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                  Chalkhills, Number 342

                 Wednesday, 20 April 1994
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                     Dukes references
              Responses to various questions
                     Chalkhills #340
                      Re: XTC "Jump"
                    Andy & Harold Budd
                   Re: Chalkhills #341
                      Billy Pilgrim
                    intoductory letter
               Where *IS* Carmen Sandiego?
             dbs, Nexdoor, Eno, Dukes, oh my!
        Re: Andy Repaints Brian (Chalkhills #341)
       Re: Doesn't "jump" on Mummer sound like PPH?
                   Re: Chalkhills #341
          Help with Sam Phillips, if you please.
                 Who Wants A Convention?


Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 09:29:23 -0500
From: (Merlin D. Mann)
Subject: Dukes references

I always thought 25 o'Clock was a direct homage to "I had too much to dream
last night," by, I think, the Electric Prunes.

"Have you seen Jackie" is pure Barrett as far as I can tell.

I wish I could do better with "Vanishing Girl." I'd buy the Hollies angle.
(IMHO, "Bus Stop" has one of the best bridges of any pop song I've heard.)

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Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 10:39:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Responses to various questions

     To Wesley Van Kilgore's query about "Jump" : it is a bonus track on
the Mummer CD.
     To Wes Wilson's query about Eno recommendations : I'd suggest Here
Come The Warm Jets, his first solo album.  A great record, much weirder than
Taking Tiger Mountain.
     In response to JahUbik's list of Dukes influences : regarding "Bike
Ride to the Moon," I hear a lot of early-Floyd influence in this song,
especially in certain Syd-esque vocal inflections.  Also, I know of several
critics who would disagree with your assessment of the Move.  (Haven't heard
them myself.)
     Also, for me, "The Mole From The Ministry" recalls not only "I Am The
Walrus" but "Strawberry Fields" (note the flutes and the false ending) and
"Lovely Rita" (which also ends with a spacy instrumental passage in a key
unrelated to the rest of the song).  Probably many other tunes in there as

                      Pat Buzby
                      Oberlin, OH


Date: Thu, 14 Apr 94 01:50:00 UTC
Subject: Chalkhills #340

  > can anyone tell me anything about a British psychedelic
  > band (from the 60's) called Kaleidoscope?  Any good?

The british Kaleidoscope, different from the American band of the same name
and period were excellent.  They release two albums under the Kaleidoscope
name "Tangerine Dream" and "Faintly Blowing", then changed their name to
Fairview Parlour to show a change toward a more progressive sound.  They
released one album as Fairview Parlour "From Home to Home".  They recorded a
second album "The White Lady" which wasn't released until 1990.  All of the
records are excellent and recommended English Psychedelia.

  > PS I too am a fan of Game Theory though I find Scott to have
  > limitations as a singer/songwriter...

Sacrilege.  Scott Miller is a pop genius, IMHO.

  > Saw your message on Chalkhills mentioning Game Theory.  I'm a BIG Scott
  > Miller fan--I think _Lolita Nation_ was one of those great overlooked
  > albums

I'll second that.
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Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 12:06:37 +0000
From: (Ron Henry)
Subject: Re: XTC "Jump"

Hi Wesley and Chalkhillians,

No doubt you'll receive numerous responses to this, but I'll add my own
bit...  "Jump" is a single/B-side/whatever that was added to the CD version
of Mummer when the album was reissued in the digital format.  The reissues
of Mummer, Black Sea and Big Express *all* had bonus trax thrown in between
what were the LP's A and B side songs.

Was anyone else out there a little annoyed at the disruption of album
continuity we were used to?  I like some of these new songs and all, but
why plunk them down in the middle of the album (especially albums like
XTC's which have a conceptual flow from beginning to end.... it's not like
XTC albums are a collection of wholly separate songs!)


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Subject: Andy & Harold Budd
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 17:38:11 +0100 (BST)
From: "Waldo Farfegnugen plc" <>

It's official! Andy Partridge and Harold Budd are an item! Er, hang on,
just re-read that.... ah no. They are recording together, with an album
due out in June...


And on the subject of the very wonderful Jane Siberry, I used to pronounce
her name sigh-berry, but have since been reliably informed that it is
pronounced sibberry (like slippery, but with b's!). This is how she was
announced on her UK dates in November. However, a radio interviewer from
the same period called her Jane Sea-berry, and she didn't seem to mind too
much. Finally, I have a copy of her "The Speckless Sky" album on vinyl, on
which the paper label on the LP reads "Jane Sibberry". I think this is a
clear indication to all except for people who wear badgers, as to how her
name should be pronounced. If not spelt.

Waldo J Farfegnugen plc


Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 13:02:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga, & McCormick" <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #341

> Where in blue blazes is "jump"

"Jump", one of my favorites, was the b-side to "Wonderland", or
at least it is on the UK 7-inch single I have.  It showed up as
an extra track on the CD of _Mummer_, I do believe.

> I know nothing about bubble gum so I might have to check with my older
> sister, "the bubble gum queen".

Excuse me, Jason, but *I* am the bubblegum queen ;-)  I, however, have
not found the Carmen Sandiego album and have not heard "Cherry" so I
can't answer your question.  Lotta good I am, eh?

> Can anyone recommend more Eno worth checking out?  What about

When I was in high school, my friends and I used to listen to
_No_Pussyfooting_ all the time.  Great stuff.  I haven't heard it
in years, because I don't have my own copy, but I remember it as
great stuff.

There was an Eno/John Cale collaboration a few years ago, which seemed
like a really good idea, but I thought it was rather a dull clunker.

> Until Andy answers this heartfelt call, the Dummies will have to make due
> with Elvis Costello.

Make DO??  MAKE DO???? ;-)

BTW, I talked to JahUbik a while back about the Dukes (after I urged him
to buy it ASAP!) and then listened to it with his match-ups in mind.
Lotsa fun!  I can't imagine why I never heard "Brainiac's Daughter" as
a McCartney song before.  I still think the chorus of "25 O'Clock" sounds
exactly like "Then came the dawn!" in the Electrcic Prunes' "I Had Too Much
to Dream Last Night", and I think the laughter at the end of "Albert Brown"
is a nod to Zappa's "Lumpy Gravy".

ALSO, I listened to it on vinyl, and I have to say that the mix of the
_25_O'Clock_ EP sounds FANTASTIC on vinyl!  I hadn't listened to it
except for the CD in years.  WOW!  You get so much more of the echo
and flange and all the other effects than you get from the CD.  I
suppose that's fitting, considering the nature of it.


"This is real life you're dreaming through, and there is no glue to
hold you down, so go ahead and...go ahead and jump..."


Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 21:16:05 +0200
From: Karl Dotzek <>
Subject: Billy Pilgrim

Chris "" wrote:

  Does anyone know anything about this group "Billy Pilgrim"? The reason I
  ask is that I noticed recently that Mr. Hugh Padgham is listed as the al-
  bum's producer. Though i had my doubts about a band that would name them
  selves after a Vonnegut character, the Padgham connection has left me
  somewhat curious. Anyone heard it? Thanks.

I also read (in a German music zine), that they've named themselves after
a Vonnegut-character, neither knowing the book in which this character
appears nor the music.  Well, I thought, this confirmation might be of help.

- Karl.


Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 16:11:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Andrew Ross <>
Subject: intoductory letter

By way of introduction,
                       I've been a fan XTC'S since "Drums and Wires".
I remember hearing "Making plans for Nigel" (Not on my LP copy of the
album-Why? is it on some others?) on WPIX  when I was in tenth grade. I
actually had tickets to their show at the palladium in April of 1980
(Ithink) but my mom didn't let me go because it was passover(We're not
religious.) I think that was the abortive tour when Andy Partridge
succumbed to his stage fright. I guess someone can confirm or correct this.
        I found out about the "Chalkhills" mailing list through the "list
of lists." I look forward to hearing from you.
                        Andrew Ross NYC NY

P.S. My LP copy of "Skylarking" is missing "Dear God." Why? Is it a
collectors item?


Date: Mon, 18 Apr 94 20:22:49 CDT
From: Trash Fraulein <>
Subject: Where *IS* Carmen Sandiego?

Hello all...

I just spent most of the day trying to find the Carmen Sandiego soundtrack
with absolutely no luck. :-(

Can anyone in the Chicago area tell me where I might be able to get my hands
on a copy? I would appreciate it...

One good thing I *did* find today was a copy of the original Skylarking with
"Mermaid Smiled" instead of "Dear God". My old copy was beginning to wear out
after being played almost everyday for the last five years...


Everybody's young and far too serious...


Date: 18 Apr 94 23:44:10 EDT
From: Dave Franson <>
Subject: dbs, Nexdoor, Eno, Dukes, oh my!

Wesley Van Kilgore says "For the life of me I can't remember a jump on

It's on the CD version.  Originally, it was the b-side of the "Wonderland"
single.  (BTW, great memory on the track sequence of the original LP!) cites and his recommendation of
the dBs.  Just wanted to add my nod that the dBs are wonderful.

As for Johnny Nexdor, who I confidently agreed was indeed Andy a few
digests back, I can only say that I STILL THINK IT'S ANDY.  As further
(flimsy) evidence, I submit that my wife, who isn't even particularly an XTC
fan (we have a mixed marriage), pegged Johnny as Andy immediately.

Wesley Wilson asks for Eno recommendations.  Though I haven't "upgraded"
most of my Eno vinyl to CD, and thus haven't listened to much of Eno's stuff
for a while, I'd venture that you can't go wrong with these:

Here Come the Warm Jets-- His first post-Roxy Music album.  About 30 years
ahead of its time.  If nothing else, buy it for the smoldering, caged Fripp
solo in "Baby's On Fire."

Another Green World-- Many instrumentals, several nice tracks with vocals,
including the wondrous "St. Elmo's Fire."

Music For Films-- Short snippets of pure ear candy.  I'm sure you'll
recognize many of the pieces on here; they've turned up all over the place
in the 14 years since the album's release.

I don't have it any more, but I recall that the first Eno/Cluster album was
OK.  The boxed set looked pretty good when I saw it in stores.  If you have
"Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)," you have one of the singular pieces
of "pop" music to emerge from the 70s.  I think that one will still sound
fresh 50 years from now.  Oh yeah-- the Eno/Cale album from '91 or so,
"Wrong Way Up," is quite nice, particularly the Eno tracks.  And I assume
you're aware of Eno's collaborations with Talking Heads, one product of
which was perhaps the best pop song of the past two decades (there, I said
it): "Once In A Lifetime."

JahUbik, as a lurker on the Costello list and someone who finds himself
nodding in agreement with your contributions there, I have to say it's great
to see you here on Chalkhills.  But I'm full of envy, for you recently
experienced the ILLUMINATION provided by the Dukes and I can only struggle
for whisps of fading, though still delicious, memories of my first visit to
the planet smile.


"'The DUKES' say it's time... it's time to visit the planet smile.. it's time
the love bomb was dropped... it's time to eat music... it's time to kiss the
sun... it's time to drown yourself in SOUNDGASM and it's time to dance
through the mirror.  'The DUKES' declare its 25 O'CLOCK."


Date: Tue, 19 Apr 94 10:41:55 EDT
Subject: Re: Andy Repaints Brian (Chalkhills #341)

> Can anyone recommend more Eno worth checking out?  What about
> Eno and Cluster?  What about the Eno box set currently in stores?

I wrote a 1-pager on Eno (one of my favorite artists) that was intended
to be a brief response to this query.  I haven't posted it here because
it has nothing to do with XTC, but I'll be happy to forward it to any
who request it.  I will post it here if enough people ask.



Date: Tue, 19 Apr 94 10:14:45 PDT
From: William Rodham Wisner <>
Subject: Re: Doesn't "jump" on Mummer sound like PPH?

Jump is one of the bonus tracks on the Geffen US CD reissue of Mummer,
along with Frost Circus, Toys, Gold, Procession Towards Learning Land
and Desert Island.  If you don't have it get it yesterday, because
three of these songs are among the most wonderful things XTC has ever


Date: Tue, 19 Apr 94 16:14:33 -0500
Subject: Introduction

Well, to start off things, my name Troy Rutter and Im currently
attending Iowa State University majoring in Journalism - Electronic
Media Studies (TV/Film).
        My first introduction to XTC was through a friend in a very
different way.  He tried to sell copies of songs from Black Sea at school
on a tape that he "supposably" wrote and had recorded in Des Moines at a
production Co. there.  His one mistake was when he told me the name of the
performer, Andy Partridge.  After some searching, I went to a local second
hand record store and found Black Sea, Drums and Wires, and Skylarking.  I
confronted him, he was quite shook up... but I now knew who XTC was.  This
was about... oh... must have been right around 87 or 88.
        Anyway... I finally found more LP's and when I got my CD player I
eagerly awaited the CD's when they came out.  Then came Oranges... and
the next year or so (maybe 2?) Nonsvch.  Things were going pretty well.
To further quench my thirst I managed to get a hold of Rag & Bones as
well as Waxworks and the XTC Live CD.  Great stuff.   I even found
a Oranges & Lemons T-Shirt which I wear proudly on Campus.
        I still havent been able to find the book....

        One major announcement I would like to make is the creation of a
XTC World Wide Web site.  The site provides a mosaic, lynx, or dumb
terminal to the FTP site and related material such as the
digests, images, FAQ, charts, what have you.  By the time this goes out to

        the site is:

this will take you to my homepage where you can select the XTC site.
Or you can go directly to it at:

I suggest using Mosaic for access, but lynx will do as well.  Contact your
local administrator about the WWW service if you have no idea what this is.

Any way... I have spent almost 3 hours working on it today so it is
time for me to go do the news at the loical ABC affiliate.  Have fun!

(Oh.. if you have an idea for a name for the site, let me know... I
currently used the name "Swindon" for the home page.)



Date: Tue, 19 Apr 94 16:12:36 PDT
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #341

"Ed Treleven" <> asks:
>And speaking of Madison -- why *not* a convention here?

Good question!  Who volunteers to organize it?

Wesley Wilson <> asks:
>Can anyone recommend more Eno worth checking out?

My absolute favourite Eno album is _Apollo: Atmospheres and
Soundtracks_, an instrumental album of music that was destined to be
used in the film _For All Mankind_.  And the film is most excellent as
well.  This is a definite big-screen view.  I also like the Eno/Cale
album, _Wrong Way Up_, and the Eno albums _Before and After Science_
and _Another Green World_.

        -- John


From: (Brendan Smith)
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 94 21:43:16 -0400
Subject: Help with Sam Phillips, if you please.

HI, everybody.

        Say, is there somebody who wouldn't mind sending me some info on
Sam Phillips.  Any info would be handy: life story, album reviews, personal
opinions, favorites, problems, whatever.
        I would be very appreciative.  Send to:

        Thanks very much,
                                --The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith  @8-D


Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 02:06:00 UTC
Subject: Who Wants A Convention?

To Ed From Madison---Why not a convention in Madison, indeed?  However, we
need someone (solo or with friends) to step forward, take charge and
volunteer to arrange it.  It generally takes at least one person without
kids so the proper time can be spent on it!  It's my understanding that when
someone agrees to take it on, the XTC network will be behind that person or
persons with videos and whatever.  Check with Jeff Day (co-organizer of last
year's convention) and Peter and June at The Little Express.  (Madison would
suit me just fine as I'm in Milwaukee!)

To Jason C. Langley---Will the Jennifer Trynin single be followed by a full
album (or has it already been preceded by one)?  Perhaps that would treat us
to more Dave Gregory guitar wizardry!

That's all, folks...


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