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Subject: Chalkhills #340

                  Chalkhills, Number 340

                  Monday, 11 April 1994
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                   RE: Chalkhills #339
          Re: Johnny Nexdor and his Game Theory
                      Re: Gary Green
                      Shelf Of Jahs
                     Random Thoughts
                   Re: Chalkhills #339
                 Introducing a New Member
                     Carmen San Diego
                   Cherry in Your Tree
                  Re: Just Various Stuff
        REVIEW: Sam Phillips' _Martinis & Bikinis_
        RESULT: fails 218:116


Date: Fri,  8 Apr 94 13:30:28 PDT
Subject: RE: Chalkhills #339

greetings all :
reply to: Wesley Wilson <>
||Fourth, can anyone tell me anything about a British psychedelic
||band (from the 60's) called Kaleidoscope?  Any good?
        The only Kaleidoscope I know of was American.  David Lindley was a key
player, and if you now how eclectic he is, you will have some idea of
what Kaleidoscope was like. They put out a small number of LPs.  I have
one: one side is pretty much counter-culture-country, and the other
side features an eleven-minute thing in 11/8 time, which is sort of
middle eastern raga-rock, played with very curious instruments such as
the oud. Dunno if their stuff is on CD.

        PS I too am a fan of Game Theory though I find Scott to have
limitations as a singer/songwriter. But hey who doesn't.   For more
80's psychedelia, y'all might check out the Three O'Clock (first couple
of albums, before they got too homogenous). Michael Quercio, of that
band, reportedly was in Game Theory too, briefly.
        I also am a huge Let's Active fan and would like to put in a plug for
the dB's, whose first two albums were incredible gems.


Date: Fri, 8 Apr 94 13:51:53 PDT
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Re: Johnny Nexdor and his Game Theory

Steve Johnson <> writes:
>Another song on the album, CHANGE MY WORLD, is also sung by Andy
>and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants (the song performance is
>credited to "JOHNNY NEXDOR & HIS NEIGHBORS" -- a very 'Partridgesque'

Steve!  How did you find this out?  Can you state without a doubt that
it's Andy and John?  What a great thing!  I love both XTC and They
Might Be Giants (and I'm going to see the Giants real soon now).

Miles Goosens <> writes:
>Saw your message on Chalkhills mentioning Game Theory.  I'm a BIG Scott
>Miller fan--I think _Lolita Nation_ was one of those great overlooked albums
>(and, rarity of rarities, one that I still play years after its release
>at least once a month and sometimes more often)

What a very strange record it is.  I have numerous times thought about
selling it, but every time I pull it out to give it another listen I
decide that I just can't get rid of it.  Mostly because it's strange
and oddly compelling.  But I never want to listen to it!  Anyway, just
wanted to make sure everybody remembered that Scott Miller played one
song with Aimee Mann at her San Francisco concert.

        -- John


Date: Fri, 08 Apr 1994 20:54:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Gary Green

     A few issues ago, someone requested information about ex-Gentle Giant
guitarist Gary Green's current activities.  Well, I have finally remembered
to put an issue of Proclamation, the Gentle Giant newsletter, in my back-
pack so I could post its subscription info for this reader.  The upcoming
issue of Proclamation will have two recent interviews with Gary Green, among
other things, and the magazine is highly recommended for anyone interested in
the group.
     Subscription info: in the US, send $15 to David Armas, 3730 Stockbridge
Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90032.  In the UK, send 10 pounds to Pete Gray, 2
Coniston Close, Stukeley Meadows, Huntingdon, Cambs PE18 6UD.
     Unfortunately, I can't really answer the reader's original questions
about Gary Green myself right now, but hopefully the above will be of use.

                      Pat Buzby
                      Oberlin, OH


Date: Sun, 10 Apr 1994 22:09:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: JahUbik <>
Subject: Shelf Of Jahs

     > Please post a message to Chalkhills introducing yourself
     >  and perhaps explaining how you heard about XTC (and
     >  Chalkhills).    --JR

** apr 10/late...**

ah...this is the well-known formula for receiving unreliable
communications...JahUbik is the not-very-concealing pseudonym of
pr savage, a person...english i suppose...peripatetic of
late...hopped off the roundabout in 83...currently in
montclairish nj...freelance writer...musician of sorts...fractal
guitar, deconstructed music...practising practising
practising...also likes costello, beatles, clash, but lots of
other indirect and non-obvious music...

...used to like X T C a lot, but so po' only bought a couple of
their things in britain...sort of forgot about them for a while
here cos of their low profile...reminded by hearing andy
partridge on a houston radio chat show a couple of years back
(mid-91), promo-ing something <oranges? nonsuch?>...then by plugs
>from mike kenneally (fz's latterday mothers, hat, dweez)...found
these 'ere chalkhills in eric braun's internet directory,
prompted to do something about it by recent online chats with
costellophiles, partic. here i
is...gosh, wasn't that exciting... still awake?...between 95 and 99% of all popular music is
disposable. ear candy. it wouldn't matter if it never happened.
the test of a classic record is that it still sounds good ten,
twenty years later. relistening to <english settlement> earlier
today proved the point to me...must remember to put the cat out...

--JahUbik, perhaps explaining

<for those with unfriendly mailer software that "bites the headers
off" (YUMMY!!!)....i'm at>


Date: 10 Apr 94 18:35:35 EDT
From: Joe Caparula <>
Subject: Random Thoughts

Just a couple of random thoughts after reading the last several issues:

Re Dukes' influences: No one has mentioned the connection between
"Collideascope" and "Lucy in The Skies . . ." particularly the opening
bass riff and Andy's nasal Lennon-esque singing. Also, the chorus of
"Your Gold Dress" seems right off of The Rolling Stones' "Satanic
Majesty's Request," like maybe "She's Like A Rainbow." Anyone agree?

Re Golden Guts: Someone mentioned this didn't hold up to Jules Verne.
I think this is a great tape . . . my biggest disappointment is that
"The Answer Was A Yes" went unfinished.  What a gorgeous melody! That
Andy's unfinished work can be as riveting as his full-blown songs
cecertainly says something.

Later. . .


Date: Sun, 10 Apr 1994 23:53:31 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga, & McCormick" <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #339


> P.P.S. Where're Melinda Hale and Marcus Deininger...?

I've been in an Elvis Costello frenzy this past month...

Y'know, all these new people don't yet realize that
Chalkhills has regained one of its most vocal contributors.
See, Wes has this way of talking about the most obscure XTC
references imaginable--I wonder sometimes if he has some
sort of XTC-Radar in his does he find this stuff?

Congratulations on your return to Chalkhills and the 'Net
(among other things :-> )!  Let's finally get that Boston-
area Chalkhills gathering organized (Jason and Mark, this
means you)



Date: Mon, 11 Apr 1994 19:58:50 GMT+1000
Subject: Introducing a New Member
Organization: Monash University

Hi there, or perhaps G'day,

My name is Peter Andrews and perhaps I am a contender for the
"Chalkhillian residing the greatest distance from Swindon", as I live
in Melbourne, Australia.

I was an XTC virgin until I found a dusty vinyl copy (U.S. pressing)
of 'English Settlement' and played the thing til the needle dropped
off my Rega turn-table. Anyway, my fascination for English music
exploded, however I'm sure the tyranny of distance (and the rather
sparse Australian record market) has limited the extent to my
collecting capabilities.

I appreciate XTC's music from all angles, and perhaps, subliminally,
they are the reason and inspiration for my rather calculated but
extremely eclectic musical ventures (attempts).

Perhaps my fave album would be 'Skylarking' (U.S. release), with an
extremely close second to 'Mummer' or 'English Settlement'...but then
again, I do tend to reel them all off, depending on my mood!

Finally, I heard of 'Chalkhills' whilst browsing a friend's copy of
'Internet Yellow Pages' - little did he know what I was about to

Please email me ( about


Date: Mon, 11 Apr 1994 13:23:08 GMT
Subject: Carmen San Diego

Hello everyone.

Does anyone know whether Carmen San Diego  has been released in
the good old United Kingdom?  I am intrigued to hear some new XTC
and I love TMBG too.  I was incredibly lucky to see TMBG live, in USA
( can't remember exactly where! ) when I was last there and I heard
their 'new single' - the Sun Song.  It is incredibly silly and very catchy
too, so I would just LOVE to hear it again.

Just to add my bit, I have always pronounced XTC as X.T.C. and not the
word.  Also, if there are any fans out there, and I know that there is at
least one,  how do people pronounce SIBERRY as in JANE?

[If God had meant us to fly he would have given us aeroplanes - oh
yeah - he did!]


Date: Mon, 11 Apr 94 10:53 EST
From: "Neil D. Bernstein" <>
Subject: Cherry in Your Tree

I got my hands on _Carmen_ this weekend.  The local Media Play (go for it
Marshall) had two copies, in the children's section.  Don't bother with Best
Buy - they'd never heard of it.

Since no one has yet done so, I thought I'd post the lyrics to "Cherry in Your

Cherry cherry in your tree
Jump down on the ground and make a pie with me
Cherry cherry in your tree
Jump down on the ground and make a pie with me

I got toys like the other boys
Come down from your tree now
I can set you free now
I got toys like the other boys
For baking love with you
For baking love with you


I'm the cook who wrote the book
Pour a little soul now
Right into the bowl now
I'm the cook who wrote the book
On baking love with you
On baking love with you
Cherry in your tree now
Do you love just me now
I'm the chef of the treble clef
Roll into the flour now
Knead it for an hour now

Copyright 1993 EMI Virgin Song Inc. O.B.O.
EMI Virgin Limited

Composer: Andy Partridge

Performance credits are given as:

Andy Partridge - vocals, guitar, percussion, claps
Colin Moulding - bass, harmony vocals, claps
Dave Gregory - good natured ghost effects
Brian Doherty - drums
Garo Yellin - Cello
David Yazbek - keyboards, backing vocals, claps
Sean Altman - backing vocals

Produced by David Yazbek

"Backing vocals" is a bit of a misnomer: the second and third lines of each
stanza are sung as sort of a "gang vocal", more shouting than singing.  I don't
recall Andy ever using quite as fuzzed-out a guitar as he does on this track.
Perhaps, done with the 60's, they're heading toward the 70s.  And yeah, it's a
cooking song - maybe Andy's answer to "Too Many Cooks..."?  Anyone know what
"good natured ghost effects" might be?

As for "Change My World", this one gets as close as possible (without going
over) to the line that separates bubblegum from childrens' music.  Fortunately,
since this is an album full of both the song sounds right at home.  What saves
it is lyrics like, "You suppose there's nothing much a meager man can do / Bare
his hairy chest & hold his morning breath, stick his thumbs into the screws."
There's no credit given for the vocal performance, btw.

Does anyone have any background on Rockapella?  I heard once that they grew out
of a Brown University a capella singing group, but this may be pure fantasy.

Finally, if you do get the soundtrack, don't miss the last track, "Carmen's
Song."  Excellent lyrics.  Lots of fun.



Date: Mon, 11 Apr 94 14:50:25 PDT
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Re: Just Various Stuff

Wesley Wilson <> writes:
>Third, anyone have any ideas on why studio-conscious Andy would
>want the sound of a guitar cord being plugged into an amp to
>start of _Nonsuch_...?  :-)

Uh, because it's just a little odd?  Because of the obvious contrast
between the apparent roughness of that sound and the polished contents
of the album?  To make it sound a little like someone walked into a
studio with an electric guitar and out came this album?  Clearly, just
for the effect.  Like leaving in the studio chatter before "Fly on The
Wall" and "Towers of London".  An effect.

Dave Beckman <> writes:
>I first heard XTC in 1985 when I was 15 years old.  A friend of mine gave me
>a tape of Drums & Wires and Camper Van Beethoven's Telephone Free Landslide

What a great combination!  Two of my most favoritest bands.

>  John as
>asked me to write a little something about last years XTC convention which I
>still plan to do.  I will say that it was a
>good time and everyone should try to go to the next one.  In Madison?

Is this a suggestion or a premonition?  Oddly enough, I was asked (by
the two women in the photograph inside the cover of the recent issue
of _The Little Express_) if I might want to help put on an XTC Music
and Friends Convention here in California.  (What an overwhelming

        -- John


Date: Mon, 11 Apr 94 16:00:20 PDT
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: REVIEW: Sam Phillips' _Martinis & Bikinis_

Excerpted from the "Reviews" column by Scott Schinder, in Tower
Records' _Pulse!_ magazine, April 1994, Issue 125:

    On her third mainstream album _Martinis & Bikinis_
    (Virgin), one-time contemporary Christian songstress-
    turned-secular visionary Sam Phillips delivers an
    audacious art-pop classic that's both emotionally
    forthright and gently subversive.  Phillips' producer/
    husband T Bone Burnett and an elite musical crew
    (including XTC bassist Colin Moulding) lend mildly
    psychadelicized sonic settings to Phillips' sharply
    observed, melodically crafty compositions, which she
    sings with an emotional authority that suggests an
    intimate knowledge of her subject matter.  Tunes like
    "Sign Posts", "The Same Changes", "Strawberry Road" and
    "When I Fall" speak knowingly of grave personal and
    spiritual choices, while "I Need Love" is a cohesive and
    far-reaching statement of faith.


Date: Mon, 11 Apr 94 20:38 EDT
From: (Mark James)
Subject: RESULT: fails 218:116

                               VOTE RESULT

                  Unmoderated group

Voting closed on 30 March 1994 at 23:59:59 GMT.  The results are:

Yes votes:  218
No votes:   116

There were two abstentions.

This margin is insufficient for newgroup creation; there needed to be
100 more YES than NO votes (this was met), and two-thirds of the votes
needed to be YES (this was not met).  There will now be a five-day
period during which corrections to the vote count may be made.  Barring
sufficient corrections to change the result, the group will not be
created, and the proposal to create may not be
formally discussed again for six months.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.

Vote-taker:             Mark James <>
Group proponent:        Ben Lukoff <>

The complete list of votes was posted to news.announce.newgroups.

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