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                  Chalkhills, Number 346

                   Thursday, 5 May 1994
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                       The Live XTC
                       Boots in 3-D
                   Re: Chalkhills #345
                   11 Different Animals
                   comics and bootlegs
        Anyone looking for the CARMEN SANDIEGO CD?
                    My first XTC story
                        The Grays
                   Andy in the studio!
                   Re: Chalkhills #345
               Hiya.  Also, Drums & Wires.
                         DC Comix
                Boots and Demos and Stuff
          "The sidewalks and the streets . . ."
              New facts about the Carmen CD
                    XTC Transcriptions


From: "Bill Moxim" <>
Organization: Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham
Date: Mon, 2 May 1994 11:37:54 CST6CDT
Subject: The Live XTC

RE: CD bootlegs [CH#344]

>Sorry im not going to quote the original author... but the statement made was
>that most of the XTC CD "Live" Compact Discs were bootlegs... I beg to differ.
>Although I only have one, the XTC Live in concert 1980... it has an insert
>written by Partridge as well as a photo on the CD Sleeve... It is the BBC
>Radio one.  Are there others?

I must say I myself have been pondering this question.  Could this be the
same as what's been happening with Fleetwood Mac's infamous 1969 Boston
Tea Party performance.  This show has been released under AT LEAST six
different titles, with the song order moved around, edited, what have you...
I have four different versions myself, three of them on the "Commander"
label titled "Live", "Rattlesnake Shake - Live!" and "Greatest Hits - Live!".
What's interesting is that -none- of them contain the entire show, and
some songs are edited (like 'Green Manalishi' could be 4min on one disc, yet
be 17 on another, but the same recording).  So in all I have what I believe
to be the entire show, at 144 minutes total.

Anyway, XTC.  Browsing through the CD Connection's list o' discs I see
three live discs:
    >> BBC-1 Live In Concert ................ Phantom (label)
    >> BBC Radio-1 Live In Concert .......... Win (?) (no longer listed)
    >> XTC Live ............................. Windsong (I have this one)

All are imports, all are shamefully expensive (like $19 on sale!), and
there is no further information offered.  I am assuming completely that
these are all the same show, ie. see above F.Mac.  Anybody have any
further details?

And one last item to toss in while we're on the CD Connection subject...
Surely everybody is already familiar with this place.  You can
'telnet' or there's quite a list of different phone
numbers to call via modem.  Anyway, I still see people having a hard time
finding the Carmen Sandeigo disc - CDC has it for $12.58, my local shops
offer it at $15.98 - I ordered it Wednesday.  While I was at it I decided
to get some other items of interest that I've been longing for through
reading this fine publication, that being the Newell/Partridge collaboration,
XTC's 'Dear God' CD-EP, and a suprise to me, Love's "Forever Changes".
A suprise, I say, due to the fact I have their debut on vinyl and never
really saw too much for them to offer, but this is due to ignorance as I've
never checked out anything else by them.  I've been hearing quite a LOT
about this album, I say hey, $10?  Sure, why not.  I also picked up the
Sam Phillips disc.  I have to say that everybody's description of this disc
were right on the money!  Great stuff.

With best wishes and sorry for being so long winded and if ya can't find
Carmen check out CDC for the sun is a mass of incandescent gas.



Date: Mon, 2 May 94 10:07:46 PDT
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Boots in 3-D writes:
>Sorry im not going to quote the original author... but the statement made was
>that most of the XTC CD "Live" Compact Discs were bootlegs... I beg to differ.
>Although I only have one, the XTC Live in concert 1980... it has an insert
>written by Partridge as well as a photo on the CD Sleeve... It is the BBC
>Radio one.  Are there others?

That is the only official XTC live CD.  There are others, all

    Making Plans for Andy (two different versions)
    Last Live Show
    In Motion
    This is Live!
    Acoustic Tales
    Kings For A Day
    K-Rocking In Pasadena
    XTC U.S.A. 1980

At least two of those are from the same show as the official _BBC
Radio 1 Live In Concert_ CD.  Two were recorded during the "acoustic
radio tour" in 1989.

Pete McCluskey (AKA Jimmy Jazz) <> writes:
>I have a question or two that maybe someone can help me with: first, I
>have a copy of the 3-D ep, and I was wondering if it came with 3-d

Nope.  And I bet it doesn't look like much anyway.

>Next, in an ideal universe, who would YOU like to produce an
>XTC album (no, you can't nominate yourself)?

After hearing the Sam Phillips album I might say T Bone Burnett.  I
might also say Mitchell Froom.  David Yazbek might be good.  I would
hope the album would have, as my fiddle player friend says, "lo-fi
credibility".  A combination of high-gloss and low-tech.  Someone who
is not afraid to leave parts and instruments out.  Trimmed down.
Spare, even.

        -- John


Date: Mon, 2 May 1994 21:18:24 -0400
From: (Robert James Foley)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #345

        Just out of pure curiosity, is there any relation between
Brian Doherty (who plays drums on "Cherry In Your Tree") and Billy
Doherty (who played drums for the Undertones)?


Writer/Editor of the Reconnoiter.  E-mail for info.


Date: Mon, 2 May 1994 22:50:19 -0500 (CDT)
From: Felix Culpa <>
Subject: 11 Different Animals

I've got a copy of this much-talked-about book.   I bought it in London
in 1986, and have seen only this one copy.  It's full title is _Elven
Different Animals  XTC  Words and Music to the Singles_.  It contains
lyrics and music to Science Friciton, Statue of Liberty, This is Pop, Are
You receiving Me?, Life Begins at the Hop, Making Plans for Nigel, Wait
Till Your Boat Goes Down, Generals and Majors, Towers of London, Sgt Rock
(Is Going to Help Me), and Respectable Street.  It apparently was
published by Virgin, for their logo is on the back cover, along with the
following information: Order Ref: 7238, Chappell Music LTD 60/70 Roden
Street Ilford Essex.  The musicical transcriptions are a cut above most
songbooks, for Dave (and perhaps Andy?) made sure that the actual chord
shapes for guitar are given.  The only differences between the shapes
given and the actual recordings lie in the occasional combining of two
chords into one so that one person may play the songs.  (Of course, one
needs eight finger per hand to replicate these chord shapes, but ...)  There
is a page-long intro by Dave, each song gets a one or two paragraph
introduction, there are several photos, a discography (through Black Sea,
and it includes Mr. Partridge and the Colonel).  But wait, there's more:
a page-long bio of the band plus another page of quotes from Melody Maker
and NME.  For all I know, they probably printed about eight of these.

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Date: 03 May 94 00:15:13 EDT
From: Dave Franson <>
Subject: comics and bootlegs

Hi all, (Craig E. Canevit) hopes he's not the only one
fascinated with XTC's collision with comics.  Well, no, as a former comic
collector this connection has always fascinated me also!  You covered all
the references I know of Craig, except one-- the song "New Broom" on "Take
Away/The Lure of Salvage" contains the line "Mr. Ditko was right, Mr. A is
Near."  This refers, of course, to comics fan favorite Steve Ditko, who left
Marvel in the late 60s and created a couple of characters for DC (I think it
was DC), one of whom was "Mr. A."  (An anthropomorphic atomic bomb, if my
memory serves-- my collector days are long gone.)

"Moreover, if any band in the world emphasized
wonder and awe more so than XTC, I'd like to get a copy of their
discography!"  YEAH, I echo that sentiment!  Don't know if I agree with your
reading of Marvel vs DC comics of that period, but I LOVE your theory that
Sir John Johns is a take off on the Martian Manhunter.  (If this isn't true,
it SHOULD be!)

<> discusses the boot "XTC In Motion."  I'd also recommend
this boot, and I think Melinda hit on the high points nicely.  I'd just add
that, as a "Nigel" fan, the demo for "Making Plans..." is a real treat.

And thanks to John Relph for his wonderful explication of why bootlegs
aren't naughty.

One final note on XTC boots-- the "XTC USA 1980" is merely a different mix
of the official "BBC Live in Concert" release, minus "Life Begins At the
Hop" and "Burning With Optimism's Flames."  The different mix is slightly
interesting, the crowd noise is slightly less pared, but all in all I'd say
this one is for die-hard collectors only.


Oh, yeah, someone asked about the Elvis Costello list... it's


Date: Mon, 2 May 1994 16:00:39 -0400 (EDT)
From: Bird <>
Subject: Introductions

My name is Jon Milton.  I am a sophmore at Bucknell University and I live
in Potomac, Maryland.  I have been into XTC for about 2 years.  I have
all of their actual albums, as well as Rag N Bone  and Explode Together.
I have also read the book by Chris Twomey (sp?).  I learned of this
mailing list through my friend Scott Stuart who also subscribes to it.  I
am anxious to learn all that I do not know about the band, so if someone
could send me information about the archives, that would be excellent.
Oh, I forgot to mention that I also subscribe to The Little Express.
That's about it.  Thanks!



Date: Tue, 3 May 1994 02:08:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steve Johnson <>
Subject: Anyone looking for the CARMEN SANDIEGO CD?

After reading several messages from people saying that they can't find
a copy of the CARMEN SANDIEGO: OUT OF THIS WORLD CD, I went out and
bought all the copies I could find (which turned out to only be ONE!).

Anyway, I have ONE unopened copy of this CD, which I will ship to the
first person who sends me $15 (including shipping costs - so U.S.
addresses only, unless you want to pay any additional shipping costs).
Just send me mail saying you want it and the first person gets it.

Also, to try to cut down on mail received, PLEASE send email ONLY within
the first two days after the date of this chalkhills digest (e.g. if the
digest is dated May 6th, don't send any mail after the 8th).  I figure
two days is enough response time for most people who want it.

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Date: Tue, 3 May 1994 03:11:42 -0700
From: (Steven Truitt)
Subject: My first XTC story

I became an XTC fan rather unexpectedly.   I am stage hand and I work in
various theatres and concert Halls.  Back around 1981  was when XTC last
toured to Austin, Texas. They were the opening act for the Police at the
time.  XTC was promoting "Black Sea" at this time.  I was'nt familiar with
any XTC music around this time, but I really liked "Love at first sight".
I worked the concert that day, and that afternoon at the sound check (I
remember them playing  "Majors and Generals") I was standing about 5 feet
>from Andy Partridge, He nodded a polite, generic hello to me, I nodded
back. This was no big deal then, But in Retrospect I kickmyself for not
talking to him.  But he was shy, and quiet.  We all know how he hated
touring.  I think he might have been showing some early stages of
his dislike for live shows then.  Until this show I never owned an XTC
album , now 13 years later I collect anything by XTC, I'm a great fan, and
enjoy all the albums.  I consider my self very lucky to have seen them live
once.  Their previous tour through Austin, they played at the legendary
concert venue Armadillo World Headquarters.  They were promoting "Drums and
Wires", I did'nt see the show, but I amazed at how many people I have
talked to over he years that were at that show.  Thier last encore for that
show was "Statue of Liberty".


Subject: The Grays
Date: Tue, 3 May 94 7:09:57 EDT
From: Shinn Michelle <>

Hi Folks,
   I have been reading this list for over a year now, and have greatly
enjoyed the threads that have been spun.  I'd like to start a new one: has
anyone heard the new (first?) release by a group called "The Grays"?  They
have a single out called "The Very Best Years" (I think!) that
sounds much like recent XTC; i.e., great melodic hooks and vocal harmonies.
I know that at least one band member, Jon Brion, is from Jellyfish, a band
that has been discussed on this list.  Perhaps others from that group are
also part of the group as well.  I'm not overly impressed with the
lyrics (compared to XTC's!), but I need to hear it a few times more.
Anyway, has anyone heard the rest of the CD?  Is it much the same?

   Following up on the discussion about "Change My World" on the "Carmen
Sandiego" CD; I go back and forth as to whether the lead vocalist is Andy
or not.  There are some places where it seems so, but as someone else pointed
out a few issues back, there are other places where the accent is too
American.  Anyway, just my opinion.

  In the "unusual places to hear XTC" listing; a good friend, my boyfriend, and
I were at the Sam Adams Brewpub (in Philadelphia) last Saturday eve., and over
the noise, I thought I heard a familiar bass line.  My initial opinion, having
been so saturated with "Cherry In Your Tree", was that this was what they were
playing.  But, as I concentrated on the music, it became "The Loving" from
O&L!  (Remember, I could only hear the bass line...).  They apparently had
the CD on shuttle play with others, as I only heard selections about every
fifth song.  Still, it was nice to hear my favorite group in public!


Michelle Shinn


Date: Tue, 3 May 94 12:40:51 +0100
From: "Steve Moore" <>
Subject: Andy in the studio!

>From the June 1994 Q magazine (reproduced without permission...)

"Stagefright-stricken Andy Partridge is back in his box after the brief excess
of daring (and a few lagers) that took him to the boards in New York last
autumn for a chorus or two with Aimee Mann. The fervently studio-bound
Swindonian has just completed an album with venerable New Age pianist Harold
Budd, a bit of soundtrack for a Disney movie, and is now embarked on XTC's
first since Oranges and Lemons in 1989"

Very unlike Q to get it wrong!...

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Date: Tue, 03 May 1994 08:42:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: DMCCOLL@albnyvms.bitnet
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #345

Can anyone tell me how I can obtain any of these "bootlegs".  Being in
Albany there are few XTC Distribution stores.  Thanks.

I have been a fan of XTC since 1983 when my friend returned from France
with the English Settlement LP (2 record set with the eye and not the
x in the c).  I can not name only one or two favorite songs because I
enjoy all including the Dukes.

Daniel McColl


Date: Tue, 03 May 1994 11:42:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Hiya.  Also, Drums & Wires.

Hi.  I just joined Chalkhills.  I've been an XTC fan since around the time of
"Mummer", when my high school girlfriend introduced me to them through
"Mummer" and the castrated U.S. "English Settlement". At first I didn't
know what to make of them.  I was a geeky 16-year old afraid of any music
recorded after 1975; but after a few listenings I realized I loved this group.
Those are still my two favorite XTC albums, though I adore everything from
Drums & Wires through Psonic Psunspot, and I like everything else at least
        Here's my question--And please ignore this if this is a FAQ (I'll
get a FAQ file soon!):  I swear I've seen, at last count, seven different
vinyl versions of Drums and Wires, with anywhere from 11 to 15 songs, if
one includes the (2 & ?) 3-song singles which came with some copies.
Some have Nigel first, some have it third, some not at all, some have
Day in Day out on the single, some on the LP, some have Hop 1st, some third,
etc.  (I just saw a Japanese version w/ yet another song order.)  So what
I'm wondering is, 1)Howcome? & 2) Which was the "original" released version?
3) which version does the band approve of?
        My fave lineup has Hop 1st, Nigel third, and side one ends with
"that is the way"--this does make side one Colin heavy, but it's also an
easier progression into the more intense stuff.  This seems to be the only
version with the 3-song single.

        I also must put in another plug for "Love" being one of the all-time
greats.  I would think that a certain chunk of XTC-heads would go ape over
them, especially over some of the NON- Forever Changes stuff, though that
one's great, too.  Arthur Lee (the band's songwriter) has this amazing,
non-sequitorial sense of humor, and, like XTC, loves borrowing styles and
quoting from everyone in his pop universe.  Check out their first, "Love"
(1966), which does a punk(!!!) take on the Byrds, the Stones, Manfred Mann,
The Beatles, and the Surfaris; Da Capo (also 1966, & more of an EP + long jam)
which both invented thrash (check out "7 & 7 Is") and beat the Stones to
psychedelia by a year (Check out "She Comes In Colors"); and "False Start"
(1970); which is one of the first and most hilarious metal-funk albums
ever made (& features Hendrix!).  The group also quotes liberally from
Johnny Mathis, Hendrix, Otis Redding, Dave Brubeck, and Gene Autry.
Very funny, very beautiful, often very ironic stuff; I mention them here
because I think they were one of the first fully-developed "Art-Pop" bands,
which is one way I think of XTC.  They do have some shitty albums, too, so
beware! ("Love", I mean, has the few shitty albums, not XTC.)
Rock on.
        --Steve Espinola   spe9237@


From: (Mike Mooney)
Subject: DC Comix
Date: Tue, 03 May 94 10:32:43 bst

Regarding the following...

>Finally, does anybody know how available comics were in Britain
>when the band would have been mere lads? Is it safe to assume that DC
>comics outsold the other American comics?
>really curious,
>Craig E. Canevit, who is hoping to God that he isn't the only one
>interested in these topics. . . .

...DCs and Marvels were both widely available during *my* childhood
(early 60s), and had a fantastic flashy American allure that our
home-grown product didn't (British comics were good however, just
different - like (say) the Kinks compared with, oh I dont know... The
Doors). Personally I loved The Justice League of America - you got so
many superheroes for your money.

On another topic, now that it's starting to fizzle out - I didn't
realise what I was starting when I invited folks to suggest Dukes
references - well done everyone! (especially JahUbik, who seemed to
be on the mark in all cases, and must have a pretty good record
collection). But let's have no more umming and ahhing - 'Vanishing
Girl' *is* The Hollies!

As to *XTC* inluences, is anybody else suspicious about all the guys
quoting Taste and Rory Gallagher as influences? Personally, I loved
'em, but they don't seem like XTC influences at all - a wind-up

Finally, regarding a couple of the mini-arguments - Love were a
*great* band, but so (in a different way - like the comics) were The
Move - check out the 'Shazam' album from 1970.

Mike Mooney

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Date: Tue, 03 May 1994 17:23:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: Who I Am <>
Subject: Boots and Demos and Stuff

Man am I glad that no one flamed me on my Russian Constructivism dis.  Thanks.

Down to business:
I have a boot that I haven't noticed mentioned on this list: _Kings for a
Day_, which I bought in Camden Town for fifteen quid.  It has the acoustic
shows they did for Boston radio (WBCN and another station) during the
_Oranges and Lemons_ promo tour.  Many of the eighteen tracks are
duplicates, ie performed at both stations that day, but it's interesting to
hear how much tighter they get the second time around.  Andy forgets the
lyrics to "Love on a Farmboy's Wages", which was worth the fifteen quid
right there.

Also, I'd like to get ahold of some Lemon Dukes on CD.  Is there any?



Date: Tue, 3 May 94 18:00:36 EST
From: (Robert Stacy)
Subject: "The sidewalks and the streets . . ."

   Thanks to JahUbik for his musicological explorations re "Concrete &
Clay."  I 'd never placed the source of the feeling of familiarity
evoked by Graham Parker's "Green Monkeys" on the _Human Soul_ album
before; reading that post nailed it down for me.

   Also to Steve: Don't sell Ellison's current work short.  The man is
definitely enjoying a mini-renaissance.  "The Man Who Rowed Christopher
Columbus Ashore" is Ellison at the top of his form.

   After just a cursory look at Dave's Modest Box Set Proposal, I'd
dump "I Remember the Sun," "Miniature Sun" (hmm, showing distinct signs
of heliophobia, aren't I?), and "Season Cycle" (sorry -- it's just
_too_ damn cute for a "best of").  And add "Ladybird" and "Crocodile,"
right off the bat.  Further re-listening might turn up another tune or
two ("King for a Day," and/or "One of the Millions" come/s to mind),
but I have to say these are more quibbles than opinions I'd go to the
wall over.  It's an impressive first cut at a compilation, Dave.
   The Catapillars are nearly all unknown to me, thanks very much --
which segues nicely into my version of the recurring plea I so often
see posted on this list: can anyone help me _get_ some of this stuff?
I see mention of things like _Hugo Gernsback's Bioluminous Accordian
Factory_, or whatever, and I am lost.  And where did you find that _XTC
In Motion_, Melinda?

   Oh, Eno stuff:  My own feelings echo John's (and other's)
appreciation for _Wrong Way Up_ and _Before and After Science_
("Backwater" is superb), as well as the aural montage he did with John
Hassell -- _Possible Music_ (or _Musics_), I think?  Something like
that.  Very swirling, sonically layered, gently insinuating stuff that
sort of wraps itself around your frontal lobes and carries them



Date: Wed, 4 May 94 20:43:47 EDT
From: Greg Langmead <>
Subject: New facts about the Carmen CD

Hey, guys!  My name is Greg, and I am new to posting, but not to
reading.  I got into XTC just after release of _Skylarking_ and have
been seriously hooked ever since.  For a while, I was quite a psychotic
collector of XTC vinyl.  That, however, is not relevant right now...

I am wondering why, in weeks of discussing the _Carmen Sandiego_ CD, no
one noticed that XTC pops up in not one, not two, but _at least three_
different places on the album.  I admit that I have no formal evidence
for this, but being fans, I am sure we all agree that when we hear XTC,
we know it.  Why else would we listen to them after all, if this were
not the case?  I am referring to the last song on the album, entitled
"Carmen's Song."  It is a nice little number with a bouncy, cheery
refrain "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?"  or "We've got to jail
her, got to derail her."  The refrain is almost definitely written by
XTC, and if you don't believe me, listen again.  I think you will
clearly hear Andy's contribution to the choral singing on the refrain

Yep, there's no doubt about it, XTC had _a lot_ to contribute to this
cute little project.  I am currently analyzing the first song, "Half a
World Away" to hear XTC influences there, as well, as the credits
suspiciously attibute this sont to "Greg Lee," who is real, and "The
three woodsmen," who sound not very real at all.

If our buddies crop up on any other tracks, let us all know!



Date: Wed, 4 May 1994 12:14:26 -0800
From: (Sid Glenn)
Subject: XTC Transcriptions

i was just wondering if anyone knows were i could get, or has any XTC music
so i don't  have to try and figure it out with my menial music skills.  Any
help would be much appreciated.  Thanx.

Sid Glenn
Bought a card at the a mall


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