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Subject: Chalkhills #292

                  Chalkhills, Number 292

                Sunday, 26 September 1993
Today's Topics:
               XTC live in your living room
             Chords for "Earn Enough For Us"
               Re: XTC and Steely Dan live
                      Martin Newell
           Introductions, History, Speculations

From: (Melinda M Hale)
Subject: XTC live in your living room
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1993 16:34:27 -0400 (EDT)

> criticisms of the Dan:  how could they do anything like "Any Major Dude"
> with its low-key spoken vocals?   The music was just too suited to a parlor,
> and not to a concert hall.  Hard to imagine one of XTC's pastoral settings
> in a concert hall.  I'm sure that most of the audience would be respectful
> of the scene, but I'm also sure that enough wouldn't be..  Hate to say it,
> but...  (It was certainly true at the Dan show.)

This is the main reason that I didn't go see the Dan, despite my
adoration.  I'm always torn in my opinion of Tour or Not Tour, with regard
to XTC.  On the one hand, I would give ANYTHING to see these three people
in person.  On the other hand, I agree with Fred, that the intimacy of the
songs now just wouldn't translate to a concert setting.  Can you imagine
"Wrapped In Grey" or even "Love On a Farmboy's Wages" in a concert hall?
The whispery emotion would be totally lost.  It would just be a matter of
there they are in the flesh, and yes, I recognize this song.  I love all
the tapes I have of the O&L acoustic tour, and every time I listen to them
I'm amazed at what a lush sound they have, how good they sound, and how
fresh the songs sound.  I also know that much of what I love about those
tapes is the way they sound like they're sitting on my sofa, jamming.  The
"live sound" of the acoustic tour would not be the same as the "live
sound" of a full-blown concert.  As much as I hate to say it, I think XTC
Live is just going to have to remain as much the XTC Fan's Holy Grail as
it's (almost) always been.



From: (Charles Bennington)
Subject: Intro
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1993 17:26:47 -0400 (EDT)

Thought I too would give my introduction.
I have been annoying my friends with XTC for some twelve years now and I am
curious to just hear more about them.  It was my greatest goal to visit
Swindom, drop in on Andy and volunteer to play sax on their next album.
Haven't done it yet, but maybe someday...
Charles Bennington              |
Essential Information           |


Date: 23-SEP-1993 11:13:04.72
Subject: Chords for "Earn Enough For Us"

Just thought I would contribute this to the collection.  I worked these out
about seven years ago and just rediscovered them.

Corrections, as always, are welcome.

1, 2, 3, 4...

Intro: lots of G

G         F               C   Bb
I've been praying all the week through
G          F               Em+11
At home at work and on the bus
G         F             C   Bb
I've been praying I can keep you
F      Bb             G
And to earn enough for us

repeat for second verse

C                        D
Found a house that won't repair itself
With its windows leaking and a
Eb                      G
Roof held together with holes
Just because we're on the
Bottom of the Ladder we
Shouldn't be sadder than
Others like us who have
Goals for the betterment of life

This next bit may not be right; I'm doing this from memory:

C                           F
Glad that you want to be my wife
But Honest

This pattern repeats untill close to the end, when we get hit with the

G     F          C Bb
I can Take humiliation
G           F                 B
And hurtful comments from the boss

I need to go home and check that last part of the chorus.  I sudddenly have
no confidence in it.  I'm pretty firm on the rest of it, though.



Date: Thu, 23 Sep 93 11:33:08 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Re: XTC and Steely Dan live writes:
>> If Steely Dan can tour in 1993, then XTC can tour as well. I'm sure
>> you're all familiar with the fact that Steely Dan hadn't toured in
>> 20 some-odd years, before their recent hops around the US.  . . . .
>> Evidently, the performance was one would expect from a studio-band:
>> uneven. So, who knows what XTC would sound like on the road for a
>> few months?
>If they toured now, I think I would worry about harming the memories --
>the music has changed a lot, and I'm not sure that it is suited to live
>performance the same way that it used to be.  Actually, that was one of my
>criticisms of the Dan:  how could they do anything like "Any Major Dude"
>with its low-key spoken vocals?   The music was just too suited to a parlor,
>and not to a concert hall.  Hard to imagine one of XTC's pastoral settings
>in a concert hall.

I think the only way XTC could tour would be if they did something like
what Pink Floyd has been doing.  A LARGE band, with many extra musicians.
That way, all the guitar and keyboard parts would be played, the music
created would be lush and full, and if the amplification and equipment were
up to snuff, the sound would be great, even for some of the quieter
"pastoral" pieces.  Of course, XTC are not popular enough to afford such a
tour (or make any money off it even if they tried), so it will never
happen.  (Notwithstanding the fact that Andy just says no.)

Some of Suzanne Vega's work is pretty quiet as well, but she pulled it off
quite well in concert.  I was quite surprised.  I would think XTC could do
it too.

Enough living in a fantasy world.

        -- John


Date: Thu, 23 Sep 93 11:52:17 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Wonderland

Yesterday I returned home from work to find an envelope waiting for
me.  That envelope contained the latest update to the _Wonderland_ XTC
Discography!  Shigemasa Fujimoto has done a great job with Extra #2.
The cover is a translucent sheet with the Nonsuch castle printed on it
in gold, to echo the official CD release of _Nonsvch_.  The title is
_Ye Olde Difcography_ (Wonderland Extra #2).

The extra contains loads of updated information about all XTC and
XTC-related releases, especially the new releases of _Nonsvch_ and
related singles, promo items, and the like.  _Wonderland_ is the most
definitive XTC discography available, bar none.

        -- John

Here are Shigemasa's instructions on

                       How to Get to Wonderland

To get _Wonderland -- XTC Discography_, _Extra #1_, _Extra #2_, or
future issues, simply write to the author, Shigemasa Fujimoto.

The main discography is avialable only together with its two
supplements, _Extra #1_ and _Extra #2_, for US$23 including air
postage.  _Extra #1_ and _Extra #2_ are US$5 and US$6, respectively.
Please make payment only with US dollars in cash (by registered mail
if you are nervous).  The same rates apply to anywhere in the world.
(Prices are subject to change without notice.)

It hasn't been decided yet when the next issue will be published.  If
you would like to secure a copy, please send me an international reply
coupon, preferably before 15 October 1993 (as my address will change
thereafter).  This IRC will be used to notify you when the next issue
is ready (do not forget to give me your new address when you move).
Don't send money yet or I will turn it into a secondhand psychedelic
record for my own fun.  Special issues in the cards include an XTC
videography / bibliography and a mini Barry Andrews - Terry Chambers -
Johnny Perkins discography.  Your comments and suggestions concerning
my discography are always welcome.  I'd be grateful for an IRC if you
would like a reply to your enquiry.  Thank you.

    Please send your order, IRC, etc., to:

    Shigemasa Fujimoto
    1-B Heim Shimouma
    2-1-7 Shimouma
    Tokyo 154 Japan
    (until 15 October 1993)

Enjoy the eccentric, eclectic, and esctatic Wonderland of XTC!


Date: Thu, 23 Sep 93 12:15 BST
From: (Andy Holyer)
Subject: Martin Newell

> "John M. Relph" <> sez:
> >And I thought the "Rock Opera" was the Captain's most recent album,
> >_The Universe of Geoffrey Brown_.  It's been out a while, but it is
> >hard to find.  Perhaps there is an even more recent album...?
> i think this has finally seen release this side of the pond now - i
> spied it in the new release bins at wesleyan's radio station this after-
> noon. was not able to give it a listen, but i spied martin newell's
> name in the credits.

'Tis indeed "The Universe of Geoffrey Brown". My info came from half an
hour chatting to Martin while he was sweeping up some leaves (the man's
a professional gardener when he's not performing). As a result, I wasn't
exactly able to take notes.

> There's been a lot of discussion recently about Martin Newell and related
> subjects.  I'm an XTC fan from way back, but I don't know what's going on
> here.  Can someone briefly explain to me the Newell/XTC connection?

OK, here's the beef: Martin Newell is an English musicial and poet who lives
in Wivenhoe, Essex (where I used to live). His largest single influence
is XTC. His stuff is recommended as an "if you like XTC you'll like this"
connection. He used to be my next-door neighbour.
Martin was leader of The Cleaners from Venus from about '85-87 with Giles
Smith (now music editor of The Independent). They produced two albums,
"Going to England", and one whose name I forget, which I've never seen
for sale and which I never bothered to tape when Martin lent me his copy.
Bugger. There's a compilation CD out, "Golden Cleaners" which I've got
on order right now. I will post a review when I get it.
Martin's next band was The Brotherhood of Lizards, who produced an album
"Lizardland" in 1989(?). The Brotherhood were most notable for their tour
of England: It was "The world's first green tour", all achoustic, and
Martin and Nel went round the country on bycycles, with the gear in
a trailer behind Martin's bike. The only non-renewable resource used was
the battery in the drum machine. Their version of "See Emily Play", which
was the encore on this tour, was something you just had to see.
Martin has been Captain Sensible's  lyricist (after Robyn Hitchcock) for
a number of years.
Out RSN is Martin's album with Andy Partridge, "The Greatest Living
Englishman". Suppost to be launched stateside at the start of October,
over here at the start of November.
He's also published two books of Poetry, "I Hank Marvinned" and
"Under Milk Float", which are available by post from The Essex Festival,
Dept. of Literature, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, UK.
Cost about #2.50 each.


Sorry for those of you who think this is a bit off-subject. I'll shut up,
now :-)


Date: 25 Sep 93 09:43:58 EDT
From: Dave Franson <>
Subject: Introductions, History, Speculations

Fellow chalkhillians...

Hi!  I just wanted to introduce myself after lurking on the distribution
list for about a month.  I've been an XTC fanatic since early '81, when
I found a cutout of the Canadian Drums & Wires lp at a record store I
frequented.  I fell in love with the band instantly for their sound and
intelligent musicianship and songwriting.  I also know that the Lillywhite
sound of that day probably had a lot to do with my instant positive response
to the lp.

Another consequence of that first momentous meeting with XTC was that Drums
and Wires always consisted of "Live Begins at the Hop," "Helicopter,"
"Making Plans for Nigel," etc. for me-- I didn't even know there were
alternate versions with different tracks and/or omitted tracks.  Anyway, I
digress.  Humor me.  I wasn't a complete XTC virgin (bad pun) at the time,
for I recall hearing Black Sea premiered in its entirety on the local
college station the previous winter.  So I quickly grabbed the last copy of
Black Sea I could find (still a green bag version), and White Music and
Go 2 quickly followed.

Armed with those four albums, I was beyond redemption in my XTC fanaticism.
Here I am twelve years later in the same state.  Beyond this scintillating
"how I discovered XTC" story, I hope to offer you something a bit more
thought provoking in the form of the following track lists from two personal
"Best of XTC" tapes I compiled in those early years.  This is before Beeswax
and Waxworks, the Singles Collection, or any other record company attempts
to tell us what we should consider to be the best of the band.  So I present
these lists as one fan's XTC time capsule.  And in a spirit of contribution
and admiration, for I've experienced the delight of so far reading the
Chalkhills digests from #200 on up.  I've been educated, amused, provoked,
and most of all humbled by the breadth and intelligence of all your
contributions.  So THANK YOU! and I hope to be an active participant.

Dave's "Best of XTC"  Date: 11/29/81

Side 1
Life Begins At the Hop
I'll Set Myself on Fire
Buzzcity Talking
Love at First Sight
Into the Atom Age
My Weapon
Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)
Are You Receiving Me?
Statue of Liberty
Reel by Real
Meccanik Dancing
Super Tuff

Side 2
Respectable Street
I'm Bugged
Making Plans for Nigel
Jumping to Gommorah
Roads Girdle the Globe
Spinning Top
Towers of London
Complicated Game
Crowded Room
This is Pop
All Along the Watchtower
I Am the Audience

Dave's "Best of XTC, Volume II"  Date: 7/1/82
(English Settlement had been released)

Side 1
Radios in Motion
It's Nearly Africa
Officer Blue
This is Pop (Live)
Ball & Chain
Neon Shuffle
Senses Working Overtime
That Is the Way
Living Through Another Cuba/Generals and Majors (Live)
When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty

Side 2
No Thugs In Our House [ARE THERE DEEEAAARR?]
Ten Feet Tall
Set Myself on Fire (Live)
English Roundabout
Scissors Man (Live)
Rocket From a Bottle
Knuckle Down
Don't Lose Your Temper
Smokeless Zone
Are You Receiving Me? (Live)
Blame the Weather
Fly on the Wall
Respectable Street [Reprise from Volume 1]

Following the release of the "Great Fire" EP, I revised the tape to include
some new material and tighten up the flow.  Date: 5/27/83.

Melt the Guns replaced It's Nearly Africa
Great Fire replaced Smokeless Zone
Gold replaced Blame the Weather

Well, I hope I haven't bored you to tears.  Before I'm out of here, a couple
of observations I can't resist:

1. I loved and still love the first two albums with Barry Andrews' cheesy
keyboards.  It always seemed to me he was in the tradition of Brian Eno on
the first two Roxy Music albums and Steve Nieve on the early Costello albums.

2. I always read "Complicated Game" as a Pink Floyd parody!  Although I love
the song in and of itself, I thought Andy's bombastic lyrics and the like
music were just a tad over the top to be taken completely seriously.

I'm outta here.


"Melt the guns."


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