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                Thursday, 13 January 1994
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                 Re: Whence The Cleaners?
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                      New Album....
        Introducing ... AND Q89 Aimee tour review
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                   Re: Chalkhills #317
                     Bad Moody Blues?
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                    Re: worst XTC song
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      andy in rolling stone/magazine index/producers

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 94 14:43:50 PST
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Re: Whence The Cleaners? (Patty Haley) asks:
>>Martin Newell went on to form The Brotherhood Of
>> Lizards with Nelson.
>Nelson who, John?  I know you don't mean those blond Scandinavian brothers
>(thankfully), but who this Nelson be?

I believe his name is really Peter Nice.  This I've deduced by
examining the credits to earlier Cleaners From Venus albums.

        -- John


Subject: CarMeN SanDIegO
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 94 18:28:26 -0500

>June did say that Colin has joined Andy in New York to do a
"bubble gum" style song for the forthcoming "Carmen Sandiego" CD

  DoeS anyone have any info on this CD. I was under the impression that
Carmen Sandiego was a computer game.

JoE Silva
Athens, GA
"BanG BanG" - MaxweLL


Date: 10 Jan 1994 16:03:40 -0800
From: "Steve Krause" <>
Subject: Re: worst XTC song

In his bottom-10 list of bad XTC songs, included:

> 7) Blue Overall (pointless dissonance)
> 8) Roads Girdle the Globe (ditto)

I don't think either of these songs are pointless or particularly
dissonant. Blue Overall distinguishes itself, if by nothing else,
with the "loved me/rubber-gloved me" couplet. And as for "Roads
Girdle the Globe," I think you'll find quite a few people rate
that song rather highly, at least in terms of late-1970s XTC.

If nominations are still open, I'll put forward "My Weapon" as the
low point in the XTC catalog, IMHO.



Date: Mon, 10 Jan 1994 16:38:24 +0800
From: (Barry Greenberg)
Subject: chalkhills posting

I just got a CD that might be of interest to XTC aficionados.
It's called Hat by erstwhile Frank Zappa sideman Mike Keneally.
Upon first listen it was obvious that Mike is heavily influenced
by XTC (in the liner notes, it gives special thanks to "XTC (the best)").
Track 22 (of 25) contains a 3 second sample from Mayor of Simpleton.  The
disc is a fairly diverse collection of material -- some sounding quite
XTC-ish, some sounding Zappa-ish, and some that is just plain weird.
The playing is quite good.  It's on a rather obscure label (the name
of which esacpes me) but I found it in Tower Records so it should
be widely available.  I'd be interested in other comments if anyone
has heard this disc.



Organization: 24th Street Exchange
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 94 16:32:05
Subject: HELLO...

My name is Steven Reule and I love XTC.

It's true.  I first got hooked by Drums And Wires when it came out and I've
spent the many years since listening to and buying their music.  I've got all
the albums, of course, and a bunch of other stuff, but am always searching for

In addition to my "day job", my wife and I recently opened a new and used CD,
tape, and record store here in Sacramento, called Obsessed With Music.  It's a
lot of fun so far.

About a year ago, I had the supreme privelege of meeting and talking to Andy
Partridge while he was here promoting Nonsuch.  It was one of the best
experiences of my life.  We talked for 10 or 15 minutes.  Yow!  I'll report
about it at length if anyone is interested.

Another high point was attending last year's XTC convention in Illinois.  It
was a little ways to go but the thrill of being in a romm full of 100 or so
total XTC fanatics was fantastic.  I can hardly wait for the next convention.

I'm pleased to finally get hooked up with Chalkhills, something I've been
meaning to do for a long time.  I can be reached at:

Internet: OR
Or on GEnie as S.REULE or on Prodigy as BCSP79A
Or at P.O. Box 216231 Sacramento, CA 95821-8231

Steven Reule aka Mixmaster Steve


Date: Tue, 11 Jan 1994 16:28:05 +1300
Subject: New Album....

Here's the first rumour for 1994 from my local CD shop proprietor who
got this from a Virgin New Zealand rep - expect the new XTC album in
May this year. Remember, you heard it here first!
Allan    (

PS - on the current Catherine Wheel thread - there's a song called
Catherine's Wheel on the new Crowded House album. Buy the album, be


From: Adrian Dover <>
Date: 11 Jan 94 11:17:03 GMT
Subject: Introducing ... AND Q89 Aimee tour review

Hi all,

i've been reading this list a couple of months now but i've waited
'til there's something to say before posting!  i got into XTC about
five years ago when i bought the re-issued Go2 in an LP sale because
i loved the cover (i'm into things 'meta-').  although as a left-
over from the 70s i hated what punk did to popular music, i really
liked Go2 so i started collecting the other LPs and when i heard
Skylarking i knew the guys were brilliant (sorry Andy -- i know *now*
that you don't like Todd's production and i realise the sound is not
as good as it could be, but it's still my favourite).  i've just
bought the CDs Explode together and Rag & bone buffet, so you can
see i'm bitten.

the news is ...
in issue #89 of Q magazine (dated february 1994, on sale in UK 1
january 1994) the concert reviews section has a large and enthusi-
astic piece by John Aizlewood about Aimee Mann's concert in St Louis,
Missouri on 9 december 1993.  there's a nice piccy of her and the band
(Clayton Scobel, Milton Sutton, David Gregory and Brian Stevens), a
big one of her and a tiny one of the set list.  also, she tells JA
the story of Andy, the tambourine and 'Kaleidoscope' (that's what it
says!) at the New York gig.  at the end of the piece JA writes:
    "and a new effort, the gripping 'Ray', is her last shot.  She
    introduces it with blazing sincerity: "Every so often you meet
    someone who might be the one and although you feel a little silly
    it doesn't stop it."  Whoever Ray is, he's in for a hell of a
Who has Aimee met recently (by all accounts)?  Is there some

--- Adrian Dover ---        The University of Birmingham, UK        ---  usual disclaimers apply ---


Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 12:19 GMT
From: (Andy Holyer)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #317

> John Neuman writes:
> >        Now, I'd like someone to answer a question I have. I've seen the
> > expression "Catherine Wheel" 3 times recently: it's in the lyrics of "Then
> > She Appeared", it was the name of a David Byrne musical, and now I think
> > there is a rock group by that name. What is a "Catherine Wheel"? Is this
> > some British thing we Yankees have never heard of? None of my friends seem
> > to be able to answer this for me.
> In regard to the David Byrne part, _The Catherine Wheel_ was actually a
> modern dance production by Twyla Tharp that was done in the mid-80's.  Mr.
> Byrne only did the soundtrack to the production.  I know this isn't answering
> the question, but just another piece of the puzzle.  Perhaps there's a
> Catherine Wheel on the side of a hill somewhere in merry olde England.
A Cathering Wheel is a sort of firework. It's one of the round ones which
you nail to a post, and when you light it it spins around giving off

The name comes from the story that St Catherine was martyred by being run
over by a burning cartwheel.



Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 09:42:25 MST
From: (James Robert Campbell)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #317

O.K., I can't stand it anymore and I'm prepared to suffer
the consequences.  Am I the only one who loves 'War Dance'??
It seems like almost everyone hates it.  Now I don't want
to get into another Colin vs. Andy thing, but it seems
like every other post regarding 'Nonsvch' takes a poke
at 'Bungalow' (deserverd) and then 'War Dance'.  Why????



From: "Kevin Dooley" <>
Subject: Bad Moody Blues?
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 10:41:37 -0600

In listing about "worst XTC songs" (many I don't agree with), I will second
one of them--"War Dance".  That stupid clairnet (or whatever) part.  Am I the
only one who thinks this sounds like a bad Moody Blues song, POST-REVIVAL?

Kevin Dooley                                          University of Minnesota
Frank Zappa 1940-93     **Masters of Randomness**     W. Edwards Deming 1900-93


Date: 11 Jan 94 10:13:57 EST
From: Kyle Skrinak <>
Subject: Periwinkle is a stupid..

RE: Oliver

>>This digets has been far too complimentary lately, so let's talk bad XTC

Careful! I've tried that tact, and people get mighty defensive 'round these
parts! (wink, wink)

Besides, ~any~ White Music song blows away (in the bad sense) any of the songs
you listed! (Then again, there's Murmur! ;-) )

So then, after White Music, there's President Kill, (now ~that's~ a stupid
song~) Love Thing (cute lyrics; Andy goes Hallmark!) When I first heard
Deliver Us... I thought it cool that there was a Jew's Harp in the beginning,
with the George Harrison sounding guitar riff. Now, I agree about its
arrangement. Yea, War Dance is very goofy...

Too bad everyone gets defensive. One of things I enjoy about XTC is the sheer
volume of output. And a result of this is lots of bad with the good. They're
still the best pop band around. It's also fun to debate the negative side of
someone or group that you tremendiously respect.

However, onward and upward. I'd be very interested in hearing about other
bands that us XTC folks like. I figure that as birds of the same flock, I
would gain a lot from such a discussion. For example, I also like E.
Costello, They Might Be Giants, Eugene Chadbourne, Butthole Surfers. But, I
need to hear something new. I'm in a rut!



Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 11:48:41 PST
From: "John Relph" <>
Subject: Re: worst XTC song

Neil <> writes:
>This digets has been far too complimentary lately, so let's talk bad
>XTC songs.  There are a few, you know.  I'm sure this comes up
>evry few months, but here we go anyway:
>1) Bungalow (just plain ridiculous)

The demo is much better than the album version, which is definitely a
bit over the edge.  But I like the demo version, which is almost too
tongue in cheek about the simplicity of just wanting a cottage on the
beach in which to retire.  O the Englishness of that dream!

>2) Millions (tuneless)

One of XTC's BEST tunes!  F***ing great!  The lyrics are vivid yellow
Yangtse River mud, the music rides alongside and underneath.  Love
those drawn out bell tones.  And the rhythm!

>3) That Is The Way (awkward)

In a mellow sort of awkward English way.

>4) X Wires


>5) Cynical Days (hokey)


>6) War Dance (chorus reminds me of Spinal Tap's "Hell Hole")

Good comparison, but is it a fairly trite song.

>7) Blue Overall (pointless dissonance)

I like this one, as dissonance is never pointless.  Basically a pun
expanded into a B-side.  But I like the imagery of the lyrics: "blue
birds fly apart", loss of happiness (the bluebird of, that is); "blues
spilling wine upon me heartrug", yeah, get drunk, drink the blues
away, wordplay upon "heart" and "hearth-rug"...

>8) Roads Girdle the Globe (ditto)

Not one of their worst, but not one of their best.  Although Dave
Stewart and Barbara Gaskin must have seen something in it.

>9) Deliver Us From the Elements (pompous arrangement)

I happen to like this one.  No accounting for taste I suppose.

>10) The Somnambulist (somnolent)

Exactly!  Which means it's a perfect song!

>I'd also include Countdown to Christmas Party Time if it weren't so
>obviously a joke.

A good joke worth telling over and over and ...

  -- John


Date: Tue, 11 Jan 1994 17:56:53 -0600 (CST)
Subject: New Member

My name is Chris Schipper and I currently reside in Iowa where I work
as a librarian at the Cedar Rapids Public Library. I first discovered
XTC in the very early '80's after having been introduced to the song
Scissor Man by a friend. I became an instant and avid fan who has tried
to also become a serious collector with a leaning toward the English
Settlement, Skylarking periods. It was on the Oranges And Lemons radio
"tour" that I was able to meet them in Minneapolis. More on this at another
time but I just wanted to say "Hello"

                                     Chris Schipper

P.S. One of my least favorite XTC songs would have to be "War Dance"


Date: 12 Jan 94 16:35:22 EST
From: (John J. Pinto)
Subject: Correction

The XTC date I mentioned in comments about The Edge should have been January
10, 1979 in case anyone is compiling tour dates.


Date: Wed, 12 Jan 1994 17:15 CST
From: AMIKLASZ@knox.bitnet

Thanks for the information.  My boyfriend, Craig, and I are big XTC fans.
We are currently seniors at Knox College in Galesburg, IL, and are the
General Manager and Program Director respectively of WVKC-FM, the Knox
radio station.  Craig just got done reading the new XTC bio, "Chalkhills
and Children."  He loved it.  He wants me to mention that "Nonesuch"
sucked and he was keenly disappointed with it after hearing so much good
material from the band.  Personally, my favorite song by the band is
"Earn Enough for Us."  We really haven't much else to say right now, but
continue to write to us.

andrea Miklasz


Organization: SLAIS, UBC
Date:         12 Jan 94 17:43:30 GM+5
Subject:      andy in rolling stone/magazine index/producers

A note for all photo/magazine collectors: the new Rolling Stone with
Nirvana on the cover includes a photo of Andy singing on stage with
Aimee Mann, as well as a brief blurb about the show where she talks
about tricking him into singing the song.  It's in the Random Notes
section.  Andy looks surprisingly well, considering some of the awful
pictures of him that have appeared lately (eg. in the Chalkhills and
Children book) as well as his personal problems.

Is there a list around of magazine articles on XTC?  I'd like
to try and locate some old ones, although this is probably nearly

Has anyone heard anything else about Andy's release on the Hello
Recording Club?  I've signed up just to get it, but I hope it isn't
just some unlistenable experiment or demos I already have (though
it'd be nice to get them on CD).  Is anyone else out there a member,
ad if so, do the releases tend to be good ? (I'm curious about what
the Frank Black one was like)  Could this release be Andy testing the
solo waters?  Let's hope not.

If Andy were to make a solo album, however, who would people suggest
he work with?  Personally, I think he cold do it all himself, as the
quality of the Nonsuch demos suggests, but it'd also be interesting
to hear him play with other people, especially as XTC has so many
musicican fans.

I've always thought XTC should work with Mitchell Froom, mostly
because of his work with Crowded House (not so much the
first one but definitely Woodface and Temple of Low Men), but he's
also done great production work for Los Lobos (Kiko), American Music
Club (Mercury), Elvis Costello (Mighty Like a Rose), and Richard
Thompson (new and last three albums).  His production is a great mix
of natural and technological sounds, and would be ideal for XTC.
Anyone agree?

I still think XTC's best producer was Steve Lillywhite, and would
actually vote for Paul Fox as the worst, though I like O&L.  And they
should stick with Dave Mattacks on drums.

Sorry this message is so long and diverse.  Please feel free to
respond to any part.


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