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                  Tuesday, 5 April 1994
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               Re: How do you spell X.T.C?
                  Re:  Tune similarities
                    Nexdor and More...
           Carmen Sandiego - Out of This World
                    dukes influences?
          Where the store is in Carmen Sandiego
                         re: #337
           Where in the World is Sam Phillips?
              Richard Thompson/Dave Mattacks
                    4 x 2 cents worth
                    Carmen Sandiego CD
                    This Lolita Nation


Date: Sat, 2 Apr 94 14:12:21 EST
From: (Kenneth Manheimer)
Subject: Re: How do you spell X.T.C?

Robert Galvin <> wrote:

> Do you pronounce the name of this band by sounding out each initial, as in
> eks-tea-sea, or like the word 'ecstasy'?

Cool question!

I always say eks-tea-sea.  That way i wind up savoring the surprise
(however far in the back of my mind, after all this time) that it
"spells" ecstasy.  And that always reminds me, at some level, how
exquisitely suitable the name "ecstasy", and the fact that it is a
playful pun, is for the band that makes the music they make...

Particularly (everyone's mentioning their favorites) on albums like
_English Settlement_, _Drums and Wires_, _Go2_, _Black Sea_, _The Big

(I may also have a particular weakness for puns that are hidden right
in plain view.  It's especially cool when they slip by for a long
time, and then one day you happen to notice the double reading.

For instance, it was several years before i noticed that the title of
the syndicated daily comic strip, "Miss Peach" - in which i have never
noticed a character with the last name peach? - sounds just like
"misspeach" when you say it.

The title of the popular movie, "All Of You", is another.  The title
of this comic love story - steve martin and lilly tomlin, cohabiting
the same body - sounds the same as "I Love You", when you let it slur
together - had you noticed?  Maybe it was only me that took a while to
get it, or the pun is just a coincidence.  But i suspect that it was
intentional, and that using a possibly unnoticed pun in the movie
title would appeal to both tomlin and martin's brash playfulness.

Or - in a much less commonly familiar work - i love the little zing in
the way that the Cronopio characters in Julio Cortazar's intensely
whimsical book _Cronopios and Famas_, say "Gray Day" when they're
miserable, and "Grade A!" when they're happy.


Oops.  Pardon the digression. We now return you to your regular

Ken, x3539


Date: Sat, 2 Apr 94 16:11:28 EST
From: (Mark Glickman)
Subject: Re:  Tune similarities

Greg Silvus says:

> Doesn't the beginning of "Jump" on Mummer sound a little like
> "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkin Head"? I think it's PPH, I'll have
> to go home and listen to be sure. In the mean time, I'll try to
> remember the other instance that struck me. Can anyone else think
> of songs by xtc which have common themes/motifs?

I'm not sure I hear the beginning of "Jump" and "PPH" as being similar.
But there are a couple of motifs that I noticed as similar.  For example,
the music over the lyrics "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" in "Senses working overtime"
is identical to the music over the lyrics "do just what he wanted to"
in "No thugs in our house."  A device that AP seems to use with
some regularity is placing lyrics in a triplet rhythm over a 4-beat --
e.g., "Merely a Man",  "Mayor of Simpleton" (toward the end of each verse),
and many more (though I can't think of *any* right now - not very
convincing, huh?).

I've also thought that "That Wave" was the logical consequence of
"Seagulls Screaming..."  The latter contemplates and begins a romance,
while the former expresses helplessness being in love - both in the
context of either ocean scenery or metaphor.  Neato!  :-)

             - Mark


Date: 02 Apr 94 17:37:50 EST
From: Dave Franson <>
Subject: Nexdor and More...

Hi all,

I haven't posted to this list in ages, 'though I've been lurking with great

Carmen Sandiego: Out of this World is definitely available.  I picked mine
up this week.  When I called to inquire about it, they knew what I was
talking about right away.  When I picked the CD up, I knew why... affixed to
the packaging was a fairly prominent sticker reading "Includes new XTC track
CHERRY IN YOUR TREE."  I bought my copy at the Exclusive Company, in
Milwaukee, WI, which is a cut-rate CD-only store which caters to eclectic
tastes for the most part.

For those of you who are hunting, it may help to know that the CD is
packaged in one of those clear vinyl longboxes with a built in eyelet for
hanging it on a shelf hook, for instance in the kiddie dept. at Toyz 'R Us.

That said, "Cherry in Your Tree" is indeed excellent, and I'll climb out on
my fanboy limb and state with absolute conviction that "Johnny Nexdor," who
with his Neighbors contributes a track entitled "Change My World," is indeed
Mr. Partridge.  (Having transcribed "The Bull With the Golden Guts" with Mr.
Relph a few months back, Andy's vocal signatures are still very clear in my

By the way, the Rockapella track on the CD is also quite nice, as is the
They Might Be Giants track.  As for the latter, can someone complete the
story on this one?  The writing credits read Hy Zaret and Lou Singer, and
the song copyright is 1959.  Was this a popular late-50s novelty track?  (If
you get a chance to hear the song, you'll know why I'm asking!)  The only
downside of the track is that my kids and I now parade about the house
Of course, many of you Bungalow doubters will no doubt regard this as
preferable to belting out BUNGALOW, BUNGALOW, BY THE SEEEAAAA...

Carmen Sandiego: Out of this World also passes the intended audience
test-- my 6- and 9-year old love it.  Highly recommended.

On to other matters... I don't recall any "Little Express" readers posting
the news that XTC and Geffen will more than likely be doing a two-CD "Best
of" set.  Don't much care which singles they put on it, but I'm drooling
over the possibility of the set collecting various b-sides, demos, and
Somesuch in one spot!

And finally, tonight I have the pleasure of seeing Richard Thompson in
concert, which I bring up here only because occupying the drummer's seat
will be none other than... Dave Mattacks!  Also, the venue is Shank Hall,
capacity of approximately 300, which is a far more intimate venue than one
could possibly expect in which to see a ROCK GOD like Richard Thompson.

(Dumb trivia... "This is Spinal Tap" posited a fictitious club in Milwaukee
called Shank Hall.  One of the savviest promoters/entrepeneuers in this area
glommed on to the name and launched the real thing a couple of years later,
complete with a "mini-Stonehenge" logo!)

Oh, yeah... I echo the sentiments that Sam Phillip's "Martinis and Bikinis"
is well worth anyone's time.  Imagine an entire recording musically awash in
the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows," and you have an inkling of what's to be

Sorry, I'm meandering, but just one more:  I'm not enough of a musicologist
to properly attribute the Dukes' musical influences, but I'm fairly
confident that The Red Curtain's lovely "What in the World" has its lyric
genesis in Sandler and Evans' (?) seminal late-60s schlock hit, "In the
Year 2525."

Pour a little soul now
Right into the bowl now



Date: Sat, 2 Apr 1994 17:05:40 -0800 (PST)
From: Steve Johnson <>
Subject: Carmen Sandiego - Out of This World

Since everyone's all in a huff about not being able to find a copy
of the new CARMEN SANDIEGO album, here are the details:

 Release date: 3/29/94  (so you SHOULD be able to get it NOW)
        Label: Zoom Express (distributed by BMG Music)
    Catalog #: 35041-2 (UPC: 74860-35041-28)
       ISBN #: 1-56786-046-X

It should be in the children's music section of any general music
store (I got mine at Musicland the day it was released and they
had 2 CDs and 2 cassettes -- on Saturday 4/2, another Musicland
only had 1 cassette of it).  Since it's NOT a major release, any
music stores that got copies probably only received a couple copies
of it, so that may be why it's hard to find (i.e. too many XTC
fans scrambling after it! <grin>).

Anyway, CHERRY IN YOUR TREE is a gloriously delightful song (which
is what bubblegum pop songs are supposed to sound like!) and it
would be nice to see a single and/or video for it as it is quite a
catchy (read: COMMERCIAL) little tune.

Another song on the album, CHANGE MY WORLD, is also sung by Andy
and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants (the song performance is
credited to "JOHNNY NEXDOR & HIS NEIGHBORS" -- a very 'Partridgesque'
pseudonym).  It was written by one of the Rockapella guys (who appears
to be an XTC fan) and another guy, but Andy and John's vocals fit
very well (even some of the lyrics sound a bit like something Andy
would write).

 |        Steve Johnson          | "People will always be tempted to wipe |
 | Email: |  their feet on anything with 'Welcome' |
 |    or   |  written on it."    -- Andy Partridge  |


From: Kevin Carhart <>
Subject: poozies
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 1994 05:13:53 -0800 (PDT)

Wow!  I have to get that Poozies!   I can attest to the wonderfulness of
Sileas albums, and all of the Green Linnet label for that matter.  My
3 veins of music that I love the most-- celtic folk, new pop and 60s pop
(not that XTC can be pigeonholed to 'new pop')-- will really coincide
if Poozies cover Love on a Farmboy's Wages!  The only intersection better
than that was Sarah McLachlan covering Donovan's Wear Your Love Like Heaven!



Date: Sun, 03 Apr 1994 21:53:01 -0500 (cdt)
From: "my world is spinning..." <> (Arlo B Leach)
Subject: dukes influences?

if this hasn't been mentioned yet, "she's my drug" totally reminds me of the
byrds' "so  you wanna be a rock and roll star."  not lyrically, but the
guitars sound very similar - the texture, for lack of a better word.  it's
most apparent at the very beginning of the song, before the singing starts.

also, if i remember correctly there's even the sound of a jet plane taking
off in both songs.  but i might be thinking of something else.

let me know, anyone, if you agree, so i know it's not just me going crazy



From: "Smith, Daniel R." <>
Subject: Where the store is in Carmen Sandiego
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 94 08:45:00 edt

I, too, had a difficult time finding it.  After several record stores, I
ended up in an off-beat record store called the Wall.  Carmen was in the
kiddie section and I didn't even see it the first 12welve times I looked.
 So I asked and they went over to where I stared and got it for me.  The
lady said she at first put it in the "pop" section, then moved it to
"kiddie."  Sam Goody said they could order it, but didn't have it in.  2wo
weeks to order it they said and I said i'll keep on keeping on thank you

So I think it has been released.  Most of the places I asked out here cried
to me "We can't always get it as fast as California."  Why not?  Haven't
they heard of Fed Ex?


My Steph said she heard one of the WHFS 99.1 FM dudes say something about
Andy Partridge...seems like they did an interview of him or something this
past Thursday or Friday.  Anyone in Washington hear this?  If I listen long
enough for their phone number I'll call and find out.

Thanks for the eye-time.


PS:  Welcome back Wes!


Subject: re: #337
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 1994 11:12:42 -0600
From: Marshall V Pierce <>

> And, since I'm new to the list, I may have missed some info.  Just who is
> this Martin Newell anyway?

I'd like to know this, too...

> Finally, if anyone is interested, I can releate a story about how I met Andy
> Partridge in Swindon in 1990.  Anyone interested can E-mail me at
> for the full story, or if I can enough requests I'll post
> installments on the list.

I think anyone with any stories should post away!

New stuff:

 Got the Martin/Andy CD and am still listening to it - I find it extra special
 that it was all done on an 8-track!

 A friend, having read several Chalkhills which I sent him, recommended a band
 for all on this group:  Jellyfish - I thought Queen was no more ( it got 1/2
 a listen).  Anyone have any comments to make about this band?

Marshall V Pierce                 Info Tech E-Mail Team             Hewlett-Packard
(719)  590-3461                   Colorado Springs, CO


Date: 04 Apr 94 13:30:06 EDT
From: Wesley Wilson <>
Subject: Where in the World is Sam Phillips?

Dear Chalkhills,

Over the weekend I found the Sam Phillips CD, "Martinis and Bikinis"
and the "Out of This World" cassette at Coconuts on Rte. 9
in Framingham/Natick.

So, these things are out!

I don't regret getting the cassette of Out of This World since the
album is rather short, and I'm also hopeful that a full-fledged CD of
Andy's bubblegum music will be released eventually.  I'm sure the
CD is out as well.  The cassette had a sticker on it reading something
like, "Featuring a New Track by XTC."

"Cherry in Your Tree" really is catchier than the bubonic plague.
I think it's the best thing Andy's written in ages.  By the way,
I *didn't* know, until I read the liner notes, that Dave Gregory
and Colin also play on "Cherry," so it is a true XTC track.  Dave
Yazbeck and others contribute as well.  Dave Yazbeck produces.

As far as the Sam Phillips track, "Baby I Can't Please You," it has
a real "Eastern" feel in my opinion, and I was surprised to see 60's
legend Van Dyke Parks credited with the string arrangement. Good job.
By the way, Colin plays bass and co-produces this one (along with
T-Bone Burnett), as if you didn't know already.  This is an album
I know I'll be listening to several times; it really has some good
moments.  Does anyone know of any singles from this album?

By the way, the "Out of This World" track by Johnny Nexdor and
The Neighbors" is rather Partridge-esque as well...

Bye for now...


P.S. Oh, by the way, people were bandying about names of "psych-
edelic" bands worth checking out a few issues back.  I strongly
recommend Blossom Toes' "We Are Ever So Clean," if you can find
a recording of it anywhere.  Naturally, it's from 1967, and it's
charmingly British, with one of my favorite lyrics: "If I were
very rich I know/I'd buy old bikes that didn't go, to see old
ladies smiling..."


Date: Sun, 3 Apr 94 16:52:00 BST
Subject: Richard Thompson/Dave Mattacks

Although the first part of this post has no apparent connection to XTC, be

I went to see Richard Thompson in concert tonight and it was some
 show, let me tell you!  First of all, I'm a recent convert to
 Richard Thompson and am not familiar with enough of his catalog
 to really know what he sang, outside of virtually everything from
 Mirror Blue, his latest, with which I am familiar.  I also
 recognized Shoot Out The Lights, not from the music (which I've
 never heard before tonight) but because of that relatively famous
 title line.

However, one did not have to know Richard's music to know that we
 were in the presence of a genius---a songwriting genius and a
 guitar playing genius!  At various times, he had the audience
 completely silent and spellbound, listening to the beauty of a
 ballad such as Beeswing, and at other times, he had us dancing
 (and rocking and rolling) to the Hendrix/Clapton electric guitar
 solos of which he showed that he was also capable.

The show started promptly at 8:00 with Richard doing a few solo
 songs with his acoustic guitar.  (On a couple of songs, I
 could've sworn he was playing a 12 string guitar only to see that
 he was getting all of that sound and all of those notes out of
 your basic 6 string guitar!)  Then, a few songs into the show, he
 was joined by Danny Thompson, late of Pentangle.  After a few
 more songs, he was joined by Peter someone who played an
 incredible array of instruments, all of them quite well, and Dave
 Mattacks on drums.  The other musicians came and went throughout
 the two and a half hour (without a break) show, but the one
 constant was Richard, who showed how tireless he is (and also how
 funny he is).  The show was in a very small club and he used the
 intimacy of the setting quite well, talking with the audience
 which, at times, seemed genuinely spontaneous and not part of
 some canned schpiel.  In sum, it was electric (at times
 literally, and at times figuratively) from beginning to end.  We
 definitely got our money's worth...and would've still gotten our
 money's worth if the tickets had been twice as much money!

Because of the small club in which they were playing, an equally
 enjoyable time came after the show was over.  Those who stuck
 around for only a few minutes were treated to Richard coming out
 to greet the fans who remained.  I got Richard's autograph and he
 was quite gracious talking to everyone, joking around and signing
 whatever he was asked to.  Some people had brought an amazing
 number of CD booklets and other things for him to sign and he
 never stopped appearing to love every minute, including the
 conversation.  He signed two ticket stubs for me and thanked me
 when I told him that I thought Beeswing was one of the most
 beautiful songs I'd heard in a long time.

Another very high point came when, while the crowd was mostly
 around Richard, I called to Dave Mattacks and asked him if I
 could talk to him.  He almost seemed surprised to be getting any
 attention.  Of course, I asked him if he had been contacted by
 XTC to do any more work with them and he said no, and told me
 that they didn't tour to promote their albums.  I said that I
 knew that but wondered if he'd been asked to do any more studio
 work.  He said no to that too, noting that they had this
 unwritten rule not to use the same drummer for two albums in a
 row.  I commented that they seemed to have the same rule about
 producers, which elicited a big grin from him.

I asked him what it was like to record with XTC and he said that
 it was fantastic but challenging.  I made a comment about Andy
 and he added that Andy could be quite demanding and that there
 was a bit of tension in the studio at times.  He said that he
 became very friendly with Dave Gregory and had done some stuff
 with him since the Nonsuch sessions, but nothing that was being
 released.  He added that Dave was an incredibly underrated
 guitarist and that he could really do some amazing things.  I
 mentioned the Dave Gregory video at the XTC convention and he
 asked if that had been done in the studio since he recalled being
 in some video that they were told was for the convention.  I told
 him that Dave's video was done at his house but that we did get
 to see the recording of one song for Nonsuch and that rang a bell
 with him.  I mentioned how wonderful it would be to hear an album
 by Dave, even if only instrumental or covers and he said that he
 had been trying to coax Dave to do more, throwing a few things
 his way and that Dave did do a fair amount of stuff outside of
 XTC but nothing specific was mentioned.

I told him that there had been some sentiment on the computer
 bulletin boards among XTC fans that he was the best drummer that
 XTC had used for several albums.  He seemed genuinely
 complimented and thanked me for the kind words.  He would love to
 record with them again but didn't think that was likely.

He said that Dave Gregory was back home now and no longer with
 Aimee Mann.  I told him that I'd thought that the two were
 romantically involved but he said that that had been a short-
 lived romance and the two were no longer involved.

He wrote down for me an address in England at which I could get
 information about an annual Fairport Music Convention in England
 at which Fairport Convention reunite and play a lot and also many
 other artists (he mentioned Robert Plant and Roy Wood) also show
 up to perform.  He said that it was a big and great music
 festival and thought I would really enjoy it.  I told him that I
 was sure that I would but that flying to England for a music
 festival might be a little out of my ability.  Yet, one never

Then he really made my day when he asked me what my name was and
 shook my hand, said that it was real nice to meet me and talk
 with me and that he hoped to see me at the convention.

Oh, what a night...!


Organization: SLAIS, UBC
Date:         4 Apr 94 12:50:44 GM+5
Subject:      soundalikes

To Greg Silvus:

I think you're thinking of "My Bird Performs" when you comment that
there's a song on Nonsuch that sounds like "Jump."  I was a bit
disappointed when I heard the Mummer CD to learn that Colin's best
song on Nonsuch was built upon rewriting a riff of Andy's from ten
years before.  But I still love both songs.

I also think Colin's 1991 demo "Down a Peg" borrows the rhythm of the
guitar riff from "Love On A Farmboy's Wages."

Several of Andy's unused demos have little musical segments that turn
up in different forms elsewhere.  The most easily
discernible example is his use of part of the melody for "Goodbye
Humanosaurus" in "Then She Appeared" (compare TSA's "I was a little
dazzled / Catherine wheeled and senses frazzled" with GH's "And if
there's no hope for us / Just you raise your voice in chorus").  But
there are more subtle examples.

For example, some of the dissonant chords in "That Wave" are used in
"Blue Beret" (at the point where Andy sings "Me I like to roam.." you
hear the opening chords and melody of TW), "Ra Ra For Red Rocking
Horse" contains part of "Holly Up On Poppy" (the "laaaughiiing" bit),
and it sounds like Andy rewrote the little guitar melody from
"Broomstick Rhythm" for inclusion in Peter Blegvad's "King Strut."
This self-plagiarism is forgivable as only a few people have heard
the demo songs, and it makes some sense to rescue good ideas from


Date: Mon, 04 Apr 1994 15:58:09 -0500 (cdt)
From: "my world is spinning..." <> (Arlo B Leach)
Subject: p.s.

okay, i was mistaken:  the sound in "so you want to be a rock and roll star"
by the byrds is a screaming crowd, not, as i remembered it, an airplane.  but
i still think it sounds like "you're my drug."


Date: 04 Apr 94 21:49:35 EDT
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: 4 x 2 cents worth

   Hi all, and welcome back to Wes Wilson. So Wes is working
at "Forum", eh? (writing those naughty letters again? ;-}}
   Anyways, I'm enjoying this thread about Dukes' influences,
but I believe that Andy and Colin talked about who influenced
what in an interview published in The Little Express in 1987.
   If I laboriously type it out, will I be ruining everyone's
fun in guessing? Or should the interview be added to the
FAQ list (over to you, John).
   In the previous Chalkhills, Greg Silvus said that the first
bit of "Jump" sounded a lot like "PPH". Actually, I was reminded
of "Jump" as soon as I heard the intro to "My Bird Performs".
   On May 1st here in Toronto, self-admitted XTC-influenced band
"Shonen Knife" will be playing. Opening act is/are "The Dentists"(?).
Might they cover an XTC song? We shall see... Tickets are $14 (cheap).
---> Steve


Date:   Tue, 5 Apr 1994 10:30:02 -1000
From: John Pescador FYI <>
Subject: Carmen Sandiego CD

I've seen 5 copies of this CD at Tower Records Kahala (Hawaii) in the
Kiddie Section.  It's in one of those plastic sealed boxes and has
pictures of two heads upon cartoon bodies (the hosts and singers).  The
sticker reads something like "Cherry in your Tree by XTC."  The cover
says something to the effect of radio favorites XTC and They Might Be
Giants play on this CD.

I'll buy a copy and ship it to anyone who sends me a check or money
order.  I'll also trade it for a copy of the Martin Newell CD which I
can't find here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I'm doing this in
good faith.

john  .....



Date: Tue, 05 Apr 1994 15:57:01 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: This Lolita Nation

I originally sent this to ukev@ucsb in response to his post asking
if there were any Game Theory or Fibonaccis fans.  It bounced as
undeliverable, so I'm going to send this to Chalkhills (1) in order to
get this to the guy who asked about Game Theory (2) because, even though
this isn't an XTC message, I think messages along the lines of "If you
like XTC, you might try XXXX" are entirely germaine.  If our venerable
listkeeper or other Chalkhillians object, I'll never do this again and go to
bed without my supper...
Saw your message on Chalkhills mentioning Game Theory.  I'm a BIG Scott
Miller fan--I think _Lolita Nation_ was one of those great overlooked albums
(and, rarity of rarities, one that I still play years after its release
at least once a month and sometimes more often), with _Two Steps From the
Middle Ages_ right behind.  VERY intellectually challenging, yet musically
structured around power pop basics--driving guitar, great melodies, would
sound great blasting from an AM radion in a '60s convertable...

I do have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed with the Loud Family's
_Birds and Plants and Rocks and Things_--it was great to hear Scott Miller
again after all these years between releases, and some of the songs
("Jimmy Still Comes Around" in particular, "The Second Grade Applauds")
were great, but it seemed like he was a couple of outstanding melodies
short of his usual level.  I haven't seen their new EP, and seeing how our
local Tower, the best store in Nashville by default, has never gotten a copy
of LAST YEAR'S Loud Family release, it looks like I'll be writing to Alias
again to order it direct.

Seeing as you have the good taste to like XTC and Game Theory, I'm curious
about the Fibonaccis.  I've never heard of them; what are they?

Here's a couple for you:  ever heard of R. Steive Moore?  Let's Active?

Looking forward to your reply,

Miles Goosens

...make me an offer, I don't refuse them now


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