the progress of the XTC rarites collection.

        Currently, I have a master list of about 150 oddities, demos,
live tracks, b-sides, and alternate versions that I have mostly in my
possession. Some radio, TV, alternate and outtake material is in fair
sound quality, but at least listenable. Items that have been
officially released should only be once or twice removed from an
original source.
        Having looked over the XTC discography a number of times to
research a chronology, I have found some items I need to ask about:

        Has anyone ever seen the withdrawn "Wrapped In Grey" CD-5?? Is it
impossible to get?

        I read a listing once of something called "A Cassette of
Unreleased XTC". Anyone seen this or know anything about it? It had some
odd instrumentals and outtakes on it.

        Does anyone have the LIVE "Traffic Light Rock" from the free
Record Mirror giveaway? In addition to that hard-to-find track, I need
the following released tracks for the collection:
        Goodnight, Sucker (3D-EP)
        Hang On To The Night (slightly EXTENDED version)
        Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down (original mix)
        Ten Feet Tall (DJ intro version)

        If anyone can help with this at all, or if you know of some
interesting demos or radio/TV appearances, please e-mail



Date: Sat, 25 Jun 94 22:08 BST-1
From: Psion plc Joe Odukoya <>
Subject: Meeting Colin Moulding

Hey people,
I am really sorry, I can't find my original message but if the "Joe" you
keep refering to is me then it was Colin Moulding that I met at the
Sylvian concert not Andy (I thought I made this clear in the message but
as I said I've got no way of checking now...) Sorry if I caused the
mistake.Incidentally I also met Barry Andrews (he sat behind me at a
Brian Eno lecture last year), I mentioned the chalkhills book but wasn't
interested at all.
By the way if you want to meet loads (and I do means LOTS) of stars work
near Soho in London... I have a scrapbook bulging with autographs. My
most recent encounter being Brian Eno at Euston station last Tuesday
(21st). But enough of such boasting... Has anyone else bought the Harold
Budd/Andy Partridge CD yet?
Keep on posting
- Joeo -


Date: Mon, 27 Jun 1994 15:38:29 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Indie XTC Tribute in the works
Organization: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Hey folks,

        Listening to Mummer, my personal fave, and sharing
some more info of possible use and enjoyment to all.

        In the latest AP Alternative Press (July 94) There's
a note of interest to all musically inclined Chalkhillians.
Seems Ian, the leader of the Indie-band Samarkand, is accepting
submissions for, and I quote, ""Another Obscene Collection," the
second in a trilogy of XTC tributes."  Personally I haven't a
clue what he's looking for, but I'm assuming he wants tapes of
XTC songs performed by other Indie-bands.  This little note is
included within a short review of Samarkand's latest release, a
modestly complimentary review at that.  The tape is to be
released by Ian's cassette label, "Bizarre Depiction."  The
address for anyone interested is...

        Bizarre Depiction
        3429 Brazzaville Rd
        Westerville, OH 43801

        The same issue of AP has an interview with Andy regarding
his collaboration with Harold Budd.  A short interview.  But Andy
claims to be writing songs for the next XTC record.  'Course,
we all know he's always doing that.

        On that subject, any more reactions to the Partridge/Budd
album?  I'm debating on ordering it, but money being what it is,
mostly isn't, I'd appreciate more feedback before committing.

        Take it easy, but take it.

        -Edward Whitelock


Date: Mon, 27 Jun 1994 16:35:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: The Banjo of Doom <>
Subject: XTC dreams, rarity sources

I think it's really interesting that so many of our XTC dreams have to
do with finding XTC paraphernalia we have never heard of before!  Such
wishful thinking!  Maybe this has to do with the fact that XTC "stuff"
is more easy to get ahold of than XTC themselves, meaning that most of
us would have very little to go on to create XTC's personae in our
subconscious minds.  Then again, I've had dreams about tons of famous
people about whom I know less than I know about XTC...

While I was on vacation last week, my first issue of The Little Express
arrived in the mail.  For many many years I had *meant* to subscribe,
and I finally thought, "I'm such a serious XTC fan, I really ought to
get it."  I've only skimmed it so far, but my first impression is that
my fandom is PEANUTS compared to folk who would tatoo the Black Sea logo
on their bodies...then again, it *is* short-sleeve season... ;-)

Patty: hilarious!  but you forget that Shane MacGowan songs must contain
some reference to missing the toilet due to extreme drunkenness.  He has
used this delightful image at least 3 times, I think.  It's a MacGowan
Law.  [sorry for non-XTC interruption!]

Jeff: When I lived in D.C. I had a hell of a time finding any
interesting stuff in the local record-stores.  One time, I did convince
a friend with a car to drive out to Yesterday & Today and I got the
Meeting Place 12" and the crown-shaped-box King For a Day single.  I am
really worried about finding anything after I move back to Kentucky.
I used to find stuff there when I was growing up, but not at all like
here in Boston.  I've gotten spoiled!  If anyone knows good sources in
Lexington [i.e. how's Cut Corner these days], Louisville, or Cincinnati,
e-mail me and ease my mind...

Melinda   (Welcome back, John, hope you had a good vacation!)

	[ Not too bad, eh! -- John ]


Date: Mon, 27 Jun 1994 17:44:42 -0400 (EDT)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: More odds and ends

        It's me again, the insane compiler...

        Anyways, other than actual RECORDINGS for this collection I'm
attempting, I need some information for liner notes. So if anyone out
there has some dates and credits for radio appearances and such, please
let me know. Especially important are some dates of BBC radio appearances
and approximate periods in which TV specials were shot (such as "XTC Play
at Home" and "XTC at the Manor"). I had also previously attempted a
listing of Acoustic Radio Tour stops, so any info there would be also be
        What some of you DO have that I need is the production information
>from the live singles. For instance, my "Towers" single has three live
B-sides, with at least three or four credits for production, engineering,
etc. listed.

        Any info can be e-mailed to me at



Date:         Mon, 27 Jun 94 20:43:56 EDT
From: JoE <>
Subject:      GeFFen/AnDy...

Donkey Shakers -

      Last word from my man at GeFFen, was that no one's heard from Andy in
quite....anyone heard anything to the contrary?

JoE Silva


Date: Tue, 28 Jun 94 00:56:14 CST
Subject: phillips/moulding


At the risk of possibly repeating myself (amongst all the Madisonians on
Chalkhills), here's a quick quote from Sam Phillips as interviewed in the
Madison regional music freebee "Night Sights and Sounds:"

NSAS:  "You have a lot of nice people on this new album.  How did you end up
with XTC's Colin Moulding?"

Phillips:  "Colin was my idea because I'm a great XTC fan and have loved his
playing for quite a few years.  I said "I think he'll be good for this song,
let's get a hold of him."  Virgin was very helpful and he was very sweet,
very generous.  He came over and actually had a lot of production ideas.
He's so musical; we'd love to maybe do some co-production kind of things in
the future."

Unfortunately, I'll be in the Great White North (Canada, of course) when Sam
is in town at the Club de Wash on July 7, so I can't report on it.

BTW, the series on meeting Andy has been well executed, and
in such teasing bites...Thanks a bundle!



Date: 28 Jun 1994 08:12:56 U
From: "wesley wilson" <>
Subject: Lord Kitchener on A. Brown

Well, hello once again to everyone!  I'm back, at a new company.

During my hiatus, I read a book mentioning Lord Kitchener of England, who
apparently was so beloved during the first part of this century that it was
he who was the model for the World War I posters,  "Your
Country Needs You!" (Was that the slogan?  Maybe some history buffs can

Anyway, a very Lord Kitchener-like portrait graces the cover of The Dukes
7" "You're a Good Man, Albert Brown."

Apparently, Kitchener was killed under mysterious circumstances when the ship
he was on sank.  His death supposedly has "conspiracy" written all over it,
much like JFK's assassination.

Speaking of "Albert Brown," Ray Davies turned 50 last week!  :-)

It's good to be on the list once again.  Can anyone tell me if the new
Budd/Partridge CD is out?  I checked a local store last week; it hadn't come
in yet.  Is it a US release, or an import?

Once again, to quote Andy at the Hammersmith concert, "It's good to be back!"



Date: Tue, 28 Jun 94 13:38:51 +0100
From: John Nicholls <>
Subject: A Swindon resident writes ...

I've just subsribed to the XTC mailing list, having fought my way around
the Internet maze (I've got off-line email acces ONLY and I can find zero
help - any suggestions?).  I managed to find out about "Chalkhills" from
the document usenet/news.answers/mail/mailing-lists/part1 from  Where did I hear about XTC ...

I actually live in Swindon in the Chalkhills heartland, minutes away from the
Old Town abode of Mr P (contrary to the FAQ which states he lives in New York).

In 1978 I bought "White Music" in Threshold Records in Swindon; it was the
second LP I had ever bought (the first being "Never Mind the Bollocks" by the
Sex Pistols, the third being "The Clash", all in the first few months of 1978).
I was s-o-o-o-o proud that my local band had made this album to stand up there
with these greats - so proud I wrote "XTC R NRG" on all my school books, my
jeans, walls in public spaces, pub tables, etc etc.  Hmmmm...

I've seen XTC a few times - Liverpool Rotters 1980(1981?) after the American
tour, Swindon Oasis Centre and Swindon Brunel Rooms, can't remember the dates
for the latter two altho the last one was a homecoming gig in I think 1982.  A
night when sweat condensed on the ceiling and the Brunel Centre threatened to
collapse from the pounding of feet from the massed bodies crushed front stage.
And according to the FAQ Andy "doesn't think their live gigs sounded any

Swindon has a hard core of XTC fans from those earlier days who delight in
spotting members of the band around the town, discussing old tracks, etc.
Although I have to confess here and now that the last XTC album I bought
was "Black Sea" - I personally thought they became too commercial after
this, though advancing years and widening tastes are rapidly convincing me
otherwise.  At present, favourite works after that time are definitely the
Dukes stuff, which I still regularly play.

Having been involved in the Swindon music scene (such as it is) since 1978 I
know a few anecdotes/tales/lies/whimsy about XTC and related - but are people
interested?  Please don't ask for addresses, I'm not prepared to be held
responsible for any bizarre communications/camping on front lawns/begging
letters.  Why, we just don't DO that sort of thing in Swindon ...



Date: Tue, 28 Jun 1994 12:03:03 -0600
From: (Tom Keekley)
Subject: New Album?

I'm tired of waiting. I want a new album NOW! Is that asking TOO MUCH?

Thomas C. Keekley
Minneapolis, USA


Date: Thu, 23 Jun 94 16:08:05 EDT
Subject: ICE Cubes: new Budd/Partridge record

>From the July 1994 issue of ICE (see plug below), reproduced by permission:

"Caroline has July 12 set as the [USA] release date for THROUGH THE HILL,
an unlikely collaboration between XTC's Andy Partridge and Harold Budd,
best known for his ambient work with artists like Brian Eno.  The
instrumental album features Budd on piano and organ, with Partridge on
guitar, zither and percussion."

Plug: ICE is a terrific monthly newsletter with 16 pages of info on
upcoming CD releases. If you want to know what's coming out when in the
next three months, you can't find it more completely and concisely than
this. Current issue has an interview with Elvis Costello discussing his
Ryko reissue series, with details of the extra tracks on the upcoming
Almost Blue and Imperial Bedroom reissues.  Ask for a free sample issue.
ICE Newsletter, PO Box 3043, Santa Monica, CA 90408; voice 310-829-1291,
fax 310-829-2979.

Disclaimer: my only relationship with ICE is that of a shameless fan and
subscriber for over six years.  I'm posting the info only because I think
there are some of you will be glad to hear about it.



Date: Wed, 29 Jun 1994 11:47:11 -0400
From: (Brenda Thorne)
Subject: XTC from Toronto

ACK!  There is a band based in Toronto, Canada who have just put out an
independent cassette and they are calling  themselves XTC.  I couldn't
believe my eyes.  Is this coincidence or intentional or were they just
ignorant enough not to know about *the* XTC?!?  Does anyone else smell a
lawsuit coming on?

Brenda Thorne                   | nick is roxy
as318@FreeNet.Carleton.CA       |   and i'm a chataholic!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Wed, 29 Jun 1994 16:32:58 -0700
From: Kevin Carhart <>
Subject: partridge? song

I recently heard a song on a compilation tape my friend has that sounds
suspiciously like Andy.. but she has no info on the songs, and there's
no way to tell eally.  (really.)

The lyrics go something like:

I've got the X,   you've got the Y
I've got the W,   you've got the Z
Let's get together, over a glass of CHAMPAGNE

When he sings champage, it sounds an awful lot like Andy singing
"victoria's gem trapped in somebody's HELL" or "you're on his LIIIIST"
or some other instance of that big OW sound.

Whoever it is, it sounds an awful lot like Andy.  If oyu (you) know
please enlighten me.



Date: Thu, 30 Jun 94 17:09:16 GMT
From: (Steve Clarke)
Subject: XTC Album

Any news of a new album from the guys ?
Steve Clarke


Date: Thu, 30 Jun 94 14:59:21 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: Blegvad & Brookings (Simon Wilson) writes:

>Is anyone fond of the Peter Blegvad album "King Strut and Other
>Stories", on on which Andy Partridge did some writing and playing?

As a matter of fact, that album is one of my favourites.  I also loaned
it, as well as Mark O'Connor's _Meanings Of..._, Bela Fleck's _Places_,
Chris Stamey's _Fireworks_, and a couple of others, to a friend, and she
liked _King Strut_ the best of all the albums I loaned her.  She really
likes his guitar playing and the lyrics are excellent.  In my opinion
_King Strut_ is one of the most underrated and underexposed albums of
the last few years (along with the Pooh Sticks' _Million Seller_).  Buy
or die.  Blegvad's _Downtime_ and _The Naked Shakespeare_ are also
excellent. (Jim Ryan (N2595)) has this to say:

>        Glad to become the 600th member of Chalkhills.  Do I win a prize
>or something?

No.  But the statistic is a measure of the success of Chalkhills.  And
of the growth of the Net.

"Paging Mr. Saxophone..." <> tootles:

>Now, was "Rocket" *on* this CD?  Was it written for the CD but not
>put on it?

Well, there are actually TWO volumes of Ernest Noyes Brookings songs on
CD, and a third only available on vinyl.  Volume Two has "Rocket".
Brookings wrote the words to "Rocket", Mr Partridge wrote the music and
performed the song.  I do not know if Mr Clowes did the artwork to
Volume Two or Volume Three.

>Who was Ernest Noyes Brookings?

An inmate at a senior care facility at which David Greenberger (editor
of the _Duplex Planet_ magazine) was activities director.  He suggested
Ernest should write poetry, and he did.  "In the last seven years of his
life ...  [h]e wrote nearly four hundred poems on a wide variety of

        -- John


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