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                  Chalkhills, Number 356

                   Sunday, 19 June 1994
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                      Re: XTC videos
                   Saturday Night Live?
                  Re: Andy gives advice
                     Guitar Player(s)
                 Martin Newell/background
          Please allow me to introduce myself...
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From: Dames The Wonder Dog <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 1994 10:07:08 GMT
Subject: Re: XTC videos

I was watching the Virgin Records' 25th birthday program the other
day and guess who's video of Making Plans For Nigel they showed?
That's right, you guessed it - XTC's!!  Wow, I can only describe it
as crap!  But extremely interesting because I like XTC.  What are all
the other video's like?  Are they as late 70's/weird as MPFN?

Ta-ta for now,

        Dames TWD

P.s. we in Britain all know the real story behind Virgin.  It wasn't
Mike Oldfield and Tubular Bells that made Virgin - it was XTC!!!


From: J Ross MacKay <>
Subject: Saturday Night Live?
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 94 7:42:56 EDT

Does anyone else remember seeing XTC on Saturday Night Live?

As I recall (and therefore highly suspect;) it was the Fall season of '79.
They played Making Plans for Nigel.  It was a sparse "padded cell" set, the
fellow singing was in a straight jacket.  It made a mighty impression on
me... I spent the next several days telling everyone who would listen how
horrible "punk music" was, and how fortunately it would never last (at the
time I was a huge Todd Rundgren/Alan Parsons fan).

Well in the spring of '82 I heard Melt the Guns one Friday night on WHFS
around midnight, cruised to Yesterday's and Today's Records as soon as they
opened Saturday morning and purchased English Settlement... a few weeks
later I bought Drums and Wires and started eating a lot of crow.

With the vintage SNL filling a lot of air time on the Comedy Channel
perhaps there's a chance that one day... better keep a blank tape next to
the tube just in case:-)


Date: Tue, 14 Jun 1994 09:14:42 -0400 (EDT)
From: terry kroetsch f <>
Subject: Re: Andy gives advice

Well, I must apologize. I think I posted in haste. To all those who sent
in requests for the Andy talks California talk-show tape I STILL CAN'T
FIND IT! I found the case but no tape. I will keep looking and I will
post the official info on the tape and perhaps someone else can supply a
copy. I've kept everyone's requests and will do my best.....

When an eel bites your thigh     
As you're just swimming by                 master of his domain
It's a moray....                           at least today.......


From: "Tom Keekley" <>
Subject: residents
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 16:31:21 -0500

        I've been reading with interest the snippetts about the
Residents. Well . . .  as much interest as you can have when you DON'T KNOW
ANYTHING ABOUT IT! Can anyone fill me in on who the Residents are/were?

        Also, as generic a subject as it is, I like reading about peoples
fav albums. I (honestly) like all of them for different moods. However, it
surprises me how few times _Oranges & Lemons_ and _Nonsuch_ are mentioned. I
like _Nonsuch_ alot (Fine art never moves my soul . . . )! And I think O&L
is certainly XTC's most ambitious and consistently zesty <in contrast to
'tangy'> disk. I wish I had been on Chalkhills when _Nonsuch_ was released
(if it started before that) to see what was said.

        Bonus: I found _Carmen Sandiego_ in a 'used' bin for $7.
        Bonus 2: I'm totally diggin' Joe's "How I Met Andy" tale.

Keeks (
Minneapolis, usa


Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 23:54:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jay Nelson <>
Subject: Guitar Player(s)

Greetings XTCer's:

For those who (like myself) play a little guitar, I should point out
that a whole bar of "Respectable Street" is printed in both music and
tab form in the July 1994 Guitar Player magazine.  It is used as an
example of noteworthy rhythm guitar playing from "alternative" music
sources.  I may be playing it wrong, but I don't believe the transcription
is spot on.  I am reminded of those postings lamenting the difficulty
most of us face in figuring out XTC songs.

In the same article, both "Black Sea" and "Drums and Wires" appear
in their "Recommended Listening" selections.


Jay N.


Date: Thu, 16 Jun 1994 19:13:37 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Martin Newell/background

Unless I'm misstaken, someone in a past chalkhills asked about the origins
of Mr. Newell (I forget which posting--no time to go digging). Was this
info ever unearthed? Specifically, I'm wondering if he was ever affiliated
with the Pogues. This morning as I was getting ready for work, I opted for
the Pogues cd "Peace and Love" and when the song _Lorelei_ came on, my head
did a veritable Linda Blair from the Exorcist. I swear that he's either
playing guitar on this song or stole it for TGLE (which seems unlikely).
Has anyone else noticed this or has the midwest summer sun merely baked my
brain? I suppose this needn't be an either/or proposition though. Thanks,



Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 00:33 BST-1
From: Psion plc Joe Odukoya <>
Subject: Please allow me to introduce myself...

Hi I am new to the internet (stumbled on Chalkhills while seeing what was
around).Have been an XTC fan since Drums & Wires and buy everything on
the day of release. Living in England I guess I find XTC's very English
songwriting talents fab. Glad there are lots of non-UK fans as well (I
have always felt that we here underate Andy, Colin and Dave.
My biggest regret is that I never saw them live  (as was at boarding
school during thier touring years :-(
Fave album - English Settlement (though Skylarking and the latest run
close seconds)
Least Fave - The Big Express or Mummer

One of my proudest possesions is Colin Mouldings Autograph! I went to see
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp at the Royal Albert Hall here in London late
last year. While hanging around outside after the show (which was great)
I found a backstage pass. So assuming an air of confidence that I didn't
feel I managed to get to the after concert drinks party. Various people
were there including Sylvian, Michael Brook, etc and Colin Moulding with
his son.
He said he had enjoyed the concert and was a big fan.
Having just read the Chalkhills and Children biography (a must for all
fans) I asked if there really was any bitterness between the guys,
particularly regarding Andy's refusal to tour and legendary difficultness
in the studio (I was worried that they may decide to split up or
something) but he said categorically "No" and that all was peace and
harmony. In fact the comments made in the book were said there because
they would never say them face to face.
Then I asked if they would tour again and he said don't hold your breath
but there was always hope.
Finally I asked if there were working on any new stuff to which he said
that the whole band were supposed to have started working on new material
but were being very lazy. But that was then so by now...
In general he was incredibly friendly and personable and seemed quite
willing to talk for ages (I was too surprised at seeing him and getting
his autograph to think of anything else to ask).
Incidentally just bought the Partridge/Budd CD - Lovely stuff!
Anyway enough from me, I'm off to try and get some stuff from the XTC
archives (it looks an incredibly complicated process!!!!).
Thanks for listening,
Looking forward to hearing more...
- Joeo -


Date: Fri, 17 Jun 1994 23:39:34 -0800
From: (Bob Gonsalves)
Subject: newsletter?

Is the XTC newsletter still being distributed, electronically or otherwise?
Is there any chance of getting back issues.


Bob Gonsalves, Pink Noise Studios


Date: Thu, 16 Jun 94 17:09 BST-1
From: Psion plc Joe Odukoya <>
Subject: == No Subject ==

Dear all,
I have been trying unsuccessfully to print out a copy of the RagnBone
buffet CD insert which is available as a postscript file in the Chalkhill
archives. However I have had no success as yet. Has anyone else managed
to do this successfully (is it worthwhile) and if so exactly how. I
thought postscript files could be sent to any printer...
Anyway if anyone (possibly the author) could tell me exactly what I would
need to print the insert out I would be very grateful.
- Joeo -


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