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                  Chalkhills, Number 354

                   Monday, 6 June 1994
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               Re: erm, jesticles and stuff
                    Andy P./Residents
                    National Exposure
                   Re:  Chalkhills #353
                   RE: Chalkhills #353
                      sweet, jellies
         Re: Andy & The Residents/XTC Cover Songs
             The Scouring of the White Horse
                   Re: Chalkhills #353
           Looking for Jules Verne and the Bull
              beatlemania -- or, tab heaven
         How I met Andy Patridge in 1990 (part 2)
                    Beatles in lyrics
                       Re: Dear God


Date: Thu, 2 Jun 94 12:08:30 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: erm, jesticles and stuff (Patty Haley) writes:
>The Relph sez:
>> In fact, the version of "Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down" (longest song
>> title comprised of all four-letter words)
>I just wonder if you actually went LOOKING for this or if it just came
>to you one night in a dream.  The cookie's an Oreo, by the way.

I just made it up. (Robert Stacy) writes:
>   Anybody else catch Ms. P. on Conan's little soiree last night (early
>Thursday morning, 26 May)?
> Surprised me a little, though,
>when she pulled out a harp in the closing bars.  Seemed almost in
>danger of loosening up.

I just watched the tape last night and I liked it.  She did seem like
she was actually enjoying herself when she whipped out her harp, but
she doesn't seem to want anybody to actually HEAR her playing.  I also
saw her concert on Tuesday night in San Francisco (any other
Chalkhillians in attendance?) and her performance style was much the
same.  I think her stiff posture is a reaction to the standard
audience expectations of a "rock show".  She doesn't give the audience
something to look at, instead she gives them something to listen to.
My wife commented that the cameraman didn't know what to do, what with
Ms Phillips standing stock still and the guitarists seated behind her.
The only people rocking out were Jerry Scheff (bassist) and the
drummer (crazy wildman geek nerd).  In any case, the concert was
highly enjoyable, especially since Mr Scheff looked kinda funny
rocking out in his white hair, the drummer with arms and legs akimbo,
and a guitarist newly flown in from Los Angeles (Ethan Jones?) to
replace the soloist who appeared on Conan.  It looked like the band
didn't know quite what to expect and it lent a kind of drunken
spontaneity to the concert.  But since all the musicians were very
competent it all turned out wonderful.  (Despite the sound problems
that plagued the show.)

>  And, to those who would
>know, was that T-Bone on the Telecaster with the worn-looking

I am not sure who the Telecaster player was.  T-Bone was the big gawky
older fella on the strange electro-acoustic job.  I was thinking that
the Telecaster player looked a lot like Richard Lloyd (ex-Television
and recently with Matthew Sweet) but I really have no clue as to his
identity.  T-Bone and Ethan both played big hollow-body electrics on
Tuesday night (Gibsons or Epiphones).

Pete (Felix Culpa) <> writes:

>to my knowledge, the band's only recorded cover version, a reverent
>dismantling of Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower"

Erm, no.  Quoting from the FAQ:

    XTC also cover Captain Beefheart's "Ella Guru" on the _Fast &
    Bulbous: A Tribute to Captain Beefheart_ compilation album,
    originally released in the UK in June 1988. "Ella Guru" was later
    released on some versions of the _Mayor of Simpleton_ single.

    David Dreams covers "Third Stone from the Sun" on the _``If 6 Was
    9'': A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix_ compilation album, originally
    released in April 1990. David Dreams is Dave Gregory on all

    Colin's Hermits cover The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields" on the
    _1967: Through the Looking Glass_ compilation album, originally
    released in 1990. The `band' consists of Dave Gregory on all
    instruments with Andy Partridge on vocals.

    XTC were known to play some covers in concert, notably the theme
    song from the UK TV show _Fireball XL-5_.


        -- John


Date: Thu, 2 Jun 1994 10:53:18 -0500
From: (Ron Henry)
Subject: Andy P./Residents

>I've heard that Andy Partridge sings on a Residents album, but I don't know
>which one or the name of the song ... is there anyone who has it and, if so,
>can you post about the song (and the rest of the album, too, perhaps)?  XTC
>is nowhere near as compulsively, steadfastly weird as the Residents, of
>course, but they do seem to be kindred spirits, on some level.

My understanding has always been that Andy contributed vocals to a couple
songs on "The Commercial Album" though, since it is the Residents, there
are no credits to verify this speculation.  I've never seen him mention the
Residents in any interview, though I wasn't yet an XTC listener back in the
days when the Commercial Album came out. Listening to it hardly give more
of a clue: there are many places I suspect are Andy, but then if he was in
the Residents spirit it's not like he would've been singing
straightfowardly, I guess.

Personally I'd love to know how he connected with them; perhaps this was
discussed before I subscribed. If so, can someone re-post?  Thanks, in

Hmmm, starting to have a flashbackc just *thimkindg* abueout thye
Residdemndts... ;->

Ron H

Ron Henry, Serials Searcher
111 Olin Library, Cornell Univ., Ithaca NY 14850
Calvin: "Maybe can I find a radioactive meteorite that mutates me
   into a living liquid."
Calvin's Dad: "Try to find one that mutates you into someone with
   a work ethic."


Date: Thu, 2 Jun 94 15:34 EST
From: "Neil D. Bernstein" <>
Subject: National Exposure

Last night at 6:01 MDT, I heard "Cherry..." on DMX's Alternative station.
For those of you not familiar with it, DMX is a 30-channel digital cable
radio service originating in L.A.

It's nice to see the song getting national exposure, even if it is to a
fairly select group of listeners.  Now if only MTV wanted to pick it up....



Date: Thu, 2 Jun 94 18:21:58 EDT
From: (Don A.B. Lindbergh)
Subject: Re:  Chalkhills #353

> Thanks to a friend in the States I've finally got my US copy of
> Skylarking, solely to get a version of "Dear God" - great song, but
> my only gripe is the fact that it runs in to the start of "Dying" -
> on the NZ release, "The man who sailed around his soul" comes prior
> to "Dying" and there's dead silence while the clock ticks - this is
> ruined (IMHO) on the US release - I guess it must have been Todd's
> idea.....BTW, does anyone know who "Dying" was written about?

Not to start up the great Rundgren rage again, but can't let this one go by.
The story I know goes that it was Todd who wanted the song on the album
(with proper segue) in the first place, he told them this was their hit.
Either the band, record company or both didn't listen, and 'Grass' was
released as the first single with "Dear God" as the B-side.  Well, guess
which song everyone wanted to hear and buy.  In the US, the song was
eventually put back in (with "Mermaid" inexplicably being removed, this is
what makes ME really mad, there was plenty of room left on the CD for it).
Rundgren's reply? "I rest my case".



Date: Thu, 02 Jun 1994 21:07:42 EST
From: Come on the Amazing Journey and learn all you should know!
Subject: RE: Chalkhills #353

I finally managed to get the Carmen Sandiego album!  (for who asked
before...sorry I don't have your name, but I have a bad editor:  It's
called 'Carmen Sandiego, Out of This World' and it's found in the
children's section of places that sell records/tapes/CDs)  Cherry in Your
Tree is as wonderful as I expected (I've been singing it _all_ day).
I'm also really fond of 'Cake for Breakfast' and of course 'Change My
World'.  This is Andy, no doubt.  I adore Why Does the Sun Shine, but
I've known that one since about October when I saw They Might Be Giants
for the 4th time.  I adore them as well. :)  The whole album gets my
thumbs up.  Just wanted to share my output.

"And every soul brings good, to slice a bigger piece of mind"
                                           --Johnny Nexdor


Date: Fri, 03 Jun 1994 00:44:26 -0500 (EST)
From: Brookes McKenzie <>
Subject: sweet, jellies

jellyfish's _spilt milk_ (the only one i have so far) = equal parts xtc/
dukes and Queen, with a dash of billy joel ("bye bye bye") and steely dan
(the bridge of "too much, too little, too late"). it's bubble-rock, with
occasionally clever lyrics ("she's a 'lovetarian' especially in the form of
puppies" is my favorite) - i like it mostly as an xtc substitute, like canned
milk or something, to pad out the time of no new xtc.

if there's a lloyd cole mailing list, why isn't there a matthew sweet one?
anyone feel like starting one with me?

        - brookes


Date: Fri, 3 Jun 1994 03:46:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steve Johnson <>
Subject: Re: Andy & The Residents/XTC Cover Songs

Andy sings on THE RESIDENT'S COMMERCIAL ALBUM on the song
"Margaret Freeman" under the pseudonym "Sandy Sandwich."

XTC (or XTC-related) cover songs include:

 Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" on WHITE MUSIC

 Captain Beefheart's "Ella Guru" on a Capt. Beefheart tribute album
    and on some of the "Mayor of Simpleton" 12" and CD singles

 The Beatles's "Strawberry Fields Forever" on THROUGH THE LOOKING
    GLASS: 1967 from Imaginary Records (Dave & Andy under the
    pseudonym "Colin's Hermits")

 Jimi Hendrix's "Third Stone from the Sun" on the IF 6 WAS 9 tribute
    album also on Imaginary Records (Dave (& Andy???) under the
    pseudonym "David Dreams")

They also used to cover the theme song to the British TV show
FIREBALL-XL5 during live gigs.


From: Tim Szeliga <>
Subject: The Scouring of the White Horse
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 94 9:18:32 CDT

 Curious about the white horse on the cover of "English Settlement"?
It depicts The White Horse of Uffington, cut through the grass to
expose the underlying chalk on a hillside in Berkshire.  Was the great
horse cut in celebration of King Alfred's victory over the Danish at
Ashdown?  The earliest recorded mention dates back to 1171 and it was
considered old then.  The villagers still scour the chalk with a mild
acid each year as part of a summer festival.
 The history and ritual surrounding the White Horse can be found in
Thomas Hughes' "The Scouring of the White Horse", published in 1859.
I have a reprint of the book with L6.95 on the cover and would be willing
to sell it for $15 US (no bloody Canadian money, took four weeks for the
check to clear).  This is not indispensible XTC fan material, but is
probably on Andy's bookshelf at home.  The book is 160 pp., perfect bound
and contains the original illustrations.

Tim Szeliga
  Andy Partridge [of XTC] is quoted in the latest issue of Reflex
  Magazine as saying, "I mean, things haven't changed for some people.
  I still get letters from this little fellow up in the north of
  England that say, 'Oh, _White Music_ were your best album and I
  still remember seeing you at sooch-and-sooch cloob.'
  So, you've become the scenery for this bloke's personal time machine.


Date: Fri, 3 Jun 1994 10:44:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #353

On Thu, 2 Jun 1994 we heard:

> Wes Wilson and I were just the other day talking about XTC
> dreams, and how we were both clearly TOO OBSESSED.  I had had a dream
> in which I found a whole stack of XTC 45's with b-sides I'd never heard
> of before, and I was so disappointed when I woke up and realized I did
> not have these (Derek, if I come up with them, I'll submit them for
> your tape ;-> ).

        Believe this or not, I had a very similar dream. I dreamed I saw
some CD singles with XTC demos or somesuch things, and I had no cash and
my credit card was maxed out. For some reason, I couldn't put them back
and get them later, like it was a one time only offer!



Date: Fri, 03 Jun 1994 11:05:33 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Looking for Jules Verne and the Bull
Organization: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Hey folks,

        All this talk about the Jules Verne and Bull with The
Golden Guts collections has finally put me over the edge.  Is
anyone out there willing to dub copies for me for which I will
reimburse in full for material and postage costs.  Also, I don't
have too much by way of rare stuff for trade or dubbing, but I
did stumble across a very fine recording of XTC live at Harrah's
in NYC from 1-16-80.  The recording is 45 minutes, one side of a
90 minute cassette, and very clear.  Good quality overall.  The
other side of the cassette has R.E.M. recorded live accoustic at
McCabe's Guitar Shop from 5-24-87.  The sound is not as good as
the XTC side but there are some cool covers (Leaving on a Jet Plane,
Spooky, etc.) as well as some classic standards.  I'd be happy to
trade this copy for the aforementioned collections.

        Anyway, if anyone is willing to hook me up with these
XTC collections, let me know.  Getting desparate and jealous but
still essentially a well-balanced person.  For the most part,

        -Edward Whitelock


Date: Sat, 4 Jun 1994 21:29:11 +0200
From: (Emmanuel MARIN)
Subject: Partridge/Budd

Right now I'm listening to the Partridge/Budd CD "Through the hill" and
I wonder if I will listen it entirely...
Yes, I'm very Difappointed. It's just  repetitive music (the only "poem"
is six or seven sentences long only..). For instance, "Missing pieces
to the game of salt and onyx" is only one sequence of about 10 notes
played by a guitar, repeated during  6 minutes, only the faint
background changes fro mtime to time, as well as the length of the
silence between each sequence of notes...
To sum, it's nothing like the Homo Safari. It's rather like "Over
Rusty Water", but longer...

Btw, while looking for this CD, I came across a "CD-single" I had never
seen before. The songs are exactly the same as those on the "Ballad of PP"
single, but the artwork is different : it's still some medieval little
images, but this time they are very coloured like on the nicest
old manuscripts.
[In case this CD is the most common in the US, I describe the other
"Ballad of PP" CD : its cover is just the same image as from Nonsuch back,
but bigger and in red ink on a yellow background]

Has anyone already seen it ? Is it in the discography, John ?

Emmanuel Marin

ps : while I typed my sig, I heard another poem. So there're two (but only two)
poems on this CD.


Date: Sat, 04 Jun 1994 16:50:32 -0500 (cdt)
From: "my world is spinning..." <> (Arlo B Leach)
Subject: beatlemania -- or, tab heaven

hey all--

maybe this isn't quite related to XTC, but since everyone loves the beatles i
thought i'd tell you about this:

i just got a book called "the beatles: complete scores" and i've been in
guitar player heaven since then.  i've bought several "complete" type
books before, but this is the first that has really impressed me.  it's a 1136
page hardcover volume with ALL the parts for each song.  guitars, bass, all
vocal parts, even drums, and even other weird instruments like sitars and
clarinets and bird chirps.  the guitar and bass parts are in both tablature and
standard notation.

and the best part is that this book actually has every song the beatles
ever recorded, even covers, even songs that were released only as singles.
at least, that's the claim, and i haven't been able to prove them wrong.
it even has both versions of "sgt. pepper's..." and all three versions of

i've played through a few dozen of the songs and can attest to the book's
accuracy, too.  solos are transcribed with every little beatlemaniacal

no, i'm not getting paid to advertise for this thing.  i was just really
amazed when i bought it, and i thought that any beatles fan who is also
a musician would probably be interested.  it's a lot of fun to play the
various parts, of course, but it's also interesting just to read through it
and study the beatles' composing.  it definitely increased my appreciation
for a lot of songs that i've just been taking for granted all these years.

just for fun, i plan to record all the parts of a few songs on a 4-track
recorder, like dave gregory does as a hobby....

now if they'd only publish one of these for XTC!!!


Date: Sun, 05 Jun 94 12:16:30 EDT
Subject: Unsubscribe

Dear Friends -
Your comments are fascinating, your devotion to a great band undeniable, but
I find I am unable to keep up with you. I am awash in a sea of e-mail, and
can't quite handle the overload.  Senses Working Overtime, indeed. And so,
until such time as I can learn to budget my time, I ask that you


me to Chalkhills.
I hope to resume this association at a later date. Thanks!


Date: Mon, 06 Jun 94 00:05:11 EDT
Subject: How I met Andy Patridge in 1990 (part 2)

Hello again.  Here is the second installment of my story, entitled "Beehives
and Blankets"

RECAP: I took a train from London to Swindon and began asking questions about
the whereabouts of Mr. Partridge.

The hill that led up into Old Town Swindon was a paved street, occupied by
various small businesses, homes, bed & breakfasts and the like.  Very quaint
and small town feel.

The next person I ran into was an American, in town for work.  He was on his
way to a pub called, The Beehive that he said was full of people.  I followed
him there.  The pub was busy.  I stored my bag with the barman, pinned an XTC
button to my shirt and shuffled off to quiz everyone in the bar about XTC
members' whereabouts.  Oddly, nobody had even heard of XTC.  I must have
spent an hour and a half talking to different groups of people and got
nowhere.  Finally, the pub was getting ready to close up for the night.  I
talked to two women who had indeed heard of Andy Partridge, and one even knew
where his favorite pub was!!!!!  Since I had nowhere to stay, I asked if one
of them had some floor space I could camp out on.  One did, and we were off.
 I slept soundly with a provided blanket and pillow.

In the morning, the woman, Jan, provided me with a Swindon town map and
circled where Andy's favorite pub was.  I took off at about 10 in the
morning.  An hour or so later, I stood outside a pub that had "The
Wheatsheifs" lettered on a sign above a door.  Being so early in the morning,
no one was there.  I overcame my momentary discouragement and stopped next
door at a small convenience store.  I took a moment to quiz the clerk.  "Do
you know, by chance, where Andy Partridge lives?"

"I do," she said.  "My kids go to school with his kids." -BINGO-  I explained
my desire to meet with Andy and that I would appreciate any help she might
give.  She said that she didn't feel comfortable giving out his address
because of his children being so small and vulnerable.  "I know where he
walks his dog," she said.  "Let me see your map."

A half hour later I came across a park called The Lawns.  It was a big
unstructured place, nothing at all like a Victorian garden or anything.  The
gate looked old and was obviously in some disrepair.  A paved walkway, about
75 yards long flanked by tall trees led to a clearing and several side paths.
 I walked around for roughly an hour, meeting 10 or so people walking their
dogs, all claiming ignorance to the existence of Mr. Partridge.

Finally, I was going to give up.  I made it halfway down the walkway when a
familar face appeared at the gate coming toward me.  First came a very happy
Golden Retreiver, drool hanging out of his cheeks.  Then just a few footsteps
away came the unmistakable form of Andy Partridge.  I was in awe.

"Excuse me, " I said.  "I've come from America to meet you."  Andy reached
out and shook my hand and asked me for my name.

"Would like to go on a dog walk, Joe?" he asked.

We walked back to the clearing and sat down on a slope that overlooked
Swindon.  Andy appeared nervous at first and complained of a rash on his face
that he hoped no one would notice.  I certainly didn't notice.

I was very conscious of myself not wanting to go into "hero worship" mode.
 We just talked about politics (Saddam Husein had just invaded Kuwait),
movies, books, and of course, XTC trivia.  It was so difficult to remember
anything specific that I'd wanted to ask Andy.  It was like hanging out with
an old friend.  Charley, the dog, romped all around, free.

After a half hour or so, Andy offered to show me some of town.  We stopped by
a drugstore so he could get some floss.  I looked at a rack of sunglasses.
 Andy came over with his floss and we both looked at sunglasses, criticizing
different frames.  At that moment, things started seeming very surreal to me.
 There I was, in Swindon, England, looking at sunglasses with one of my
favorite musicians!

Back outside, Andy explained that he would have to be going, as he was taking
his family to Bath for the day.  I thanked him, we shook hands, and I turned
my back and walked the opposite way, in full respect of his privacy.  At that
point I didn't want to know where he lived.

The evening found me at The Wheatsheifs, enjoying a great beer called "6X".

--- That's the end of part 2.  Stay tuned for part 3, "Holly And Her

-- Joe


Date: Mon, 06 Jun 94 03:45:17 EDT
Subject: Beatles in lyrics

I don't know if this topic has been brought up before (Hey I'm new here) but
I noticed while listening to "Nonsuch," "The Dissappointed" to be more
precise an allusion to the Beatles, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
to be more precise.  I'm speaking of the lines "Where a sombre marching
band/Play a tune for broken hearts."  This, to me, is an obvious tip of the
hat to "Sgt. Pepper's."

Are there other instances in XTC's lyrics with similar salutes to their roots
or contemporaries?

Mike Wheeler


From: Willy Evans <>
Subject: bootlegs
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 09:33:25 -0400 (EDT)

Hey there,

On the subject of bootlegs:

A lot of bootlegs do not cause the artist any harm. But speaking as a
musician, it can be very uncomfortable for the artist to have material
available that represents his work , that he/she has not control over. I
work with blues bands mostly, and blues artists are ripped-off a great
deal.A lot of production companies will release material of theirs that is
less than their best. Even recording session out-takes. I feel that the
artist should have some control over what is released in their name.

Any release that earns money, but does not compensate the artist is somewhat
of a theft. The person that sells that recording is earning money for little
else than being present when a performance is taking place. This is a hard
business in which to make a living. Anyone who professes to enjoy an artist
should have consideration for them and respect their creative property.


willy evans
  ||  Willy Evans        | ||
  ||  Brevard College    |   Voice (704) 884-8227       ||
  ||  400 N. Broad St    |   Fax   (704) 884-3790       ||
  ||  Brevard, NC 28712  |                              ||


Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 14:59:34 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: Dear God

Allan Blackman  <> writes:
>Thanks to a friend in the States I've finally got my US copy of
>Skylarking, solely to get a version of "Dear God" - great song, but
>my only gripe is the fact that it runs in to the start of "Dying" -

Well, you should just sell that version of _Skylarking_, keep your
original pressing with "Mermaid Smiled", and buy the _Dear God_ CD
single with the Homo Safari series.  A much better way to go.

        -- John writes:

>"Big Express" is the weakest album, song-wise.

Oddly enough, _The Big Express_ is many Chalkhillians' favorite XTC
album.  Just goes to show.

        -- John


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