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                  Chalkhills, Number 355

                  Tuesday, 14 June 1994
Today's Topics:
                     Some old threads
                Residents, and ephemera...
                    brief introduction
                  Re: Andy P./Residents
                    Just Wanna Say Hi
               Ernest Noyes Brookings, etc.
               Jules Verne/Bull Liner Notes
                 let me introduce myself


Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 23:48:40 -0400
Subject: Some old threads

Apologies to everyone/anyone for picking up some old threads, but
I've been meaning to mention these for a while, but have only
recently emerged from under one of my advisor's manuscripts.

In all the talk about various bands that sounds like XTC or that
XTC fans might like, I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Nick Heyward's
latest _From Monday To Sunday_.  They played "Kite" a fair amount
on WHFS (in the DC area) while I was home for Christmas, but I was
too cheap to buy the LP at the time and only heard it when my local
library bought it.  It's on about the same level as The Dream Academy's
"Life In a Northern Town".  Well-crafted, pleasant (if a bit twee),
60's influenced British pop. "How Do You Live Without Sunshine" strikes
me as particularly Partridge-esque.  Sure it's not high art or anything,
but not everything has to be.

The other thing I wanted to mention was the rumor that Jellyfish
had broken up.  My brother talked with Roger Manning about two
months ago now (He left a tape of his band onstage at a Jellyfish
show, and Roger was calling to say they loved it and to send more)
and Roger said that they were in fact going to take some time off,
since they had been on the road awhile.  But he said that they were
planning to reconvene in the Fall, I think, to begin the _Spilt
Milk_ followup.  So maybe we'll have two new albums to look forward
to next year.

"Can you prove this _didn't_ happen?"   -Criswell


Date: Tue, 7 Jun 1994 03:17:40 -0400 (EDT)
From: "David W. Millians," <>
Subject: Residents, and ephemera...

Another lurker rises to the surface...

The other posters reminded me that I needed to post a snippet of
interview dealing with the Residents.

It's from Contrast Magazine, Spring 1990. LONG interview with Andy.

Q: Speaking of being anonymous, were you one of the secret contributors
on the Residents Commercial LP?

A: I did actually write the Residents some lyrics, which I thought were
jolly residential. I posted them to them and became very friendly with
them over a while. I went to see them at Ralph one day, and they
kidnapped me and asked if I would come to their studio and sing a song, a
song called 'Margaret Freeman.' I didn't know how it went or anything.
They just stood me in there, gave me the lyrics, and said 'OK.' I said,
'How does it go?' And they said, 'Anyway you want.' So they just turned
on the tape, and I think we did it on the first or second take. I just
sang something and it sort of fit.

Q: What was the atmosphere like:

A: It was rather wonderful. They had all of these toys and very bizarre
instruments. They showed me the stagecoach guitar, which is a toy guitar
about one and a half feet long. The body of it is like a stagecoach. The
neck is like the reins, the headstock is where the horses are, and it's
got four nylon strings on it. They have a studio full of stuff like that.
I was amazed. I thought, at one point in my philosphy, that the Residents
were as big as the Beatles. I thought 'Duck Stab/Buster and Glen' was
like their 'Sgt. Pepper.' Wonderful stuff.

So there you go. Also, Johnny Nexdor is all Andy, IMHO

And a hearty thanks to Jon, who needs to be reminded that he runs the
best list on the net. More content, less screaming about how people are
wasting bandwidth

David W. Millians
You know- for kids!              (MHO)<=(UGAHO)


Date: Tue, 7 Jun 1994 12:07:08 +0000
From: (Simon Wilson)
Subject: brief introduction

Hi, I'm Simon.

I was overjoyed when I stumbled across Chalkhills whilst exploring the net.
At last - somewhere to discuss one of my favourite bands. I've liked them since
about English Settlement, but have now acquired almost all their back catalogue.
I knew, of course, that they were much more popular in the States than over
here, but I didn't realise that there were so many dedicated fans around.

A couple of comments on the few back issues of Chalkhills I've read:

"The Big Express" is my least favourite album - the only track I can stand is
the wonderful "This World Over".

"Skylarking" is my favourite by a long way.

Swindon is one of the dullest places in England. The only excitement I gained
when sent there for a week last week was the thought that I might bump into
one of the boys.

I also have a question -
Is anyone fond of the Peter Blegvad album "King Strut and Other Stories", on
on which Andy Partridge did some writing and playing? I think it will appeal to
XTC fans since it's quirky and poppy, and the songs are excellent. I have
played my copy constantly since I bought it a couple of years ago.


Date: Tue, 7 Jun 94 14:35:29 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: Andy P./Residents (Ron Henry) writes:

>Personally I'd love to know how he connected with them

Thanks to David Millians for posting the interview segment.  There is
another very loose connection, which is that both the Residents and
Andy Partridge have contributed singles to the Hello Recording Club.
The Residents' contribution is called "Prelude to The Teds" and is
pretty, well, Residential.  I like it.  The Andy Partridge single
hasn't arrived yet.

By the way, Lene Lovich sings "Picnic Boy" on _The Commercial Album_.

Brookes McKenzie <> writes:
>if there's a lloyd cole mailing list, why isn't there a matthew sweet one?
>anyone feel like starting one with me?

Ah, but there IS a Matthew Sweet mailing list!  (At least there was
one a week ago.)  Write to <>.

Derek Miner <> writes:

>        Believe this or not, I had a very similar dream.

I have collecting dreams as well, check out Digest #232.

        -- John


From: (Jim Ryan (N2595))
Subject: Just Wanna Say Hi
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 94 14:58:01 CDT


        Glad to become the 600th member of Chalkhills.  Do I win a prize
or something?

        I've always known who XTC were, hearing "Senses Working
Overtime", "Making Plans for Nigel", etc., but never really got
into them until a friend turned me on to Black Sea.  Thanks, Joe!
They've got a wit unmatched by anyone else that keeps you coming
back for more.

        Never got into the Dukes of Stratosphere or the later XTC
like Oranges and Lemons, though.  I really liked Sky Larking, partially
because of Todd's production (No flames, please, I'm new ;)

        Anyway, looking forward to lots of Andy stories.


        Jim Ryan =


Date: Wed, 08 Jun 1994 17:23:45 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Paging Mr. Saxophone..." <>
Subject: Ernest Noyes Brookings, etc.

This is XTC-related, I swear, just bear with me...

I have recently begun reading some comics (you people are my friends,
and one of you is my sibling, so I feel I can admit this to you) and
several things smacked me in the face at once last night -- I'm hoping
some of you can end my confusion (well, about *this*, at least)

So, I'm reading back-issues of _Eightball_ (Dan Clowes -- recommended!)
and there's this hilarious piece about old people talking about Robots.
My brother-in-law sees this and explains to me about Duplex Planet.
Now, I can't find any actual Duplex Planet mags, but did find some old
issues of _Duplex_Planet_Illustrated_.  So, in one of them, there's
a bit attributed to Ernie Brookings, and in another there is a long
bit about watermelon attributed to Ernest Noyes Brookings.  Then, in
a *different* back-issue of _Eightball_, Clowes says buy the Ernest
Noyes Brookings CD because he did the cover.

Now, was "Rocket" *on* this CD?  Was it written for the CD but not
put on it? (I ask this because the version I know is very demo-sounding)
"Rocket" is the one I'm thinking of, right?

Who was Ernest Noyes Brookings?  Duplex Planet certainly seems like the
sort of thing Andy Partridge would be interested in (in general, I mean,
not the comic, which seems to be a fairly new offshoot of the whole
DP thing), but is there more to it than this?

I know this is not life-or-death info, but the way it all loops back
around intrigues me.


(Joe, I am loving your story!)


Date: Wed, 08 Jun 1994 17:53:00 -0400 (EDT)
From: Delphi Member Services <>
Subject: Jules Verne/Bull Liner Notes

I think I mentioned before how I'm completely amazed at both
"Jules Verne" and "The Bull", and I wanted to drone on and on
about it here in this forum -- BUT I don't want to say stuff
that everyone already knows!  Apparently, there were notes
that go along with these tapes, but since I got the tapes from
someone else, I don't have the notes.  Jason Langley informed me
that they are ftp-able, but when I went to the site at,
I couldn't find them -- could someone tell me where they are?

Melinda (Young Cleopatra)

        [ The files are in the
          directory, files "Bull_with_Golden_Guts" and "Jules_Verne".
                -- John ]


Date: Fri, 10 Jun 94 16:09:53 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Vacation
Organization: Chalkhills Anonymous

Hello Chalkhilllians,

  It's time for my annual trek to, yes, Idaho, and so I will be away
>from my duties as administrator and moderator for about two weeks.  I
will not be reading e-mail during this time, so I will not be able to
process any requests until I return.  Please be patient.  I do hope that
nothing horrible happens while I'm gone, and automaticism should keep
the digests coming every so often.  Have fun while I'm gone.  Peace,

        -- John


Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 18:17:24 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: let me introduce myself

I am an enthusiastic XTC fan who is new to the Internet and to Chalkhills.
I found it by searching through Gopherspace on my own.  I remember hearing
Drums and Wires at Tower Records in downtown Seattle in 1979 and thinking
it was REALLY WIERD.  After that I heard them often on KJET, a long gone new
wave Seattle station.  Does anyone else remember it?  I didn't become a real
fan until after English Settlement was released in the one LP format
domestically.  The first song I heard by them that really got my attention
was No Thugs In Our House.  Since then I have bought all their albums when
first released.  My most exciting XTC find was discovering the Canadian CD
of Skylarking on a trip to Vancouver in 1988.  I let my subscription to The
Little Express lapse a few years back, so I am really glad to read the
latest info by way of Chalkhills!  I don't know anyone who likes XTC as much
as I do, so send me lots of E mail!

Ron Redmond              Pacific Lutheran University
<REDMONRA@PLU.EDU>       Tacoma, Washington USA


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