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Subject: Chalkhills #31

                  Chalkhills, Number 31

                  Thursday, 8 June 1989
Today's Topics:
             Conversation on Psonic Psunspot
            Talking in "Bike ride to the Moon"
                    UK Radio, and Plea
                   Spirit of the Forest

Date: Tue,  6 Jun 89 19:27:03 CDT
Subject: Conversation on Psonic Psunspot

Does anybody know what the children are saying between "The Affiliated"
and "Pale and Precious"?

Gary Jedlicka


Date: Wed,  7 Jun 89 20:47:53 CDT
Subject: Talking in "Bike ride to the Moon"

Is Andy saying "Mike, quit playing with yourself." in the middle eight of
"Bike Ride to the Moon"?  If so, who is Mike?



From: toby <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 89 09:27:18 BST
Subject: UK Radio, and Plea

			Attention UK readers!

XTC will be doing a session for Andy Kershaw on Radio 1, Sun June 11, 2115.

Plea: has anyone worked out the changes for any XTC stuff (esp O&L---and
esp Chalkhills & Ch), that they could post? I figured out `The Loving' the
other day and am happy to post/mail the chords (no guarantee they'll be the
right ones!)



Date: Wed, 7 Jun 89 18:57:43 BST
From: Neil (
Subject: Spirit of the Forest

[Reposted from Love-Hounds]

I have only seen short snippets of the "Spirit of the Forest" video
on TV over here and these looked like outtakes from the Band Aid film.
I had not realised Kate was involved until Duane Day's report in
Lovehounds. However, NME this week published a long list of the people
involved (more than 60 acts apparently) plus a picture of Kate - perhaps
NME has taste after all. The single is released in the UK this week by Virgin
with the profits going to the "Earth Love Fund". According to NME it is
a double A-side recorded with different artists singing on each version
of the song. It also features XTC so is a double-must for several Lovehounds.

Talking of the Swindon lads - there is a new session from XTC on the
Andy Kershaw show on June 11th on Radio 1.



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