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                  Chalkhills, Number 348

                  Wednesday, 11 May 1994
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                        The Grays
            American Andy/Bubblegum/Noteworthy
                   Re: Chalkhills #347
                  Re: Shriekback + Intro
             Marvel Comics: 2099 Unlimited #5
                      Rossmore Road
            CONCERT: Sam Phillips TOUR DATES!
                  Re: The Meeting Place
                   The Grays...again!!
                   You're A Good Man...
                       The Dentists
                       Aging bands
                        XTC and me
                   Re: Chalkhills #347
                Martin Newell cd for sale


Subject: The Grays
Date: Mon, 09 May 1994 13:04:11 -0600
From: Marshall V Pierce <> (Joe Lamy) writes:
> The Grays actually have three songwriters: Jon Brion, Buddy
> Judge (sorry, no info on him), and Jason Falkner.

Glad to be able to provide info here.  Back in the early-mid eighties, I was
in a Boston band, Four New Heros (anybody?).  We opened on several occassions
for The Buddy System, led by west coast transplants Buddy Judge and Ron
Baldwin.  They opened on many occassions for Til Tuesday.  Buddy played with
TT at the end of that band and also appeared on Aimee's solo along with
Jon Brion.

Guess I'll have to pick up The Grays!


Marshall V Pierce


Date: Mon, 9 May 94 14:32 EST
From: "Neil D. Bernstein" <>
Subject: American Andy/Bubblegum/Noteworthy

Comments on a few miscellaneous topics:

A few have stated here that the vocals on "Change My World" couldn't be Andy
because they sound a wee bit too American.  I hate to say it, because it's a
terrible loss, but there's been other evidence of the Americanizing of A.P.

The first one to hit me was in "Dear Madam Barnum," more specifically the line
"The public is laughing..."  Don't speakers of British English say "the public

Next, there's the mention of Thanksgiving, an American holiday, in "Always
Winter Never Christmas."  Finally, as reported here, Andy's been living in
NYC.  Many people easily pick up accents that surround them - perhaps he's one.
A big question: IS BUBBLEGUM DEAD?  Is anyone making bubblegum music
in earnest anymore?  I think it was around as late as the mid-80's as
sort of a "techo-gum" a la Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough" or
O.M.D.'s "Dreaming."  Since then, with the exception of tunes like
"Cherry in Your Tree" - more of a backward, smirking glance at b'gum -
has there been much of it?  With the rising popularity of the 70's
perhaps it will come back in force.
Wesley Wilson and Gregory Silvus both mention Noteworthy Music in
Chalkhills #347.  I'd like to put in a good word for them as well.
I've been a customer for about four years now and have had nothing but
good experiences with them.  They're not a great source for imports,
but they're quick, accurate, fairly cheap (if you can depend on volume
to keep shipping costs down), and have great customer service.  Give
'em a call and get a catalog: 1-800-648-7972.



Date: Mon, 09 May 1994 17:06:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #347

Joe Lamy said, and I heartily agree:

> Yes, XTC songs are some of the most difficult for me to figure out. I seem
> to remember someone responding to this who said they were in fact easy.
> It's my guess they were approximating the chords, but probably missing a

they *sound* so easy, but every time I've tried to play them, I
can't!  I thought it was just because I'm a so-so musician, so
I feel better seeing no one else can play them, either.

> or if you live in a remote area with a name like "Moose's Nose,"

"Moose's Nose", Wes...??  ;-)

> Hello, everyone, this is Boojum ...

*ahem* ANOTHER Costello-list person...

> P.S. i owe my existence on this list to Melinda M. Hale ... hi, Melinda!

hey, man!

I have been directing Boojum's XTC education lately, and he still seems
somewhat skeptical about how urgently he needs to find ENGLISH
SETTLEMENT.  Oh, the innocence!



Date: Mon, 9 May 94 18:20:49 BSC
From: "Elon V. Brisola" <>
Subject: Re: Shriekback + Intro wrote:
> I've only been here three months, so maybe the group has gone over this
> before, but I've been surprised to see no mention of Barry Andrews'
> marvelous post-XTC project SHRIEKBACK.  IMO, _Oil and Gold_ (which I bought
> on a lark in '85) and _Big Night Music_ are as good as anything in my
> collection.  The former especially invokes the sound of a forgotten world
> of ancient evil buried deep in the ground...

This post made me come out of "lurking".
I love Shriekback, especially "Oil and Gold". Big Night Music, Jam Science,
and the songs from "Care" and "Tench" are very nice too, IMO.
Haven't heard their latest (1993?) release.
I first heard their music about 1984, and got hooked.
I prefer their old "dark moody" songs to their recent "dance" work.
Miles, what is "Ethyl Meatplow"?

Now back to "normal programming":
My name is Elon Brisola, married, 31, working as a software engineer for IBM
in Brazil (don't know the distance from southern Brazil to Swindon ...)
I first heard of XTC around '81. The song was "Take This Town". Was it the
"Times Square" soundtrack? They were definitely not like the other "new wave"
bands, soon to be forgotten.
My first album was "English Settlement" in 1982 (a French 2-record release).
Later I got White Music, Black Sea. The others, I bought as they came out.
There are domestic XTC releases since Oranges&Lemons, but not before that!
And here I am today!



Date:   Mon, 9 May 1994 12:02:33 -1000
From: John Pescador FYI <>
Subject: Marvel Comics: 2099 Unlimited #5

In Marvel Comics 2099 Unlimited issue 5 there is a superhero by the name
of Duke Stratosphere.  The story is written by John Francis Moore and it
is drawn by Kyle Baker.  I did not purchase or read the story so I can't
say if there are other references to XTC.  Then again the name "Duke
Stratosphere" could have been made up by the author.  =)

john  .....



Date: Tue, 10 May 94 09:09:58 +0100
From: "Steve Moore" <>
Subject: Rossmore Road

Does anyone else out there remember the Barry Andrews solo single 'Rossmore
Road'/'Win A Night Out With A Well Known Paranoic'? I have *very* vivid
memories of hearing this on the radio a lot in about 1980. AFAIK it didn't
chart in the UK, but both sides were corkingly good. If anyone has a copy out
there they wouldn't mind dubbing for me I'd be really grateful - it has a real
personal significance for me.

Unfortunately I can't offer any XTC rarities to trade, but Email me personally
and we'll talk a deal!

Thanks... __Steve__

---------------------------------[Steve Moore]---------------------------------
Internet :        |      'Questions are a burden to others
                                       |       Answers, a prison for oneself'
Phone    : (0344) 383722               |


From: (John D. Evans)
Subject: CONCERT: Sam Phillips TOUR DATES!
Date: Tue, 10 May 1994 15:37:07 GMT
Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hi folks,
This just in from the Virgin Records fax machine:

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

                    SAM DATES

--- These dates are with Counting Crows:

Mon. 5/2      Jackson, MS       Hal & Mal's
Wed. 5/4      Panama City, FL   Club La Vela
Thu. 5/5      Gainesville, FL   Florida Theatre
Fri. 5/6      St.Petersburg, FL Jannus Landing
Sat. 5/7      Ft.Lauderdale, FL The Edge
Mon. 5/9      Orlando, FL       The Edge        305-761-1510
Tue. 5/10     Jacksonville,FL   The Edge        305-761-1510
Thu. 5/12     Athens, GA        40 Watt Club    706-549-7871
Fri. 5/13     Atlanta, GA       Music Midtown   404-872-1115
Tue. 6/7      Fresno, CA        TBA             818-563-6300
Wed. 6/8      Sta. Barbara, CA  TBA             818-563-6300
Fri. 6/10     San Diego, CA     TBA             818-563-6300
Sun. 6/12     Las Vegas, NV     TBA             818-563-6300

--- These dates are opening for Buffalo Tom
    and the Counting Crows:

Tue. 6/14     Phoenix, AZ       TBA             818-563-6300
Wed. 6/15     Santa Fe, NM      TBA             303-789-4030
Fri. 6/17     Dallas, TX        TBA             214-714-4506
Sun. 6/19     Houston, TX       TBA             512-250-2215
Mon. 6/20     Austin, TX        TBA             512-250-2215
Wed. 6/22     Norman, OK        TBA             214-714-4506
Thu. 6/23     Tulsa, OK         TBA             214-714-4506
Fri. 6/24     Springfield, MO   TBA             708-806-7984
Sat. 6/25     Kansas City, MO   TBA             303-789-4030
M-T. 6/27,28  St. Louis, MO     TBA             708-806-7984

   That's all for now...

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Note: Through 5/13, the phone number is that of the "Promoter".
For all the June "TBA" dates, the number is the "Field Rep".

I assume the TBA dates are somewhat tentative, so don't go booking
those non-refundable air tickets just yet.

I'm jealous of you heartland folks... *I* think it's all just a
practice run for her late-summer New England tour :-).

Grace & peace,
   John D. Evans
   MIT Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning
   also WMBR Cambridge, 88.1 FM, Tu. 6-8am

"Pictures steal our memories and turn our minds to salt
history is written to say it wasn't our fault wasn't our fault"
                                           - Love and kisses


Date: Tue, 10 May 94 15:46:59 PDT
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Re: The Meeting Place

Larry Brown <> writes:
>Speaking of which, in the most recent issue, does XTC sound like a
>band on the verge of a breakup?

I had thought that, but then I talked to Dave and things look alright.
But then again, with Andy in the U.S., anything could happen.

>  One other thing, I don't
>know if this has ever been discussed in the past or not, but has anyone else
>ever heard the Kinks Tribute CD called Shangri-La?  There's rumors of an  XTC
>contribution (a la Colin's Hermits), and I have my own suspicions

XTC were asked to contribute to _Shangri-La_ and tentatively agreed,
but didn't want to appear on two albums concurrently (I can't remember
what the other album was, perhaps _Oranges and Lemons_).  They were to
perform the song as The Dukes, but apparently it just didn't happen.
(Check your March/April 1988 issue of _The Little Express_ for further

>  He's apparently at least known to Al Gordon, one of
>DC's artists.

Yes, Al met Andy at the _Nonsuch_ autograph session at Tower Records
in San Francisco.

Brookes McKenzie <> writes:
>also re: the 3 brave woodsmen - now that i think about it i can see how you
>think that, but again referring to the first carmen album, they have a song
>on that one where it lists their identities as "burl mann, ian jaeger & norm

They are also credited in the liner notes to the _Out of This World_ CD.

        -- John


From: (Lawrence Sweet)
Subject: The Grays...again!!
Date: Tue, 10 May 1994 20:06:49 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all...

I think The Grays disc ("Ro Sham Bo" [?]) is fantastic.  I've spun it
a lot in the past two months and have found it to be nearly
impeccable.  "Very Best Years", "Everybody's World", and "Friend of
Mine" are standouts, but the entire disc is great.  To those whose
interest is piqued, I endorse it...

Lawrence Sweet                             "Every wave is new until it breaks"
San Diego, CA                --Neil Young (1981)


Date: Wed, 11 May 94 09:23 EST
From: "Neil D. Bernstein" <>
Subject: You're A Good Man...

This just came over the newswire:

> PHILADELPHIA, May 10 /PRNewswire/ via First! -- Last year, Albert Brown,
> a 63-year-old Postal Service retiree from Dover, Delaware, called 9-1-1 on
> his cellular phone after he discovered a young man lying in a soybean field,
> bleeding and unconscious after being hurled from his motorcycle. Thanks to
> Brown's quick thinking and concern for the boy's well-being, a rescue team
> arrived in time to save his life.

Perhaps we should send him a copy of the single!



Date: 11 May 94 13:04:22 EDT
From: Wesley Wilson <>
Subject: The Dentists

At lunchtime I decided to go to Newbury Comics here in hysteric (er,
rather, "historic" :-)) Boston, and what did I do but buy The
Dentists' new CD,  "Behind the Door I Keep the Universe." (Blimey,
sounds like an old Moody Blooze LP.)

Bought it partially because of what I read in the paper.  One of the
band members is quoted as saying, "Grunge is dead!  80's New Wave
power pop rules!"

To which I say, "Yeah!"

Well, I've only heard about 30 seconds of it so far (time to get back
to work and put away the walkperson), and it sounds great!  Really
catchy melodies in a fuzztone guitar context.

England has the best bands.  "The Dentists" - great name!

Oh, the XTC connection in this note?  None, really - but I think that
Andy sings *parts* (i.e., lines) of "Change My World."  I think there
are actually at least two singers trading off lines in the verses.

(Meanwhile, I'll let you all know within a few days if you should make
an appointment with The Dentists.)



Date: Wed, 11 May 94 10:54:49 PDT
Subject: Aging bands

In  Chalkhills #345,  Mike says:
>a related vein, however, has anyone else noticed that bands
>in general seem to go through this "mellowing" phase as they
>a) grow older and b) learn more about record production?
>Our boys from Swindon did just that, as evidenced by the contrast
>of their early work with the current stuff.  As did Pink Floyd (compare
>Piper at the Gates of Dawn with Final Cut), The Who, etc.
>It is in this sense that I mourn the death of Kurt Cobain...While I
>really didn't care for NIRVANA, I was looking forward to hearing
>what they sounded like after 8 albums, because, if nothing else,
>Mr. Cobain did have an (albeit undeveloped) ear for melody.

yes, this is something i've always paid attention to. sometimes it's
great to see--as with xtc or to a lesser extent Costello, sometimes
it's a total heartbreak, as with the Replacements (IMO). i guess it's a
function of
*  becoming more technically accomplished/experienced as prof. musicians
*  getting older and less imaginative/revolutionary/energetic ??
*  becoming "broader and more mature" in taste
*  getting bigger budgets (to use better equipment and production staff)
*  becoming more successful and falling more under the watchful eye of
recording company folks (I.E. when you're an unknown and 18 and the
company has little investment, anything goes, but if you go gold, they
expect more commercial ("mature") stuff)

what's especially interesting to me is the fact that there are some
bands that don't appreciably go through this mellowing process. robyn
hitchcock, for example, sounds and writes songs virtually the same now
(IMO) as he did in 1977.  or take the Ramones or the B52s (well maybe
the mellowing process has something to do with the intellectual content
of the material!).  so in one case you have the joy of hearing an
artist tackle a series of different problems, and you "grow up" with
them-- and in another you can continue to listen to the sound you
originally fell in love with --it's like having a first album that's 10
disks long (the catch being that you may fall out of love yourself,
your own tastes changing).


Date: Wed, 11 May 1994 11:09:19 -0700
From: Philip Edward Alexy (Your worst nightmare come to life) <>
Subject: XTC and me

Hi. I'm Philip and have been an XTC fan ever since I saw the Dear God
video a few years back.  After that, I found that Senses Working Overtime,
a song I had really like years before, was by XTC, and then my 'love' for
the group increased.  I also like the fact that they aren't one of those
'teen-booper, hey let's make as much money as we can on crappy lyrics and
a good hairdresser' groups.
So that's all for now.  Hope to hear more from this mail group soon.

Philip ("Funny thing, sperm....") Alexy

                        * * * * * *

"Oh forget it...guys with big noses never get the babe."
                - Dustin Hoffman


Date:         Wed, 11 May 94 13:50:13 CDT
From: Andrew McDonald <>
Subject:      Re: Chalkhills #347

Larry Brown (not the Pacers' coach?) said:

>One other thing, I don't
>know if this has ever been discussed in the past or not, but has anyone else
>ever heard the Kinks Tribute CD called Shangri-La?  There's rumors of an  XTC
>contribution (a la Colin's Hermits), and I have my own suspicions, but rather
>than lead the witnesses, I'll just throw that out there, and see if anyone
>else has any other insights!  Given Andy's raving about The Kinks, and
>stating that he probably identifies with Ray Davies more than other
>songwriter only lends credence to this possiblilty.

Although XTC appears as a group (Captain Beefheart), duo (1967) and
solo (Hendrix) on various lp's in the Imaginary Records tribute
series, I've never heard anyone suggest they might be lurking
somewhere on the Kinks lp.  In fact, I don't hear anything, or see
anything in the liner notes, that suggests otherwise.  It would have
made sense, though.  (Of course the same could be said about
Imaginary's Byrds or Syd Barrett lp's.)

On the other hand, I could be wrong.

Actually, the Kinks lp is about as good as the series gets with
smashing versions of "See My Friends", "Big Sky", "Too Much On My
Mind", etc.  Also Cud, who Dave Gregory went on to produce, chips in
with an unremarkable version of "Lola".  I'm not sure I see the point
of tribute lp's, but Imaginary's first few are all worth hearing.

(Btw, I second anything positive that has been posted here regarding the Sam
Phillips cd.  Anyone know whether Colin is her touring band?)

Andrew McDonald


Date: Wed, 11 May 1994 14:43:13 -0500 (CDT)
From: Doug Finney <>
Subject: Martin Newell cd for sale

I found a used (!) copy of Martin Newell's "The Greatest Living Englishman"
this afternoon and since I already bought one copy (new of course) I thought
somebody else on the list might appreciate the savings. Of course postage
will raise the price to $12 (a bit more if you're outside the U.S.) but it
should still be less than the new price.

First come, first serve unless you beg and plead that you can't even find
it new at any of the crappy record stores in the wasteland you live in. :)



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