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Subject: Chalkhills #35

                  Chalkhills, Number 35

                   Friday, 23 June 1989
Today's Topics:
                 Dukes Pstudy Continued!
                  More Radio Show Stuff

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 89 09:33:05 PDT
From: (Wes Wilson, ESDP Technical Editor, 223-4891)
Subject: Dukes Pstudy Continued!

I found Gary Creighton Gold's "Psuccinct Psonic Psunspot Pstudy"
in the Number 33 "Chalkhills" so intriguing (and fun!) that I printed out
the message and listened to the Dukes' _Psonic Psunspot_. Very
enjoyable to have Gary's notes at hand! (Thanks to John M. Relph
for posting.)

But what about the 60's psychedelic influences in _25 O'Clock_? Here's my

25 O'Clock: Definite Electric Prunes influence with a pinch of Deep
Purple ("Purple Passages" era) at the end and also '68 Floyd "Saucerful of
Secrets" avant-garde piano wire banging.

Bike Ride to the Moon: Syd Barrett-vintage '67 Floyd (the song "Bike" from
"Piper at the Gates of Dawn"). Edward Lear-style nonsense lyrics.

My Love Explodes: Yardbird's-style opening guitar riff with
basic rhythym resembling "Over Under Sideways Down"/"My
Generation." Funny "Woody Allen" commentary at end.

What in the World: "See Emily Play"-style bass intro. Definite
60's lyrics theme of considering futuristic society ("In the Year 2525",
"Shapes of Things"). Throughout, Mothers of Invention "We're Only
In It For The Money" chipmunk voices and Beatles' '66 "reverse note"
technique on guitar.

Your Gold Dress: The influences here are tantalizingly out of
reach! A little bit of "Interstellar Overdrive" guitar strumming.
Strawberry Fields Forever fadeout.

Mole from the Ministry: Lennon/Beatles' "I Am the Walrus". Hint
of Thunderclap Newman in chorus. Again, Strawberry Fields Forever fadeout and


Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1989 15:42:45 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: More Radio Show Stuff

For those of you who don't know.  Chalkhills is attempting to compile
a 90 minute cassette of the recent live-on-air radio appearances by
XTC.  This tape will then be made available to Chalkhills subscribers.
Chalkhills has received tapes of a few of the shows, but is still
looking for tapes of the following shows:

    WNEW (NY, 102.7)        Tuesday 5/16
    MTV                     Thursday 5/25
    KLOL (Houston, 101)     Friday 5/26
    K??? (Houston, 104.1)   Friday 5/26
    Radio 1 (UK)	    Sunday 6/11

Are there any Chalkhills subscribers out there with these shows on tape?

So far, the tape is envisioned to have the best of both the interview
material and the music.  As they performed many of the same songs at
different stations, Chalkhills is going to evaluate the material using
some simple questions:

     Is there something more interesting about this particular
     performance of this song or this portion of interview as
     opposed to some other performance or similar portion of

     Does Colin or Dave speak up?

     Is it hilariously funny?

     Does it provide what Frank Zappa would call "conceptual
     continuity clues"?

Suggestions, everyone?

	-- John


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