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                  Chalkhills, Number 343

                 Saturday, 23 April 1994
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                    Well, here I am...
                   Re: Chalkhills #342
           The opening of "Cherry In Your Tree"
                     Chalkhills #341
          Partridge-Budd Collaboration/CD extras
              XTC opinion on contemporaries?
                     The Discography
                      Bingo Hand Job
                      Live xtc cd's
                 XTC World Wide Web site
                   Introducing myself!
               billy pilgrim/clarification
                     New Member Intro
                      Nicky Holland
                 King Missile samples XTC
                      Diverf Topicf


Date: 20 Apr 94 13:15:00 EDT
Subject: Well, here I am...

(He stands, clears his throat, shuffles his feet nervously, and blurts out:
"Hello, my name is Steve Wilcox, and I have been an XTC fan since 1981." He
sits down abruptly. The welcoming crowd says "Hi, Steve.")

I was already vaguely aware of the band from hearing "Making Plans for
Nigel" and "Generals and Majors" on the local alternative radio station
(KROQ). Then I sat down with my roommate's copy of "Black Sea," and as soon
as that cranky guitar on "Respectable Street" revved up, I knew I had found
a new musical home. When "English Settlement" first appeared (in UK
imports), I snatched up the first copy I saw, rushed home to listen, and was
further wow'ed. That album remains my favorite, for sentimental reasons.

I never got to see them live, although I was standing against the stage,
dead center, at the Palladium in Hollywood the night Andy just couldn't
bring himself to go on stage anymore. A historic moment for the band, but I
would gladly trade it for the chance to see them perform.

XTC remains my favorite band, although I've found their albums since
"English Settlement" a bit uneven. My favorites, in order:

English Settlement
Psonic Psunspot (as The Dukes of Stratosphear)
Black Sea
Drums and Wires
Oranges and Lemons
White Music
The Big Express
Rag and Bone Buffet
Live in Concert (the recently reissued BBC radio recording)
Take Away/The Lure of Salvage (Mr. Partridge)
Go 2

Favorite line: "People will always be tempted to wipe their feet on anything
with 'welcome' written on it" -- from "Snowman" on "English Settlement"

Demo I most wish had been on an album: "The Troubles" (B-side of "The
Meeting Place")

Biggest regret: That I don't have more demo tracks. My collection is pretty
much restricted to commercial releases, so there's a load of stuff I don't
have (like just about everything on "Window Box," "Jules Verne's
Sketchbook," and "The Bull with the Golden Guts"). Can anyone help me out?

Other personal influences: Bonzo Dog Band, Elvis Costello, an obscure and
now-defunct Boston band called Scruffy the Cat (anyone else heard of 'em?),
Midnight Oil, Los Lobos, The Blasters, The Plimsouls (early '80s LA band),
Peter Case's first two solo albums, Monty Python, Firesign Theater, Blade
Runner, Brazil, Rene Magritte, Russian Constructivism, early Harlan Ellison,
and so on...

But enough about me...

Melt the guns,
Steve Wilcox


Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 20:14:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: I'm the chef of the treble clef <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #342

Geez, lots of Eno suggestions and no one mentions _No_Pussyfooting_.
Am I remembering it wrong?  This is Eno isn't it??  It's a cool album!
An old friend of mine used to have a great band (VERY EXTREMELY XTC-
sounding) that did a great cover of "Burning Airlines Give You So
Much More" -- what is that from?

Ron Henry says:
> Was anyone else out there a little annoyed at the disruption of album
> continuity we were used to?  I like some of these new songs and all, but

Yeah, it definitely bothers me.  The only thing that makes it okay, is
when, like on Big Express, the extra tracks are in the place that would
normally be between turning the record over.

*I* said, in response to Mr. Langley:
> Excuse me, Jason, but *I* am the bubblegum queen ;-)  I, however, have
> not found the Carmen Sandiego album and have not heard "Cherry" so I
> can't answer your question.  Lotta good I am, eh?

I finally found it.  Went searching that very night.  I went in 3
different stores, searching various possible categories, and in the
third store I finally asked the guy, who wandered around for a while and
then announced they were out of it.  I walked past him toward the door
and saw it displayed on the wall there.  I couldn't help uttering a
louder-than-polite "DUH!!"

Jason, I still don't know what specific song "Cherry" sounds like.  Have
you figured it out yet?

Dave, you're right there's NO WAY that the vocal on the Johnny Nexdor
song is not Andy Partridge!  The moment I put it on, with the explanation
that there was some doubt, everyone in the room nodded with incredulous
looks on their faces.  Someone said John Linnell is on this track, too.
I can see where that "You suppose" part might be Linnell, but it doesn't
quite sound like him.  The similar part "Squelch the patter" sounds like

BTW, I think this song is FANTASTIC.  Writers Sean Altman/Billy Straus
must be big XTC fans, because I think the chorus sounds very Andy-like.
Then again the verses sound like Linnell's writing...I'm starting to
question the writing credits, here...then again, "Cake For Breakfast"
sounds like Linnell's songs, too, and I doubt he had anything to do with
that one (though I like it!)...I could just converse with myself here, I
don't need y'all at all... :-)

I like how on "Cherry", Dave Gregory is credited with "good natured
ghost effects" -- I assume this means he's not on it?  John, I remember
you talked briefly with Dave about Lemon Dukes/No Lemon Dukes, so maybe
you know this: Was "Cherry" perhaps as far as being a Lemon Dukes demo
or something, and then recorded specifically for this album?



Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 20:47:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: The opening of "Cherry In Your Tree"

        Ever since I picked up "Cherry In Your Tree," the opening had
been bugging me. I /knew/ I had heard a song open with a cello like that.
Finally, that song came to me today!  Anyone remember "Johnny Have You
Seen Her" by the Rembrandts? A darn good song, and it has a cello
opening. So, listen and let me know... am I right or just insane?

        Derek Miner


Subject: XTC
From: (scott James)
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 23:13:05 EDT
Organization: [MindVox] / Phantom Access Technologies / (+1 800-MindVox)

Hi, I am just dropping a line to introduce myself. I am a recording
engineer and sound designer. I also write and play rock and roll. I
stumbled ono the Chalkhill thing while i was rafting around the
internet.I must admit that I g in and out with XTC as my listening
tastes mogrify.  Clearyly XTC are unique in a beatle sort of way, (i
don't like comparisons either however sometimes its easier for me.) The
craftmanship involved with their productin and songwriting is really
unparalled by any of their peers. Anyway, I look foward to some
interesting discussion. regards, peace. Scott.


From: (Mike Gervasi)
Date: 19 Apr 94 15:36:06 -0500
Subject: Chalkhills #341
Organization: FidoNet:

ch>Subject: Re: Doesn't "jump" on Mummer sound like PPH?

 The main riff of "My Bird Performs" is a direct rip of "Jump"

ch>        For the life of me I can't remember a jump on Mummer. Perhaps
ch>I have an import version of the album.
   Here's my disk (In Parenthesis)
ch>        Side 1: Beating of hearts
ch>                Wonderland
ch>                Love on a farmboy's wages
ch>                Great fire
ch>                Deliver us from the elements
                   (Procession Towards Learning Land)
                   (Desert Island)
ch>        Side 2
ch>                Human alchemy
ch>                Ladybird
ch>                In loving memory of a name
ch>                Me and the wind
ch>                Funk, pop a roll

------------------------------------------------ Mike
 * Wave Rider 1.13B [NR] *
--- Blue Wave/Maximus


Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 02:20:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steve Johnson <>
Subject: Partridge-Budd Collaboration/CD extras

Actually, the Partridge-Budd album was recorded back in January
(at Peter Gabriel's REALWORLD studio).  It's good to hear it's
coming out in June, though!

Also, the B-sides on XTC's CDs aren't just on the Geffen US
CDs -- they're also on the Virgin UK CDs (they are on mine
anyway!).  Before Geffen released the pre-SKYLARKING XTC
albums on CD domestically, tracking down import copies of
them was a royal pain -- and EXPENSIVE too!  The only
Geffen CD I have (besides SKYLARKING, ORANGES & LEMONS, and
NONSUCH) is ENGLISH SETTLEMENT (since the Virgin one didn't
have "Leisure" and "Down in the Cockpit" on it), though I
also have the Virgin one.  Anyway, enough about my XTC CD
collection! <grin>


Subject: XTC opinion on contemporaries?
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 08:16:18 -0600
From: Marshall V Pierce <>

Greetings once-again

 I'm curious as to XTC's opinion of their contemporaries.  There has recently
been plenty to read about which groups Andy et al were influenced by (eg the
Kinks) and which bands XTC influenced (eg the Dummies) but not much that I
can recall about what XTC members think of bands which started at the same
time or later.


Marshall V Pierce                 Info Tech Center             Hewlett-Packard
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From: DAMIAN Scar-Face FOULGER <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 14:48:05 GMT
Subject: The Discography

I was browsing through the Discography a minute ago and got bored,
fell asleep and depressed the <page down> key.  The beeping woke
me and I found myself looking at this :-

> 256. XTC
>   new album.
>   a. CD, Virgin UK, ?, May 1994.

Is this true, is this a rumour (not on Chalkhills it isn't) or a joke
(did I get the April addition of the Discography?)

It would be nice if it were true!

Dames TWD


Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 10:03:18 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Bingo Hand Job

While all of this may sound too self-congratulatory, I must say that I have
never encountered a bunch of people in my life as cool in their musical tastes
as those here on CHALKHILLS!  Not only are most messages here polite and help-
ful (something sorely missing from other lists/newsgroups) BUT in the scant
two+ months I've been here, I have seen people mention Game Theory, Eno, TMBG,
the Kinks (actually I started that thread--ain't I humble!), and a host of
other fine, fine artists.  Not even to mention the sympathy shown with the
unfortunate Cobain thing, regardless of the personal opinion about the music of
Nirvana of the writer (God, that was a bad sentence!).  Compassion, manners,
good taste--I salute you all!

good taste--I salute you all!

Let me add my own Eno recommendation--I have all his work and enjoy it all,
but after years of contemplation, _Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)_ is the
Eno album I return to time and time again.  A unique, indescribable sensibility
at work.  Was anyone else disappointed that "The Fat Lady of Limbourg" was left
off the _Eno II_ box?  There is also a song on the new Jazz Butcher album (any
JB fans lurking?) called "Penguins" whose music and refrain are HIGHLY remin-
iscent of the title track of _Tiger Mountain_.

Now if you only tell me you all love Robyn Hitchcock, the Judybats, and Lloyd
Cole, we can all live happily ever after.

--Miles Goosens

p.s.--to the person asking about the "Dear God"-less _Skylarking_:  you have
the first U.S. edition of the album, as do I.  "Dear God" wasn't on the
original, but was added after the "Dear God" single became a surprise minor
FM hit.  I wasn't aiming to get a collector's item, it's just that I was a
big enough fan to have bought the album on its day of release!  So I had to
buy the single to pick up the song...


Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 12:02:22 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Live xtc cd's
Organization: Broome Community College, Binghamton, NY, USA

  These CD's are bootlegs produced usually in Italy, where apparently it
is not illeagal to do so. I know it is a crime to do this in the US. Not
one penny of the money made on these CD sales goes to XTC themselves.
Somebody correct me if they think I'm wrong.
        The sales of these CD's is actually hurting artists.
        I suggest we circulate bootleg tape copies of these bootlegs just
to spite these parasites.


Date: 21 Apr 94 09:06:00 EDT
Subject: XTC World Wide Web site

Troy! Bless you! Mosaic is by far my favorite way to surf the Internet, and
having a real WWW site for XTC makes me burn like a miniature sun! For those
of you who don't use Mosaic, *start now*. It's a nifty hypermedia Internet
interface, and it's free in Mac, Windows, and X Windows flavors from the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign or CERN in Switzerland (FTP to in the directory /web/*, or to in directory
/pub/www). For now, Troy's home page seems to be a mirror of the Chalkhills
FTP archive. Any chance of expanding it, Troy?

On another note, I haven't had time to hit the record store yet...has anyone
heard "Cherry in Your Tree" on any Los Angeles stations?

-- Steve Wilcox
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Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 16:33:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jimmie Farmer <>
Subject: Introducing myself!

        Hi there!  My name is Jimmie Farmer, and I saw this list in the
news.newusers Usenet group, where there was a post with the available
mailing lists.
        I have been a fan of XTC since '82 when I heard the song "English
Roundabout" on the local "New Wave" station here in Tacoma, WA.  I ran
right out and bought _English Settlement_ (the American release with only
ONE disk!), and have been a fan ever since!  I am looking forward to
reading, and hopefully contributing a little to, this newsletter.  Thank
you, and have a good evening!

       | Lemme see... '73 Les Paul Deluxe
                AKA:Jimmie Farmer | 100W Marshal JCM 800 half stack
                I'm in a band...  | a Rat, and a volume pedal...
                like you care! =) | and they say we're pop... >=|'


Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 20:51:26 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: billy pilgrim/clarification

My question about billy pilgrim involved the nature of the band Billy Pilgrim's
music. The character billy pilgrim appears in the Kurt Vonnegut novel Slaughter
House Five. Lest anyone misunderstand, I think this is a fine novel--I loved
it when I was in Jr. high school. It has also been made into a strange and
entertaining movie. Given the price of cd's these days, I thought I'd ask the
chalkhillians if anyone had heard the group before impulsively buying it.
Thanks in advance for anyone's help.



Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 19:58:32 -0700
From: (Marshall Gooch)
Subject: New Member Intro

Hi. My name's Marshall Gooch and I'm from Seattle. I dig XTC and
many other British bands, yet I'm not anti-American. Ummm, I was
introduced to XTC by a younger "waver" at my high school. Then,
the woman who eventually became my wife turned me on to Big Ex-
press. Then, aw shucks, my story's not much different than any-
one else's. Anyhow, I'm also into the following bands/artists:
Costello, The Damned, Squeeze, Robyn Hitchcock, Mega City Four,
The Jazz Butcher, R.E.M., Juliana Hatfield, oh my, too many!
        I am a writer, too, and have written for the local mag
The Rocket, as well as others like Alternative Press, Reflex,
and more. I am a Music Programmer at AEI Music in Seattle, too,
plus I like baseball, girls, surfing, (skip those last two), etc.
Thanks for listening and looking forward to getting into some
serious XTC examination.

Marshall Gooch (


Date:         Fri, 22 Apr 94 11:45:04 PDT
From: ST425329@sjsuvm1.bitnet

Dearest John Relph, I hope this gets to you. At least now I have a
cheat book to help me with this damn computer stuff. AUGH... Anyway,
how are you? Have enjoyed rapping with you on the phone, thanks for
all the music suggestions, I picked up the Sam Phillips CD just for
Colin's song, and I really do like the whole CD. Am still trying to
find the others, the search continues.
How'se about forwarding the possibility of having the next XTC
convention here in sunny CA? Maybe we could ask the other readers out
there if they'd be interested in coming, and if so about how many would
come? And Kathy Davis, if you're out there, were you really serious
about maybe putting this on? yikes... tho it could be fun.
John, type back if you dare, maybe I'll even be able to reply...
PEACE,   Becki MacDougal


Date: Fri, 22 Apr 1994 22:13:11 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Jason C. Langley" <>
Subject: Nicky Holland

I noticed in the the latest Little Express that Nicky Holland invited Andy
to cowrite some songs.  "We sketched down about half a dozen ideas one of
them is working out very well, a song called 'New York Inside My Head' and
that's going to go on her new album in the new year."  Sounds pretty
interesting, I thought her (debut?) 'Nicky Holland' was rather nice.
Her music is lush, I'm curious to see what twists and turns her
songwriting takes writing  with Andy.

From: (Ron Henry)

>Was anyone else out there a little annoyed at the disruption of album
>continuity we were used to?

I really don't mind the disruption on _Mummer_.  Perhaps they should have
put the bonus tracks at the end of the CD reissues.  I must admit it took
a bit of getting used to hearing _English Settlement_ on CD (I was used to
the US LP_, and _Skylarking_ on CD minus 'Mermaid Smiled'.  I appreciate
Virgin and Geffen doing it right the first time, I replaced most of my
Elvis Costello records on CD, and now Ryko is re-releasing all of them with
b-sides, demos, rarities, etc.; Highway Robbery I'd say!

From: "Waldo Farfegnugenplc" <>

>It's official! Andy Partridge and Harold Budd are an item! Er, hang on,
>just re-read that.... ah no. They are recording together, with an album
>due out in June...

Sounds good what shall we call it _Homo Safari No. 7 or _Andy Paints Harold_?

From: "Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga, & McCormick" <>

>> Can anyone recommend more Eno worth checking out?  What about

> When I was in high school, my friends and I used to listen to
> _No_Pussyfooting_ all the time.  Great stuff.

My mother said that is was "devil music" when I played "The Heavenly Music
Corporation" (or was she offended by the nudie playing cards on the cover?).
I mentioned it too her recently because she likes _Ambient 2 The Plateaux
of Mirror_ by Harold Budd/Brian Eno.


> To Jason C. Langley---Will the Jennifer Trynin single be followed by a full
> album (or has it already been preceded by one)?

I'm hardly the expert on her.  From what I've read she has some radio
tapes, but I'm not aware of any other singles or albums.  Aimee Mann sings
on the b-side "Snow" and the single was recorded in Boston, so I assume
Dave's playing was just a one time Aimee Mann connection.

I was reading a review of the Dambuilders new record _Encendedor_ by Brett
Milano in the Boston Phoenix and read "The band haven't toned down their
eclecticism, but thy have focused it, and the spirit, if not the sound,
recalls the daring adventures XTC got into during the Drums and Wires phase."
Brett seems to have XTC on the brain commenting that their single 'Colin's
Heroes' "isn't about XTC".

I've only heard one of their songs 'Pennsylvania' and don't hear the
connection.  Has anybody heard any of their other stuff?  I kind of trust
this guys opinion, as he bagged one my friends for lifting a DBs riff in
a review her band's first single.



     Jason C. Langley                  (508) 370-1522
     Member of Technical Staff         (508) 370-3212 Fax
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     Framingham, MA 01701


Subject: King Missile samples XTC
From: (Mark Laforge)
Date:   Sat, 23 Apr 1994 03:49:00 -0400
Organization: CRS Online  (Toronto, Ontario)

Just picked up the new self titled King Missile album that came out
this week and I noticed a familiar sounding drum on one of the tracks.
The song "Wind Up Toys" takes the first couple of notes from XTC's
"Beating of Hearts" and loops them to form the drum track.

A different versionof the song "Wind Up Toys" appeared the album _Real
Men_ by John S. Hall (King Missile's main man) and Kramer (of
Bongwater/Shimmy Disc fame).  On this 1991 album Mr. Hall recited a
number of stories while Kramer applied a number of stolen musical
pieces (like Strauss, Beethoven, Timothy Leary, Ravi Shankar, N.W.A.,
Henry Mancini, ...) and various sound effects.  So it looks like when
Mr. Hall decide to re-record this track for his new album he decide to
continue the musical thievery theme of this earlier album.  The
original version of "Wind Up Toys" on this album is backed up by some
music from the Nut Cracker (Strauss?).

As an odd aside, I bought my copy of _Real Men_ with Mr. Relph
standing right beside me.  He was visiting Toronto for a day on his
way to the 1991 XTC convention that took place in Barrie the following

Mark LaForge
 * DeLuxe2 1.25 #6402 *


Date: Sat, 23 Apr 1994 11:57:05 -0400
From: (Tim Connors)
Subject: Diverf Topicf

(John. sorry for the braindump. Feel free to break up
or edit this message if it's too long...)

Dear Chalkhillians:
        It's been some time since I had time to post and so
I've accumulated lots of comments about recent discussions.
I apologize for the length.

**Spot the References Dept., Part 1:**

Karen <> sez:

>Arlo, you're not going crazy - I've always assumed that
>"You're My Drug was a tribute to The Byrds. It really does
>sound like "So You Want to be a Rock & Roll Star."
>Lyrically, it reminds me more of "Eight Miles High."
>Someone was wondering about "The Affiliated," too. I think
>it sounds a lot like mid 60's Kinks. Ray Davies was and
>still is big on songs about the little guy being bullied
>by society and the conditions of everyday life over which
>he has no control.

I have always been certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that
"You're My Drug" was a Byrds pastiche. Andy mentions the
Byrds in his list of "cheap charlatans" when describing
_Chips_ in the _Nonsvch_ insert,  so we know _one_ of these
songs is a Byrds sendup. For more evidence, check out the
harmonies, the lysergic subject matter, and the extremely
Hillmanesque bass playing. Note that at the end of the song,
the bassline briefly mutates into an almost exact duplicate
of the immortal "So You Wanna Be A Rock-n-Roll Star" bassline.

JahUbik <> sez:

>        15) "The Affiliated": intro is generic, Kinks-ish.
>The doubletime section (chee-ee-zy!) is Unit Four Plus Two,
>"Concrete And Clay"

JahUbik <> also sez:

>...among other
>bands fleetingly heard: ... (maybe this is "Little Lighthouse"
>--Love, and their long (a k a sleep-inducing) "Alone Again
>Or" from "7 and 7 Is". Or was it the other way round... )

As for "The Affiliated," I agree that in subject matter this
song resembles '66-'69 era Kinks, of whom I am a huge fan.
Musically, however, I don't see so much of a resemblance.
I've always believed the wonderfully goofy mariachi-style
bridge is a direct lift from "Alone Again Or," a song from
that quintessentially psychedelic 1967 LP,  _Forever
Changes_ by Love. (I was surprised that the perspicacious
JahUbik mentioned this song in connection with"Little
Lighthouse" but not "The Affiliated.") Some readers may
be familiar with the note-perfect cover of "Alone Again Or"
by the Damned which hit the British charts c. 1985. And
while _I_ may go on too long, "Alone Again Or" doesn't,
(sorry Jah!) and I'm one who thinks a song better
have a damn good reason for going longer than 3.30.
(The cheesy mariachi bridge of "AAO" was added at the
suggestion of producer Bruce Botnick, who had just finished
working with Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. It was not
intended as a joke, but it sure is funny.)

As someone who prides himself in a knowledge of rock
obscuriana, it pains me to admit that I have never heard of
"Unit Four Plus Two," mentioned by JahUbik. Can you tell us
more about them? Can they be found on any recent
compilations? I'd be interested in hearing them. I
concede that the bridge of "The Affiliated" might sound like
more than one band.

**Seamless Web of Pop Culture Dept., Part 1:**

"Alone Again Or" was written not by main songwriter
Arthur Lee, but by second-string songwriter Bryan MacLean,
who is, coincidentally, the older brother of ex-Lone Justice
thrush Maria McKee. MacLean began his music career, not
so coincidentally, as a roadie for none other than the Byrds.

**Digression Dept., Part 1: JahUbik Post**

"7 & 7 Is" is not the name of a Love album, but is the name of
another great Love single, in their garage-punk mode. It was
recently covered by Billy Bragg, and Pere Ubu incorporated it
into "George Had a Hat" when I saw them live last year.

**Spot the References Dept., Part 2:**

I noticed this little send-up in the aforementioned _Nonsvch_
insert. Andy says the Dukes were "Purple, giggling, fuzztone,
liquid and arriving." Sound vaguely familiar? Here's a line
>from the liner notes to _Mr. Tambourine Man_ by the Byrds:
"They're bubbly and high and fast... they're orange and green
and yellow and near."

Jason C. Langley" <> sez:

>"Cherry In Your Tree" is wonderful.  I love the cello in
>the intro, the guitar part reminds me of something, but
>what it is escapes me (T. Rex?).  Actually I know nothing
>about bubble gum so I might have to check with my older
>sister, "the bubble gum queen".

I believe it's supposed to sound like the crunchy guitar
sound of various Chapman-Chinn bubble-glam-pop
numbers in the early '70s, e.g. Sweet's "Little Willy."
T-Rex might fall in that category though they're not a
Chapman-Chinn band.

**Seamless Web of Pop Culture Dept., Part 2:**

Garo Yellin, who plays cello on "Cherry," played with
Pere Ubu at the aforementioned concert. His cello had
some effects and treatments on it and was used (very
effectively) as a substitute for the synth parts of the
Pere Ubu songs. He did a great job. I believe he
played with Pere Ubu again when they played here a
few weeks ago, though I missed the show.

("Cherry" is getting a lot of airplay on our local
sort-of-alternative radio station here in Cleveland.
A very pleasant change to hear them on the radio.)

**Your Mileage May Vary Dept.:** sez:
>I can understand knocking "Spike." It didn't hold up
>...I still believe that "Mighty Like the Rose," while
>pretty densely realized, was his best and most
>wittily bitter work in a long, long time.

Wow, I loved _Spike_ and thought _Rose_ was a lackluster
attempt to duplicate it. Your mileage apparently varied.
On the other hand, you're right, nobody likes
"Goodbye Cruel World," not even Elvis; and yes, the new
album rocks out.

**Digression Dept., Part 2: Elvis is King**

Anyone see Elvis on Letterman? He played "13 Steps" and
blew the roof off the sucker. During the raveup
finish, he segued into the tail end of "Radio Radio," a
scathing attack on the radio, and by analogy, TV. Older
fans will remember that in 1978 Elvis was "banned for
life" from Saturday Night Live (though he was on again
circa _Spike_) for playing "Radio Radio" instead of another
song that had been carefully rehearsed and blocked by
the cameramen, thereby screwing up the camera work royally.
Dave was appreciative, but did not seem to get this sly
reference to Elvis' earlier appearance. Knowing how Dave
feels about NBC, he surely would have approved.

**Oh Yeah, This is the XTC List Dept.:**

I vote for a Madison gathering as well. Imagine a huge
crowd of Chalkhillians descending on the University of
Wisconsin campus for the taping of Michael Feldman's
"Whad'ya Know" show!! (It's on your local public
radio station, syndicated by American Public Radio.)
Centrally-located Madison would be better than
California, which is way too far for most Easterners and
Midwesterners, I'll wager.

**Blatant Panhandling Dept.:**

Is there anyone who would be willing to dub copies
of "Jules Verne" and "Golden Guts" for me? I have
everything official by the band but all the talk of these
two releases is drivin' me mad with envy. I have lots of
things I could trade, or I'll pay. Please e-mail
<>. Hope it's not bad
form to beg on this list.

**Recommendations Dept.:**

I second all the good press for the very Kinks-like
Martin Newell CD. Any XTC fan should enjoy this.

Ditto the favorable reviews of the new Sam Phillips.
Moulding's crafty bass work is all over the album.
This is power pop of the same caliber as "Girlfriend" by
Matthew Sweet, or the first Michael Penn album. I
can't imagine anybody on this list disliking it.
(Speaking of references, her song "Same Changes"
starts with a streamlined version of the riff from the
Yardbirds' "Heart Full of Soul." I'm sure we'll all find
more with further listens.)

Those who like the Dukes should keep their eyes out
for _Give Daddy the Knife, Cindy_ by Naz Nomad and the
Nightmares. Naz Nomad is a Dukes-like pseudonym for
the Damned. The album consists of covers of great
psychedelic songs. It came out in 1984, so it may have
provided some inspiration to XTC, whose 25 O'Clock
EP came out one year later. (Don't ask me for a copy, I've
been looking for one for years myself.)

Another band that may appeal to fans of Dukes-style
pastichery is Redd Kross. I haven't seen them
mentioned here before. They started out in the
California hardcore mode and traces of this still
pervade their music, but on many tracks, their
love for the Beatles is clear. Their new album on
This Way Up/Mercury/Polygram is called _Phase
Shifter_ and it contains a great song called "Lady in the
Front Row," an unholy fusion of the Beatles, the Byrds
and maybe Cheap Trick. It features a dead-on "Eight
Miles High" Coltrane-via-McGuinn guitar solo. They
are also very entertaining live.

**Recommendations Dept., Children's Music Division:**

Dave Franson <> sez:

>The only downside of the track is that my kids and I now
>parade about the house singing THE SUN IS A MASS

I think I disturbed some friends by playing TMBG, whom they
had never heard, or heard of, for their two year old daughter
when they were visiting one time. The 2 year old made me play
"Please Pass the Milk Please" about 30 times that night.  And
all kids seem to love "Particle Man." Jonathan Richman goes
over big with certain kids as well. "Ice Cream Man" and "I'm a
Little Dinosaur" are good for tots, but "Dodge Vegematic" is
the rockin'est.

One Person's Nitpick is Another Person's
Helpful Suggestion Dept.:

Wesley Van Kilgore <> sez:

>I will keep the anal retentiveness of some
>of my fellow chalkhillians in mind in my future postings.

That reminded me to tell "Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga,
& McCormick" <> that it's supposed
to be "Hungerdunger," it just sounds like "Hungadunga"
because of the Marx Brothers' accent. Say, what the heck
movie is that from anyway? _A Night at the Opera?_

Be seeing you,
Tim "Infoglut" Connors

TJC     "Surprisingly tasty..."
                The Jazz Butcher ("JB v. Prime Minister")



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