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Subject: Chalkhills #339

                  Chalkhills, Number 339

                   Friday, 8 April 1994
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        Re: How do you spell X.T.C? / Sam Phillips
          XTC = ecstacy?/Why Does the Sun Shine?
                   Re: Chalkhills #338
                      TMBG & Carmen
                     Martin/Andy CD?
                   Re: Chalkhills #338
        If you have JULES VERNE'S, read this NOW!
                 Something for All Of You
                     An introduction
                 Nick Duffy/Gribouillage
                  Small Dukes influence
               Sam Phillips' "Same Changes"
                    Just Various Stuff
                     Another new guy


Date: Tue, 5 Apr 94 15:15:42 PDT
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Re: How do you spell X.T.C? / Sam Phillips

Robert Galvin <> asks:
>Do you pronounce the name of this band by sounding out each initial, as in
>eks-tea-sea, or like the word 'ecstasy'?

I definitely ALWAYS say "X-T-C".  I never say "ecstasy".  (By the way,
the drug "XTC", pronounced "ecstasy", was invented long after the
group XTC, pronounced "X-T-C", was founded.)

Wesley Wilson <> writes:
>    *   I'm told that Colin contributes to a Sam Philip's CD
>        released in the US? What's the name of the CD? Any
>        CD singles available?

No singles yet, as far as I know.  It's called _Martinis & Bikinis_
and is excellent.  Top of my personal playlist since I got it.
("Cherry in Your Tree" a close second).

        -- John


Date: Tue, 5 Apr 1994 23:14:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steve Johnson <>
Subject: XTC = ecstacy?/Why Does the Sun Shine?

According to XTC, it IS pronounced "EKS-TEE-SEE" (or "X-T-C"), but
it IS supposed to spell "ecstacy."  They came up with the name from
a movie in which the word "ecstacy" was pronounced "X-T-C."

The story on Why Does the Sun Shine? (re: written in 1959 by Hy
Zaret and Lou Singer) is that it was in an old educational film
(remember all those crappy 16mm movies you saw in school? <grin>).


Date:         Wed, 06 Apr 94 01:52:59 EDT
From: "Gene (Sp00n) Yoon" <>
Subject:      Re: Chalkhills #338

Dave Franson <> writes:

>By the way, the Rockapella track on the CD is also quite nice, as
>is the They Might Be Giants track.  As for the latter, can someone
>complete the story on this one?  The writing credits read Hy Zaret and
>Lou Singer, and the song copyright is 1959.  Was this a popular late-50s
>novelty track?  (If you get a chance to hear the song, you'll know why
>I'm asking!)  The only downside of the track is that my kids and I now
>parade about the house singing THE SUN IS A MASS OF INCANDESCENT GAS, A
>GIGANTIC NUCLEAR FURNACE. Of course, many of you Bungalow doubters will
>no doubt regard this as preferable to belting out BUNGALOW, BUNGALOW, BY

Because They Might Be Giants is another one of my
favorite groups, along with XTC, I'd be happy to answer this one....

Quoting from the EP CD
release cover (which I bought after a concert TMBG gave here at Brown a
couple months ago): "_Why Does the Sun Shine_ is an educational
recording from a 1959 record called _Space Songs_ and was a favorite
tune in the They Might Be Giants' households.  Here, with the vibrant
glockenspiel of Brian Doherty leading the way, the song takes the
listener on a magical voyage to that shining spot on the far off
horizon."  In the same vein as the retro album cover of the Dukes' _25
o'clock_ EP, _Why Does the Sun Shine_ also features stylized period art
in the form of a little Monopoly board game-esque cartoon guy on th
e cover and 50's advertising-style typefaces.  Also like the Dukes'
sleeve, they resurrect an old Elektra Records logo from the 50's as an
added little detail (the Dukes brought back an old Virgin logo from the
60's).  To find out that Andy Partridge collaborated with John Linell of
TMBG as Johnny Nexdor & His Neighbors was really exciting!  I've for a
long time loved both bands but never made any association with one
another--their musical styles barely seem to overlap at all.  So I'll
REALLY have to get that Carmen San Diego CD--I saw many copies of it at
the Manhattan Tower Records near Lincoln Center in the children's music
section, but opted not to buy because it was too expensive for my tight
college student budget.  I have a rule not to buy any single CD over
$15.  (A new XTC release would be an exception.)
I'm determined to help make "Cherry in Your
Tree" somewhat of a hit (it really is high time that XTC have a hit,
isn't it?) so I've been requesting it repeatedly at the local
alternative rock station, WBRU, but with no success--I haven't yet heard
any airplay (and I KNOW it's a single).  Alas!

  Gene (


Date: Wed, 06 Apr 1994 01:35:55 -0500 (CDT)
From: AaRrOoNn LlOoWwEe <ST3CR@Jetson.UH.EDU>
Subject: TMBG & Carmen

To answer your question about the origin of the They Might Be Giants'
"Sun Song," this comes verbatim from the TMBG FAQ:

>19) Did TMBG write that kid's song about the sun that they sing live?
>No, it's from a 1959 educational record.  They Might Be Giants' studio
>record of the song is now available on a single, called "Sun Song".
>Chip Olson <Castell%UMASS.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU> writes:
>    "The sun is a mass of incandescent gas,
>     A gigantic nuclear furnace,
>     Where hydrogen is built into helium
>     At a temperature of millions of degrees."

>This is verbatim from a record I had when I was a kid called "Space Songs"..
>essentially a bunch of cutesy kiddie songs teaching basic stuff about space.
>Other titles on that record included "Beep-beep...beep-beep... here comes
>a satellite..." and "Zoom-away zoom in our rocket ship..."

Incidentally, I read an interview with the Johns (TMBG) in which
they said they wanted to record the song because it was one of the
earliest songs they remembered singing as children, as they owned the
"Space Songs" album.  It's a sort of "tribute" to Hy Zaret and Lou Singer
for their "influence on TMBG's musical careers" or something silly like

BTW, will someone please post a complete track/artist listing for the
"Carmen" CD?  It sounds interesting.  Also -- *is* it an album geared
toward kids, or am I confused?


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Date:   Tue, 5 Apr 1994 23:54:10 -0700
From: Todd Wells <>
Subject: Martin/Andy CD?

I'm new to the digest, so someone help me out here:

MV> New stuff:
MV>  Got the Martin/Andy CD and am still listening to it - I find it
MV> extra special
MV>  that it was all done on an 8-track!

What is this Martin/Andy CD referred to and where do I find it?



"And the other man leaving merely doffs his hat and I'm the last to know..."


Date:         Wed, 06 Apr 94 08:44:02 EDT
From: Karen <>
Subject:      Re: Chalkhills #338

Arlo, you're not going crazy - I've always assumed that "You're My Drug"
was a tribute to The Byrds. It really does sound like "So You Want to be a
Rock & Roll Star." Lyrically, it reminds me more of "Eight Miles High."
Someone was wondering about "The Affiliated," too. I think it sounds a lot
like mid 60's Kinks. Ray Davies was and still is big on songs about the
little guy being bullied by society and the conditions of everyday life over
which he has no control. Half the fun of listening to the Dukes for me has
been figuring out the influences!



From: Tom Glaab <>
Subject: WHFS
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 94 9:08:41 EDT

AP was interviewed on HFS last week?  Damn, I missed it.  Guess that's
what I get for living on the fringes of their radio coverage :-(

Anyhow... their request line is 1.800.321.WHFS.  There's a fax number
too, but I can't remember that off the top of my head.  If you call
the information people, remember that the station is actually in the
Landover area, not Annapolis.


#include <std.disclaimer>
tom glaab


Date: Wed, 6 Apr 1994 20:45:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: If you have JULES VERNE'S, read this NOW!

        Hi. Do I have your attention now? Good.

If you have "Jules Verne's Sketchbook," I'd like some help trying to
decypher some lyrics. I'd like to share this file with everyone soon, but
there are some HUGE gaps. I'd like to get some opinions on the following
song sections. Lines in [ ] are guesses or approximate sounds. Lines like
this: ----- are, well, completely out there to my ear.

        PLEASE, everyone, at least give this a shot, and e-mail me with
your interpretations and "if you know the missing lines write in on the
back of a fifty dollar bill." (Just kidding. I had to throw in that Andy

Here's the stuff:

@SONG: Young Cleopatra
I see them offering you gum
I hear the [warning secrets] hum
The tribe of polyester warriors spellbound
They bring you offerings to please
Like cigarettes or new LP's
You'll have them on their knees
And baby, just to [play with your comb]
You have your teachers in a trap
There's no age limit or no gap
To woo you sent a [lank with fire pong seal ming?]
Your school uniform
Looks great on others
And super on you
Your yellow [wooden wool]
Or golden [sent it] to prove it
-------------- young guitarist
Anything his royal majesty wishes
Your borrowed perfume fills the air
[And player] nostrils start to flare
[His wool is sunken there] but
This is your court and these are your dogs

@SONG: Motorcycle Landscape
[On a] -----------------------
----------------------- [seat]
------------- [baby] ---------
----------------------- [weak]
---------- [hope you be great]
[And the children have said that their backbones]
Will hurt you if you --------
For there is a doll's arm
Floating in the scum
And it's calling you over
While it's calling you a bum
And it beckons you to [frown]
And it beckons you to [brown]
And it thinks it's found a
Chance to build another real
Motorcycle landscape
The only thing that ----------
-----------[nails] are bloody red
On a -------------------------
[Come to] ----------- are dead
All that we can read while
---------- are girlie magazines
For their [jest] they're save your wrapper
Girls aren't in their teens
[Billions can sleep while hold to]
[fields of meanless wire]
Do the kids in----------------------
------------- on the fire]
[Though ------ to marriage
[Stabbed of broken bliss]
[Shade ---------------------
[Some them were] like this

@SONG: Glow
Is the airplane sweeping low?
Dropping leaflets down below.
Ho, ho, ho. What they read, what they read
[Aw commation]
Is affecting you
Prince [Austello]
[Stays her glow]
Othello, the fellow, Othello, Othello
[Down wine] pho-to, oh
What does this mean to me?

@SONG: Broomstick Rhythm
You're dressed in red
Your hair [would had a] brush on fire
To make leaves [just up dead]
Ordered to parade
Swayed by broomstick rhythm
You're dressed in blue
The sky and sun [egg] you more paler
Than the glow in your heart
I bask in your rays
Days of broomstick rhythm
As you're sweeping
Springtime rain up
You are sweeping
My tears are [for I live 'em]

@SONG: Work
Look at me smile
Look at me polish these
Am I breaking all the rules?
A cycle like that
I don't want to be like [pulsing wool]
Well it's night school
I'm back with my old friends
Sat by the [Brunell] drinking beer
Don't want this to ever end
We're living in fear of being
[Mizzled] by a new man

@SONG: Ra Ra for Red Rocking Horse
Did you think ------- the game?
Did you think that fame and fortune's
All that I had in my head?
Bang you're dead
[Sigh keepin gonna] play with you
[Get out]
Did you think you'd tie me up
Did you think that I would
Help but dance for your piece of paper
[Their tan will send you]
[To licking all the foes]
Zap! Pow!
Did you think that I [out fear]
Did you think that I'd simply heal up
After each ego beating
We can't go on meeting
This wasn't every year
And in the meantime -----
And cheer him up here

@SONG: *Shaking Skin House
I'm merely a man and I want
Nothing but love through you
I'm merely a man and I want
Nothing more thank to do
What I want in the souls
Of the order
--------------- daughter
It's another another [prodder]
>From shaking skin house
[Another prodder]

@SONG: Obscene Procession
Can't you see 'em, in obscene procession?
Fat and pompous, they [crush every children to the floor].
Aren't you glad that I told you about 'em?
Aren't you glad that you never evolved up any more?

Thanks in advance,
        Derek Miner


Date: Wed, 06 Apr 1994 21:21:09 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Introduction

Hello.  I'm a big XTC fan, from Black Sea on (I never really liked the first
two albums very much -- too punky for me).

Facts (as far as I'm concerned): Andy Partridge is one of the top songwriters
of the pop era.  Colin Moudling is one of the most underrated bassists in pop
history.  And Dave Gregory may just be the glue that holds the whole XTC
package together.

My favorite XTC album is Mummer, followed by Nonsuch and...the rest of
their lps!  I've collected everything the group has ever put out, and
play the CDs all the time.

I saw Chalkhills in the Internet Yellow Pages, and, never having
joined the Little Express, I thought I'd get involved.  By the way,
how do I get on The Little Express?

I read through Chalkhills #338, and I'm glad I'm on the mailing list.
I look forward to reading more, and contributing even morethan that in
the future.

I've got to go now...I'm picking up the Carmen Sandiego CD tonight (or
tomorrow).  I can't wait to hear the new song!



Date: Thu, 7 Apr 1994 8:48:58 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Something for All Of You (Kenneth Manheimer) mused:

  >The title of the popular movie, "All Of You", is another.  The title
  >of this comic love story - steve martin and lilly tomlin, cohabiting
  >the same body - sounds the same as "I Love You", when you let it slur
  >together - had you noticed?  Maybe it was only me that took a while to
  >get it, or the pun is just a coincidence.  But i suspect that it was
  >intentional, and that using a possibly unnoticed pun in the movie
  >title would appeal to both tomlin and martin's brash playfulness.

  Nice try, Ken, but no cigar.
  The movie is called "All Of ME", not "All Of You."  It's a reference
  to the nifty song played at the end, which I don't know the date of
  offhand, but I'd peg it in the 1930's or '40's swing era.

  All of me, why not take all of me
  Can't you see I'm no good without you
  Take my arms, I want to looooooose them
  Take my legs, I'll never uuuuuuuuse them

  (or something like that)

  There was a great gruesome use of this song in an episode of the
  Muppet show, with a character having the various appropriate parts
  of his body removed as he sings.  Ah, Jim Henson, we barely knew ye.

  Thanks for this opportunity to get even further off the subject of
  this list.

                                        John Voorhees


Date: Thu, 7 Apr 94 11:45:29 EDT
From: (Huskers)
Subject: An introduction

Hello Chalkhills -

   I am a 'new' member of the Chalkhills digest.  'New' because it
has been two full years since I was subscribed; it took me a couple
years to wrangle an internet address out of my company after I
graduated from college in '92.  But I am now able to resume regular
internet mail-reading.

   My name is Aaron Krebs, and I previously subscirbed as  I'm 23, and have been listening to
XTC since 1984 or thereabouts.  10 years later I'm still a big
fan!  I'm pretty eager to know about future releases, tho I'm sure
that'll get wringed out as a topic thoroughly.

   Oh by the way for those of you who are demographically interested,
or rather geographically, I live in Cary, NC, USA, about 1 miles west
of the state capital Raleigh.  I am considered a transplanted northerner
here, having lived my life up until age 21 in Pennsylvania or New York.

   That's enough for now.  Look forward to hearing from you guys!



Date: 07 Apr 94 13:57:18 EDT
From: Wesley Wilson <>
Subject: Nick Duffy/Gribouillage

I am on the Stephen Duffy fanzine booklet list to receive "The Ups
& Downs."  A fellow by the name of Stan Hocevar puts this fanzine
out for fans of Stephen Duffy and The Lilac Time.  (If interested
in the address for the fanzine, please e-mail me.)

(Andy produced some songs on TLT's album, "And Love for All" in

Anyway, in this most recent issue there is a short passing reference
to Andy by Nick Duffy (brother of Stephen and former LT member).  I
will try to remember to type it in over the next few weeks.

One item that came out of the most recent issue of TU&D is that
Stephen has another album set to be released, possibly in early

Oh, and if anyone would be willing to tape "Gribouillage" (sp?)
for me in exchange for whatever (including ca$h), let me know.


"Why Felicity, you've gone _far_ too high!  Never be able to catch
you now!"
                -- Blossom Toes


From: Jonathan Avrum Schubert <>
Subject: Small Dukes influence
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 1994 14:45:17 -0700 (PDT)

I just made the connection between the bass line of "You're My Drug"
and that of "Monterey", by Eric Burdon and his psychedelic Animals...


Date: Thu, 7 Apr 94 16:04:07 PDT
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Sam Phillips' "Same Changes"

My wife and I were listening to Sam Phillips' song "Same Changes" from
her recent album, and were struck by the similarities between that song
and XTC's "Wardance".  In fact, the songs are in the same key and the
bass parts are very similar.  John-Bob says, "Check it out!".

        -- John


Date: 08 Apr 94 13:46:19 EDT
From: Wesley Wilson <>
Subject: Just Various Stuff


It's been a looooong time since I've been in Chalkhills, so I'm
(trying to) catch up on a few things I've been meaning to ask
for a while.

First, where is the (is it Christine?) Trynin CD single available?
My mailorder CD shop said they had no such single on their list.

Second, the Trash Can Sinatras...I have heard that they do some
XTC covers - anyone know if these are on a readily available CD or

Third, anyone have any ideas on why studio-conscious Andy would
want the sound of a guitar cord being plugged into an amp to
start of _Nonsuch_...?  :-)

Fourth, can anyone tell me anything about a British psychedelic
band (from the 60's) called Kaleidoscope?  Any good?

And...FINALLY...I've been raving about Blossom Toes's album,
"We Are Ever So CLean" as highly recommened for fans of
the psychedelic era.  Well, up 'til yesterday I had to deal
with a tattered vinyl copy, but now I have it on CD (out of
Japan).  Over $20, but worth it! Giorgio Gomelsky's production
was very clean, and it really comes through on the CD.



P.S.  Hi Steve!

P.P.S. Where're Melinda Hale and Marcus Deininger...?


Date: Fri, 08 Apr 94 14:56:50 EDT
Subject: Another new guy

Hi all,

(This is a re-post since I think I sent my first one into never-never land).

Another new subscriber here and I have only read the last seven issues of
Chalkhills, but plan to catch up since I will soon have full access to the
internet.  This publication is great!

I first heard XTC in 1985 when I was 15 years old.  A friend of mine gave me
a tape of Drums & Wires and Camper Van Beethoven's Telephone Free Landslide
Victory.  This rescued me from the beast that was/is top 40 music.  I have
been thankful and a fan ever since!

I have all of their CD's (at least regular releases and some imports, boots,
etc.), some 45's, LP's, posters, pins, buttons, interviews and such.  John as
asked me to write a little something about last years XTC convention which I
still plan to do.  I am waiting to see if my out of town/state friends who
were also there are going to contribute or not.  I will say that it was a
good time and everyone should try to go to the next one.  In Madison?  I'll
drive from Indiana to go there, no problem.

As for other bands I listen to, here are some of them in no particular order
: The Replacements, early R.E.M. and U2, Camper Van Beethoven, Tori Amos, del
Amitri, and Trip Shakespeare.  I have read other people talk about Trip
Shakespeare here before, and they are correct.  These guys were great!!
According to the last I heard from their fan club, they were on "hiatus" and
a decision to get record together again would be made this year.  Anyway,
give them a spin.

I am now 24, just finished college, and soon to be married to a wonderful
girl.  I plan on listening to XTC when I'm 50 as well, assuming I am still
sucking air.  That's it for now.



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