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                  Chalkhills, Number 351

                  Wednesday, 25 May 1994
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                 Re: the B-52's maturing
                 Yet Another Introduction
              Jellyfish (dissapating atoms)
                    English Settlement
                   Re: Chalkhills #350
       From up here, you can see the ants! Oh Boy!
                Re: Internet Yellow Pages
             Sam Phillips ... Elvis Costello
                 The Meaning of Waxworks
                  Re: Unavailable on CD
                Jivin' with the Jesticles
                       Sam Philips


Date: Thu, 19 May 94 19:02:29 EDT
Subject: Re: the B-52's maturing

>Though it is true that the B-52's haven't "matured" half as
>much during their seventeen-year career

I'd just like to point out that the B-52's are currently appearing in _The
Flintstones_ under the name the BC-52's, and they have a new single ... a
cover of the Flintstones theme.

'Nuff said.

- Boojum


Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 20:02:13 -0400 (EDT)
From: Greg L Howard <>
Subject: Yet Another Introduction

Hello, everyone...

I'm yet another newcomer to the list. I've been XTC-ing for about three
years, since my college roomate played "Summer's Cauldron" loud enough
for me to hear it...I started listening to the lyrics, and realized that
I was hearing poetry, wrapped around some of the lushest and most
innovative production ever to tickle to my ear. I now find myself in
graduate school studying literature, and the proud owner of all the
albums (with the temporary exception of "Mummer" and "Rag/Bone Buffet.")

"Pink Thing" seems pretty straightforward to me, but if anyone wants to
give me a hand with "Life is Good in the Greenhouse," I'd be obliged.
("Now class, *why* would the singer rather be a plant than be a Mickey
Mouse? Discuss amongst yourselves.")

Hope you're all feeling a hundred hearbeats high...


Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 10:07:53 -0800
From: (Sid Glenn)
Subject: Jellyfish (dissapating atoms)

>            I finally got a hold of Jellyfish's latest release "Spilt Milk".
>Wow. I fell in love at first listen!  The lyrics are mostly bubblegum, but
>interesting none the less. Are there any other fans on this band on the net?
>I highly recommend this album to XTC fans.

Heard on the radio yesterday that Jellyfish broke up.  Can't remember why

When I first heard 'Pink Thing' I was fourteen so what else could it have
been about other than his penis.  Later when I read AP's explaination I
sorta went "uh...yeah sure, whatever you say".

Last summer there was an article in Option magazine about The Posies and
how they were big XTC fans and ....blah blah blah.....and that they had met
with Andy or something. Details please?

Sid Glenn

human in seattle

             ~~~/\~~~wear some denim~~~drink some dead men~~~~~~~~/\~~~


From: Derf <>
Subject: English Settlement
Date: Fri, 20 May 1994 13:40:46 +0100 (BST)

>>I second the motion: that [English Settlement] is ~the~ quintessential XTC
>>Period. I don't consider anyone a true XTC fan without this in
>>his or her collection.

Well I disagree :) Maybe it's because I haven't got it on CD yet, but to me
there are only 3 XTC albums which are ever remotely boring (White music,
EnglishSettlement, Mummer). The others are all interesting all the
time, even after hundreds of listens.
If anyone's interested, I would order the albums, from best: O&L, Skylarking,
Nonsuch, B.Exp., D&W, B.Sea, Go2, E.Sett., Mummer, W.Music.

And yes, there are other people who like Jellyfish.



Date:         Fri, 20 May 94 08:47:57 EDT
From: Karen <>
Subject:      Re: Chalkhills #350

Re: The "Pink Thing" controversy: Andy was interviewed by a local Providence
music newspaper when "O&L" came out and at the time, he said that the song
was about BOTH his son and his penis; that it was about whatever the
listener thought it was about on the first listen.

And for JKP: I also fell in love with Jellyfish on the first listen! The
tape I got was "Bellybutton." Thanks to everyone on the list who recommended
them. I'd never heard about them til I saw them talked about here and
decided to take a chance and buy the tape.



Date: Fri, 20 May 94 10:44:17 EDT
Subject: From up here, you can see the ants! Oh Boy!

Tad Kepley writes

TK-> I bought two things I'd read were cool- "Drums and Wires" and the Dead
TK-> Kennedys' "Fresh Fruit...". I immediately hated the DK's (it was the
TK-> first hardcore I'd ever heard) but really got into XTC. I subsequently
TK-> really got into hardcore, for better or worse- but was never ashamed to
TK-> admit my appreciation for XTC- gone on nearly fifteen years now. My
TK-> first really heavy pot-smoking experiences were had sitting in the
TK-> dark...

Humph! For me the initial experience was the opposite. I had first heard both
bands roughly the same two at the same time. XTC sounded a little trite to
my music-for-manhood mentality at the time. The DK's, OTOH, were the
kick-butt no-wussies-here music. Additionally, there was the whole seen with
no drugs and no booze, for part of which I hitched along with for several
months, or at least a few hardcore shows. I condescended upon you hippies
like you wouldn't believe. I got over it though.

However, the net result is the same. I roll out the DK's when I feel
sentimental, but XTC never feels dated. (Except for "White Music")

Regarding "Pink Thing"

In an interview in "Spin" after Oranges and Lemons was released, Andy didn't
deny that the song could be taken both ways. He then looked at his groin,
and saying about what a fuss it creates for humanity.

I'm paraphrasing, of course.

Re: John Relph's defense of bootlegging

JR-> The bootleggers operate in a pure-profit environment. It's called
JR-> capitalism.

There's one thing you're not considering here. Theft. I'd expect that most
non-anarchistic capitalists would respect anti-theft laws. Why? Personal
property, of which intellectual property belongs to, is a possession. When a
bootlegger records a show for profit, they are TAKING the possession(s) of
the artists they've recorded. There are many consequences of this illegal
behavior. One is the quality of the bootleg. Bootleggers don't respect the
artist's intellectual property, which may account for the number of bad
bootlegs out there. Another consequence is that the artists aren't reaping
the fruits of their labor. Some other slimy criminal is! The boys from
Swindon are the first to say they don't live in the lap of luxury, or, shall
we say, get by like the rest of us do. The profits for every and any sale of
goods attributed to XTC's efforts should go to XTC, in a way they agree
with. Bootleggers don't give a shit about this. That's not capitalism.
That's criminal.

I shall not ever buy bootlegged material. It's criminal; it's bad art; it's

JR-> Not very much, except that perhaps the artist gets a few cents from each
JR-> non-bootleg CD sold. Perhaps.

And official releases have the artist's blessings, which bootleggers can't
brag about having. I'll take a bad Partridge production to a
scumbag-bootleggers' quality production any day. I don't see discussing the
quality of a bootleg production as fit for this board, as XTC didn't oversee
the quality of the recording. It is not XTC's work. This segues nicely to..

JR-> But the discussion of the pros and cons of bootlegging should not
JR-> continue in this forum, unless of course it is directly XTC-related.

For us fans of XTC, the issue of bootlegging is related, as there is so much
of their material released in this way, and XTC's own art and finances are
directly effected by it. As long as buying bootlegging is defended, so shall
the cries against it.


Date: Sat, 21 May 1994 10:06:32 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: spring!

just a quick question for those chalkhillians who experience seasonal
changes and are currently enjoying spring time--is anyone else finding
Mummer completely irresistable lately? especially "lady bird"? just


Date: Sat, 21 May 94 13:30:04 EDT
Subject: Re: Internet Yellow Pages

I heard on the NPR network here in Detroit that XTC performed a song on some
recording based on the lyrics from a poet, but I don't know the name of the
record or the poet? Anyone heard of this?

>What are these Internet Yellow Pages and where to find them, please?

I saw this book at my local Borders bookstore in the computer section (quite
handy doing that). It is not perfect since new info. is always making
internet stuff obsolete, but is a good alphabetical/catagorized reference to
mailing lists like Chalkhills, examples: Elvis Costello, sex fetishes,
beermaking *burp* and newslists.

Here is my 15-second plea:
I would be interested in trading tape dubs of my CD collection:
Any XTC standard release CD,
 Dear God EP,
The Homo series EP,
King for a Day EP,
The Live BBC Radio 1 XTC CD, 3" CD w/ Mayor of Simplton, Ella Guru, Living in
a Haunted Heart, etc.
The Bull with the Golden Guts tape (In fact, I have an extra  UNOPENED
perfect tape of The Bull with the Golden Guts to *trade*)
If you have any of the following:
Jules Verne's Scrapbook
Window Box
Drunken Studio
Acoustic Radio Tour - 1989
Black Sea Tour '81
This is Pop Pt.2, Essentials   (demos and rarities)
The XRT and WBCN shows mentioned recently  called _Kings for  a Day_
The Greatest Living Englishman
or *any* unreleased XTC demo stuff, like that french one that I know Mr.
Relph has (hint, hint).
I know it rarely comes up in this forum, but I am a BIG Stevie Ray Vaughn
fan, and I have all his recordings, plus many bootleg CDs to trade tapes if
anyone is interested. You know how to contact me. Thanks for the cyber ad

P.S. How about more "I-met-XTC-band-member-and-here-is-what-he-said" stories!
I am jealous but fascinated when I read them.


Subject: Sam Phillips ... Elvis Costello
Date: Mon, 23 May 1994 10:51:21 EDT
From: Michael Murphy <>

In Chalkhills #350 someone wrote:

> (John D. Evans) provided some Sam Phillips tour
> dates but no word about who is in her backing band, and no dates in
> the San Francisco area (I don't want to drive to Fresno).

After all the talk here about the Sam Philips album, i had to go check her
out when she came through here opening for the Counting Crows.  I'm really
not a big Counting Crows fan, and i had never heard that Sam Philips was on
the bill, so i wasn't planning on going to that show.  But the night before
the show a friend mentioned that Sam Philips was opening, so i thought "what
a surprise" and decided i shouldn't miss it.  By that time the show had sold
out, but he owns a local record store and got me in anyway. :-)

They played a short, but good, set.  Short because of the venue, i think --
the Florida Theater in Gainesville, FL.  Since the show was on a Tuesday or
Wednesday night, they get the bands on and off early so they can become a
dance club (in association with the Masquerade in Atlanta) promptly at 11:30.
So if there are any delays (and there usually are), the opening bands usually
get ripped off the most, although i've seen them cut a few headliners short
(like the Buzzcocks) as well -- can't let anything stand in the way of "Old
Wave Night" i guess, i think it brings in more money than the live bands,
unfortunately.  Except on this night -- like i said, it was SOLD OUT, and it
seemed like EVERY kid in town came out to see the Counting Crows.  I didn't
realize they were that popular, but it was THE biggest crowd i've ever seen
in that place, not to mention the biggest collection of young people i've
seen in one place in a really long time.

Anyway, i digress... Sam and her band played a really good set.  You folks
were right, those are definitely some good songs.  The bass player was NOT
Colin, unfortunately, but he did do a good job.  Sam herself is kinda odd --
she appears so NERVOUS to be up on stage, you can hear it in her voice and
see it in her movements (or lack of movements -- she stood absolutely still
and straight at times, except for turning slowly side to side).  She looked
rather like a frightened little child up there.  Good voice, though.  And
she did make a bit of funny chatter in between a few songs, making fun of
people shaking their fists in the air, etc.

So, what has this got to do with Elvis Costello?  Well, Sam's husband T-bone
Burnett was on tour as the lead guitar player in the band, and he was great.
He's half the reason i went, as well -- i had heard him playing on several of
the latest EC albums (Spike, Mighty Like a Rose), and then i picked up his
solo album "The Criminal Under My Own Hat" which is pretty good also.

I'm kinda surprised, with all the mention around here of both Sam Philips AND
Elvis Costello, that i never noticed anyone mention that T-bone was Sam's
husband or that he played on some Elvis albums.


Date: 23 May 94 11:56:51 EDT
From: Wesley Wilson <>
Subject: The Meaning of Waxworks

Honestly, when I first heard of Waxworks, the only thing that I as an
American associated with the title was XTC's 45s (vinyl ["wax"]
singles) all combined together.  (I assume the English refer to
vinyl records as "wax" also.)

But I have since learned that a waxworks is also a wax museum.

So, even an XTC "greatest hits" album title works on several levels.



Date: Tue, 24 May 94 15:46:06 PDT
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: Unavailable on CD (Patty Haley) asks:
>Relphie-boy (think of Ed Norton saying this, and hopefully you'll get the
>> The following released songs are not available on any album or XTC
>> compilation album:
>> Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass
>But what about the version that appears on _Rag and Bone Buffet_, or are
>you talking about another version?

The version of "Heaven is Paved With Broken Glass" on _Rag and Bone
Buffet_ is a REMIX, the same version that previously appeared on the
_Beeswax_ compilation.  The version of "Heaven" that appears on the
original _Ball and Chain_ singles is slightly different (and better,

"S--A--T-U-R--D-A-Y...NIGHT!!" <> also asks:
>> Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down
>>        Original version from the single of the same name.
>Is this different from the version on the "5 Senses" EP?

In fact, the version of "Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down" (longest song
title comprised of all four-letter words) on the _5 Senses_ EP is the
same version as on the original 7" single.  However, the version of
"Wait" on _Waxworks_ and _The Compact XTC_ is again a REMIXED version.

Thus, neither of the original versions of these two songs is available
on CD.

        -- John


Date: 24 May 94 20:55:36 EDT
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: B-52s

   Yep, finally found the "Carmen Sandiego" CD (in the kid's section).
I've kicked myself many a time for buying a CD/album because I
liked ONE song, but not this time. "Cherry In Your Tree" is a
juicy piece of bubblegum pie, and deserves more radio airplay.
   P.S. to Derek Miner, I liked the B-52s since "Rock Lobster" in
'79 (but I can't stand that song now), but "Cosmic Thing" is one
of my personal Desert Island Discs. Every song is good! I was also
disappointed in "Good Stuff", but they did lose one of the female
lead vocals. There's some good material on "Whammy" (1983) and
"Bouncing Off The Satellites" (1986) also, IMHO.
   Sigh, our new Pink Thing should be arriving "any day now, nooow",
so I'm enjoying a soon-to-be-gone quiet moment reading and writing
to Chalkhills. As Stimp sez: "JOY....".
   ---> Steve


Date: 24 May 94 21:27:26 EDT
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: Jivin' with the Jesticles

   Sir John of Relph, our fearless leader (he must know that
these friendly tweakings are the way the herd of Chalkhillians
express affection and appreciation for this much appreciated
digest) asks for any comments regarding the infamous "Johnny
Japes and his Jesticles". I received my copy of the single as
a gift from June & Peter Dix of The Little Express, who just
happened to have "a few extra copies laying around" and offered
me one. Seriously! The picture sleeve features the comic-strip
character Buster Gonad, a Don Martin-esque (remember MAD magazine?)
dude who sports a pair of extremely huge, er, gonads. According
to the song lyrics, they grew to that size after being exposed
to a meteor shower. Anythings possible in comics!
Sorry if the above appears in the FAQ, if not then knowing the
story heightens the humour of the tune. Buster and his adventures
(you may guess) can be found in VIZ comics, sometimes seen on
magazine sections of bookstores.
   Well, the song is hilarious, and the performers can barely
contain themselves. Actually, it reminds me somewhat of a
slowed-down "Albert Brown"! Vocalist John Otway may be remembered
for a few "hits" on early-80s alternative radio, for example
"Who's The Lucky Birthday Boy".
   If you haven't heard it yet, pester someone who has it to dub
you a tape. The B-side "Scrotal Scratch Mix" continues the mirth
of the A-side.
   Pity there wasn't a whole album made by the Jesticles (and what
the H is a "Jesticle", anyway?)
   ---> Steve


Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 09:45:51 -0400
From: (Tim Connors)
Subject: Sam Philips

I can report that Colin Moulding is not touring with Sam
Philips. Jerry Scheff, former bassist for Elvis P. and Elvis C.
(on King of America) plays live, and he's very good. He
duplicates Colin's tricky basslines quite well.

I have been talking up Sam Phillips' new LP, and I still think
it's great, but I gotta warn ya about the live show. She
stood stock still the whole time, eying the crowd with mock
wariness. Okay, she sounded fine, so I can live with
abnormally diminished affect, but she played only about a half
hour, then did a two song acoustic encore. The whole crowd was
unhappy about it, and this was a pretty supportive and polite

After the show there was a meet'n'greet for record folks that I
scammed in on. I wanted to ask her what the hell was the big idea,
but I didn't want to get her mad at the record guy I was with,
so I just asked her to sign my flat. The three of us spoke
briefly, and she was polite but detached. I said, "Next time
bring Colin," and she enthused for the first time. Oh yes, I
would love to have him tour with us!!" Then my friend and I
went over to talk to T-Bone Burnett, who as most of you know
is Sam's husband. He was funny and relaxed and pretty friendly.
He was smoking a stogie of some sort so I asked him if he
had seen the Castro interview in "Cigar Aficianado," which I
read about in the paper. This made him my friend for at
least ten minutes, until he figured out that I knew nothing
about cigars whatsoever.

Anyway, he confirmed that Jerry Scheff played bass and
agreed that Scheff acquitted himself well with those
distinctive Colin Moulding bass parts. He was gracious about
accepting praise for _King of America_, and he signed my flat
like so:
                T    B
        T   B
        O N E

He said, "I decided I'm signing my name T-B 1 this tour."

So he was quite pleasant, she was not too bad, the band was hot,
the singing was fine, the choreography sucked, the set was too
short, and the crowd was disgruntled. That's my report...

TJC     "Surprisingly tasty..."
                The Jazz Butcher ("JB v. Prime Minister")



From: "Tom Keekley" <>
Subject: hi
Date: Wed, 25 May 94 09:37:40 -0500


im tom keekley, a designer (graphic) in minneapolis. we just got wired and a
buddy sent a clip from the internet yellow pages thing about Chalkhills.
cool.  we have but one mac online so my splendid co-worker, wendi, will send
this away: light speed!
i remember 'senses' and 'generals and majors' from when i was young. didnt
know they were xtc. got turned on with O&L and have since bought all but
first three (a friend said they werent as good but im sure many of you will
set me straight!) <i heard D&W and i do like it>
i dont know as much about the lads as most of you so if someone wants to
retell why andy hates touring -n- stuff and other tidbits, im all eyes!
i offer: bought a thomas dolby import and it had two unreleased tunes (circa
1982) on it produced by andy. did yall know that? they sound pretty black
seaish. also, oranges and lemons was in the 'guitar player' magazine list of
top guitar albums of the 80s. dave ripped on that one!

im new so . . . questions for you all . . .
1.      xtc's last tour?
2.      does stewart copeland play any drums on 'settlement'? hugh padgham
produced police at that time and some of the tunes seem to have stewarts
signature sound
 . . (also, who *does* play on all their other stuff?)
3.      ne1 have a passable bootleg disk or cassette they want to clue me in
on . . im interested in how they sound live.
4.      in the last couple of issues, the talk of andy in NYC leads me to
think that there is not an album in the works. no?
5. i play guitar. ne1 have tab for xtc tunes???

hope this isnt too long. looking forward to yer answers and stuff.
p.s. - how do i get the FAQ?



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