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            Adrian Bellew -- Modern Rock Live
                   Adrian Belew and XTC
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                    Hi...I am new here
           Colin sighted on Sam Phillips latest
                    Single of the Week
                 Re: EC & Kinks Recommend
                   Re: Chalkhills #335
it's snowing angels/where in the store is carmen sandiego?
          cheery in your tree + change my world
                 gentle gary green giant
                  Hendrix/Dylan MISTAKE


Date: Wed, 23 Mar 94 11:05:37 PST
Subject: RE: Chalkhills #334

Greetings all,

re: Marshall V Pierce <>
" Kinks have been mentioned as an influence on XTC.  I've never  been a
fan, but have only their biggest
 radio hits to go by.  Any suggestions on a first album to try?
        >>>The radio hits, as one might expect, are not that great a
representation of their versatility.  Here are my votes for an intro to
the Kinks.   "Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround,"
 "Something Else," or "Arthur."  Or you could find the double "Kinks
Kronikles" compilation.

re:  Did XTC do any other covers beside the Hendrix one on White Noise
        >>>Since no one else has pointed it out yet, "All Along the
Watchtower" is not a Hendrix song, it is a Dylan song that Hendrix covered.

Dukophilia Dept.:  ...The amazing thing about the Dukes' recordings is
that they so cleverly use instrumentation, arrangements, and effects
culled from the psychedelic era that they seem like seminal recordings,
not derivations.  Some things (backwards guitar, Indian raga stuff,
multilayered tapeloops etc) were so widespread in the Sixties that any
one Dukes passage sounds like several different songs.  But here are
some inklings I had as to specific inspirations:

Childish nonsense voiceovers on "Psonic Psunspot" :  See Traffic's "Mr.
Fantasy" LP (specifically "Hole in My Shoe") or The Small Faces
"Ogden's Nutgone Flake" abum, which features a giant fly in a heroic
role.  Both are GREAT psychedelic recordings.

"Collideascope":  See "Blackberry Way," by The Move (the genius of Roy
Wood).  Another terrific psychedelic band.

Foghorns such as on "Little Lighthouse":  used in an early song by
Steve MIller (can't recall the title).

I hear a lot of Syd Barrett in the Dukes--"25 O'Clock" uses ticktocks
like Pink Floyd's "Bike" (compare also Chamber Bros. "Time Has Come
Today") , and "Bike Ride to the Moon"  has several  Barrettesque
passages. "You're a Good Man Albert Brown": See Floyd's "Corporal
Clegg"--the music hall style favored in Sixties British bands (check
out the satiric work in this and other genres by the Bonzo Dog Band !!
-- btw Neil Innes of the Bonzos did some fine psychedelic parody in The
Rutles, to say nothing of his work with Monty Python).

"Shiny Cage", in addition to "I'm Only Sleeping," reminds me (of all
things) of The Mamas and the Papas , in places (". . .in LA, you know
where that's at--and no one's gettin' fat except Mama Cass").

"Brainiac's Daughter" of course works off of "Octopus's Garden" (with
bubbles) with "Fool on the Hill" ocarina thrown in. "What in the
World": the speeded up cornet of "Penny Lane" and the backwards
tapeloop stuff of "It's Only a Northern Song."  "Your Gold Dress" : the
rinkytink fugue piano from "In My L:ife."   "(I'm the) Mole from the
Ministry" : the beat from "I am the Walrus" as well as its strings and
background voices.

"The Affiliated"--here's a case where I know I've heard that cheesy
samba stuff (maybe the New York Rock and Roll Ensemble?) but I can't
think where--maybe the Dukes invented it after all.

"You're My Drug": definite Byrds 12-string influences and rhythms..
Check out the terrific "Younger Than Yesterday" LP.  Also some
backwards guitar on "Little Lighthouse" that sounds Byrds/Beatlesesque
("Revolver" era).

Other bands that probably influenced the Dukes (and are great fun to
listen to in any case) are: The Nice (1st LP, "Thoughts of Emerlist
Davjack"), Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Moby Grape,  Moody Blues (who
invented the mellotron the Dukes utilize) , early Steppenwolf (again,
their hits are a poor example of their talent), and Cream ("Disraeli
Gears" is one of the finest records ever made IMHO). And while you're
at it, do check out early Jefferson Airplane -- though I hear their
influence in X but not in XTC.
Are my wrinkles showing yet?

Hope I haven't spewed too much.


Date: 23 Mar 1994 23:20:11 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Adrian Bellew -- Modern Rock Live

Hello Chalkhills --

Just thought you all might like to know that Adrian Bellew was recently on
Modern Rock Live, an hour long show done by the New York based station WDRE.
Didn't catch the whole show, was terribly busy at the time, but I have a
feeling he did a couple of live numbers -- guests of the show always do...
Anybody else out there catch it?



Date: Thu, 24 Mar 94 05:08:00 BST
Subject: Adrian Belew and XTC

I'm an ardent fan of Adrian Belew and have seen him a couple of times, the
last being on his "Acoustic Tour".  That was in a very small, intimate club
and, in addition to brilliant acoustic versions of old and new songs, he
spent a lot of time answering questions from the audience.  I asked if he
was familiar with or influenced by Todd Rundgren because I noticed similar
sentiments in some of their respective lyrics and that some of his melodies
had a similar pop feel to many of Todd's.  He answered that he only met Todd
once and wasn't really influenced by him but that their music might sound
similar at times because they grew up at the same time, listening to and
heavily influenced by The Beatles and the whole British invasion thing.  He
then went on to remark that there were a few bands out there that also wore
the same influences on their sleeves, such as XTC!  After the concert, he
hung around to sign autographs and just talk with his fans and, when it was
my turn, I told him what a thrill it was to not only have the opportunity to
see him in concert and talk to him, but also to hear him Adrian Belew
mention Todd and XTC because the three of them are perhaps my three favorite
artists.  He added that XTC was one of his very favorite bands and I told
him that Andy had produced Martin Newell's CD that, at the time, was going
to be released soon and he thanked me for the information because he hadn't
heard about that.  When The Greatest Living Englishman was released, I
bought an extra and sent it to Adrian.  I never got any acknowledgement that
he received it, but if he did and listened to it, I'm absolutely sure that
he loved it!



Subject: post #335 post
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 12:27:15 -0700
From: Marshall V Pierce <>

Greetings once again, fellow Chalkers

 Swindon tales (for Christopher Swartout):

 A friend of mine went on vacation to England and cam home with a
 video of his tour of Swindon, including him in a phonebooth trying
 those listings (A.Moulding,C.Partridge): Those who answered claimed
 not to know of the band...

 My recommendations for EC albums:

    1) King of America
    2) Trust or Imperial Bedroom
    3) Armed Forces or This Year's Model

    I don't own Blood and Chocolate  or  Goodbye, Cruel World...

 I've got the Kinks'  'Something Else' on the way... thanks to all
   for your input.

Til next time...



Date: Fri, 25 Mar 1994 11:54:22 EST
Subject: Hi...I am new here

Hello name's Chris and I have just recently subscribed to
CHALKHILLS.  For my first message, I would like to inquire about any news on
when the next XTC CD might be released, recorded, etc.  I realize this might
be an exhausted topic, but, being a new subscriber, I would like to be
brought "up to speed" on XTC's present situation.  Thank you very much...



Date: Fri, 25 Mar 94 12:33:55 EST
From: (Richard Simon)
Subject: Colin sighted on Sam Phillips latest

Colin Moulding is listed as one of the musicians on Sam Phillips'
latest disk "Martinis & Bikinis". He is given co-production credit
with Sam's husband T-Bone Burnett on one nifty track,
"Baby I Can't Please You".

Does anybody know anything else about this collaboration?


Date: Fri, 25 Mar 1994 21:16:45 -0500 (EST)
From: "Jason C. Langley" <>
Subject: Single of the Week

The following quote is excerpted from the 'CELLARS BY STARLIGHT' column
by Brett Milano in the Boston Phoenix March 25, 1994.  The 'CELLARS BY
STARLIGHT' column talks about what's happening in the local music scene
each week.

"SINGLE OF THE WEEK.  Don't know about you, but I'd be pretty intimidated
if one-third of the greatest pop group in the world were guesting on my
record.  But eclectic rocker Jennifer Trynin has never lacked for musical
confidence, and her new single, "Everthing's Different Now" (Summerville),
which includes guitar work by Dave Gregory of XTC, marks her  current
incarnation as a hard-edged rocker.
        Although her vocal still holds traces of the sophisticated jazz
influence of her early tapes, the song's set to a snarling funk riff.  The
lyric tells of a couple beginning a really bad relationship, but they
don't know it yet (it's always nice to feel smarter than the characters in
a song).  And Gregory's brief but potent solo helps build tension.  Since
Trynin borrowed the song title from 'Til Tuesday's last and best album,
it's a nice coincidence that Aimee Mann turns up in the chorus vocals of
the B-side "Snow," which begins with a heavily distorted guitar/bassline a
la Yo La Tengo and builds to a dreamlike mix of chants and fuzztone.
Trynin's been getting a lot of local attention lately; may she continue to
justify it."

I'm not familiar with Jennifer Trynin or Summerville Records, but I'll
keep my eyes peeled for the single.  If Dave Gregory is romantically
involved with Aimee Mann (from Boston) and Andy Partridge has been
spending time in NYC, hmmm... what if XTC relocated to MA (just imagine
catching an impromptu gig in Boston -- yowww!)?

Speaking of singles I picked up the new one from Love (yes with Arthur
Lee) Girl On Fire/Midnight Sun.  It doesn't sound even remotely like
anything on _Forever Changes_.  Kinda thrashy, garage band, ramones-ish.
Thought those who posted recommends for Love in previous postings would be

P.S.  Has anybody picked up the Carmen San Diego CD with XTC on it?  I've
been checking a few record stores for the last two weeks and no one seems
to know about it.  It's confusing because the first one is in the
children's section so you have to wade through Raffi, Shari Lewis &
LampChop, Disney, and Sesame Street to see if it's there.  Also, does
anybody know when the Andy Partridge EP will be out on Hello?  I'm
wondering if it's going to be bubble gum, more homo safari type stuff, or
demos for future recordings.

FYI:  Tower Records in Boston had a bunch of "XTC Demo Tracks" for $10
(which I think is pretty cheap for a Japanese Import, I think a record
store advertised it for $18 in a previous Little Express Issue).  It was in
a section with a bunch of other Japanese CDs.  Perhaps it can be found at
stores in the US.  Speaking of demos, I'm extremely jealous of those lucky
chalkhillians who have griboullage, anyone willing to dub it for me?

jason (obviously starved for new XTC music!)

     Jason C. Langley                  (508) 370-1522
     Member of Technical Staff         (508) 370-3212 Fax
     NYNEX Science & Technology
     350 Cochituate Road Room 206
     Framingham, MA 01701


Date: Fri, 25 Mar 1994 23:41:55 -0500 (EST)
From: "Jason C. Langley" <>
Subject: Re: EC & Kinks Recommend

Seeing as I haven't found 'Cherry in your Tree' and can't comment on any new
XTC music, I thought I'd pipe in on some other artists mentioned recently.

>However, as a big fan of both bands, I never made the connection until your
>message. If you're new to EC, dive in and have fun. Here's my recommend-
>ations: 1) "Trust," 1980. It'll always be one of my faves (but it's not that
>XTC-sounding. Comments?) 2) Blood and Chocolate, 1984 (even less) 3) King of
>America, 1985 (forget it by now)

I don't see much of a connection between Elvis Costello and XTC.  But then
again I don't get 99% of the comparisions made here on chalkhills, it's a bit
subjective but I think XTC is so idiosyncratic that I can't honestly think
of any other artists that sound like them.  Sure there are others that have
The same sensibilities great tunes, lyrics, hooks, arrangements, and
productions, but comparing others to XTC (excluding Martin Newell/Cleaners
>From Venus) is kind of the kiss of death for me (case in point first
Posies record).  That said, keep making the comparisions that's what makes
it all interesting.

Beyond the cheesy farfisa similarities between Steve Nieve from the
Attractions and Barry Andrews, and they were in the 'new wave' camp
at the time, Elvis and Andy Partridge are to my mind in the company of a
handful of exceptional songwriters or tunesmiths in the last 10-15 years.

It's really hard to go wrong with Elvis Costello from 1977-1986.
My favorite is _Imperial Bedroom_ of which I have an unexplainable love for,
followed by _Get Happy_, and _King of America.  _Trust_ is also excellent
(not to mention _Armed Forces_).

>Also, like XTC, he has some real flops, too. Like "Goodbye, Cruel World"

God, I forgot about that one.  _Goodbye, Cruel World_  reigns supreme
in the flop category.  To be honest I was really disappointed with
_Blood and Choclate_, _Spike_ and _Mighty Like A Rose_; I'm still
grappling with the new record.

Bite your tongue, XTC doesn't have any flops!!

>To Marshall V. Pierce, who was looking for a first Kinks album to try out:

>Since you're an XTC fan (or you wouldn't be writing this list), I'd strongly
>recommend _The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society_, the
>precursor to XTC's _Mummer/Big Express/Skylarking_ pastoral phase, or _Arthur
>and the Decline and Fall of the British Empire_.

Absolutely!  I'd also add _Something Else_ to that short list

>There's also the two-disc set _The Kinks Kronikles_, which anthologizes this
>period but might be a bit much for a Kinks beginner.  Good listening!

It's kinda like recommending _Waxworks_ or _The Compact XTC_ to an XTC
beginner instead of buy them all!  _The Kinks Kronikles_ is an excellent
compilation of that period, plus it includes great singles/songs not on the
albums: Days, Dead End Street, Autumn Almanac, and This Is Where I Belong.
I find it hard to recommend any of the albums prior to _Face to Face_ but
Rhino has a good compilation of early period "British Invasion" Kinks (You
Really Got Me, All Day and All the Night, Set Me Free, Till the End of the
Day, Tired of Waiting for You, and A Well Respected Man).  Does anyone
have/know about the _The Great Lost Kinks Album_?  Supposely it was a
companion to _The Kinks Kronikles_ but I've never seen it.

In the latest Little Express Andy Partridge mentions in an interview
"...that's the big flaw in all the Dukes things.  We ended up realizing
that we hadn't touched on the Who." _The Who Sell Out_ came out in 1967,
and probably would have been the source.  The songs are linked by
jingles from various pirate radio stations, and pseudo-jingles/songs by the
Who some hilarious ('Odorono', 'Medac'), and are mostly all gems. 'Armenia
City in the Sky' and 'I can  see for miles' and 'Relax' were stabs at
psychedelia.  Of course _Tommy_ (and later _Who's Next_ and
_Quadrophenia_) completely overshadowed _The Who Sell Out_, but it's well
worth checking out.

The Small Faces (the"Second Greatest Mod Band") are also well worth
ckecking out circa 1967 era if you like the Dukes, Kinks, Who.  _There are
but Four Small Faces_ includes 'Itchycoo Park' and is excellent not to
mention the classic _Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake_ which might have been a
source for the spoken word segues on _Psonic Psunspot_.  Both have been
released on CD by Sony.

I'm curious as to which Chalkhillians are Bubble gum experts, if and
when Andy's bubble gum songs are released it will be a chore to detect who
he's mimicking (all I know is the Archies).

enough rambling

     Jason C. Langley                  (508) 370-1522
     Member of Technical Staff         (508) 370-3212 Fax
     NYNEX Science & Technology
     350 Cochituate Road Room 206
     Framingham, MA 01701


From: (Joe Kopera)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #335
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 94 15:38:32 -0500
Organization: Channel Zero -- Baltimore, MD

In <> <> writes:

Hey, I've been hearing rumors that XTC is coming out with a new album sometime
this year.  Are these Rumors true?  If so, around when will it come out and
what is it supposed to be called?


Organization: SLAIS, UBC
Date:         26 Mar 94 17:23:59 GM+5
Subject:      it's snowing angels/where in the store is carmen sandiego?

Where exactly is it written that It's Snowing Angels is a Dukes song?
It's not credited as such on the Windowbox cover is it?  (I've seen
the cover but don't have it)  I think it's just another Andy demo,
but I keep seeing references to it in the discography and elsewhere
as the Dukes.  It certainly _sounds_ like it was written for the
Dukes (i.e. the blatant rewriting of Mellow Yellow), but I wouldn't
say it was _by_ the Dukes anymore than Rip van Ruben is by XTC.

I can't find this damn Carmen Sandiego thing.  What section of the
record store does it appear in?  Is it a soundtrack?  A children's
album?  What else is on it? (I understand there's a They Might Be
Giants song.  What's that like?)  Has anyone transcribed the lyrics
to Cherry in Your Tree?  It probably isn't being released in


From: "Smith, Daniel R." <>
Subject: cheery in your tree + change my world
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 94 09:09:00 est


after a sunday *full* (no less than 30 times each!) of "cherry in your tree"
and "change my world" i check my chalkhills to see if anyone commented about
johnny nexdor and his neighbors.  ha!  or course, the good mr. relph was

after hearing "cherry in your tree" about 5 times i took a break.  my steph
took a shot at the disc and said:  "change my world" sounds like andy!  so i
took a listen and it does!  the music is sorta 50ish.  every other song in
the booklet will tell you who does the vocals, or who performed the song
(with clarity) except "change my world."  the vocals are not listed but it
says performed by Johnny Nexdor & His Neighbors.

hmmm...  no picture of the group either, unlike the other guest songs...

sound fishy at all?

i thought "cherry in your tree" was good, but i wonder if they had any
problem getting it on a "kids" disc, per se?  it is getting some air play
here in washington on 99.1 WHFS.

that's all


Date: Fri, 25 Mar 94 15:42:42 PST
From: (T-Top)
Subject: Introduction

       I was told to introduce myself, so here goes:

I'm 22 years of age, and been into XTC about 3 years now.  I'm an
aspiring songwriter who's favorite groups are the Beach Boys and XTC.
I'm thrilled to see there's actually a mailing list.  Andy has so much
Brian Wilson in him...  The first time I heard the Beach Boys "Our Sweet
Love" off of the _Sunflower_ album, I would've swore I was listening to
XTC. :)

       Anyway, don't have any big questions or anything.  Any clue of
any new album projects?  Is Andy's divorce final?

Anyway, happy to be here...



Date: Sat, 26 Mar 1994 17:26:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: terry kroetsch f <>
Subject: gentle gary green giant

Well the Little Express got my interest going with the info about
guitarist-extraordinaire Gary Green of Gentle Giant. Does anyone know
anything else about him?


1/ Where is he? Can I contact him?
2/ Are there recordings? XTC cover tunes?
3/ Any REAL plans of GG reunion

I guess he was at the XTC convention and had a good time. Did he play as well?



Date: Mon, 28 Mar 94 15:20:45 PST
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Hendrix/Dylan MISTAKE

"John Relph" <> (that's ME) wrote:
>Wesley Van Kilgore <> writes:
>>       (1) Did XTC do any other covers beside the Hendrix one on White Noise
>    26) Did XTC do any other covers beside the Hendrix one on _White Music_?
>    XTC cover Jimi Hendrix' "All Along the Watchtower" on their _White
>    Music_ album.

As a fair number of you pointed out, the above is incorrect.  Yes, I
made a mistake.  Sorry about that.  I knew that Bob Dylan wrote the
song.  Really.  You can trust me.  I just reacted to Wesley's question
instead of thinking first and writing later.  Oops.  At least I caught
the fact that XTC's first album was called _White Music_, not _White
Noise_.  As if that's any consolation.

        -- John


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