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                  Chalkhills, Number 325

                 Monday, 7 February 1994
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               Green Jello: Cereal Killers
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                   Re: Chalkhills #324
                Andy Partridge Experience
                 The Vega/XTC connection
                 % Phillip the fig man %
                   Re: Chalkhills #324
                      Terry Chambers
                     Introducing Me.
          Female XTC Fans/Cratchety Old XTC Fans
         Partdridge sighting in Keyboard magazine
                      Re: Skylarking
         Bags of fun with... Random XTC thoughts!
                       beatles list
                 More Random Thoughts...
              Several comments and questions
                  Big XTC female fan!!!


Date: Thu, 3 Feb 94 16:14:34 PST
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Green Jello: Cereal Killers

Just to quell the rumours which have not been flying about, the song
"Tripping On XTC" on Green Jello:'s album _The Cereal Killer Soundtrack_
has absolutely NOTHING to do with the band XTC.  Nothing.  Funny album,
nonetheless, perfect for kids.  Heh heh.

        -- John


Date:   Fri, 4 Feb 1994 03:44:11 -0800
From: Wendi Dunlap <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #324

Just have to pop in here to point out that I too subscribe to Chalkhills,
and I am female. I'm just kind of quiet, on here anyway. :)

Regarding bands that XTC fans might like: I must mention the Posies, of
course. From Seattle, but not the "Seattle sound," these guys are
admittedly heavily influenced by XTC. Their second album (and first
major-label release) Dear 23 was produced by John Leckie, and it's
probably the best album to check out if you haven't heard the band before.

Incidentally, Jon Auer of the Posies produced and played on a certain
local musician's album under the pseudonym "Swindon Spundgren," thus
revealing to those in the know TWO of his influences. :)

I manage the Posies mailing list, so those who are interested can contact
me for more info. :)

Wendi A. Dunlap | * Seattle, Washington
words,music,art | Sysop of Slumberland BBS, (206) 547-2629, 3/12/24/96
I'm listening to: "Other Side" -- Beat Happening


Date: Fri, 4 Feb 1994 08:16:01 +0000
From: (Ron Henry)

  >   From:
  >Is there some law that says that you have to dislike Dear God if you
  >like Mermaid Smiled?  I happen to really like both of them.  Of

No law that *I* know of.... <smile>

  >I don't see why Rundgren deserved special
  >credit for linking all the songs together; XTC does this on EVERY
  >album, although Skylarking is the only album where it's really

I guess I was under the impression that the "credit" XTC gave Todd for the
Skylarking song-concept things was so that no one would think *they* were
responsible for it (that is, they didn't necessarily approve of it,
themselves at the time, though of course the mellowing of the
Partridge/Rundgren animosity has been chronicled here many times)....

Ron H


Date:         Fri, 04 Feb 94 09:33:03 EST
From: Karen <>
Subject:      Re: Chalkhills #324

Hi to all,

I've been reading this list for a long time and have decided I'd better
speak up as another female XTC fan, since everyone seems to think they're
only appreciated by men. I've loved them since "Senses Working Overtime"
came out and "English Settlement" is still my favorite album (with "Sky-
larking" a very close second). I was a student DJ at a women's college and
played them all the time so I KNOW there are other female fans out there!
I have to admit that there is at least one song generally on every album
that I absolutely hate, but the great songs are so wonderful, they make it
easy to ignore the bad stuff (I do wish they'd stay away from political
topics. Both Andy and Colin can write incredible lyrics but they have a real
problem when they try to say something "important," I think.)

Other artists I like: Elvis Costello, Beatles, Kinks, Posies, Squeeze, Jam,
lots more. Just thought I'd speak up for us female fans!



Date: Fri, 4 Feb 1994 09:31:08 -0500 (EST)
From: "Jason C. Langley" <>
Subject: Andy Partridge Experience

I just saw the Tom Petty special on Disney.  The part about the Traveling
Wilburys made me think back a few postings and the comments about the Andy
Partridge Experience or who people would like to see Andy play with.  For
my money I'm more interested in seeing him collaborate with other writers
in a Wilburys sort of way, than a supergroup of musicians (Robert Fripp,
Barry Andrews, Stewert Copeland, etc.).  Allright so heres my picks: name
of the group and fake names of members are welcome!

Group:  Elvis Costello, Ray Davies, Mike Nesmith, Andy Partridge, Richard

Honorable mention: Roger McGuinn, Robyn Hitchcock

Wouldn't it be nice: Syd Barrett, Brian Wilson

Musical arranger: Dave Gregory

Producer: ?

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Date: Fri, 4 Feb 1994 9:09:41 -0600 (CST)
Subject: The Vega/XTC connection wanted to know if Andy Partridge had anything to
do with Suzanne Vega's awesome album _99.9 F(degrees)_.
        I have no idea.
I _do_ remember, however, that she specifically cited an XTC influence on
her previous effort _Days of Open Hand_, and especially the song "Book
of Dreams."  She said that this was her attempt at an XTC song!  Maybe
it's just the vast difference in voice qualities, but I have kind of a
hard time picturing that one.  It's probably just me.
                                                -John Voorhees


Date: 04 Feb 94 09:07:16 EST
From: Kyle Skrinak <>
Subject: % Phillip the fig man %

>>* I am female, and I know almost *no* female XTC fans, except my sisters who
after years of being forced to listen to it have decided they love it.

I have many good female XTC-fanatic companions, who simply either lack 1) a
computer, or 2) the urge to go on-line and discuss their compulsion.

and they always go nuts when I tell them the dirt I learn hear!



From: William Carroll <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #324
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 94 09:17:12 -0500 (EST)

> If wealth of feeling is a currency then I'm the man who grew the money tree.

Is this a version I've never heard? My CD has "depth". Or did John suffer
>from a brain fart?

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Date: Fri, 04 Feb 1994 11:19:55 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Terry Chambers

     I believe it was Jeff Rosendale who mentioned the idea of having Terry
Chambers back in for an encore.  I'd love this too, since, as a drummer
myself, I really love Chambers's drumming on English Settlement.  Such perfect
examples of "playing for the song" instead of showing off.  As much as I
enjoy Dave Mattacks's work on Nonsuch, I believe this performance remains
     Unfortunately, according to the Chalkhills book, Terry hasn't played in
years, so the possibility of him appearing with XTC again doesn't seem too
     BTW, "Rook" was mentioned as a possibility for worst song.  (I'm afraid
I don't remember the poster's name.)  I definitely disagree - hearing this
song for the first time was a jaw-dropping experience, the moment that
convinced me that Nonsuch was not just a good XTC album, but a great one.
Well, everyone has his/her opinions...

                                      Pat Buzby
                                      Oberlin, OH


From: (Brendan Smith)
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 94 12:51:48 -0500
Subject: Introducing Me.

Hi, everybody.
Well, O.K., I just joined the XTC mailing list, so I'm pretty
proud of myself.  The intoductory greeting asked me to introduce
myself to the list, so here goes:

My name is The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith.  I live in Norwood, Massachusetts
in the U.S.A.  I attend college at Boston University.  I'm a junior as a
Philosophy and Religion major.

My friend imposed XTC on me in high school, forcing me to listen to Oranges
and Lemons until I admitted that it was an incredible album.  About a year
later, I got a copy of Skylarking and thought to myself, "Self, this XTC band
is really rather awesome."  I hadn't even heard "Dear, God" before that.
So, O&L definitely ranks in my top 10 favorite CDs, and Skylarking is wonderful
as well.  I heavily anticipated Nonsuch.  I don't know.  A lot a nice songs,
but a bit too sing-songy for me.  Plus "Smartest Monkeys" sounds like a bad
imitation of the best songs off O&L.

So, being a rational, athiest human being with fine musical taste, my two
favorite songs by the marvelous group XTC are: Merely a Man, and Dear, God.

I have _Rag and Bone Buffet_ and the Dukes of Stratosphere stuff as well, but
I do not have any full XTC albums before Skylarking, so if you would all like
to send me recomendations as to which I should look into, please do.

Besides XTC, my favorite performer is currently Tori Amos, and if anybody
needs any information on Tori, I am full of it, beind constantly updated on
the Tori mailing list.

And of course I'm wondering what the heck Andy, Colin, and Dave are up to right
now, but perhaps the FAQ and the next few digests will enlighten me.

Pleasure meeting you all!

                        --The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith


Date: Fri, 4 Feb 94 09:50:43 -0800
Subject: Female XTC Fans/Cratchety Old XTC Fans

Item Subject: Message text
Melinda (Hale?), in response to a curious comparison of XTC to Nirvana, writes:

> By the way...
> * I am female, and I know almost *no* female XTC fans, except my
> sisters who after years of being forced to listen to it have decided
> they love it.  Patty, I'm always glad to see you on here, makes me feel
> not so alone!

Add my wife Caroline to the list. She has no access to the 'net, and doesn't
seem to get the concept of newsgroups and mailing lists. But she was an XTC nut
>from the Black Sea era to the present day. I had nothing to do with that, since
I only met her four years ago.  Imagine my delight when I discovered the XTC
discography in her record rack (yep, LPs!) complete from White Music through
Skylarking! In fact, we were both present at the Hollywood Palladium that
infamous night in '82 when Andy couln't make it to the stage. Ah serendipity!

One other thing...

I wonder what the average age of the Chalkhills readership might be. John, have
you ever polled us on this? For the record, the wife and I are both 35 going on
21. I only ask because lately I'm seeing a lot of new posts starting off with
"I've been an XTC fan since O&L, before which I was in the womb and couldn't
hear the music very well (except for Nirvana, who sounded better back then...)"

- Jim
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From: (Neil Goldstein)
Subject: Partdridge sighting in Keyboard magazine
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 1994 10:48:10 -0800 (PST)

Just got the March 94 Keyboard Magazine. In the "Career update" section
there's a note:

"Possible odd couple of '95: ambient music master Harold Budd and XTC's
Andy Partridge, who have been talking about doing a collaborative project
next year".


Date: Fri, 4 Feb 1994 20:56:59 -0500 (EST)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: Re: Skylarking

> From:
> By continuity there I only mean musically.  As for Dear God spoiling
> the concept of Skylarking, I've always found this concept idea rather
> dubious.  John Lennon once said of Sgt Pepper, "This concept of Sgt
> Pepper's band doesn't exist; it only works because we said it works."
> I think this is true of Skylarking also; all this stuff about it
> being someone's lifetime or the progress of a day just doesn't hold
> up to any scrutiny, IMHO.  I don't see why Rundgren deserved special
> credit for linking all the songs together; XTC does this on EVERY
> album, although Skylarking is the only album where it's really
> effective.

        My own humble thoughts on the subject:
        Even if the concept is loose, it seems to work to some degree. I
mean, the whole recording process was decided by Rundgren, so he deserves
the concepual credit.
        Also, since "Dear God" was not initially released on the album, I
don't think the running order now is right. On the Geffen promo,
featuring an interview with Rundgren, "Dear God" /precedes/ "The Man Who
Sailed Around His Soul," which I think works perfectly. Since we're
discussing running orders, I'd like to suggest an track listing which
fits in the B-sides and goes with the "concept":
        [same tracks up to..]
        Season Cycle
        Earn Enouugh For Us
        Big Day
        Mermaid Smiled
        Another Satellite
        Dear God
        The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
        Sacrificial Bonfire

        And I think even the demos, except "Terrorism," might fit in too.
"Find The Fox" right after "That's Really Super, Supergirl," "The
Troubles" right after "Season Cycle" and "Let's Make a Den" right after
"Earn Enough For Us" or "Big Day" (take your pick).

        Derek Miner


Date: Fri, 4 Feb 1994 21:23:08 -0500 (EST)
From: Derek Miner <>
Subject: Bags of fun with... Random XTC thoughts!

On Thu, 3 Feb 1994 <> wrote:

> Derek Miner tells us about his video (and I'm really jealous):
> >         - A lengthy video of XTC in the studio rehearsing and recording.
> I bet this is GREAT

        Man, I am surprised. I thought some of the rabid XTC fans might
help me to identify the sources for these segments, but it seems that
most people haven't even seen the stuff. I knew it was kinda weird to see
a tape available... And suddenly my mailbox has something in it.
        But on the video... yes, the rehearsal tape is interesting.
"Lengthy" is a bit of a misnomer on my part , but it's got to be at least 15
minutes, which is longer than your average interview or music video.

And this surprised me:
> From: "John Relph" <>
> Subject: Re: XTC on video

> I had seen all the other clips you mentioned, but these I have not
> seen.  Derek, can I get a copy?  Trade you for something?

        Check your mailbox soon, John. But first...

> If wealth of feeling is a currency then I'm the man who grew the money tree.
        Isn't that "depth"??

        And on your answers:
> This is "The Road To Oranges And Lemons", a promotional film recorded
> to promote the release of, you guessed it, _Oranges and Lemons_.
> Or perhaps it is called "Where Did The Ordinary People Go?".

        Thank you for the answers, but they bring up more questions:
        Was that segment the entire "Road To Oranges and Lemons" video?
        How did you know what Colin's song was called?

And now we go to:
> From:
> Subject: My 1st XTC & Mathew Sweet
> One other top fiver is: They Might Be Giants, if you haven't checked em out
> Do it now (right John?).
>   Rick Rock...

        Is it just me or are a lot of XTC fans also TMBG fans? I see
quite a crossover. I think that being a fan of XTC or TMBG (or both) is
more common to internet people than the general public. Just an observation.
But I tend to follow this pattern of XTC/TMBG/Matthew Sweet and so on. I
would guess that the Beatles are a common interest for a lot of these
fans too (such as it is with me).

        And all this brings me to my final rambling about the Martin
Newell CD. I picked it up in Camelot Music where it was filed under
"Newell/Partridge," bearing a large red label: "Featuring Andy Partridge
of (even bigger print) XTC." And I heartily thank whoever said that this
was a must for fans of the Dukes and Skylarking. I particularly liked
"Goodbye Dreaming Fields" and "Christmas In Suburbia". Definitely XTC-ish
in some songs. And now that I've thrown in my 200 cents worth...

        Derek Miner


Organization: SLAIS, UBC
Date:         5 Feb 94 17:10:56 GM+5
Subject:      beatles list

Sorry to get off topic, but a bunch of XTC fans seems as good a group
of people to ask as any:

Is there a Beatles mailing list?  Before you tell me to look in the
MLOL guide, I'll tell you they don't have one listed.

I can't help but feel that the Beatles recording without John Lennon
is rather like XTC touring without Andy.  I've heard rumours that
McCartney et al. are actually going to overdub themselves onto
unfinished Lennon outtakes, which sounds rather ghoulish (although I
couldn't help but be curious about the results).  Otherwise,
I can't imagine what they would do, as Paul and George appear to have
nothing in common, personally or musically.  (Ringo, however, is
probably just happy to be there)

So how about Andy as a fourth Beatle (if Elvis Costello turns down the


Date: Sat, 5 Feb 94 04:56:00 BST
Subject: More Random Thoughts...

Regarding other artists that XTC fans may like, I'd throw Adrian Belew into
this pot.  During his latest solo acoustic tour, he took questions from the
audience and I asked him if he'd been influenced by Todd Rundgren because
I'd heard some similarities in some of their works, particularly lyrics.  He
responded that the similarities that I've heard were probably due to the
fact that he and Todd (whom he'd met only once) both were of the same
"vintage" and both cut their musical teeth on the Beatles and the British
Invasion.  He then said that there were a few bands that were out there that
also obviously were similarly influenced because they were making music that
was so reminiscent of those great days, such as XTC, which he singled out as
a real favorite of his.  I sent him a copy of Greatest Living Englishman but
never heard from him.  Anyway, I'm real nuts about his several albums, both
as a solo artist, with The Bears and King Crimson (who are recording again,
with Adrian)!

I'm a sucker for any album which, in a review, mentions any similarity to
XTC.  So I'm also anxious to hear from anyone who's heard Spent Poets!

Derek Miner's video sounds an awful lot like the stuff we saw at the last
XTC convention.  The Puppet Show video (where they go through their history
using toys and other objects as puppets) is especially hilarious!

For the reason mentioned above, I'm also anxious to hear Robert Wegmann.

As for not having heard Dave talk, there was a great taped interview with
him at the last XTC convention where he showed us his guitars and played
some stuff and generally talked.  I can't imagine ever meeting a nicer, more
unpretentious and likable guy.  I wish I'd seen him with Aimee Mann...!

The Brotherhood of Lizards?  Geez, I can't afford all this stuff!

Over and Out (for now!)
 Dean Zemel


Date: Sat, 5 Feb 94 13:12:29 EST
From: Michael Conner (EC) <>
Subject: Several comments and questions

        First of all I would like to say that I think it is great that there
is more "traffic" on this list lately.  It always brightens my day to read
each Chalkhill report.

        Next, I would like to comment on the Chris Twomey book.  Several
people have stated that the book does not go into the creative process
enough and put alot of effort into the business side of XTC.  Well,
personally I think that that is the kind of information that fans usually
never hear about.  I discovered XTC in late 1987, and had no idea until the
Twomey book the financial troubles of the band.  My friends and I loved
XTC, and thought that it was only a matter of time until they found their
way onto every play list.  We thought any day XTC would been the next "in"
band and then we would lose them to the pop powers that be.  The infomation
about the music and sessions of the band in also important, and would make
a wonderful companion work to Twomey's revealing and personal portrait of
the band.

        Can anyone help me get a copy of "The Bull with the Golden Guts"?
I hope it is not too late to get a copy.  Are there any other tapes
available other than this one and the Jules Verne tape?  How can a
working stiff with absolutely no connections, like myself get XTC videos?

        How about if I set a new thread of conversation! (COOL, I'v always
wanted to do that!)  Which XTC number, in your opinion, has the most commerial
sound?  Which is the best suited the tin ears of general radio listening
....... Excuse me, let me try that again!

Which song is the best suited for the tin ears of the general radio listening

My vote would go to Oranges & Lemon's "King for a Day".  It's slick,
assessable, and contains really cool background vocals!

See ya,


Date: Sun, 6 Feb 1994 22:11:34 -0600 (CST)
From: "David P. Hoff" <>
Subject: (none)

I want to add my 2 cents...
A band that must be heard by fellow chalkhillians is The Bears, a late
eighties four piece fronted by Adrian Belew (a definite for the "who
should play with Partridge" list).  They released two CD's:  The Bears,
and Rise And Shine, both on IRS/PMRC (Primitive Man Recording Co., *not*
Tipper Gore's clan!), and fortunately for you (unfortunately for The
Bears), they are both easily accessible in most cut-out bins for $5 or less.

Assuming you listen to XTC due to the songwriting and inspiring
musicality, I think you will really dig the Bears' stuff for the same reasons.

Does anyone out there have an opinion on The Bears, or Adrian Belew, that
they'd like to share?

BTW, my favorite Nonsuch tune is Wrapped In Grey, I can't fast-forward
over Bungalow quick enough, and I think Funk Pop a Roll was *the* song
that got me hooked!!  Being a drummer, I think the metronome-like rhythm
section during the chorus caught my ear; though it may have been poking
fun at the repetitive 'dance' wave of the early eighties (Duran Duran, et
al.), but what do I know?



Date: 7 Feb 94 10:17:45 CST
Subject: Big XTC female fan!!!
Organization: University of Wisconsin-Extension

In Chalkhills #324 Melinda wrote:

>*I am female, and I know almost *no* female XTC fans, except my

I am a very big XTC fan, and also noticed that there no not seem
to be many female fans.  I suppose those who do not have access to
a computer cannot be accounted for...but many of my friends who enjoy
XTC's music happen to be men.

Arlo wrote:

>trip shakespeare is still holding out as my favorite).

I too love Trip's music.  Glad to know that someone else enjoys them
as much as I do.  They have a beatlesque flavor to them, as does XTC,
don't you think?

Lynn B.


Date: Mon, 7 Feb 94 11:17:04 PST
From: John Relph <>
Subject: XTCyclopaedia
Organization: Chalkhills Anonymous

I have put together the rudiments of the XTCyclopaedia.  What I see so
far is a list of all the songs XTC have ever written, and a list of all
the versions of those songs that have been recorded (with the possible
exception of live recordings).  Also included?  Recording information,
availability information, such as a list of albums/singles on which this
version of the song can be found, notes from the band members, etc.
Mostly complete for the songs from _Rag & Bone_.  Who would like to

        -- John


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