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Subject: Chalkhills #335

                  Chalkhills, Number 335

                 Wednesday, 23 March 1994
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                     Re: Tralfamadore
                New to the group (sort of)
                CT Dummies XTC influence.
                  return o'blabbermouth
                     Pilars = Pliars?
                 Re: Dukes' Inspirations
                      Survey Update
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                      phoenix phacts
                 Paris Promotions (grr!)
                     Chalkhills #334
                     The Wild Party!
                   XTC recommendations
                     Chalkhills #334


Date: Sun, 20 Mar 94 14:51:23 PST
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Re: Tralfamadore

Wesley Van Kilgore <> writes:
>        As a black man, I feel that Human Alchemy is the sincerest
>expression of remorse about slavery I've ever heard from any white person.

And a good video, too!

>        (1) Did XTC do any other covers beside the Hendrix one on White Noise

I've put this one in the FAQ, to wit,

    26) Did XTC do any other covers beside the Hendrix one on _White Music_?

    XTC cover Jimi Hendrix' "All Along the Watchtower" on their _White
    Music_ album.

    XTC also cover Captain Beefheart's "Ella Guru" on the _Fast & Bulbous:
    A Tribute to Captain Beefheart_ compilation album, originally released
    in the UK in June 1988.  "Ella Guru" was later released on some
    versions of the _Mayor of Simpleton_ single.

    David Dreams covers "Third Stone from the Sun" on the _``If 6 Was 9'':
    A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix_ compilation album, originally released in
    April 1990.  David Dreams is Dave Gregory on all instruments.

    Colin's Hermits cover The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields" on the _1967:
    Through the Looking Glass_ compilation album, originally released in
    1990.  The `band' consists of Dave Gregory on all instruments with
    Andy Partridge on vocals.

    XTC were known to play some covers in concert, notably the theme song
    from the UK TV show _Fireball XL-5_.

>        (2) What was the extent of the XTC-River Phoenix relationship,
>other than River mentioning the band in every interview.

Apparently he was a big XTC fan, dropped by the studio during the
recording of _Oranges and Lemons_.  Don't think there was any more
than that, just a fan.

        -- John


Date: Sun, 20 Mar 1994 22:32:32 -0500 (EST)
From: Christopher Swartout <>
Subject: New to the group (sort of)

Hello. My name is Chris Swartout and I live in New York City. I have been
an XTC fan since I frequented a record store run by an XTC fan during my
high school days in 1979. I am sad to say I have never seen them live.
Best records are Drums & Wires, Black Sea, Skylarking, and Nonsuch.
I have been monitoring the list for a few weeks and it's great to find
real fans such as myself. I have no great stories to tell, but my wife and
I (she's English, for what that's worth) were driving back to Suffolk from
Devon last year, and I insisted that we stay the night in Swindon. We
ended up at a Trusthouse Forte Hotel (sort of like Holiday Inn) and I
looked up C. Moulding and A. Partridge in the local phone directory. I
found the numbers but couldn't bring myself to phone. Anyway, Swindon is
no paradise, but no matter. I apologize for this being so stupid and
boring. Just the ramblings of another crazed fan...



From: Jonathan Avrum Schubert <>
Subject: CT Dummies XTC influence.
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 1994 21:45:56 -0800 (PST)

In interviews, Brad Roberts, lead singer/guitarist/songwriter (i.e.
the brains) consistently names XTC as being his favourite band, the
band that has influenced him the most. He also said, early on (around
the release of their debut), that his aim as a writer was to be able
to write music as close to XTC style/calibre as possible (I guess I'm
just repeating myself here). Their first "hit", "Superman's Song",
was in a kind of XTC vein (please see "Super, Supergirl", "Braniac's
Daughter"...). It's no wonder, considering that they're from
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, which, as far as I know, has the greatest
per capita number of XTC fans anywhere.
The Dummies are heavily influenced by XTC, but are not nearly as
clever, so it's kind of ironic that former's first two albums are
not really that far from the sales achieved by the latter's whole
(I'm not joking)


Date: Mon, 21 Mar 94 10:14:47 EST
From: Jeff Rosedale <>
Subject: return o'blabbermouth

Those who listen to XTC love sound. Like the sound of Jackie Gleason
shouting the word "blabbermouth"...

Back to XTCstatic reality. The COFFEE-GRINDER solo on love at first
sight sight sight sight sight is attributed to Andrew Melonhead

In other news, Adrian Belew was live on the radio recently doing some
unplugged sort of stuff (sounded a whole lot better than inner
revolution material) and among other things mentioned XTC first in a
very short list of modern bands he likes.  In a leading sort of way,
the next few sentences hinted at bands he'd like to produce, and he
said that he like to produce bands by letting them be themselves and
bringing out the best points.  Indulge me for a moment:  Adrian
produces the next LP from the Lemon Dukes...

Best DG solos:  I'm a sentimentalist at heart, so the one I love best
is the first one I heard- on Reel by Real.  Has anyone else ever
noticed that the solo on the album is ever so slightly different at the
end than on any live performance?  Curious!  I like the album solo
And about Books are burning:  I get this funny uncomfortable sensation
that the reason the guitar duel was detailed out in the credits was
because Andy fully intended to outshine Dave on this particular
occasion and that's how the thing was designed/planned.  Andy's got one
hell of a brain but I think Dave wins the Nimble Digit award in the

Think about being a guitar player trying to learn Barry Andrews'
keyboard parts.  Can we organize a group to storm the music archives of
the UK until we find the GO 2 material with Dave Gregory that Andy
mentioned in his last interview?   Or take up a collection to bribe
someone at Virgin so they'll at least release it to the fan club? ARGH!

And what about John, our listowner?  How did you get involved in XTC,
John?  Just the forensic curiosity of another victim...

                        B L A B B E R M O U T H  ! ! !



Date: 21 Mar 94 09:47:41 EST
From: Kyle Skrinak <>
Subject: Pilars = Pliars?

>>I was shocked to note how similar the sound and feel of a lot the songs are
to early XTC.  Does anyone else agree with this, or had I just drunk too much
tea at the time?

FIrst of all, please be more specific! E.C. has been all over the musical
globe. So, I'll presume that you're refering to either "Armed Forces" or
"This Year's Model," which can safely be dumped together, musically. That
said, yea, there is an interesting similarity. The quirkiness and beatles
influence weaves nicely through the composition. And it's got that "New Wave"
thing going on.

However, as a big fan of both bands, I never made the connection until your
message. If you're new to EC, dive in and have fun. Here's my recommend-
ations: 1) "Trust," 1980. It'll always be one of my faves (but it's not that
XTC-sounding. Comments?) 2) Blood and Chocolate, 1984 (even less) 3) King of
America, 1985 (forget it by now) Like XTC, he does a lot of stuff that
doesn't get to disk. Also, like XTC, he has some real flops, too. Like
"Goodbye, Cruel World"

Unrelatedly, thanks to the individual who wished to use a Todd Rundgren disk
as a flying device, I've been listening to much TR. And it's a good thing! If
you have the opportunity, rev up "Something, Anything" "A Wizard, A True
Star," and listen to an inventiveness, uniqueness and talent that is
seriously lacking in American pop music. And for anyone who maintains that
Andy Partridge is an excellent home music producer, (I think that he's simply
adequate) this'll blow that contention out to sea! TR was doing things with
technology in 1970 that still beats current production values. (Am I a
fanboy, or what?! <G>) Actually, I'm strangely partial to his latest release,
"No World Order."

As for a previous message, Dick Gregory is a pretty funny comedian. I don't
think he plays guitar, though. So his solos may not be that good.


Date: Mon, 21 Mar 94 13:49:05 EST
Subject: Re: Dukes' Inspirations

> Let's see some attempts at identifying the original band/record
> inspiring *each track* on the Dukes albums (some are much easier to
> spot than others...)

Off the top of my head, 'Mole in the Ministry' seems like a bow to the
Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour in general and 'I am the Walrus' in
particular.  'Bike Ride to the Moon' reminds me a lot of the very Syd
Barrett-influenced first Pink Floyd album (A Piper at the Gates of Dawn),
such as 'See Emily Play'.


Subject: Survey Update
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 1994 14:24:38 -0500 (EST)


 The response to the first Great Chalkhills Demographic Survey has been
 excellent with 54 or so responses so far, for better than 20% of actual
 Chalkhillians (I think).  Thanks for all your responses; I plan to get to
 correlating within the next week or so with results to be posted sometime

 For all you Chalkhillians who missed the survey and are not satisfied
 with Madison, WI as the XTC fan capitol of the U.S., or other such XTC
 Chalkhills trivia, mail me at and I'll send you
 your very own survey.  It's not to late to be recognized!

 "He who hesitates is lost" (as the seagull screams).

 Timothy M. Schreyer               
 Software Technology R&D                     (215) 648-2475
 Unisys Government Systems Group             FAX: (215) 648-2288
 PO Box 517, Paoli, PA 19301


Date: Mon, 21 Mar 94 13:50:18 PST
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #334

Mike Mooney ( presents a challenge:

> Let's see some attempts at identifying the original band/record
> inspiring *each track* on the Dukes albums (some are much easier to
> spot than others...)

Perhaps this should be added to the FAQ list.  Opinions? (Allan Blackman) asks some random questions:
>This is probably a FAQ; if so please forgive me for wasting bandwidth. What's
>the story with _Life Begins at the Hop_ from Drums and Wires?

Yes, it is, and I quote from the "Answers to Frequently Asked Questions"

    21) What's with the Virgin UK CD of _Drums and Wires_?

    There are two different CDs and three different sleeves for this CD.
    The first CD was the original Virgin UK release, which listed only the
    songs from the original LP on the sleeve, but in fact also contained
    the songs from the original bonus single, "Limelight" and "Chain of
    Command", and does not contain "Life Begins at the Hop".  The second
    CD contains the same songs, but lists "Life Begins At The Hop" as well
    as the bonus songs, on the sleeve.  It is also a Virgin UK release.
    The third CD also includes "Life Begins At The Hop" and has been
    issued in Japan, the USA, and in the "Collectors Edition 3 Limited
    Edition Picture Discs" box from Virgin UK.

>I felt sure that the version of D&W in the 3CD picture disc boxed set
>(Go2, D&W, Black Sea) would have the song on it, but to my chagrin I
>discovered yesterday that it wasn't, just when I jad made up my mind to
>buy the set.

Ah, but it does!  I know because I have that set and the song is
definitely on the _Drums and Wires_ CD.  Here's the discography entry:

  3. Drums and Wires

     Making Plans for Nigel; Helicopter; Day In Day Out; When You're Near Me I
     Have Difficulty; Ten Feet Tall; Roads Girdle the Globe; Life Begins at the
     Hop; Chain of Command; Limelight; Real by Reel; Millions; That is the Way;
     Outside World; Scissor Man; Complicated Game.

     l. CD, Virgin UK, CDVP 2129, 1990.  limited edition picture disc, included
        in Collectors' Edition: 3 Limited Edition Picture Discs (TPAK 4).

>Ditto with _Dear God_ - am I right in saying that this is on the US
>version of Skylarking, in place of _Mermaid Smiled_? Again, another
>song I've got to have.

Correct.  Buy the _Dear God_ CD EP, a wonderful seven-track compilation
which includes "Dear God" and the entire Homo Safari series.  I believe it
is still in print, so should be easily available.  (I saw it just the
other day.)

John Pescador FYI <> asks:
>Does Paris Promotion still exist?  I have an old flier from them as "The
>Official XTC Merchandise Brochure" they only accepted Pounds Sterling so
>I never mailed them.

Sorry, Paris Promotions, run by Andy Partridge's brother-in-law, went out
of business a few years ago.  As of this moment there is no authorized
distributor of official XTC paraphrenalia.  By the way, the `song' "No One
Here Available" was recorded for the aforementioned brother-in-law".

Jonathan Avrum Schubert <> asks:

>        I have two questions regarding the Dukes:
>1. Is there any unreleased stuff, i.e. not on 25/PS?

There is one other song credited to The Dukes of Stratosphear which can be
found on the _Window Box_ tape (given away to attendees of the XTC Music
and Friends Convention 1991), a song entitled "It's Snowing Angels".  Very
much in the Donovan vein, and a good song.

>3. Look, I know that I only said two questions, but I would ALSO like
>to know when the 25 songs were actually written (I can tell that they
>were written years and years before PS, anyways).

Probably written not long before the album was recorded.  Incidentally,
"Mole From The Ministry" was actually written in the studio while _25
O'Clock_ was being recorded.  The members of XTC were too young to have
recorded a psychadelic album during the original psychadelic era, but they
loved it so much that they decided to pretend it was still 1967 and they
recorded _25 O'Clock_.  In 1984.  Released 1 April 1985 (the anniversary
is coming up soon).  Here's a comment from Andy Partridge concerning
"Little Lighthouse" from the liner notes to _Jules Verne's Sketchbook_:

  ``This West Coast style blatz was written for
    SKYLARKING in 1985.  It reminds me of bands like
    `Moby Grape' etc.  `. . .Cross the black and fossil
    oceans vast, I see love and she doth brightly burn. . .''

Brookes McKenzie <> is a collection of disorderly
>_golden cleaners_ - could someone who has it kindly tell the rest of us
>what the number of the album is

It's "Tang CD3" from Tangerine Records in the UK.

>does anyone know how to obtain the "dear madam barnum" demo?

Weren't we just speaking of _Gribouillage_?  The only known legitimate
source of the demo of "Dear Madam Barnum" (and "Humble Daisy").  Very
rare.  (Bloody in fact.)  Good luck.

>when exactly is the new _carmen sandiego_ supposed to come out?

It is out!  It's called _Carmen Sandiego Out Of This World_ and as has
been pointed out, the XTC song is called "Cherry In Your Tree".  Good
song.  However, listen to "Change My World", and answer this question:
just who IS "Johnny Nexdor"?

I'll leave you with that question.  Until next time, peace.

        -- John


Organization: SLAIS, UBC
Date:         21 Mar 94 14:58:46 GM+5
Subject:      phoenix phacts

Didn't I hear somewhere that XTC recorded a version of "My Train Is
Coming" with River Phoenix playing guitar on it?  They did thank him
on the credits to O&L.  Also, Paul Fox, who produced that album,
produced the track that Phoenix's band Aleka's Attic contributed to
the Tame Yourself compilation.  Actually, this song sounds a lot like
XTC and is quite interesting, although River's voice is pretty weak.
Was there any reaction from anyone in the band to his death?


Date: Mon, 21 Mar 1994 17:35:53 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Kinks

To Marshall V. Pierce, who was looking for a first Kinks album to try out:

Since you're an XTC fan (or you wouldn't be writing this list), I'd strongly
recommend _The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society_, the
precursor to XTC's _Mummer/Big Express/Skylarking_ pastoral phase, or _Arthur
and the Decline and Fall of the British Empire_.  The American CDs of both are
really crappy sounding (there wasn't a bit of digital remastering on either,
far as I can tell), but the music's still first-rate.

Really, you can't go wrong with any Davies creation from 1966 through 1971.
To wit:

Face To Face (hard to find in U.S.)--1966
Something Else--1967
Village Green Preservation Society--1968
Lola vs. Powerman and the Moneygoround--1970
Muswell Hillbillies--1971

There's also the two-disc set _The Kinks Kronikles_, which anthologizes this
period but might be a bit much for a Kinks beginner.  Good listening!


Miles K. Goosens


Date: 21 Mar 94 20:06:47 EST
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: Paris Promotions (grr!)

   Re: Chalkhills #334, in which John Pescador asks about
Paris Promotions... Paris Promotions!!, slowly I turn... ;-)
   Oh John of Pescador, you're a wiser man than I! Why? 'cause you
didn't send any money to "The Swindon Swindler" (not my words)!
   I mailed them big bucks (er, pounds), and I'll I got was a
couple of lousy T-shirts and a few buttons. All I did NOT get
was the other T-shirts and sweatshirts I ordered, and a lot of
money back when the aforesaid items did not arrive. I'm still
   Paris Promotions was an XTC merchandising concern run by Andy's
(now ex-) wife Marianne's brother, name of Rob Wyborn. I actually
phoned Mr. Wyborn (number given to me by June & Peter Dix) at his
home and asked him what the deal was on my order/refund.
   Maybe I caught him at a bad time (screaming crying babies heard
in the background), but he sounded very evasive and ended by telling
me he'd check it out and call me back in a week. And the weeks passed...
   I later mailed him a copy of my order and also a copy of the
large Pound Sterling money order I previously mailed him, but no dice
(or shirts, or money).
   At the 1991 Canadian XTC Convention, a large card was set up so
fans could write messages to XTC. One co-rip-off-ee wrote upon it:
"Hey Andy, tell your brother-in-law, the Swindon Swindler, to send
me back my money!".
   Anyways, as the late FZ sed, "save yo money don't go to the show".
---> Steve


Date: Tue, 22 Mar 94 01:54:00 BST
Subject: Chalkhills #334

Golden Cleaners by The Cleaners From Venus is on Tangerine Reconds and the
number is TANG CD3.  The CD booklet says the address is:
                 12 The Close, Queens Walk,
                 Thornton Cleveleys,
                 Lancs FY5 1JX, England

                 Telephone 0253 853 296

It also says to send a self-addressed envelope (with British postage, I
assume) for mail order catalogue.

The CD booklet also advertises the same two poetry books that are mentioned
in the CD booklet for The Greatest Living Englishman.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Grand Theft Canoe sounds intriguing.  So where can you get their albums in
or around Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I FINALLY got my Little Express and it sure brought back some wonderful
memories of the Princeton convention and all the great people who shared it!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As for recommended Kinks' albums, my personal favorite has always been
Arthur, but I like every one that I have.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Peace, fellow Chalkhillians,


Date: Tue, 22 Mar 94 9:08:01 PST
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: The Wild Party!

I wrote to Robert Wegmann and ordered his new CD _The Wild Party_.  I
received the CD yesterday along with a letter from Robert, from which
I'll quote:

    the order form is brilliant!!  why i haven't thought to do
    so eludes me, too logical!  as for your friends tell them
    $7.00 U.S. bucks $1.50 postage and $2.50 anywhere else.
    like I said 18 tunes such a deal.

    about "martin newell", i got the "greatest living
    englishman" and was blown away.  but i had no idea who or
    what he was?  i feel he and i are kindred spirits musically,
    now i hear the clara bow thing, kinda scary!!

Okay, so that's US$8.50 (includes postage) for the Robert Wegmann CD
_The Wild Party_ within the U.S. and US$9.50 outside the U.S.  Send
your orders to:

    Fumiko Records
    803 E. Chelsea St.
    Tampa, FL  33603

In my letter to Robert I mentioned the Martin Newell/Cleaners From Venus
song "Clara Bow" on the _Golden Cleaners_ compilation because all of
Robert's albums are named after Clara Bow movies.  An interesting

In any case, I guess I should tell you that I like the record.  I gave
it a few spins last night and was struck by a few things.  The song
"She's Not" sounds quite a bit like XTC's "Dying", at least in the
verse.  "The Pirate Song", first recorded for the _Poisoned Paradise_ LP
and recorded afresh here, sounds a lot like XTC, with whistling, ships
bells, and a very hummable hook.  Great song.  "Messages" reminds me of
the Bill Nelson's Red Noise song "Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric)", with
dissonant guitar fills and jerky (even quirky) rhythms.  (Some people
may even compare it with early XTC.)  "Losing My Hair" is another old
song rerecorded for this album, I guess Robert was feeling a little
touchy about his receding hairline!  And the closing track, "Innocence",
is an hypnotic ballad with Indian overtones, complete with tamboura,
sitar and wordless glissandi vocals.

Wish I had brought the CD and some headphones to work!


Subject: XTC recommendations
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 94 08:10:55 +0100
From: Joachim Weisbrod <>

Hi everybody,
could some of you please help me to get into XTC?
What should I buy/hear first?

I like Elvis Costello, Squeeze, Crowded House, ...

Please reply via email since I'm not (yet?) subscribed
to this list.

Thanks a lot,
-- Achim.


From: (Mike Gervasi)
Date: 22 Mar 94 13:22:59 -0500
Subject: Chalkhills #334
Organization: FidoNet:

chthe story with _Life Begins at the Hop_ from Drums and Wires? I've had
chthis CD for a few years and have always been disappointed that the
chabovementioned song wasn't on it, despite the track listing on the cover
chI felt sure that the version of D&W in the 3CD picture disc boxed set
ch(Go2, D&W, Black Sea) would have the song on it, but to my chagrin I
chdiscovered yesterday that it wasn't,

  THat's strange. My Picture disk from the three disk set has it. Right
after "Roads Girdle The Globe".

chSubject: Paris Promotions

chDoes Paris Promotion still exist?  I have an old flier from them as "The
chOfficial XTC Merchandise Brochure"

  I sent a request for a catalog and got a returned envelope with something
to the effect of "Out of business" on it. Too bad, I really wanted some

------------------------------------------------ Mike
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