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Subject: Chalkhills #337

                  Chalkhills, Number 337

                   Friday, 1 April 1994
                  The April Fools Issue
Today's Topics:
                    Poozies' CD review
                   Re: Chalkhills #336
        Re: Where in the store is Carmen Sandiego
            Jennifer, Carmen, Elvis, and More
                     Dukes influences
                    Grand Theft Canoe
                you might like go-betweens
                    Tune Similarities
         How do you spell X.T.C?/My First Posting
                   Re: Chalkhills #322
                      Hey! I'm back!


From: J Ross MacKay <>
Subject: Poozies' CD review
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 94 8:42:20 EST

The February-March "Roots & Rhythm" catalog has a review of The Poozies CD
which was mentioned by hvsag01! (Andre de Koning) in
ChalkHills #326.  Has any one heard this yet?

Lifted without permission:
THE POOZIES - _Chantooziies_   11 tracks, 57 min., recommended
The Poozies--Karen Tweed, Sally Barker, Mary Macmaster, Patsy Seddon--take
their name from the pub (frequented by Robert Burns) known as Poozie Nancies
in Ayrshire, Scotland.  The group, which mixes traditional Scottish and
Irish music with occasional nods to the pop music world, places the Gaelic
work song "Dheanainn Sugradh" in the company of the Carter Family's classic
"Foggy Mountain Top" and "Love On A Farmboy's Wages", the minor U. K. hit
>from XTC's Mummer album.  Seddon and Macmaster, who have produced
critically acclaimed recordings as the harp duo Sileas, are to thank for
the Sottish influence.  Together with the other half of the Poozies they
harmonize beautifully and make wistful and winsome music that lingers in
the air long after the disc stops spinning.(JC)
Hypertension 883 379
Compact Disc $20.96

I wonder if LOAFBW is wistful or winsome;)
The R&R # is (510) 525-1494, located in El Cerrito, California.
I bought a few Incredible String Band CDs from R&R a few years ago, they
seemed like nice folks.


Date:         Tue, 29 Mar 94 08:50:19 EST
From: Karen <>
Subject:      Re: Chalkhills #336

For Jason: I've got "The Great Lost Kinks Album" on tape. A friend in
England taped it for me from a bootleg. Unfortunately, I'm no longer in
contact with him so I can't tell you anything else about it except the
track listings. It is another one of those compilations and includes such
songs as "This Man He Weeps Tonight," "Pictures in the Sand," and "Where
Did My Spring Go?" I did hear something about Ray Davies refusing permission
for the album to be released which is too bad because it has some really
good songs on it. Anyway, I'd definitely recommend it for any Kinks fanatic.

Oh, and I second the nominations of Kinks albums for XTC fans to check out.
I also really love "Muswell Hillbillies." The sound is more country than usual
for them but there are still lots of XTC-like,very British lyrics ("Have a
Cup of Tea" for one!)



Date: Tue, 29 Mar 1994 18:22:48 -0500 (EST)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: Re: Where in the store is Carmen Sandiego

        To all the frustrated XTC fanatics:

        I too cannot find this CD in stores. I have been in about five or
six different stores (mostly chains) and even ducked into Wal-Mart and
such. I am getting really embarrassed looking in the kiddie section every
time I go to a record store (although that "Animaniacs" CD is looking
good!)... Evidently Camelot Music stocks Carmen Sandiego under Movies and
Shows. Another chain had it under kids (these were just volume one).
Musicland didn't even have it, nor did Sound Warehouse (owned by
Blockbuster). I even went to Toys R Us, who only had these mystery story
Carmen Sandiego tapes. I must keep looking!

        BTW, to the person who asked about the They Might Be Giants tune
on the disc: The TMBG Usenet group mentioned that it's "Why Does The Sun
Shine" from their latest EP (also titled "Why Does The Sun Shine").

        Derek Miner


Date: Tue, 29 Mar 94 15:56:44 PST
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Jennifer, Carmen, Elvis, and More

"Jason C. Langley" <> writes:
>  But eclectic rocker Jennifer Trynin has never lacked for musical
>confidence, and her new single, "Everthing's Different Now" (Summerville),
>which includes guitar work by Dave Gregory of XTC, marks her  current
>incarnation as a hard-edged rocker.

If someone can find this single for me, I'll gladly trade for
something XTC (perhaps the Acoustic Radio Tour tape).

>P.S.  Has anybody picked up the Carmen San Diego CD with XTC on it?  I've
>been checking a few record stores for the last two weeks and no one seems
>to know about it.

I may have to apologize to one person to whom I insisted that the
Carmen Sandiego CD was already released.  I may have been wrong about
the release date, seeing as nobody can find this CD.  I found it a
week ago Saturday, but I must have found an early promotional copy!
In any case, I do have it, but it may not be officially released yet.

>  Also, does
>anybody know when the Andy Partridge EP will be out on Hello?

I am hoping it is soon!  But the Hello releases seem to be rather
sporadic and irregularly released.  It's not really one a month but
more like three every four months, give or take a couple of months.

>  Speaking of demos, I'm extremely jealous of those lucky
>chalkhillians who have griboullage, anyone willing to dub it for me?

Trade you a dub for a copy of the Jennifer Trynin single!

>  To be honest I was really disappointed with
>_Blood and Choclate_, _Spike_ and _Mighty Like A Rose_

I actually really liked _Blood and Chocolate_ when it came out.  Very
psychadelic, hard rocking and intense.  The title track and the song
"I Want You" come to mind as the best tracks on the album.  However, I
seem to have lost interest in Mr Costello; although I own many of his
albums I find I never listen to them.

>Bite your tongue, XTC doesn't have any flops!!

Well, it depends on your point of view.  Considering that The Dukes'
_25 O'Clock_ EP sold more copies than _The Big Express_, one might say
that _The Big Express_ was a flop.  Damn good album, but not a big

Neil <> writes:
>Where exactly is it written that It's Snowing Angels is a Dukes song?
>It's not credited as such on the Windowbox cover is it?

Yes, in the _Window Box_ liner notes it says "guest appearence by The
Dukes of Stratosphear".

>  It certainly _sounds_ like it was written for the
>Dukes (i.e. the blatant rewriting of Mellow Yellow), but I wouldn't
>say it was _by_ the Dukes anymore than Rip van Ruben is by XTC.

Andy Partridge said this in a telephone interview with WFMU FM,
Uppsala College, East Orange:

      I wrote two songs, one I claimed was by a group called
    Chalk Cigar Chief Champion.  That was kind of a song that
    was everything The Lovin Spoonful did, with big dollops of
    Donovan.  That was called "It's Snowing Angels."  I also
    gave him another one which I claimed was by a group called
    The Golden, and that was called "Then She Appeared."  He
    was going to put these out claiming they were long lost
    archive pieces but I think the magazine folded literally
    before the edition that these were due to go in, which is
    a real shame.  So I'm kind of stuck with them.  Except
    I've since played "Then She Appeared" to Gus Dudgeon,
    because he's a Dukes fan, and he said, `God, you should do
    that seriously!'  So I'm now at the dilemma where, do I
    rewrite these ludicrous forgery lyrics to be more personal
    or do we just do it as a copy of The Dukes?  So I've got
    myself into a real fifth dimension of a dilemma here.

I hope this answers your questions.  By the way, the full WFMU interview
can be found in Chalkhills digests #171, #174, #184, #200, and #201.  Yes,
it's fairly long, but also fairly interesting.

        -- John


Date: Tue, 29 Mar 94 21:23:44 EST
Subject: Greetings

Hello, everyone. I'm new to the list, so here's my introduction to you.

I started listening to XTC around 1985 when a friend recommended Black Sea to
me.   Soon after, nearly every other album available at the time found its
way into my humble vinyl collection.  Then, the b-sides hunt was on and 45s
and EPs were soon tracked down.  Finally, it all became available on CD and
another small fortune went towards the sounds of the boys from Swindon.

My favorite album is the Big Express and favorite B-side is My Paint Heroes
>from the King For a Day 3" CD.

In general, I think Colin's songs have really been wimpy lately compared to
his meatier stuff on Mummer and English Settlement.  And Andy has been plenty
"preachy," too. (The Loving -- Books are Burning.) However, with the martin
newell release, he's completely redeemed himself.

And, since I'm new to the list, I may have missed some info.  Just who is
this Martin Newell anyway?

Finally, if anyone is interested, I can releate a story about how I met Andy
Partridge in Swindon in 1990.  Anyone interested can E-mail me at for the full story, or if I can enough requests I'll post
installments on the list.

Strange tales, strange tails . . .


From: (Mike Mooney)
Subject: Dukes influences
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 94 13:42:29 gmt

Well done everyone who's been playing 'spot the original'! It's always
been my understanding that '25 O'Clock' was just 'general
psychedelia', while Psonic Sunspot' was a series of explicit
pastiches. I've always struggled with 'Little Lighthouse' - maybe the
13th Floor Elevators, or Love? Sean B's suggestion of 'Corporal Clegg'
Floyd for 'Albert Brown' sounds about right - I hadn't thought of
that, or spotted the 'Blackberry Way' influence in 'Collideascope'.
'The Affiliated' is still bugging me though - Kinks? The one nobody
seems to have got is The Hollies on 'Vanishing Girl' - didn't they
have any hits over there? (They were huge in the UK during the 60s).
In an article in 'Guitarist' magazine a few years ago, Dave Gregory
was interviewed by the man he claims was his 60s guitar hero, The
Hollies' Tony Hicks, and they appeared to be a mutual admiration
society. I wish the Dukes *had* remembered to do the Who though...

Heres to the Lemon Dukes!

Mike Mooney
University of Bradford (UK)


From: Jonathan Avrum Schubert <>
Subject: Grand Theft Canoe
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 1994 10:15:32 -0800 (PST)

For anyone who was interested in Grand Theft Canoe product, here's
where to mail to if you aren't able to find their stuff in your area:
(They're the Canadian band that I mentioned in issue #333, who are

                   GRAND THEFT CANOE
                   84 THATCHER DRIVE
                   WINNIPEG, MANITOBA
                   R3T 2L5

(This is from the liner notes of their latest LP.)


From: Kevin Carhart <>
Subject: you might like go-betweens
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 1994 04:41:58 -0800 (PST)

I don't know if I've posted this kind of thing before, (I probably have)
but with new subscribers all the time... the only songwriters I would
rank with Andy Partridge, Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan are Grant mcLennan
and Robert Forster from the Go-Betweens.  I highly recommend any and
all releases by this group to any and all XTC fans.  They split up in
1990, and I don't think even their 1990 compilation album "Go-Betweens 78-90"
is still in print, but I see them go by quite a bit in cutout bins, and
a better Tower probably has a section for them.

The quality that I would give both groups is EVOCATIVE POWER.  If you can
close your eyes and see images by listening to "Yacht Dance" or "Meeting Place"
or "Chalkhills and Children" or "When We Get to England" or "Vanishing
Girl" or "Bungalow" (I know there are some Colins in there,) then you will
like "Love is a Sign", "This Girl Black Girl", "Five Words", "Streets of Your
Town", "Dive For Your Memory", "Twin Layers of Lightning" and just about
everything by the Go-Betweens.

Really.  I don't give this recommendation lightly.  Anything with McLennan
or Forster written on it is solid gold.

If anyone out there likes Grant & Robert already, how about emailing me?
Sometimes I think I'm the only one so reverent towards them, but probably
not, given the way XTC fans get.

PS: What does everyone think of: Game Theory?  And the Fibonaccis?  I think
I'm straying pretty far here, so just mail me directly instead of posting.


Subject: Tune Similarities
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 94 11:35:06 +0000
From: Gregory Silvus <>

Being a composer, I realize it's hard not to let one composition
affect the sound of another, but recently I've noticed some strong
similarities in two couples of xtc songs. I forget the second example
temporarily, so I'll state the first.

Doesn't the beginning of "Jump" on Mummer sound a little like
"The Ballad of Peter Pumpkin Head"? I think it's PPH, I'll have
to go home and listen to be sure. In the mean time, I'll try to
remember the other instance that struck me. Can anyone else think
of songs by xtc which have common themes/motifs?


Date: Thu, 31 Mar 1994 15:17:52 -0500 (CDT)
From: Robert Galvin <>
Subject: How do you spell X.T.C?/My First Posting

I've read the FAQ, browsed the Chalkhills back issues, and been a subscriber
for several weeks now, so I supposed it's time I came into the light for
an intro and question.

My first Xperience was listing to Black Sea with a friend, and really digging
"Generals & Majors".  I decided that before I bought BS, I would work
backwards in their catalog and listen to older stuff, so I bought GO2,
White Music, Drums and Wires -- loved them all.  In fact, by the time I
was ready to buy Black Sea, English Settlement was out, so I actually got
it first.  (As an aside, I no longer have my beloved vinyl collection -- I
was flooded out of my apartment in '87 with 2 feet of raw sewage --
destroyed my entire record & tape collection.  I decided to go completely
digital, so I've been slowly rebuilding with CDs ever since).

Other favorite groups include: Elvis Costello, the Clash, Devo, Beatles,
King Crimson, the Who, Aretha Franklin (much Motown), Miles Davis, Oingo
Boingo, Lightning Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, Leon Redbone, Frank Zappa, etc.

Now for a question that is not in the FAQ, and is not answered immediately
in a medium such as this, but *is* answered immediately when speaking with
someone face-to-face:

Do you pronounce the name of this band by sounding out each initial, as in
eks-tea-sea, or like the word 'ecstasy'?

Regards,                              Phone: 612-733-7105
Robert Galvin                         Reply:


Date: Fri, 01 Apr 94 10:19:02 EST
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #322

>After listening to discussions about this album for three months, I >finally
found a copy of "The Greatest Living Englishman" (at a
>hideously expensive price, but I think that was because it came with
>the bonus poetry CD) (which they forgot to give me! I'm going back
Where can I go so I get the The Greatest Living Englishman CD *plus* the
poetry CD? Is there a record store chain (Tower, etc.) that has this bundled
together? Someone respond with a positive answer please and thank you!
Also, if you have never heard or seen Michael Hedges play acoustic guitar, he
is going to tour for his new album soon. Don't miss it!
PS Heard that new XTC will arrive sometime in MAY. Any news, like a title?


Date: 01 Apr 94 13:18:23 EST
From: Wesley Wilson <>
Subject: Hey! I'm back!

Dear Chalkhills Readership,

I'm finally back to being on the distribution list for Chalkhills
after a 9-month hiatus!

Those of you who remember me, hello hello!! Greetings to everyone...

Yes, I'm back this year (with another ridiculous tie knot...and a new

I have a few items to report. This is probably old news:

    *   Got "The Greatest Living Englishman" and love it!

    *   "Andy"'s in the Wildstar comic book published by IMAGE.
        I'm sure there are still copies left of this in stores.

    *   There's a remix of "Life Begins at the Hop" on the European
        CD "The History of Punk." Colin's vocals are distinctly
        echo-ey, plus other differences.

    *   If you don't get The Little Express, subscribe! I just
        got a "Rag & Bone Buffet" bandanna for submitting artwork
        (to be printed in the next issue).

    *   I'm told that Colin contributes to a Sam Philip's CD
        released in the US? What's the name of the CD? Any
        CD singles available?

It feels great to be back in this Forum. Speaking of Forum, that's
where I work downtown Boston. Things are cool...

Gotta run for now (new job and all), but it's good to be part of
Chalkhills once again!

Wes Wilson


From: Jason Schmit <>
Subject: Greetings
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 94 11:42:17 PST

Hello All:

I've been listening to alternative/independent music since 1983.  XTC
are one of those bands who will always have a special place in my mind.
Hearing _Skylarking_ for the first time was a definitely a time I won't
forget.  Although I like most of their songs, if pressed to name a
favorite album, it would have to be _English Settlement_.  I also think
the Dukes of Stratosphear is quite good too.  That's all for now...

Enjoy the music,

|  Jason Schmit               |  5405 Alton Pkwy  |
|  distantSIGNALS Music Zine  |  Ste 295          |
|  714-733-2924               |  Irvine  CA       |
|  |  92714-7585       |


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